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Skirts For Men

Skirts for Men!

Skirts are not seen as mainstream fashion in many western countries: well in the USA anyway. Well this is my hub to prove that it is in fact pretty common in many cultures for men to wear skirts or long-flowing robes.

In fact trousers weren't even invented until quite late in history. The modern Pantaloon dates from mid-Victorian times developing from the earlier baggy trousers. For most of history wore skirts or robes, similar to those that women did. Usually shorter and less ornate but they certainly still exist. I come from New Zealand and its not at all unusual to see men walking the streets in skirts - in fact back in the 1970s we had a Police Commissioner, Rod Moody who wore skirts and caftans to court - and the won the right to do so. He borrowed his wife's skirts for a while but she got over sharing her wardrobe and made him get his own. There was no huge out cry - though initially it caused a stir. He did it for several years and the media basically got used to it and quit running stories on it.

Here's a quick run down on skirts I see normal men wearing on a regular basis

Scottish Kilts Photo: Erasums, flickr

Scottish Kilts Photo: Erasums, flickr

Scottish Kilts

The Scots of course have been wearing Kilts for centuries. Kilts are made of yards of finely pleated tartan fabric. The patterns are generally traditional but more recently more modern fabrics have been used. The sporran is the large purse worn at the front and a kilt pin is required as the kilt is simply wrapped around the body - there is no side seam. For day dress the kilt is worn with a country jacket, or for evening wear a black velvet jacket and white silk shirt are added. Knee high socks are always worn.

Variations of kilts are also worn across the sea in Ireland and also in Greece: where they tend to be lighter weight cotton and shorter

Sarongs from India but common in Polynesia too Photo: esherman via flickr

Sarongs from India but common in Polynesia too Photo: esherman via flickr

Traditional Lava Lavas

Many Pacific Islands including Tonga, Samoa and Fiji the traditional male dress is a lava-lava or pareo similar to the Asian sarong. This is simply a piece of material wrapped around the waist. These useful garments are very common all across the Pacific and also in cities with large Polynesian populations such as Auckland, New Zealand. The traditional Fijian police uniform is a formalised version of the lava-lava, a white wrap around skirt to the knee.

All across the Indian sub-continent sarongs are very common. Any culture where people often sit cross-legged or squat on the floor its much more comfortable and modest for a man to wear a wrap

Caftans or Kaftans

Kaftans are traditional male attire across much of Africa and the Middle East. The version worn by Muslim men is called a Kufi but they are all similar. Long and flowing - often, though not always with matching trousers underneath. The kaftans adopted by the swing 1960s were variations of this common traditional dress.

And did you know that the women's outfit the Kamwaar Shamiz from Pakistan and northern India which looks similar with trousers underneath was the first time that the Victorian explorers saw women wearing trousers - shocking!

African men wearing kaftans Photo: rogiro via flickr

African men wearing kaftans Photo: rogiro via flickr

Western Men Wearing Women's Clothes

I find it quite funny that western men have such a hard time wearing "women's" clothing unless its the kinky or pervy version! I wear men's clothing all the time. I wear men's shoes often (they fit better) and often buy men's shorts or shirts because they have better and more functional pockets! Getting a Western man to lose his shorts and adopt the far more comfortable lava-lava is incredibly difficult - even on a tropical island beach, when they are really suffering from heat rash in the worst place.

I often wear men's clothing but I always dance in a skirt: I love the feel of the skirt moving around my legs as I move. I remember dancing with a guy who was wearing a kilt for the first time at a Highland Dance. He was an experienced dancer and could not get over the feeling of movement he got from the skirt flying. (Note to the guys if you try this just make sure you wear the sporan - you don't want it flying too high!).

The biggest irony of all is the vague homophobic cringe that most western men react to when asked if they would wear a skirt: I guess that makes all this guys suspect ?

Roman Catholic Priests Photo: Catholic Westminster flickr

Roman Catholic Priests Photo: Catholic Westminster flickr


Zondragora on October 16, 2013:

There is no such thing as female clothing, it is just a label in your head or on the packaging but nothing substancial. The reason why it exists is totally subjective.

"As to the history, it used to be men's attire, only after 1820's it became womens wear. "

Women started wearing it and men rejected it, that's all. Don't fool yourself and live for the ghosts of others. No matter how many cowards don't dare to wear a skirt and go out and about, it is not you.

