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Splurge on a Great Cut Because You Deserve It.

Over 25 years experience as a hair stylist. Has a liberal arts degree/ majored in Fine Art, experience in web and interior design.


An experienced stylist will understand your hair type and life style needs

I think it is really important to think about your budget. Since our pandemic started back in March( our shutdown in Ohio lasted til May 18th). Most people learned to manage their hair. We really did not have a choice. I would say many went grey and for some their hair grew so long it looked like a new opportunity to try a new style. Most people were so anxious and grateful to get a hair cut and color. I have no idea why the gov't did not deem stylist and barbers as essential when "Looking good" affects mental health just as much as alcohol and yet liquor stores were allowed to stay open. The pandemic today that we are living in has put a squash on many who are now out of work with no unemployment to speak of. So paying rent and putting food on the table along with staying safe will take precedence.

I know lots of people now cut their own hair or go to a chain and think spending $15.00 versus $50 is a better value. It isn't a better value if in two weeks your can't style it. And for those who must do Zoom meetings, it can work temporarily because at this time most of us are not socializing or seeing people to stay safe. I totally understand.

Investment in yourself and self esteem

Your hair cut is the frame of your face. And now that we wear masks, it is worth paying more for a haircut that will be easily styled and a haircut that grows out over a period of 4-8 weeks. As long has your hair grows 1/2 every 4 weeks you will eventually lose your hair shape and style. By the 8th week you may have some style but the shape is gone.

Example: If a woman's haircut cost $50.00 and you look great for 8 weeks that is .89¢ a day you have just spent on yourself to look and feel good every day.

If it is a man's cut $29.00 and you look good every 4 weeks that is .96¢ a day to look handsome and be on your game.

Are you not worth the daily change? I say YES. It is the least you can do for you.

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Covid hair stress can cause hair loss

I call it Covid Hair Stress. The unconscious stress that plays havoc in our bodies affect everything inside, we have no time to recover. Just the simple act of wearing a mask now can add stress. Fear? Fear because of the news we hear. Perhaps being unemployed, furloughed, laid off, raising a family, living alone,our basic rights removed, not seeing friends and family as well as emotional needs may not be met. There is no shame in coloring your own hair to save money. I know many are doing it at home. If you are going to color your hair, use a color that is close to your own natural color. If you opt for fun crazy color beware that removing it can be a challenge and when it fades you might not like the color either.

Thinning.... now it depends on not just stress but hormones and genes. Going shorter will make the hair appear thicker. You can use products by Bosley that can help thicken. If you are losing clumps in the shower, it is best to address the issue with your doctor. Your thyroid may be off. And of course, if your mother, father or grandparents have receding or thinning scalps, you too will have a higher likely hood of the same.

For women, there are tape-in extensions, wigs, hair pieces, a permanent wave. Most men end up shaving their scalp if they do not want to spend the money on hair transplanting. Toupees are convenient but there is maintenance involved.

Take some time to figure out and decide how if the maintenance costs will be worth it. The other thing you can consider is your diet. Are you a junk food eater or a healthy eater. What we put in our bodies can affect our hair and skin.


Mae Williams (author) from USA on September 19, 2020:

Thanks Danny. Glad the tips were helpful.

Danny from India on September 19, 2020:

good tips on hair styling and proper hair care.

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