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How to get skinny legs by cutting off muscle

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Calf Surgery for obtaining skinny legs

In South Korea and also rather very popular in Japan, women are having calf surgery to reduce the muscle in their calves for a more slimmer slender leg. Koreans, similar to Japanese tend to have shorter legs than Caucasians and blacks on average, and being in the country you may often see women with quite developed calf muscles even though they don't do any muscle training to build up that area. Many woman especially in Korea believe that muscular legs are not very sexy and stress about trying to shed the natural bulk as in many cases it's not fat , its mainly muscle. I think most western men find muscly legs quite sexy to some extent but its not viewed like that in the far east. Many Asian men prefer the skinny legs especially since there are a lot of recent Korea (K-pop) all girls groups which are popular in Japan nowadays and they all seem to have the exact shape slender legs e.g. "Kara".

Luckily for some, cosmetic surgeons have a way how to get skinny legs, by removing excess muscle. This is kind of calf surgery is called Calf Augmentation. Sounds like a gory operation? No at all, they have ways of inserting surgically sharp needle like instruments into the calf area and severing certain nerves which causes excess muscle to relax and naturally reduce in size. It's a very quick operation, very affordable but takes a few months to recover. About 70%-80% of muscle mass is removed in one typical operation, and the remaining muscle is enough for the patient to continue in normal daily activities leaving their legs slimmer and more slender in appearance.

Many foreigners have traveled to Korea or Japan to get this type of calf surgery for slimmer legs and the trend has also spread to some parts of China due to the relatively low cost of the operation.

See the image below. Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with the before picture, however many women would prefer the "After" thinner less curvier legs.

Results of calf surgery


In the above poll, I see that the vast majority of people prefer the "After Picture". It would be interesting to see demographics of the people who voted. Foreigners who live in Asian countries tend not to mind the curvier larger females, this is very evident when you observe international couples together.

It would also be interesting to see what men think but the results don't indicate gender.


The reasons for thick calves

Genetics and ethnicity often play a role in the shape of ones legs however, certain lifestyles can encourage thicker legs or a certain leg shape. For example women who stand up for long periods wearing heels are likely to get big thick calves due to the fact that the muscle in that area is constantly being stimulated.

For Asians (Far East) too much exercise can contribute to out of proportion calf muscles, which may even seem bigger than the thighs. Whereas women with African roots will tend to gain more mass in the thigh department and have much less mass in the calves.

What sports you do may also alter the shape of one legs but not the case for everyone.

Since its a muscle that cannot be easily reduced in size, good fitness trainers should be able to show to how to shape your legs up so that the muscles are not concentrated in one particular area. Lengthening the muscle by stretching can also result in a slimmer calf.


How to get slimmer calves and skinny legs

1. Try not to spend too much time on the balls of your feet. When you move around try to avoid the balls of your feet and this puts stress on the calf muscles.

2. Cardiovascular exercises are a very good way to slim down your legs and especially your calf muscles. The best thing to do with cardio is to do it with minimal resistance. It needs to be done for longer periods of time and at a very slow pace. So try to stick to flat surfaces not uphill or on rough terrain. Completely avoid any exercises that require for strength or power.

3. Avoid too many jumping activities or exercises or extended periods as this tends to overwork the calves.

4. Avoid any kind of climbing if possible. Stair machines and similar exercises need to be avoided.

5. If you’re going to do weight training, ensure you use lighter weights and do more reps. Doing less reps with heavier weights will only cause your leg muscles (including your calf muscles) to get bigger.

6. Stretching is very important. Stretching can lengthen your muscles so that they more slender. Try Yoga and Pilates for the best stretching exercises.

7. Try to rotate and change up your calf slimming exercises a couple times a month. your muscles may become ineffective if they are used to the same movement all the time.

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8. Jobs with a lot of standing around not only puts a lot of tension on the calves put can encourage varicose veins which can be unsightly and adds to the overall mass.

Why not be proud of your legs

After living in Asia for a decade and a half, I am glad to see that some women are very proud of their natural leg muscle, and even further build on it like this Vietnamese woman in the picture. Very muscly legs but very shapely and attractive. Due to genetics, she may have a harder time building up her upper half but nevertheless she has done well as has an attract physique.