Hemitom on March 26, 2013:

Well my wife of 12 years left me for other reasons but used my in her words cross dressing. not going to get into details but she was ok with it for the most part. but when she thought it was too much she wasn't.

For years Ive enjoyed wearing tights and pantyhose under my clothes. after we got married she accepted it. then i started to wear them out under my shorts. she wasn't too happy with that but she accepted it. then after a while i tried wearing a skirt which basically looks like shorts. well she wasn't too happy with that..

she also had an issue with me wearing a Kilt that she bought me for Christmas...go figure.

Her and I had a long talk about it and she didn't want me to go out in public wearing them. my argument was its OK for her to wear a skirt but if i did its a problem....even know the skirt looks very similar to the shorts that i own. the only person that knew was her and I.

her problem was she has/had self image issues. she was afraid that others were staring at her and I.

I'm still wearing my tights and shorts..but still slowly wearing my skirts out. in time i will.

Paul on February 17, 2013:

Hi John,

Sorry to hear about your marriage ending over a piece of cloth. My wife left me not because of me wearing a skirt but because of other financial issues.

She obviously loved you for what you are NOT for who you are. Another words she loved you for you wearing pants rather than loving you. Conditional love.

JohnN on December 02, 2012:

Well a long blogg, compliments.

I tried a skirt and it ended my marriage. Still I learned to appreciate the comfort of the skirt and as indicated elewhere, especially when driving long distances. Most of the time I wear a kneelength skirt with tights. Sitting behind my desk that is the best. As when temperature drops, the combination mentioned is as effective as trousers, maybe even better.

As to the history, it used to be men's attire, only after 1820's it became womens wear. Women wearing trousers round about 1900 were considered nutcases, same as men who wear skirts now are considered at times. The basis therefor lies in the Bible, Deut 22:5, forthcoming from Roman law and became a norm for psychiatry due to Binet and Jung after they became more religious.

As to heels, there are indication that the Egyptian priest used to wear heels as expression of the office.

Rory on July 31, 2012:

There is no reason why a man cannot wear a skirt/kilt or whatever. A few simple suggestions.

1.Wear a skirt/kilt as a man.

2.Wear some hose/stocking with a masculine frame.

3.Suggest skirt at knee length.

A skirt/kilt is a very natural garment on a man. It is not a statement about sexuality or anything like that. All it is saying that I as a man like to wear a skirt because it is

1.Very comfortable

2.Very stylish.

3.Very masculine

I like kilts/skirts. Especially man's skirts. So there. Any man who wishes to wear a skirt ----go for it and enjoy it

Free bird on June 15, 2012:

In my country, India, men wear long skirt-type-dressing called "lungi" and once they fold the lungis and lift it above their thighs, especially on a hot and humid day, they look real hot.

Free bird on June 15, 2012:

earlier, men would do the jobs outside the house and women were indoors. so, men had to do some ruf-n-tuf jobs and wore pants and women were indoors. so, they wore skirts. Now, women also work outdoors. so, they wear pants. Now, if men find skirts comfortable, what is wrong in wearing a skirt. So, if a man does an office-job and sits in the office whole day, there is nothing wrong in wearing a skirt. I saw the same kind of opposition when women started wearing pants. But that does not mean men will start wearing skirts in the near future. It will take much more time to accept this as a common fashion trend than it took for women to wear pants, according to me.

summer luvn on June 08, 2012:

Levertis says "I think that many men are using this approach like a crutch to cross over because they do not have enough nerve to come out of the closet on their own."

Excuse me but, HUH?!?!? When did we ever say we were gay? Is that what you associate men wearing skirts with? Homophilia? Geez, i could quite easily make some assumptions based upon what your name is, or what hair style you have, or your occupation. I could do that with anyone. But that doesn't mean that just because they have a certain name that they're of a certain race, or that their occupation makes them a certain political party member, or what style garments they wear means they desire a specific gender. That's just total bull. You women want a real man...well a real man isn't what you want because a real man would slap you upside the face, screw you silly without asking for your permission, then kick you in the ass and tell you to get back in the kitchen and make supper.

