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Top Ten Perfect Gift Perfumes For Lovely Ladies


Top Ten Perfumes

With so many perfumes to chose from it would be impossible to get through them all. Here are my favourite perfumes (I'm sure this list will be updated when i discover more new ones) with the exception on the J'adore perfume. They are all affordable and not the overly expensive ones. You could even pick up around half of what is on the list from your local supermarket.


1) J' adore by Christian Dior ~ I love the elegant bottle in which it comes in. Reminds me of the hour glass female figure. A timeless, sultry style that will never go out of fashion. It looks great on any ladies dressing table and the best part is it smells divine. I also think the advert is very classy and tastefully done for the J'adore perfume in the below video.

2) Miss Dior by Christian Dior ~ I love the cutesy cheeky-ness of this bottle and the naughty little bow on the front. For the naughty, cheeky girl who wants to smell like the most elegant of ladies

3) Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior ~ The name alone says I'm deadly, i get want i want and i'm a lady that will have you hypnotised with just one glance. The perfume is your poison, use it to your advantage. Dark blood colour bottle, round, apple like shape bottle. Pick your perfume of poision ladies it will hypnotise the passing male.

4) Darling by Kylie ~ It's light, it's breezy, it's floral, it smells like a summers day walking through a meadow full of flowers. It's fun, it's perfect for a day perfume you can use everyday Then when night time comes try Sexy Darling by Kylie, for a deeper sultry smell.

5) Heat by Beyonce ~ This smells sooooo beautiful. I've put it at number 5 on my list but maybe it should be at number one. It's certainly cheaper than the dior perfume. It has a very sweet smell almost like vanilla. Perfect for getting up close and personal or if you are heading out for the evening! It is also in a very feminine shape bottle.

6) Curious by Britney Spears ~ It has a little shaky charm thingy on the bottle (awww sweet) it has a great floral scent and comes in different size bottles. I love the shape, colour and style of the bottle and it looks great on the dressing table when it is empty. I personally prefer the bigger bottles that have the atomiser pump on the end as it feels very elegant to apply it in this way. Comes in a baby blue colour bottle.

7) Ghost Deep Night ~ I love the deep blue cresent moon shape bottle it comes in. The tip of the moon is the lid. It smells magical and powerful. I have the mini version and you get quite a lot in for just a small bottle. So far it has lasted me a while

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8) Angel and Demon ~ It was the name of the perfume that first attracted my attention. It has a strong beautiful smell to it. Perfect for day or night, depending on what mood you feel.

9) Very Irresistible by Givenchy ~ The name of the perfume says it all really! Very feminine and sexy. In a lovely pinky colour purple, tall bottle. I literally cannot stop taking the lid off this perfume just to have another smell of it. I have a mini version and so far it is lasting well.

10) Angel by Thierry Mugler ~ I love the shape of this bottle. It is great to hold and almost has a stronger hint of Kylies Darling perfume in the scent. It lasts for ages before it wears off. It's quite strong and one of those scents that you are either going to love or hate. I like to keep mine next to my moon shaped Ghost Deep Night bottle so i have the moon and stars next to each other! :-)


Heather Millington on March 13, 2013:

I love Flower by Kenzo - I know what you mean by it being nice but reserved... basically not a in your face perfume. I love flower bomb by Viktor and Rolf:

Although it is a 'special occasion' perfume as it normally costs around £90. Only ever owned to bottles of this due to the cost but it is beautiful and comes in a cute bottle x

Ninasvoice (author) from England on November 27, 2012:

I completely forgot about kenzo. My mum has a bottle on her dressing table and I keep having a little spray when i'm there. I love the cute tall bottle it's in. I have to admit i'm always drawn to the bottle and the name first and then the smell :-)

Angie Jardine from Cornwall, land of the eternally youthful mind ... on November 26, 2012:

You must try Flower by Kenzo too … it is light but very feminine. Not heavy and what I term ‘trying too hard’.

Something a little unusual and not over-hyped.

Useful hub … perhaps I should get the husband to read it with Christmas coming an’ all :)

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