Muscular but shapely legs


Korean Pop idols

The K-pop queens "Kara" seem to be running things over here in the far east along many other similar groups. Korea is well known for not only the leg surgery but plastic surgery in general. Many suspect that these girls have been through it all, even as they are so young. They all have the same shaped legs, which is what most Asian girls long for these days. Many women with curvy shapely legs may even be label as fat, even though they are not technically. Japanese tend to think that the same one plastic surgeon deals with the whole group. It is rather apparent even from the facial features.

However looking at the video below. The one of the far right seems to have nice shapely legs with decent muscle mass, maybe she has had that cut away since.

Many Korean women have also been known to have calf reduction surgery in order to fit into fashionable knee high boots.




amulya shakya from kathmandu on February 11, 2018:

There is a great competition in south korea to look attractive. I have heard that almost 90% of the teenagers have gone through some kind of Cosmetic surgery. By the way Australia is also a very popular destination for Cosmetic surgery. The quality of the services there is of high class. Here are some of the best cosmetic surgeons located at Sydney.

Skinny calf girl on September 07, 2016:

Ah, my opinion. Already I'm being brushed aside. facts:

1) Skinny women are bullied by bigger women all the time, including in this article. You made no effort to stop skinny bashing in this article.

2) You indeed made a sweeping generalization about what men like. I guess because you are a guy that qualifies you on the matter.

Remember this?

"Most people who voted for the skinnier legs are probably female and believe that's what legs should look like."

It's one thing to express what you personally like, but completely another to insinuate what most men like. If this isn't "looking down" then what is? I'll ask you to be a little more sensitive while expressing your opinions.

Your wife is skinny but you like her confidence... I noticed you didn't say her body. Being married to a person doesn't mean you love all of that person, whether it's physically, spiritually, or emotionally. "My wife is skinny" doesn't speak volumes about your attractiveness toward her. However, I won't have anything else to say about your marriage. It's none of my business anyway. It's just not a good rebuttal.

Anyway, you like what you like, but be a bit more sensitive to ALL your readers. And could you PLEASE not turn a blind eye to people who bash other body types in your article? Haven't you seen the comments using "twigs, sticks, and something to the effect of 'I could beat up a skinny girl if I had to.'"

You must have, because you replied to each comment. Funny how you can comfort the girl who has big calves who was bullied. You called her bullies insensitive, but you can turn a blind eye to those insensitive and violent comments about skinny women. Biased.

I got the main point of this article. I'm just pointing your and your readers' attention to the methods that are used to validate bigger women. It is harmful to skinny women. I guess you won't acknowledge that FACT, but hopefully a young vulnerable skinny girl will read my post and know that she is beautiful, feminine (not a twig or stick) and normal unlike what one commentor implied.

I felt the need to say all this because only after I had become an adult I understood that my bashers were projecting their own insecurities onto me. I regretted giving those haters a listening ear and reducing myself to a pedestal for them to stand on. I spent too much of my time allowing them to strip me of my confidence since more than half of those girls were envious and trying to keep their weight down. (I only learned this during my mid twenties.) So I want to tell skinny girls in advance, that these mean spirited comments from women in this article and elsewhere are nothing but projected insecurities. So go ahead girl! Wear your mini skirts and your shorts. Don't wait until you're too old to wear them. Go braless if you want! Start celebrating your body. I teach music in a little private school, so I have to be a role model to kids. I have to watch what I wear... Don't be like me who wasted her time loathing her body. Furthermore, it's better to choose the man who loves you AND your body over the man who loves you and only tolerates your body. You deserve love in ALL of it's fullness!