Paul on June 01, 2012:

I would like to see more positive attitudes towards male fashion including skirts. Western society is so drawn into fictitious beliefs like "if a guy wears a skirt is he gay" or "men are not allowed to wear skirts". Well I have never understood why females aren't called lesbians if they wear pants nor be told women aren't allowed to wear pants. I believe western society is sexist and needs to look at themselves about what they say, and why they say these idiotic remarks to put down males who would like to have an alternative to wearing pants. That's all just wearing an alternate piece of clothing just like women do. What is the harm in that? Besides it's not going to change their male hormones, catch gay disease from a guy wearing a skirt, cause a major catastrophe in the ozone layer or let the sky fall. Really...talk about democracy, or is it democrazy? What are the main principles of democracy? Freedom of Religion, speech and.......you guessed it! Want or choice. This western society teaches us about these freedoms but the only gender which doesn't have the total freedom are males. Females introduce ALL kinds of clothing to suit their own body, how they feel and show within themselves satisfaction. They have NO fear about what others will think, where they should go out to places as to avoid negative criticism or be threatened by their own gender. There is one gripe I have is when fashion "police" comment negatively on clothes whether on a female or male and spread through the media. As for schools there should be equality in uniform clothing. Students should be taught to be positive the same way teachers are told in Professional Development seminars about being positive in reports to parents rather than being negative. We as a society get wound up about firing at people who make their own choices rather than looking at accepting their choices whether they like it or not. Another words keep your comments to yourself. That would be the main reason males don't like wearing skirts publically because of what people will say to them. I wish that very soon the parents would teach their children positive thinking and therefore skirts would flourish amongst boys and men, the same way girls and women enjoy the choices of true democracy.

At the end of the day it's all up in the mind. Look around you and see that it's not equal...even blind freddy would see that. Why males can't unite and improve their wardrobe is beyond me. Start from the ground up...educate the children to stop the belief that a skirt is an effeminate garment. If that's the case then trousers is a masculine garment and is not allowed to be worn by women. Wouldn't that cause a stir. Women would be protesting saying "sexual discrimination" and send people to court through the Equal Opportunity Act. which incidently was created by the women's movement.

Lets get down to common sense and stop this stupid negative belief and promote skirts for either gender. Women wear pants and don't seem to feel masculine or act gay (lesbian).

A skirt is ONLY a name. Males. Try one on. The skirt won't harm you. There will be no change to you vocal reproduction. No change in you sexual organs will change either. The myth of being gay would disappear. It's only a phycological fear or phobia. Unless you try it you will never experience the freedom you will gain.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on May 11, 2012:


You wrote, "What is the matter with so many Americans who oppose the idea of men wearing skirts? Haven't they heard of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, which gives everyone freedom of expression? Such traitors! We need to teach Americans the Constitution in much greater detail, then maybe they will understand that freedom of expression includes the right of men and women to wear whatever they want."

Why do you need American's approval? If you are bold, do it!

Many of you guys are trying to convince yourselves to wear skirts, and you are afraid. I can feel it! You are trying to coerce others because you feel stronger with others going along. I remember feeling like that when I first wore a mini-skirt. Yes, men wore mini-skirts, too. Look at that picture of Henry VIII in those tacky stockings and Mom's Mabley hat. And he is standing like he is a knock-out! Well, I suppose he was fine for his day.

OK, guys, come on with your skirts, and you will find yourselves in lines begging for dates from blind grannies at the nursing homes. Then, women would begin ordering husbands by post from other lands. Sounds familiar?

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on May 11, 2012:

I think that many men are using this approach like a crutch to cross over because they do not have enough nerve to come out of the closet on their own.


You said, "And I for myself don't care what other people might think because my comfort is it worth that I dress what I like. I have enough confidence to go in my skirts anywhere I like and I don't know how does it work: everybody likes it. Never a bad word, just lots of compliments. End of the story."

That is not the end of the story. People will compliment you to your face, "Jon, that skirt is so hot and looks great on you!" But, behind your back some will say, "Did you see that? He is a hot mess, and he thinks he is fine!" Still, some would definitely like it. Your fathers would be ashamed, and your mothers would cry themselves to sleep and talk to the ministers. Your aunts and uncles would probably try to sign you up for counseling.

OK. I will leave it alone. Enjoy your darn silly skirts. I can't stop you anyway. Not anything is surprising any more. What a world!

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on May 11, 2012:


I did not see this error before my time expired. My error and the correction follows:

"Kilts for men are fine for those who choose them, but no one knows exactly when they were invented."


