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Small Flower Tattoos

Unique and Pretty Flower Tattoos

Out of all tattoos, flowers are the most requested. There are literally hundreds of flowers to choose from, and any color can be put into a flower tattoo and look great. Some people prefer flowers that cover large portions of their body. While other people prefer a small or dainty type of flower for their tattoo. Some like anklet style tattoos using flowers which is a really unique and pretty looking tattoo. Generally speaking, women are the ones who tend to get a flower tattoo. As with any tattoo, it's all a matter of preference and someone's unique style. How they wish to express that style. What's really nice about getting a smaller tattoo is it is easy to cover up if you want to.

small flower tattoo


small flower tattoos


Tattoos and Employers

Another benefit of getting a smaller style of tattoo is for the workplace. Some employers have very strict restrictions on any visible tattoos of any kind. This is good to keep in mind, especially for younger people wanting to get tattoos. Unfortunately, this isn't thought of very often among young adults.

cute small flower tattoo


unique small flower tattoo


small flowers tattoo



Sachin on January 14, 2015:

I've come to embrace my tatotos... I'm not a huge fan of the second one I got, though. I wanted a blue background instead of ugly tribal black and the guy at the shop convinced me to keep it black instead, so I'm stuck with a tribal sun on my ankle, for all to see, lol.I'm digging your star tattoo. Did it hurt when it was done to your foot? I was supposed to get my star tatoo on my foot and changed my mind because I remembered how many bones are in the foot LOL!!!!

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DeborahFantasia (author) from Italy on May 09, 2012:

I love your idea to memorialize your friend !

marie on April 28, 2012:

I am looking to get a memorial tatoo for a friend who passed away. i am thinking of an infinity symbol with her birth flower which is a carnation. nothing too big..any ideas?

DeborahFantasia (author) from Italy on July 21, 2011:

Hello "nighthag," I like the foot one also. Happy tattooing ;)

DeborahFantasia (author) from Italy on July 21, 2011:

Hi "DIY Backlinks," tattooing isn't for everyone ! I think it's always best to get one in a spot where it can be covered. Thanks for stopping by :)

K.A.E Grove from Australia on July 21, 2011:

I like the one done on the foot, I am hoping to get my first tattoo soon :)

DIY Backlinks on July 20, 2011:

There nice but I am afraid I would grow tired of a tattoo.

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