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on September 07, 2016:

Thank you for your opinion. Wow I haven't replied to any posts for some time now. So many comments, I would be scrolling through to read what I have said and have not said. But I appreciate the interaction you comment will bring. I admire confidence in any body type. My wife is skinny but confident with her body and I like that. I may find a thicker woman who is comfortable with her body sexually attractive but that's just my opinion and taste. By agreeing with people who feel the same, I do not mean to look down on skinnier women. My main aim was to address the fact that certain women will go extremes to get skinny legs - especially in South Korea, where am only 1hr away and have visited numerous times

Skinny calf girl on August 27, 2016:

1) Christin S. It is so sweet of you to refer to legs like mine as "twiggy weak looking spindles." You sound like a ray of sunshine! Last time I checked, I was human and do not deserve to be compared to a non-living thing like a stick, toothpick, twig or any other non-human object. To the ladies who ravel in the ability to beat up a skinny girl. Congratulations! Now would you like forty acres and a mule? Funny how skinny women should be sensitive to the plight of bigger women, but bigger women, because they are the "Victim" are allowed to boast of violence and hurl derogatory insults. Since I'm feeling victimized now, can I hurl dehumanizing insults at you too, you manly looking cows. Oh wait, never mind. I may be beaten. That superior strength proves that you are more feminine than me. OMG I lose. You win!

2) I wish Hezekiah would stop kissing up to everyone who shares his view point on what body type is most sexy. You toss around the notion that "Most" men find muscular attractive. But, you are not most men. Nor are the few commentors in this thread. So, please stop speaking for most men. As you know beauty standards differ between cultures and even between individuals within a culture. Since you know that, you can comment with a little bit less of a biased tone. Would that be too hard?

3) To all women who are naturally thin and sleek like me. Ignore what haters and intolerant people say about your bodies. In an attempt to validate curvy women, many people are going around stripping skinny women of their femininity, calling us unhealthy (as if they are qualified enough to do so.) and shaming anyone who finds us attractive. The man who likes your body is not shallow. He's just a man who PREFERS slender women. And no, you do not starve yourself. You eat when you are hungry and don't eat if you are not. That's NORMAL. Yes, you are NATURALLY thin. Yes, your body figure IS attainable and is 100% REALISTIC. You are living proof that it is. Many people can't look like you, but that is okay because you offer diversity to the world. I can tell you from experience that many men would find your soft, feminine and graceful legs sexy too. So don't let haters put you down.

4)It would be nice if those who are preaching body acceptance, would actually accept bodies...not just their own or the ones they like. Let's not try to uplift curvy to the detriment of slender!

Sorry, I made no comments about the actual surgery... I agree with a commentor saying you need muscles to move. However, you do not NEED to have bulging calf muscles to achieve movement. Let's not exaggerate the quantity that is actually needed, shall we? Yes, I do think the after picture looks more attractive. According to my eyes, the girl in the after picture seems quite capable of unencumbered movement. Furthermore, to each his own. Women have been cutting open their chest and stuffing it with saline implants for decades all in the name of aesthetics and attractiveness so why exactly is this up for discussion? This is just another procedure added to the list. If you want it, do it. If not, don't. That's how it works.

Trevor on October 01, 2015:

Muscly legs on women are soooo sexy!!

Sally on September 08, 2015:

I heard that it was quite an inexpensive and simple procedure so why not.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on June 23, 2015:

For me too, as a person who like to work out in the gym mainly muscle training, I think this is butchery too.

However after living in the far east for almost 15 years I can understand why.

In the West due to the multi cultured mix, even amongst Caucasians, every one had different builds shapes and sizes. People learn to accept you for who you are and not your shape.

In the far east people of mixed backgrounds are still relatively low. 97% are from a Mongolian background and do tend to fall in a similar category in term of body make up. Being outside this category here may cause emotional issues starting with bullying at school and then low self esteem and confidence going into adulthood.

Christin Sander from Midwest on June 23, 2015:

Interesting hub that highlights a ridiculous practice.

I'm sorry, but to butcher one's body and to think strong legs are something to be ashamed of is just ludicrous to me. I have leg muscles, I'm strong and I would never consider butchering my own body for some false "beauty" standard. How are twiggy, weak looking spindles attractive exactly?

And, who determined that this was more attractive? The people profiting off the surgeries most likely, and those manipulated by media and it's array of false beauty standards designed to get people to feel bad about themselves and part with their money.

What propaganda women fall for constantly always going for a look that isn't normal in order to be "beautiful". We are plagued by this kind of nonsense in America too - women go to great lengths and expense for Botox for example and end up looking like plastic caricatures instead of real women, but somehow that is more "beautiful". Things like this make me sad for women - and also frustrated by them for buying into it.