No one knows exactly when heels were invented.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on May 11, 2012:


The time of the first heels is controversial. Look at these links:



Apparently, Da Vinci invented his version of heels. People wore heels during the period you gave, too.

Kilts for men are fine for those who choose them, but

no one knows exactly when they were invented.

You wrote, "Who are you to demand your rights but not accept men having the same rights?"

I did not demand rights to look like a man. I also know what I like and would never bite my tongue to say it. Don't men do the same? If men wore what I do not like, what can I do? Not one thing, but I have a right to voice my opinion, don't I? "Who are you to say," you ask. I am Levertis Steele, a person who can do that! I do not like everything you say, but what can I do? I must accept it, but not necessarily agree with it.

Yes, women fought hard for their rights when they were little more than slaves. If men had been fair from the beginning, they would have submissive women to this day, and the women would have loved their positions. Now, women are leading in everything and out of men's control. That is ok to a point, but now, you men want to wear skirts. I say NO! Get back into pants and reclaim your position as men! If the man in my house makes the mistake of wearing a skirt, he will earn a position as permanent housewife. Case closed!

rYAN on May 01, 2012:

Levertis, you are sounding very hypocritical with youR double standards and not to mention your poor grasp of history. (heels were not invented by Leonardo da Vinci, rather were first worn by middle eastern men as far back as the 9th century for horse riding). As many have stated emphatically on this site, it’s about equality. If you have a problem with your man wearing a skirt, does that mean you will accept him if he had a problem with you wearing pants? Who are you to demand your rights but not accept men having the same rights? You said seeing all these changes in men’s fashion is too much for you to digest, yet us men have been forced to digest all the changes in woman’s clothing, still to this day . What make you think that it ok to be sexist towards men (discrimination based on gender) when it’s not ok to be sexist to women. Re-read what you have written and try pay attention to your clearly obvious double standards. "Summer luvin" is right, your attitude is the same attitude that men had towards women, I am sure we would have a riot on our hands if we tried to reverse your fashion rights. If men are bigoted, sexism and old fashion for not wanting woman to pants then the same label applies to woman that don’t accept skirts for men. Women have had their fashion revolution, now it is time for men to have theirs. It is about fashion equality and this is what equality looks like. Levertis, consider us men that are forced to wear just pants and short, consider how unfair and oppressed us men are with this trouser tyranny. IF WOMAN HAVE A FEMININE OPTION IN PANTS, THEN MEN CAN HAVE A MASCULINE OPTION IN SKIRTS!!!!!

summer luvn on April 17, 2012:

Well for all those that want a "real man" to fall in love with, im sure you'll find one someday. Same to those men who want a real woman. Theres someone out there for everyone. It just takes a little time and effort.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on April 17, 2012:

Summer Luvn:

I noticed that I have some typos. I cannot correct them now. I hope you are able to understand what I wrote.


You said, "And today it isn't a new thing, men try to get back to their most comfortable garment since late 60's. It is the right for everybody to wear what they like and feel comfortable in"

Who is stopping them from getting comfortable?

You are 100% right. Men wore skirts and dresses before pants were invented. During the Middle Ages, in some cultures, women and men dressed practically alike. Men wore stockings, purses, and fancy hats. In the 1700 and 1800's, other times perhaps, men wore wigs with pride, even curly, lofty wigs. Leonardo da Vinci, the world-famous painter invented high heels for men first. Men also wore pantaloons, a version of bloomers, I suppose. Some men wore corsetts, something like girdles to hold in the bulge. Well, I am defeated. Men, go on and take all of your belongings back! The only other thing left for you to do is get pregnant. I am sure you will find a way to that, too. Just give me the pleasure of witnessing the delivery.

OK. Seriously, most men do not want to wear skirts and other things that ladies wear. I know this, but those who do want to wear them act as if they need special permission from society. If you feel sure of yourself, what are you waiting for? Exercise your right. I won't like it, but I won't disrespect your choice either.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on April 17, 2012:

summer luvn:

You said, "That, Levertis, is the basic same attitude men had back in the day with regards to women voting, wearing pants, and going into the work force."

