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Stripes : A Fashion Faux-Pass or Classic?

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A monochromatic striped statement

A monochromatic striped statement

From your grandfather in a monochromatic striped shirt to your neighbors little girl wearing a beautiful salmon pink and teal striped frock. Striped fashion works wonders for every age group.


What's not to love about stripes? It can be paired with almost anything and can work for every occasion like a high-fi office meeting to taking a stroll on a pleasant day in your neighborhood path.

Today, stripes are deemed as one of the most commonly worn pattern among the human race. It can be paired with a simple blue pair of jeans like the ones in your cupboard or a striped blazer can also work perfectly for your job interview.

But, stripes did not always enjoy high appreciation from everyone. It was once called as a devil's cloth and was only worn by clowns,jugglers and servants in the past. In fact, any form of stripe was considered so treacherous in the middle ages that once a cobbler in 1310 was berated to death because he was wearing a striped pattern dress. It was also disliked because stripes were ( and still in some countries ) associated and worn by prison inmates.

This form of fashion traveled a lot from being considered as one of the most heinous fashion to being applauded as the most chic trends worn by almost everyone.

A modern look using stripes

A modern look using stripes

How to rock this fashion trend?

There are about a more than thousand ways in which you can rock your striped fabric and stun everyone.

  • Wear it with solid block colors.

Grab your striped pants and pair it with any solid colored blouse lying around you for a casual look for your night out with friends.

  • Try to layer it with various silhouettes.

Wear your striped piece of item and add depth to it by pairing it up a blazer or a striped scarf.

  • A stripe on stripe ensemble never goes wrong.

Stripe on stripe never goes wrong in any way. Don up your stripey blouse with a striped skirt or pants. It will be a really bold and chic statement.

  • Wear and pair them up with bright prints and patterns.
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Don up your printed shirt and tuck it in your stripes skirt.

  • It is not necessary that a striped item should always be your your dress. You can find so many accessories inspired from the great striped art.

Pair your jumpsuit or any ensemble with a striped accessory like a side bag or shoes.



Stripes are a perennial piece of fashion trend which will never get old or will never be regarded as outdated fashion. Their contemporary appearance is what makes them classic. Even people who work in the field of science have come up with a very interesting theory.

Psychologists say that people who enjoy wearing stripes are “often good at multitasking, have a lot going on in their lives, and wear many hats”.

Wearing stripes makes the person appear bolder and daring. Many people have quoted that "wearing striped patterns make them feel more confident" which if true, is definitely a good trait required in today's world where many people lack the confidence to speak up for themselves and for others.

One of the best features of striped fashion is that it is such a gender neutral form which can be enjoyed by every gender. There are many forms of fashion which are highly gender specific and cannot be enjoyed by the likes of both the genders.

Wearing stripes also make a person feel and look slimmer and taller which some people might like. These are so experimental, that every person can make their own look through trial and error- although there is hardly any error when working with stripes.

Fashion is very abstract to everyone. For some people a certain trend might be a hit and for some people the same trend might be a miss. But, fashion for everyone must be something in which each and every person should be comfortable in their own skin. You define your own genre of choice. "Fashion is not something which exists in dresses only" . You define the fashion yourself.So, pick up your favorite outfit, put on some makeup and you are ready to rock and roll.

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Ayesha Rafiq on May 10, 2020:

Informative article

Mtaae on May 10, 2020:

Stripes and checks are soo soo cool.They can be paired with anything, which makes them the best.

Miraal on May 10, 2020:

Nice article

Sadie on May 10, 2020:

I love stripes

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