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Sun-in Spray Review: Sun-in On Red Hair

Sun-in Spray Review: Sun in on Red Hair, Before

Sun-in Spray Review: Sun in on Red Hair, Before

Sun-in Spray Review: Sun in on Red Hair, After

Sun-in Spray Review: Sun in on Red Hair, After

This Sun-in Spray review details an application of Sun-in on red hair, and includes before and after photo swatches. The product we used was Sun-in Tropical Breeze.

While Sun-In is indicated for blonde to medium brown hair only, we wanted to test out how effective it would be on red hair. And the results were very satisfactory.

For this test, rather than spray the hair with Sun-in, we saturated it, for an all-over more even look. We did this because we wanted to see if Sun-in would be effective vs. a full dye job.

While saturating the hair is not part of the directions on the box, it was worth a try.

Test Subject: Janis, 21

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It took three bottles of Sun-in to do the trick for Janis who has thick, mid-back length hair. You might need less than the test subject, but it is a good idea to keep extra Sun-in on hand in case you miss some spots. This tends to happen underneath the hair (by the neck) the most.

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The results were that Sun-In lightened the auburn red hair to strawberry blonde. As with most human hair, certain parts of the head had lighter clusters of strands, and those strands were the lightest after the use of Sun-In Tropical Breeze.

We used the blow dryer method on the test subject and used three bottles of Sun-In to soak the hair. This method is only recommended if you do a swatch of your hair first to see how satisfied you are with the results.


  • Be aware that Sun-in can dry your hair out, so be willing to do deep conditioning treatments to keep your hair looking moisturized.
  • Note that it might be possible to lighten the strawberry blonde hair even further with more Sun-in applications. To keep up the look it is optimal to apply Sun-in to the roots as they come in, even though Sun-In is a highlighting product. But in this case we used it more like a dye.
  • Because of the results, we recommend Sun-in as an all over hair lightener for red hair. As always, test a swatch first before applying to your whole head. Everyone's hair and chemistry is different and you might get different results. Ideally, it is better to test Sun-in slowly in your hair over a few weeks time instead of making a quick, drastic change.

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