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How to Dress Like Lucille Ball!

Kitty went to school for fashion design and merchandising. She loves to design, sew, and create fashion inspired by the past.

Get Lucy's Vitameatavegamin Look

Vintage '50s shirt dress for sale by Deseo Vintage on

Vintage '50s shirt dress for sale by Deseo Vintage on

Choice #1 Vintage Purse for sale on

Choice #1 Vintage Purse for sale on

Choice #2 Vintage 50s handbag for sale on

Choice #2 Vintage 50s handbag for sale on

Look no further...this is the perfect pair!  Fireworks at Midnight Heels for sale at

Look no further...this is the perfect pair! Fireworks at Midnight Heels for sale at

Bow and Boa Heel for sale at

Bow and Boa Heel for sale at

Vintage I Love Lucy Look #1: The Vitameatavegamin Look

Not only was Lucille Ball an amazing actress and comedienne in the 1950s, she also had impeccable style. In this Stuck in the '50s Hub, I will show you where you can shop and how you can shop to emulate some of Lucy's most dainty and timeless vintage looks.

Beginning with the vintage Vitameatavegamin look from the fabulously funny video above, the obvious key piece of Lucy's vintage ensemble is the classic vintage shirtdress with a white pointed collar and white turned-up sleeves. This vintage shirtdress stands out specifically to me because it is also a wiggle dress and does not have the full circle skirt that most shirtdresses in the '50s had evolved into. I browsed online vintage stores and thrift stores for this vintage dress's twin, but lo-and-behold I was unsuccessful at finding an exact match. I did, however, find some options online that are the same style dress and would produce that classic Lucy vibe.

The fabulous vintage dress on the right was discovered on it is a true vintage piece. DeSeo Vintage is selling it at this moment for only $55.00...which is a steal for a beautiful vintage dress such as this one! The fabric is a light cotton seersucker with dark gray stripes...perfect for the summer's heat through autumn's cool breezes (with a pair of tights).

We are not finished with this vintage look yet, so do not go anywhere! What haven't we covered? Oh, yes! The accessories! Where would a girl be without vintage accessories? Well, I do not know the answer to that question but I do know that Lucy always had the perfect accessories to match her outfits...and the Vitameatavegamin look was no exception to this rule. As Lucy walks up to the table before the commercial begins, you will notice that she is carrying a darling black handbag. I have posted a few vintage options to the right, underneath of Dress #2. Again, I could not find an exact duplicate to Lucy's purse but the options I found are quite close to the original. You can find a whole slew of black vintage handbags, just like Lucy's on ebay and etsy at almost any time of the year...although I truly use etsy as my source for vintage handbags.

The last vintage accessory that we do not want to omit from this Lucy look is the shoes! Lucy is wearing the most precious pair of black pumps I have ever seen. They are complete with what appears to be little puff-balls at the front of her feet. I really thought that a similar pair of these vintage heels would be difficult to find; however, all I had to do was go to The Fireworks at Midnight Heels are so close to the original I could almost spit! They have an adorable ball of what looks similar to fireworks on the front of the shoe, just like the puff-balls on Lucy's Vitameatavegamin shoes! I also posted a second option for the lady that is not so daring...the Bow and Boa Heels are also listed on and make an excellent addition to any vintage lover's wardrobe. Although neither pair of heels are actually vintage, they could pass very easily for it.

To totally round off this look, find yourself a pair of pearl choker necklaces and matching vintage earrings. This look would be perfect for a first date or even a family get-together. Wherever you wear it, tell yourself that you are the embodiment of Lucy's classic vintage Vitameatavegamin look and you will be both confident and charming....just like Miss Lucy herself.

Get the Pie-Thrower Look

Vintage White Lace Blouse from the '40s.  For Sale on Etsy.

Vintage White Lace Blouse from the '40s. For Sale on Etsy.

Vintage 50s full circle skirt.

Vintage 50s full circle skirt.

Ellie Slingback Black Pinup Heels from

Ellie Slingback Black Pinup Heels from

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Chivalry Isn't Dead Vintage Tie Necklace for sale on

Chivalry Isn't Dead Vintage Tie Necklace for sale on

Vintage Lucy Look #2: The Pie-Thrower

Ahhh, that Lucy! She is just too much! And how about that lace shirt with a female version of a tie? Lucy's full black circle skirt is high-waisted and pulls her look together perfectly.

Take a peek to the right and you will see a vintage white lacey blouse for sale now on, as well. I know I'm always pushing I cannot help it...I find most of the best vintage pieces for sale on this site. Nonetheless, this vintage lace blouse is almost exactly like Lucy's Pie Thrower blouse, minus the buttons in the front.

And for that classic '50s New Look full circle skirt...a matching option was found on ebay for less than fifty dollars! This vintage skirt has some extra personality to it, with it's taffeta fabric and beaded embroidery. This skirt emulates Lucy's Pie-Thrower skirt without a hesitation, but more-or-less dresses it up a notch. If you are looking for a more casual approach, you could choose the broom-stick, pleated vintage skirt from This skirt is just as cute but is more of a day-time skirt in comparison to the taffeta circle skirt directly above it.

A sexy pair of black slingback, pin-up shoes from would help you put your best foot forward, and for less than fifty dollars...who could pass up that deal? You could pair this pair of heels with almost any Lucy emulation look! They also have cute white detailing that match the vintage, white lace blouse of this outfit.

And last but not least, that adorable female necktie that Lucy is sporting...was extremely difficult to find. My ideas to mimic the vintage necktie are to use a man's necktie by cutting and tailoring it to fit the size or you could go the easy way and purchase a necktie necklace, as pictured below. Either way, this vintage look requires that necktie piece to tie the Pie-Thrower ensemble into completion.

© 2010 Kitty Fields


Kitty Fields (author) from Summerland on August 06, 2011:

Cuellar - Thanks, so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, today is Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday! Can you believe that? She was such a gem. The white tie is so adorable too, but harder to find nowadays. Good luck! :)

Cuellar on August 06, 2011:

That is so awesome! At the same time I was watching the second outfit I saw it on the tv because Im watching the Lucy marathon and shes wearing that same outfit. I need to check those website so I can buy myself some Lucy clothes. Shes wearing a small white tie on the second outfit. :)

Kitty Fields (author) from Summerland on January 01, 2011:

Quite true. Well, except for the crazy outfits that musical performers are wearing these days...though, it seems like they all copy one another...i.e. lady gaga's style = kesha's style, nicki monogue's style, katy perry's style...they all seem to copy lady gaga or vice versa.

Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on December 31, 2010:

It's amazing isn't it? Everything old is new again. I like the looks of the 50's style.

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