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Buy Snow Boots - Winter Snow Boots for Women, Children and Men

Stay Warm in Cold Weather Snow Boots

It seems we always wait until the last moment to buy our snow boots in our household, We pull the snow boots out of the back of the closet to find they sat wet for too long and now smell like an elephants ass. My fiance has a propensity for destroying hers in the dryer, so we cant win either way. Others in my family find that their childrens snow boots are now to small yet magically do not fit the next smallest child. It seems you are doomed to buy new snow boots every season. The only snow boots that have lasted for me are my Work Boots, Winter Hiking Boots and Snowboard Boots, but those boots are worn on specific occasions and given a little better treatment before being stored.

So I started my family snow boot hunt a bit early this year, I have a bit more experience than the average fella as I once managed a shoe warehouse, so details of construction and materials are relevant to me. I also tend to pick out the winter boots for my fiance as she has very small feet that are not often found retail and online purchasing falls to me.

At the top of this page you will see the top all round boots for men and women. The Timberland Pro Waterproof for men, which is a standard in any working mans closet and the Ugg tall winter Boot which is warm, trendy and stylish. Any family would do well with that combo.

Top Snow Boots Reviewed

When selecting boots, I check for brand standards and reputation, online reviews and popularity and style. A really functional boot that is butt ugly or clownish tends to not get the foot time you paid for. Even the roughest of guys will cringe about putting something truly horrific on their feet. Children can be a hassle to get dressed if they think their boots are "stupid" and the women I know are prone to let themselves freeze in the interest of style.

Kids Snow Boots

  • Columbia Kids Snow Boots
  • Kamik Kids Snow Boots
  • Fire Chief and other Fun Branded Snow Boots

Womens Snow Boots

  • Ugg Snow Boots
  • Bearpaw Snow Boots
  • Emu Snow Boots

Mens Snow Boots

  • Timberland Mens Snow Boots
  • Columbia Mens Snow Boots
  • Baffin Mens Snow Boots

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Buy Snow Boots

Buy Snow Boots

Kids Snow Boots

Granted my experience with kids snow boots goes back to memory and watching the nieces and nephews but I know for a fact that getting the little buggers properly bundled up to go outside is much easier when they love their boots!

The younger kids in my family still love Thomas the Tank engine and I did a test and showed off the boots to the right to them. Now I have angry sister in law who is getting harangued to purchase them. If the kid like the boot he wears it willingly. Simple enough.

With the kids boots, I follow price considerations more than i normally would. Its pretty likely the boot is going to last one season and then get passed on. The best reviews that still fall under $50 for a set of boots go to Kamik and Columbia. The brand Columbia is trusted in my book and most of their winter boots have thinsulate or some other thermal liner. Kamik was a new one for me but reviewers had glowing praise about the oversized laces and other little details that made the boots easy to deal with when bundled up. Usually, I am an Amazon fan for shoes and boots as returns are super easy and most items over $25 get free shipping, but for Kids boots if you are ok with second hand you can find some little used high quality boots for under $20 , thats hard to beat and you can spend the saved money on winter socks, a trip to the mountain or some winter play at the state park.

Womens Snow Boots

With womens snow boots its hard not to focus on style. A good waterproof Timberland work boot is about the best snow boot you can get for most everyday conditions but its not often worn by the Ladies in my life!

The style of the time is heavily influenced by Uggs boots and even when you get a different brand they are often copying some successful element of the Ugg style.

But the style is popular, because it works. The taller boot keeps snow out, less likley to have anything fall over the boot and get into your sock. The faux fur or fleece tops feel nice against the leg, especially when your sock doesnt reach that high. It also gives you something to gran and pull up when wearing gloves.

The style of an Ugg winter boot and its look-a-likes is not just "style"

UGG Snow Boots

The original Ugg boot, just a bit taller and a little thicker for winter warmth.

BearPaw Snow Boots

Very Popular, Ugg style look a likes, these are top sellers on Amazon, hundreds of glowing reviews and a price point of about quarter of what a pair of Uggs runs.

Mens Snow Boots

To tell you the truth, Men dont need reviews. We know a good boot when we see it. There are three top brands below, none of them make a bad boot. Baffin is probably the only non-household name. We sold Baffin Boots to Sanitation workers who worked outside year round. They are rugged super-tech boots that can do anything but tie themselves up.

A good  8' or 12" waterproof work boot with a nice wool or water wicking sock is enough boot to handle most male endeavors. Anything more involved like snowboarding or snowmobiling will encompass another search and review.

Baffin Snow Boots

Hunting, fishing, Camping - If your out in the snow and you want warm and waterproof. Function first, Baffin is the name to look into.

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