Sara on June 14, 2015:

Cutting muscle just for slimmer legs. I would love to get slimmer calves but this is just too extreme, no thanks.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on April 05, 2015:

Somehow these women are able to walk normally again after the operation.

Scouter on April 05, 2015:

I can"t believe one can walk after such a gruesome operation. Even if you think a muscle is too big, it is need for movement. There must be other ways, come on ladies.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on March 19, 2015:

If you are from the Philippines then the cheapest option would be to travel to Korea, not too far. And apparently the surgery is not too expensive. However make sure you have exhausted all other options. E.g. reducing your carbs and sugar intake to make sure that ti is not fat just muscle. This type of calf reduction surgery should only be needed once you can confirm that it's solid muscle which is normally difficult to lose, especially if it is genetics.

Peach on March 14, 2015:

Hello Hezekiah im from Philippines..since i hit puberty my calf muscle become so massive.. I wonder how much will it cost to travel and how is the surgery? So i can prepare my things and travel sooner..thanks

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on March 11, 2015:

Yes, it does sound rather painful. However many Korean and even Japanese these days are willing to endure any initial pain and inconvenience if the result is slimmer legs.

Carla on March 11, 2015:

Just the though of it sounds painful. You need muscle to move, the rehabilitation process must take a long time.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on February 05, 2015:

Big Calf Woman - I am sorry if some of the comments are insensitive. There are definitely a lot of men who really do appreciate big or muscular calves on a women. There are also insensitive bullies as well. Nothing wrong with at all. I just wanted to let people know, the lengths some people will go to to get thinner legs. I live in Japan and have been to Korea many times and women do any to get slim, madness.

Big calf woman on February 05, 2015:

Ive had larger calves my whole life and have been bullied as well. It is really hurtful and I even became bulemic, took antidepressants, and tried therapy at one point trying to "accept" and "love myself" and failed. The moment I get more confidence and wear shorts, some jerk will say some rude comment about my calves again. I've had deep depression over this issue. This may be a stupid issue to someone else, but agonizing for someone living it. To the mean commenters, try to be a little more empathetic to others. You don't see girls with big calves in the Victorias Secret catalog

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on February 02, 2015:

Boo Boo - well most guys wouldn't mind muscly legs anyway. It's the girl that get the complex about it. I envy you having muscular calves. As I black man, I can put on muscle everywhere else but the calves are hard to build up, even though they are strong. Just genetics, everyone in my family is the same.

boo boo on February 01, 2015:

I have a big calves but people tell me its big but i try to slim it. I am a californian asian guy. I get sad but then i am like what the heck i am gay and a guy and so far i see people in gym tryi.g to achieve my legs and they say i have a great workout. Technically i just walk every day. I do wear chino short and a vans. My friends dad said wow athletic calves so muscle. Glad i did not go extreme. I accept my legs that is made naturally

Josephine on January 01, 2015:

I can understand why women would like to reduce calf muscle, however many guys do appreciate a nice sexy shape.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on December 28, 2014:

It looks like a painfull surgery too.

Charlie on December 26, 2014:

Why on earth would anyone do this to their body?

Why lose curves and replace with sticks.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on November 07, 2014:

Whatwhat - that is completely correct. The muscle is what define the sexiness and shape of a woman. No need to throw it away.

whatawhat on August 05, 2014:

This article ? about what guys would vote! I'm a guy who sees women of beauty muscle - so in reality to proceed the procedure they're actually making themselves inferior to the healthy vital strength they were design to need esp. when chronically aging 30+ muscle wasting kicks in, by 60 looking for a walking stick support -wishing only if they could become once what they naturally were blessed with. -where failing as a non-gainer guy who has inheritance lines of muscular-dystrophy would wish what they threw away for granted -That's why the operation is so wrong-X. This is my spark of commonsense whether or not it registers. a

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on June 20, 2014:

@Au fait, understood there. I think that it's just such a tempting and inexpensive quick fix methods for women who just want the look without all the diet and exercise fuss. Especially in South Korea these days. I must admit, very weird method though.

Kevin W from Texas on June 20, 2014:

I have to agree with Au Fait, this is simply silly to have this type of procedure done for cosmetic/vanity reasons. Can't imagine anyone actually doing this.

