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Hot New Beauty Products to an Amazing Summer Look

Jen Panaro has worked for years in retail. She loves shopping and is an expertise on the latest products on the market.

Steps to an Amazing Summer Look

Summer is almost here. New make up trends are out. Are you in the mood for a new look?

NARS Makeup

NARS Makeup (Personal My Fav)

NARS Makeup (Personal My Fav)

Before you give it the finishing touch...

6) Channel Foundation. $60.00. Can be Found at Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, Macy's and Sacks Fifth Avenue.
7) Clinique Powder. $30.00 Can be found at Lord and Taylor or Sephora.
8) Nars Highlighter. $38.00 Can be found at Lord and Taylor, and Sephora.
9) Nars Bronzer. $38.00. Just a little to give yourself that extra glow. Can be found at Lord and Taylor and Sephora.
10) Clinique Rose Blush. $25.00 From Sephora.
11) Spring Eyeshadow colors. Palettes are great for these. Elf makeup is great. $14.00. Can be found anywhere Elf Cosmetics are sold.
12) Nars Red Lipstick. $34.00 Sephora, Lord and Taylor.
13) Sephora Black Liquid Eyeliner. $30.00. Sephora.
14) Clinique Mascara. $19.50,, Sephora or Lord and
15) If you have time give your hair a little curl.

Sephora great selection of make up

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Happy Summer!

Nars is great. The makeup stays on for hours. Clinique is good if you have sensitive skin. There are tons of great make up out there. These are just some tips for spring. For spring try going with floral. Florals always work well in spring. If you are in the need for a new look, try this one out. Remember how you feel about yourself on the inside is the energy on the outside you attract. This look is easy to put together and it is a great look for spring and early summer. Happy Summer everyone!


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