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The Surprising Results of Dry Skin Brushing


What is Dry Skin Brushing?

Dry skin brushing is the act of using a brush to stroke the skin while the skin is dry. It has become increasingly popular as a method of exfoliation, and people tout the many benefits. Some say that it helps the lymphatic system. Others say that it increases blood flow and circulation to the skin. Some say that it tightens the skin. After learning about dry skin brushing, I decided to make it a regular part of my morning routine. I dutifully brushed my skin with a natural, boar bristled brush every day for three years and achieved surprising results, which I will explain later. But first let’s look at this short video on how to dry skin brush.

This is a basic overview of how to dry skin brush. In this video, the person demonstrating starts with the soles of her feet. I prefer to start at the tops of my feet and ankles and work my way up. This is my personal preference because the soles are thicker and require a stiffer type of brush. If you want to brush the feet, I recommend having a separate brush just for the feet. The person also brushed harder than I do. If your skin can tolerate it, hard strokes are okay, but be careful that the skin is not tugging. You don’t want to damage the skin and create fine lines over time.

Surprising Result #1: Even Skin Tone!

I achieved surprising results from dry skin brushing. I had hyperpigmentation in several places all over my body. I had dark spots from acne, dark knees from playing as a kid, hyperpigmentation from having rashes, and various other scars on my body. This was just a part of my life. Like many others with these problems, I tried fade creams, lemon juice, and cocoa butter. These products were tiresome for me to use, so I did not do it with enough regularity to see any results. On the other hand, dry skin brushing was quick and easy. It also felt good, so I did it every day. After a year, my skin tone began to even out all over.

Surprising Result #2: Baby Soft Skin!

I wouldn’t say that my skin was rough to begin with, but it wasn’t completely soft, either. I moisturized every day, but so many things can cause rough skin. For example, rubbing against clothes, especially jeans. I have had bumps from rashes and ingrown hairs. I believe the key to softening the skin is cell turnover. Dry skin brushing exfoliated the skin so that newer skin cells were exposed, and the roughness smoothed down. After a while, I started getting compliments on how soft my skin was.

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Surprising Result #3: Less Dark Bumps!

Dermatosis papulosa nigra are hyperpigmented bumps on the surface of the skin that can affect darker-skinned people. These bumps can multiply in number, dotting the entire face and neck. Although these bumps are harmless, they can affect the appearance of the skin. They often increase in number with age, and who wants a series of spots appearing like clockwork to remind you and others of your age? I didn’t, but I also didn’t know how to stop these. Surprisingly, with regular dry skin brushing, these bumps started to disappear over time. Also, new ones did not form. I can happily suggest this as a remedy for this skin condition.

Surprising Result #4: More Hair Growth!

Dry skin brushing stimulates the skin. For me, it also stimulated hair growth. This was surprising. I found that the fine hairs on my arms and legs became thicker and slightly longer. For me, having soft, velvety textured skin was not bothersome. Others may see this as a negative since you may need to shave more often.


Overall, dry skin brushing has affected my skin in many positive ways. I recommend it and think everyone should try it. If it is done properly, the benefits far outweigh any negatives.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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