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Small Tattoos

Unique Small Tattoos

Maybe you are debating if you should get a tattoo, but you don't want something big just something small. What is nice about smaller tattoos is they can go on places on the body that otherwise would be looked over. A lot of people prefer small tattoos because they are easy to conceal.

Another reason people like smaller tattoos is they are cheaper. Most tattoos around an inch in diameter will cost $20 - $ 40 depending upon how elaborate the tattoo is.

The healing of a small tattoo isn't nearly as long as larger tattoos, plus you won't experience as much discomfort.

Small Butterfly Tattoo


Small Flower Tattoo


Healing of a Small Tattoo

One huge benefit of a smaller sized tattoo, is the healing isn't nearly as dramatic as a larger tattoo. A large tattoo can take up to 3 weeks to fully heal and depending upon what your lifestyle entails, this may not be desirable just to get a tattoo. A small tattoo heals relatively quick. You're looking at around a week for your tattoo to heal.

Small Tribal Tattoo

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Ladybug Tattoo


What to Put on a New Tattoo

After you've gotten your tattoo, you want to apply A&D Ointment once a day and unscented lotion every few hours. Your tattoo needs air to heal, like any skin abrasion that needs to heal. A&D is very thick and can suffocate your tattoo as it is trying to heal. The lotion will absorb right into the skin and scab allowing it to get moisturized and aid in healing and helping prevent the pulling of the scab.

Unique Small Tattoo


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