C E Clark from North Texas on June 20, 2014:

Never heard of this procedure before and I have to say it seems ignorant to me. When people have to carve themselves up to be attractive to someone it may be time to choose someone different among the 50 million or so people worldwide who are likely compatible.

If anyone has to make such a major change to themselves in order to be attractive to someone it proves that someone isn't really interested in them as a person, but only interested in the shallow aspects that change by the moment in us all. Looks are not permanent. Personality, intelligence, sense of humor, and compassion usually are.

If all someone is interested in is our looks they will disappear as soon as looks change or they get bored with the same old same old. Avoid this kind of person. Life is too short to waste even a second on them.

Appreciate your bringing this leg slimming method to my attention. Voted up!

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on March 01, 2014:

I believe the that an imbalance probably in your spine, could be the cause of the that. Maybe a slightly bent spine which causes you to put more pressure on one side of your body, resulting in larger muscles on the one side. This can normally be fixed with spinal correction methods however the muscle may remain for a while. For fast results the muscle cutting surgery in Asia may be an option however difficult to tell how you balance will be once it heals up!!!

rizan on February 28, 2014:

Please help me with my problem.. i have assymetrial legs, i just notice this part of my legs when i was in elementary .. my left entire legs up to outer thigh and inner thigh more thicker 1inches than my other right legs and so with my feet.. i just think that it is in my born... i want to reshape or undergo reduction to my left legs and left feet and reshape and copy the size of my normal legs and feet.. is that possible

hacker on January 26, 2014:

nothing worse than a blond, blue eyed, stubby legged, housefrau.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on December 04, 2013:

I am in Japan but most of those clinic are here or in Korea if you are willing to travel.

James on December 04, 2013:

Do you have a link or contact information for any of the surgeons or clinics this article is based on? Thanks.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on November 16, 2013:

@Lars , thank you and very well said. I agree with you 100% there. The curvier picture is much more natural and sexier. Most people who voted for the skinnier legs are probably female and believe that's what legs should look like.

Lars on November 16, 2013:

The before picture looks much better, sexier and more feminine. Women have naturally more curves in the legs. As a man I get attracted to the curvy muscular women legs. So why would you women want to look like a skinny boy in the legs? Maybe the fashion industry makes you belive that men like women with skinny non feminine legs? But most people behind the fashion industry are women, or gay men. Not representing what most men are attracted to. Women have naturally powerful built lowerbody to support pegnancy and carry baby, and men are attracted to what is womens characteristics.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on July 20, 2013:

Well shaped legs are my liking not necessarily muscled. Interesting ways to slim down the legs if one doesn't want to go in for calf surgery.

Tara on May 31, 2013:

This is disgusting... muscle is healthy and is needed for metabolism and general bodily health. To cut that off just seems so wrong! There is so much pressure on women already and now muscles is one of them? its quite demeaning.. muscles are only for men? fuck no. I, and so many other go to the gym to create muscles to be the healthier versions of our selves. to cut off such an important tissue because people don't think its attractive then they are one shallow and narrow minded people.

FlourishAnyway from USA on May 23, 2013:

It's profoundly sad that people would go to this extent -- to cut off muscle for aesthetics? Oh, I wish they would instead work on self image and learn to love themselves in whatever packaging they are in. Did not know about this, so thanks for writing about it!

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on May 23, 2013:

I had no idea that women could have this type of surgery. I sure wouldn't want to do this. But that's just me :)

Most interesting article which I will share. I could definitely see the difference in the photos. Love your hubs and will be back for more!

lianne on May 01, 2013:

how can i reach you?