I would have agreed with those men. At that time men married young women, as young as 13. They were not educated and mature enough to vote. they did not need to wear men's pants, and they had more work at home than any young woman should have had--milking the cows, churning the mild, dipping the butter, feding the chickens, boiling the quilts, salting fish, giving birth and raising babies, washing, baking, making clothes, scrubbing floors, canning, killing chickens, and a million other things. What nut would want to go outside the home and add another job to this? Those men were right. Some loud-mouth women had to protest and make life harder for the rest of us women. Now, we work outside the home, take care of babies, wash, iron, cook, go to our children's events, and a thousand other things. "A woman's work is never done." Tell me about it. Women just did not appreciate being treated like a lady. Now, they walk around in their pants complaining about what the men won't do. Women are not satisfied unless they have something to gripe about. What a joke!

My problems is not what real men choose to wear. If I were in a country where men commonly wore skirts, I would feel ok with it. I live where men do not wear skirts. I have never seen gay men in skirts. If men must get their fast tails in skirts, it needs to happen gradually over a period of 100 years. Regardless of how I sound, if my husband puts on a skirt, I would place a "Vacancy" sign on his side of the bed.

I understand and respect "skirt" wearing in cultures where it is customary and considered masculine, but in the Western world, it would be odd and look very feminine. Men have a right to wear what they want to wear, I suppose, but I salute those men who choose to look like men in a place where it is not a common practice for them to look feminine. Well, truthfully there seems to be a growing interest in men looking feminine. Maybe the sexes are gradually trading places?

Ok, women wear pants, but they wear women's pants, not men's. A straight masculine man would not be caught paralyzed in feminine pants. Well, I don't know! Some professed straights, metrosexuals, are wearing feminine everything, including makeup and high heels. "What's happening!"(POLTERGEIST)

summer luvn on April 17, 2012:

That, Levertis, is the basic same attitude men had back in the day with regards to women voting, wearing pants, and going into the work force. Before starting up the whole "i want my man to be a real man" attitude (which is your right) perhaps you should ask yourself 'does anything im saying sound like what men would be saying against women back in the day'? If all men demanded women stop wearing pants and switch to skirts and dresses thered be hell to pay. A lot of men prefer girly girls to tom boys but out of respect to you all we give you the right to be who you want to be. We only ask the same of you. Me wearing a skirt doesn't change me as a man. Anyone messes with my wife he's going out a window (and i'll use his head to open it).

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on April 16, 2012:


Then, move to Rome! Just teasing.

Wear what you want to wear. Maybe this freedom will help straight women differentiate between straight men and MSN or "down lows." Men have a right to their choices and so do women. I just do not want my husband to wear a skirt! It won't be long before men start expressing their desire to wear bras, or are they doing it already?

Truthfully, the changes I see in men are a little too much for me to digest. Gays want men. MSN's or down lows want women and men, and most keep women in the dark. Metrosexuals are growing and some women do not quite know where they are coming from. What in the world is left, a few straight-straight men? And too many of them cheat! Now, watch some man get angry at me because I am calling it as I see it. I have a weakness: I do not sprinkle sugar on my thoughts. Sorry.

Levertis Steele from Southern Clime on April 13, 2012:

I have never seen a man in a skirt except in the media.

Mara on April 02, 2012:

Bom dia, skirts are not women's garment at all. More men around the world wearing skirted garment on daily base than women, and if you wou

D check history you would see than women adopted the skirts from men in 17th century. Women wore dresses only until then.

And today it isn't a new thing, men try to get back to their most comfortable garment since late 60's. It is the right for everybody to wear what they like and feel comfortable in.

johan on March 05, 2012:

i have used kilt´s and long skirts for several years and it works fine, the longer ones is of goth model.

wizz 235 on February 25, 2012:

Yes we all agree,so lets just DO IT

A on February 02, 2012:

I think all men should go for it I have found that womens clothing is more practical for men for example leotards help keep u warm supports your back and feel comfey and tights keep you warm

Anom on January 08, 2012:

I think men should go back to wearing skirts clothing manufactures and retailers should read this hub

David on January 07, 2012:

I'm in favor of men wearing skirts, but a few things concern me. First, when men adopt skirts, will WOMEN start groping, raping, and "upskirting" the MEN? Second, I've read articles in magazines and the internet suggesting that in 1 or 2 decades, gender roles will be reversed, rather than blurred. Will this happen, and if so, will women FORCE men to wear skirts, heels, makeup, etc.? Can anyone tell me whether or not my fears are just in my head?

lightinventor from Chicago, il on January 06, 2012:

I found in chicago I do not commonly see it but as a have worn a skirt tight and heels to a bar in the city I found littlr or no negative, much is how you carry your self.

whatsthebigdeal on January 04, 2012:

Gender fashion is tyranny. Skirts for men are comfortable, practical and have a historical context. Most women only wear them once in a blue moon, out of preference (as is their inalienable right..), so why shouldn't men adpot them by default, before skirts (and men for that matter..) become extinct? I accept that many blokes wouldn't look aesthetically pleasing in a skirt, but do women in leggings really look good?

