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Unique Small Heart Tattoos

Unique Heart Tattoos

There are several things that go into deciding what type of tattoo to get. A lot of people prefer a small tattoo to a larger one. Especially if it is your first tattoo. Some places of the body look better with a small tattoo than a large one. Although it all depends on personal taste and preference. One of the most common small tattoos that people get is heart tattoos, especially women. There are so many variations of heart tattoos. Whether you prefer a single heart, a few small hearts clustered together, or maybe a heart with an arrow through it or writing in it, they are all great ideas. You can find some really cute, unique designs for heart tattoos. Even a simple, classic heart design can be really pretty.

stiched heart tattoo


small heart tattoo


broken heart tattoo


Benefits of a Small Tattoo

The benefits of small tattoos are numerous. For one, you can conceal them very easily depending upon where you put them. This is very important depending upon your job. Some employers have strict tattoo requirements. If you have a tattoo or are thinking about getting one, keep in mind that you may want to put it somewhere that can be covered by clothing.

unique and pretty heart tattoo


cute small heart tattoo

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filled in heart tattoo


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