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Unique Small Star Tattoos

Small tattoos tend to be what people in general prefer. This is not always the case of course, it all depends upon personal preference. There are several benefits to getting a small tattoo. Tattoo virgins tend to like to get a small tattoo because they're unsure of what to expect. Plus, a lot of people like something that can be covered up easily.

It's always important before getting a tattoo to make sure to know where you want to put it, the size of the tattoo you want, and if you want to be able to cover it with clothing if you so choose. Many times people get tattoos in the "heat of the moment," and don't put a whole lot of thought into and then they end up regretting it.

Put some time and thought into it BEFORE you get a tattoo. Take the time to look around at whatever design you like. .

Pretty Small Star Tattoo


Unique Star Tattoo


Small Stars Tattoo


Small Tattoos and Tattoos in the Work Place

When getting a tattoo a lot of people don't think of the fact that many employers will not hire someone with visible tattoos on their body. A lot of times we tend to get tattoos when we're younger and don't think of the fact we may not like it being visible several years down the road.

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Small Star Tattoo


Cute Small Stars Tattoos


Star Tattoo


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