I would certainly wear them if it ever became socially acceptable, but there is so much prejudice, bigotry and ridicule out there that it won't happen in my lifetime. same with silky underwear underneath which is so relaxing and stress busting.

Anyway I await the inevitable responses, suggesting that I am an old perv, or "gay", whatever...yawn...

John on January 01, 2012:

I am a man living in the USA and I frequently wear skirts out in public. I usually wear pantyhose or tights with my skirts except on real hot days. I always wear a nice woman's top and either wear flats or heels. I make no attempt to pass as a woman. I do have very long hair and have my ears pierced twice and often wear large hoop or dangle earrings, even in male attire. I have a lot of fun going out dressed enfemme with virtually no problems at all. It's not as hard as many people think it would be. I do get some strange looks and chuckles, especially when I'm fully dressed in a nice pencil skirt with a real pretty top, panyhose and a pair of four or five inch heels. I've had a lot of nice comments, mostly from women that I rarely receive when dressed in male attire.

handyman on December 31, 2011:

Its about time that skirts dresses were in mainstream shops for boys /men, and made a fashion status to show that they will look great in them, and get rid of only pants as mens boys wear, don't you think more boys would wear skirts dresses kilts if seen as the fashion to be wearing one. what do you think.

WIZZ on December 30, 2011:

You guys are all on different levels some are a man in a skirt others want to look like a girl also different countries the rules are different for each person.

The main thing with this is a man should try to look like a man in a skirt flared or straight short or long.

Wearing commando boots as one commented in a skirt is not a good look and high heels are for girls then if you body looks good in it go for it ,it is about the over all look

if you llok like crap then people will say stuff

The South Pacific is a good place to ewar skirt for men as it has a culture of that to start with.

Over all history has had men in skirts and they are comfortable so just get on with it.Life is too short to worry about others thoughts and they usually have a hidden agenda that's why they say stuff, most if not all of them are loosers anyway.

I have worn skirts for many years not one person has ever tried to confront me head on.

I am forM NZ but have traveled the world wearing what I like and that holds true for the rest of the world too.

Including Asia, Europe,Pacific basin,Only it seems Canada and the USA have this problem.


look it up,you see the same body parts or knickers if you wear them


lightinventor from Chicago, il on December 28, 2011:

I went back out with a denim above the knee mini skirt and black tights with 5 inch platform heels and did not venture far from were i parked, did not run many people but no real reaction. but now looking to venture into a more public place in chicago but because i am new to opening up like this i am looking for clubs in chicago to go to. I do have above the knee denim, mini denim, and a black mini tennis style, along with 5 inch wedge boots and 5 inch stilletos both have at least platforms. This was my second time out recently first was a week ago with the wedge boots. now looking for venues to go more public in chicago.

lightinventor from Chicago, il on December 26, 2011:

I did go out the other day in the city with a knee length denim mini skirt and wedge heel boots and found little or no response it was an experience that was freeing and interesting.

dave on December 17, 2011:

Hi there i would like to ask why do the english call kilts skirts i wear the kilt allday and for men wearing skirts its up to everybody what they wear like trousers for men and skirts for ladies if ladies wear the trousers why can men not be left alone they guy dont laugh when ladies wear the trousers so why laugh when men wear the skirts i was told long as your privates are covered there is no problems

Skirt lover on December 16, 2011:

They are the best to wear. I believe that most men don't wear skirts because of insecurity. Be man enough to wear one!

Andy on December 16, 2011:

But there's still no option for us guys that wear a skirt most of or all the time

guesy on December 15, 2011:

I occasionally wear a woman's skirt, more frequently women's jeans or shoes. I don't see the big deal.

