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Are You A Tattoo Person?

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Fantasy Tattoo

A self portrait tattooed  on the back of its owner.

A self portrait tattooed on the back of its owner.

Tattoos seem to be all the rage in America today. Some people consider tattooing as a form of living art. Other people feel that you are disfiguring the human body. And there are those who have a wide array of opinions between liking and disliking tattoos.

Are you considering getting a tattoo? Why?

  1. Do you consider this as a form of art?
  2. Do you love tattoos?
  3. Are you trying to make a statement, hold on to a memory, or attract attention?
  4. Do you want your tattoo to reflect a particular image of yourself to others?
  5. As your skin ages so will the tattoos is this okay?
  6. Will your choice of tattoos effect your career or employment?

My personal experiences have seen friends and associates excited about getting a tattoo and later regret having done so. They then face the expense of having that tattoo removed at a later date.

Think very carefully before placing a drawing or painting on your body. There are kits of washable tattoos which you can try before considering permanent applications. Soap and water can quickly remove these tattoos after each experiment.

If you are a ‘tattoo type’ of person…then decorate your body as you wish. If you are considering a tattoo to cover an imperfection such as lack of eyebrows; do it. Never have a permanent tattoo for reasons of a fad, peer pressure, or during drunken moments. There will be regrets.

Tattooed Eyebrows

Tattooed eyebrows on a woman.

Tattooed eyebrows on a woman.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Tattooing in today’s American society refers to the needle application of black and color tinted inks into the second layer of skin known as the dermis. This permanent application will last the wearer for a lifetime.

Tattooing in the cosmetics industry utilizes pigments to colorize and enhance eyebrows, eye lashes, eye lining, outlining lips, and colorizing facial cheeks. Pigments for cosmetic use differ from tattoo inks. These pigments may last five years or less. A routine maintenance schedule will need to be set up with your cosmetologist.

Eyebrows – the pigment last up to 5 years but the coloring and maintenance will need to be scheduled because the human body changes and small repairs or color enhancements will be necessary.

Eyebrows are done for better shape, creation of fullness, and need for little makeup.

Eyeliner – the pigment lasts 1-3 years as the pigment will fade over time and a new coat may need to be applied. No need for tedious application of eye liner.

Lip lining – lips are known to swell after the procedure and they will need to be moistened often.

Lip lining is done to even crooked lips, create fullness, eliminate lipstick weeping and if lips are colored; no more need for lipsticks. Facial cheeks may also be colored to reduce the use of blush or rouge products.

Women who are allergic to makeup, wear contact lenses, or wish to enhance their beauty have their eyebrows, eyes, facial cheeks, and lips permanently lined or filled in for beauty and minor correction of shapes and scars.

Tatoo A Memory

A mother wearing her son's birth footprint on the calf of her leg..

A mother wearing her son's birth footprint on the calf of her leg..

Tattooed Memories

Our memories are recorded by writing them in a notebook, taking photos, creating scrapbooks, drawings, painting on canvas, and carving or sculpturing. It has been explained to me that people will place tattoos on their bodies for particular memories or a personal story.

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The memory can be about a person, place, or an event. The personal story can be about a love, a place, or any much loved event or activity. For example, a person may wear a tattooed rose in memory of a parent who has died.

Self-expression is a big reason for people adorning themselves. People wear makeup, jewelry, and trendy fashions to express themselves. These self expressions have no relationship to intellectual abilities. Tattoos are worn by educated professionals, the uneducated, students, and anyone who loves tattoos.

There are military men and women who wear tattoos on their body boasting of their military behavior, achievements, and activities.

Today’s young people seemingly want to be like their favorite athletes or celebrities by wearing those same tattoo images.

The unfortunate situations for wearing unacceptable exposed tattoos are in the choice of career or employment. The ‘real world’ is not very accepting of overly done and exposed tattoos. Buttoned collars and long sleeves are worn to hide these tattoos. Certain occupations will not hire because of these tattoos.

I Love on Man's Arm

A tattoo with the words "I Love" on a man's upper arm.

A tattoo with the words "I Love" on a man's upper arm.

Non-permanent Tattoos

Is your curiosity getting the best of you and you wish to experiment with this type of body art?

Before trying temporary applications do skin tests and read the product labels very carefully. Tattoos can be fun for attention, to enhance a costume, hide a scar, or enhance one’s attractiveness. Your design choices will reveal your personality traits.

This type of body art can also draw negative reactions from family and friends or place you into a sub-culture of people which was not anticipated or is uncomfortable. Temporary or non-permanent tattoos will allow experimentation before making a commitment for a permanent tattoo.

Indian Tattoo - Cultural Influences

Hands of a Mehndi henna design worn by a bride. These tattoos are done with Henna.

Hands of a Mehndi henna design worn by a bride. These tattoos are done with Henna.

DIY Henna Tattoo

Thinking about doing Henna? Do it yourself approach with Henna is an excellent way to sample before investing in kits and supplies. More importantly will these types of designs be to your liking.

  1. Mix henna as instructed on the box instructions. If possible, do a small recipe.
  2. Create or select a ready-made design
  3. Use a toothpick to apply the design to the hand or feet
  4. Draw straight lines first then fill in with the more intricate designs
  5. After the application has been completed cover work with toilet paper and then wrap with food plastic wrap. The wrap will protect and help set the henna to a darker color.
  6. After an hour remove wrap and enjoy the finished product

This diy process serves as practice and this will help you to springboard into purchasing kits and other supplies to continue creating this type of body painting.

If you are considering temporary tattoos, check for ingredients approved by the FDA. (Federal Drug Administration) Temporary tattoos wash away with soap and water in a few days. As cautious as you may be there is still possibilities for allergic reactions.

Tattooed Arms and Fingers

Body art on arms, hands, fingers, and fingernails.

Body art on arms, hands, fingers, and fingernails.

Permanent Tattoos

Permanent application is done by a tattoo artist who uses a small electric motorized needle which punctures the skin very rapidly injecting ink into the second layer of skin called the dermis. The ink will not leave the skin and so it remains permanently.

There are problems with permanent application and the biggest is removal when one becomes dissatisfied with a particular name or design. To avoid removal take months if necessary before making a design permanent.

Aging is another factor which is problematic. Physical changes, and sagging skin will distort the design or designs. The ink can become blurred, faded, or distorted.

We all hear people express…”It won’t matter when I get old”. Yes, it will. The mind is still active and eyes still see clearly and there will be regrets in the mirrored reflection.

Permanent tattoos can be removed nowadays with surgery or laser treatment. Many sessions may be required for both procedures depending on the size of the design. Both procedures are expensive. There will be scars from both of these procedures as well as some unpleasant side effects.

There are a variety of natural methods which people are now considering.

Tattooing Risks Published by the FDA

  • Infection
  • Removal problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Granulomas
  • Kelloid formation
  • MRI complications

All of these are of concern to the consumer. The most used is removal and tattoo information needs to be related to MRI technicians. The FDA does not approve of any ointments, creams, and diy tattoo removal kits. These items may cause undesired results.

Getting My Eyebrows Tattoo?!

Tattoo Wearers


asalam on March 31, 2020:

Tattoo is very nice looking on human body. But it should care full about harm of skin. Before making a tattoo conscious about quality.

Tricia Deed on June 09, 2015:

A Wise decision; well done.

mikeydcarroll67 on June 08, 2015:

I waited a year before getting mine on my shoulder. I felt that this was the best approach so that I could have time to think about it before getting it.

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