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on April 20, 2013:

You are probably conscious about it because you were bullied about it. Legs can be naturally muscular without training but I can't imagine them being bigger than a pro-body builders which still looks sexy for a lot of men anyway.

dekie on April 20, 2013:

I'm from the Caribbean but resides in the UK for 14 years. I honestly wish if I could have mine smaller. i've been bullied in high school because of my muscular calves. I'm now 30 and I haven't put my legs on display since high school. I avoid most social events if I can't cover them, I'm a mother of one and I wouldn't show my legs around anyone. I've been trying stretching exercises but my confidence is not there to leave the house unless I'm wearing something to hide them. Such a shame because the rest of my body is very nice, tall and lean.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on March 25, 2013:

I would love to help you but unless you are in Asia (which is where I am) it would be rather difficult to recommend you to any places.

zandi on March 25, 2013:

my name is Zandi I hate the shape of my leggs,they make my self asteem so low that I don't feel like a woman at all.iam always wearing pants but I want to look like a girl I need a plastic surgeon desperately iam in South Africa please help #crying I need your details please

zandi on March 25, 2013:

my name is Zandi I hate the shape of my leggs,they make my self asteem so low that I don't feel like a woman at all.iam always wearing pants but I want to look like a girl I need a plastic surgeon desperately iam in South Africa please help #crying I need your details please

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on February 16, 2013:

Cyndi10 - Thanks, and yes most westerners can get good calf definition by walking around on the toes without the half getting too bulk but in Eastern Asia, that will most definitely bulk up most women's legs.

Cynthia B Turner from Georgia on February 15, 2013:

Hello Hezekiah, This is quite amazing. Funny, I've walked around on the balls of my feet (tippy toes) for all my life (I don't mean exclusively, just when I think of it), in part because I wanted to be a dancer and later, because I realized it put definition in the calves. It's certainly not the only thing I do for what I consider nice calves, but it the opposite of what you recommend for skinny calves. Just goes to show you beauty is such a cultural thing.

Really interesting article!

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on November 26, 2012:

Tammyswallow, I have seen girls here that weight less than 50kg and say they need to diet, and have fat legs!!! strange.

Tammy from North Carolina on November 26, 2012:

Wow, this is a scary thought. I can't imagine wanting to be that thin. I LOVE glass visage's comment and must agree with her. You have taught me something new!

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on November 24, 2012:

Cynthia, I wouldn't bother unless you were under pressure, due to celebraty status or media.

Cynthia on November 24, 2012:

Am also African Zambian in particular,everyone here wears minis ,I can't because I have very thick calves.i would really like to have this procedure done is there a way of giving me a link to one of the surgeons that performe this procedure

breeze on October 28, 2012:

Well if there is a natural proecedure in reducing calves, then theres no doubt that one would go for it. If you believe that this cannot be done by merely exercising or workout, then go for surgical procedure. :)

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on October 14, 2012:

Thanks for the input Nathan, it's just that with some Asian women, the calf muscle tend to out balance the rest with muscle so becomes an issue for some.

Nathan on October 14, 2012:

This is news to me. every girl I've ever known has about 1000 times more worried about her thighs, hips, and butt, and I would have to agree with them. If we're just talking looks here, as a guy checking a girl out(please don't get judgemental) I can't even remember a time when I looked at her calves. you need to focus on the upper part of the leg, which should be good news since that IS mostly a fat problem that you can address without surgery.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on October 06, 2012:

Yes, I live in Japan so I noticed how some people may have thicker calves then westerners but not all.

glassvisage from Northern California on October 05, 2012:

Thanks for this Hub! I have always had thicker legs and know that short shorts look better on girls with thinner legs, but I always revel in the notion that I can likely kick a skinny girl's ass if necessary :) I've also noticed that many Asian women have thicker calves and didn't think about it being attributed to having shorter legs

fr335ky on June 14, 2012:

nahh,, their legs appear normal for me.. it just a common legs frame for girls in my country. so please enough,, we don't need another stupid things to be stressed about. Thanks

scarlet on June 02, 2012:

can you ask the doctor about my problem? thanks

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on May 28, 2012:

Scarlet - It seems possible if they apply a similar technique.

scarlet on May 23, 2012:

what made you say that?

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on May 23, 2012:

I haven't really heard of this operation for arms, but I am sure it's possible.

scarlet on May 22, 2012:

@ Hezekiah: can they do the same procedure on my arms? thanks

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on May 20, 2012:

Not really sure of the costs however I know there of risks, e.g. long term pain, nerve damage etc..

alice on May 19, 2012:

how much would this surgery cost?

scarlet on May 18, 2012:

its natUral. I inherited it from my parents.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on May 17, 2012:

Unfortunately, I haven't heard too much about losing muscle for the arms, however Korea would probably have the best surgeons for that. Difficult to imagine coz there not much difference in the muscle definition in mens and womens arms unless you work out. Are you working out or doing physical work in your job?

