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Synthetic Wig Care



Wigs, weaves, and hair pieces are big business. Women across all ethnicities are practicing or trying out hair pieces to expand their hair style options. The only thing that separates the celebrity style from ordinary women is the price spectrum.

Wig units will vary from a price range of $9.99 into the hundreds of dollars. The price you pay for your choice of hair will depend upon whether you choose human or synthetic hair. Followed by the choice of quality of hair when it comes to human hair.

Human hair can be bought in Indian Remi, Maylasia Remi, Regular Remi, and yaky. Indian and Maylasia Remi will be found in its most "natural" state (cuticle intact) driving its price point into the hundreds of dollars per pound of hair.

Synthetic Wigs

The Sabina "half wig" pictured above is a synthetic choice.  A half wig is a unit that allows you to have a more natural hairline by allowing you to pull out 1/4" of your own hair and blending it with the wig

This wig is made of 100% Kanekalon: a special type of synthetic hair that can be used with curling irons (low settings), lighter than synthetic hair, and lasts longer. Another version of synethic hair is called Toyokalon and is made with similar properties of Kanekalon.

The popularity of this type of product is its price of $17.99 which I purchased from a site called

Demert WIG LUSTERIZER CONDITIONER - 9.76oz aerosal

Demert WIG LUSTERIZER CONDITIONER - 9.76oz aerosal

Daily Wig Care

The synthetic wigs of today is much different than the wigs that our mothers grew up with. The fibers were thick, heavy, and most of all unrealistic. The fibers of the Sabina wig is soft, human-like, and durable for everyday wear.

However, it is our tendancy to use daily hair products like oil, sheen, and hair spray on these wigs. These items are not warranted and should not be used on these wigs on a daily basis. They will cause your wig to become lifeless, heavy, and cause it to attract dust and require more washing of the wig.

If you simply cannot resist spraying your hair on a daily basis, spray hair lightly to avoid the hardening effect of the hair fiber. I use DeMert spray on my Sabina wig which I also purchased from but found on the below-listed site for $2.99.

The other reason for not using regular products on your synthetic wigs is the fact that most products contain a large amount of alchol which is drying to natural and synthetic hair. DeMert's product also contains alcohol and should be used sparingly.

  • Demert WIG LUSTERIZER CONDITIONER - 9.76oz aerosal
    Demert WIG LUSTERIZER CONDITIONER - 9.76oz aerosal Demert wig supplies Contains lanolinMakes wig hair sparkling beautiful, supper soft and natural a professional, crystal clear formula containing lanolin. It makes wig hair sparkling, bea
Vectra Square Paddle Brush # 138

Vectra Square Paddle Brush # 138

Combing Your Synthetic Wig or Hair

You should invest in a rubber-tip paddle or wide brush or combing device. If your wig tangles, comb the hair from the bottom to the top of the strands. Remember, if you pull through the hair fibers too briskly you will SNAP the fiber causing the wig to start to look "ragged" and "worn." This, of course, will shorten the life of your wig.

Whether you've paid $9.99 or $229.00 for your wig, it is an investment and as with any investment you should take the measures necessary to keep it in top condition.

The Vectra brush retails for $7.18.

Bonfi WET-N-WAVY WET GEL Liquid Sculpting Gel - 8oz bottle

Bonfi WET-N-WAVY WET GEL Liquid Sculpting Gel - 8oz bottle

Refreshing Your Synthetic Wig

After taking your synthetic wig through several washings and wears, you might want to "refresh" your wig. Refreshing your wig will cause the curls or hair fibers to bounce back to life. This step will often cause your wig to look brand new again.

I use a product called "Wet and Wavy." I will usually use this product before I'm ready to wash the wig but need the wig to look its best.

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I hold the wig about 6 to 12 inches away and "lightly" mist the wig. It will cause the fibers to snap back to its original state and also cause the fibers to become soft and silky.

A degree of warning "do not" use too much.  It's like having too much of a good thing! 

If you spray too much on the wig, in the process of wearing the wig, it will mat up and the fibers will begin to "stick" to each other.  This will cause you to have to constantly brush the hair while you and until you can "wash" the wig again.

Demert WIG SHAMPOO - 12oz bottle  Price:  $4.60

Demert WIG SHAMPOO - 12oz bottle Price: $4.60

Washing Your Synthetic Wig or Hair

When washing your synthetic wig, you should use a gentle hair shampoo. Do not use baby shampoo or Herbal Essence hair shampoo on your wigs. They will shorten the life of your wig and cause you to wash the wig more often then needed.

There are several "wig" shampoos available, I use DeMert on my Synthetic wigs.  The first step in washing your wig is as follows:

  1. Comb through your wig to detangle it.
  2. Run a basin of "cool" water.
  3. Gentle swish your wig in the basin.
  4. Rinse the wig in clean "cool" water.

After washing my synthetic wigs in the past, I use to place them on my wig head to allow them to dry.  This, I recently found out with my Sabina wig, is a big mistake.  For one, it can cause the wig cap to stretch but the most important part is that the wig should lay flat, allowing the style to "bounce" back.

When I had been placing the wet wig on the styrofoam head, I noticed that the curls were not as defined as they should have been.

  • Demert WIG SHAMPOO - 12oz bottle
    Demert WIG SHAMPOO - 12oz bottle Demert wig supplies For natural & synthetic hair wigsNon-Color stripping DeodorizingCleans, conditions and restores human or synthetic hair wigs without stripping colorRemoves oils and dullings film for a soft, he

Questions and Comments

My reasoning for writing this hub was that I couldn't find a place where I could just pull up information for caring for my wig. I'll be updating this hub from time to time as I get more information.

Feel free to e-mail me with additional comments or information you've discovered in taking care of your synthetic wigs.

Please remember to rate this article up!  Thanks!

As always, stay Divalicious!


ceholmes from Chicago on February 16, 2012:

Great hub! synthetic wig care is important. I actually didn't know how much a little wig shampoo can revive a wig back to life until I started using it!

Lady Summerset (author) from Willingboro, New Jersey on June 14, 2010:

Thanks LizzyBoo, Being the women that we are, we spend a lot of time, money, and effort trying to keep our "crowning glory" beautiful. I enjoyed your comment! Come back again.

LizzyBoo from Czech Republic on June 14, 2010:

Wooow, I never thought How informative to me can be this hub. I trully enjoyed your hub. Keep it up! LizzyBoo

Lady Summerset (author) from Willingboro, New Jersey on January 02, 2010:

The fibers of a synthetic wig is usually nylon-based unlike human hair. Woolite conditions the fibers while cleaning the wig inside and out. Human hair/wig shampoo is not necessary for a synthetic wig and often is a MUCH cheaper alternative to a wig shampoo.

Also, if the wig is not properly washed/cleanse with these products can cause the fibers to tangle and become more matted quickly.

imlizziekay on December 24, 2009:

It is advisable to wash a wig with appropriate shampoo or conditioner. it increase the life of your hair wig.

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