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on May 17, 2012:

Slim doesn't always mean beautifull. Also muscle, instead of losing it (which is difficult) can be shaped and lengthened doing stretching exercizes.

scarlet on May 17, 2012:

in my triceps brachii, biceps brachii and deltoideus. i appaer like a boy. i don't have the confidence to wear sleeveless. do you know any surgery to make my arms appear like a feminine? thanks.

AyemiShu on May 16, 2012:

I'm only fifteen years old. I don't like the fact that I have muscled legs. I really want slim and beautiful legs.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on May 15, 2012:

I am not sure what your arms look like but defined arms look sexy on women. I have never heard of this kind of surgey on arms, but that would most definitely affect the motor control in your arms. I am sure your arms are not that muscly even if you work out in the gym. What part of the arm is too big?

scarlet on May 14, 2012:

i am a girl with a muscular type of arms. how can i get rid of this thing? i appear like a boy because of my big muscle. it is not fat but its purely muscles. can you do that do my arms like how you do on the calf surgery. like cutting the muscle on my arms to make it proportion with my entire arms. i want to appear like a normal girl with slim arms . thanks.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on March 10, 2012:

Not sure about South Africa but do know that it is very inexpensive if you can make it to Korea or Japan. Only issue is that you'll have to stay here for a week or so before it the muscle heals.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on March 10, 2012:

The issue with some women is that the muscle may get in the way of their ideal shape.

baby baby on March 09, 2012:

My legs r just like that I'm strugling much I'm always hiding them I'm loking 4 a surgery like this in South africa can't get please hlp if u know. And 4 those who got negtv coments thanx I dnt nid them#desparate

EllaTheresa on March 09, 2012:

I don't get it but I guess if it makes them feel better???? Lol I say go to the gym and celebrate a beautiful fit body, runty and skinny is out.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on January 25, 2012:

Leave those calves nice and thick, no problem.

Suellyn on October 17, 2011:

Very interesting how different cultures consider beauty. I have real thick calves but can't imagine cutting them! The thought of having surgery in that area just makes me cringe! : )

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on September 08, 2011:

This case is not exactly butchering though. It's simple an fast muscle reduction method.

Vince Halifax on July 17, 2011:

This is terrible! How can any sane person butcher themselves when there is nothing wrong with them? They should be proud of their fit legs!

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on January 08, 2011:

@travel_man, the unique thing about this method is that flesh is untouched. Needle like instruments go through flesh/muscle and server nerves which they claim supports unnecessary muscle.

Ireno Alcala from Bicol, Philippines on January 08, 2011:

OMG! If you severe the flesh, some larger veins or arteries may be affected. Oh, what the heck. What is happening with these women?

Irene on October 02, 2010:

Yeah. I heard that cosmetic surgery in Korea is of high standard and cheap compared to a lot of other countries. Most Korean ladies have done some cosmetic surgery before.

Irene of

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on August 05, 2010:

Pink Umbrella, sounds painfull when you say cut, lol. Did the guy get his foot professionaly amputed or did he hack it off raw with a hatchet or something?

the pink umbrella from the darkened forest deep within me. on August 05, 2010:

I can see then why some would shall i say...cut the bruises out of their banana?? lol Just sort of reminds me of that documentory i saw about that man who cut off his own foot, because he did not feel like it was ever a real part of him. I know they are not similar at all, just reminded me of it.

Hezekiah (author) from Japan on August 03, 2010:

Pink Umbrella, I laughed at the muscle bubble comment LOL. I guess it gives them confidence. In Korea and sometimes here in Japan, that extra leg muscle sometimes offsets the balance of the whole body coz, theres not much muscle anywhere else.

the pink umbrella from the darkened forest deep within me. on August 03, 2010:

i can see how the after picture would be considered more attractive, and have to admit that when i cross my legs, im quite aware of the muscle bubble lol, but i don't think id go that far, but i support any womans change to her body, as long as its for her and gives her confidance, and is not an obsession.

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