Ryan on December 12, 2011:

Dk, a simple correction. Skirts were actually mens garments and in many countries today still are mens garments. It is NOT about men wearing “feminine” skirts, rather it IS about men RECLAIMING masculine skirted garments, which have always been a men’s garment, worn by men throughout every era of history and still today in many countries. Whether it is the traditional kilt or modern kilt or modern day men’s skirts, MEN are RECLAIMING this garment that was always theirs!

summer luvn on December 08, 2011:

That's because decency laws have basically been changed to "if it somehow offends anyone" and as we all know, every little thing offends someone anymore.

Girlindaytona on December 04, 2011:

It's true. Men really are repressed. While no law forbids a.man wearing a skirt, there is tremendous pressure from society to make doing so difficult. The difference between pants and a skirt is the number of leg holes. That's all. I like seeing men's legs. They are more muscular and sexy than ousr yet some women oppose a man wearing a skirt. I recently came across a thread about crop length pants for men and the women were strongly opposed to them. Why? These are people who simply oppose any change. If men wore them a few times they'd realize they are comfortable. They'd have to learn to sit with their legs closed though. LOL. Hers how to start a fashion trend. Have a national day where men wear a skirt in support of breast cancer survivors and research. Then push " beach wraps" for men. Soon men would become used to seeing them and the fashion would catch on. Just don't show up in heels and lipstick. That brings up a good point. I HATE to see a man in a Utilikilt wearing boots. It is an attenpt to look macho but it doesn't look good. So what shoes should a guy in a skirt wear? Loafers? Deck shoes? How about a sandal with a low heel to show off the muscular legs!

Inga on December 02, 2011:

I have been looking to see if any place can make the single pleat netball skirt with velcro and slider clip on the other side to regular netball skirts and also have it 10cm longer too but have not been able to find a place that can do it cause I think my dad would look good with the rest of the team that are in skirts but that is only my point of view but skirts in general should not matter length or style or shape everyone should wear what ever they feel comfortable in no matter if its a netball skirt,dress ladies 1 piece swimming costume. Not to meany years ago women started to wear pants and after a while it just became the norm so what can't guys just wear female clothes and all be unisex I will be quiet now just wonder if anyone agrees with me

Ryan on November 27, 2011:

Hi Ed, The best look for a guy when wearing a skirt is around knee length, about the same length as shorts, which is the same length as a kilt. When a guy wears shorts he doesn’t shave his legs and most people think guys with hairy legs look better. The same rule goes for a guy wearing a skirt at the same length as shorts; it looks good and masculine. Short skirts on the other hand may be another matter. I personal will never wear a short skirt as short is often is associated with femininity in society, and when trying to masculinise the skirt then length is important. So to answer your question, a guy wearing a kilt or a skirt around knee length actually looks masculine, not unsightly.

ed on November 26, 2011:

to patriot, the 1st amendment does not say freedom of expression. i do not know where or how that idea got started. it does grant freedom of speech. what you wear is not speech. i do have a question and honestly i'm not making fun of anyone. if a guy wears a skirt mostly a short skirt does he shave his legs first? some guys have hairy legs and that would be unsightly.

ed on November 26, 2011:

well i'm a straight male and never wore a skirt or kilt. i do sometimes wear girls low cut jeans. i have several different pair. the lower the more i like it. two pair have an one inch zipper. and yes i've had females compliment me. i wore them with a dress shirt and a sport jacket.

True Patriot on November 16, 2011:

"Sad thing is if a guy wears a skirt wheter its long short black or soft pink there will be someone (probably a parent) that will go call the cops and try to get the person arrested and/or put on some sort or predator list due to paranoia."

The parents should be charged with SLANDER!!

Breanna on November 10, 2011:

Guys don't worry. If u wear a skirt as a male you'll look manly as far you don't change your behavior and habit. Most of the clothes have no gender. We make that in our heads. Just go on with your skirt movement.

John on November 10, 2011:

Thanks to a very helpful hub, i bought a skirt yesterday at miladys. It looks great and i am going to be wearing it in the summer. it is so hot and the skirt will cool me down. Thank you again.

Michael on November 04, 2011:

Ben, there are nowhere restrictions that men can't wear what they want. It's just

in our head. And I for myself don't care what other people might think because my comfort is it worth that I dress what I like. I have enough confidence to go in my skirts anywhere I like and I don't know how does it work: everybody likes it. Never a bad word, just lots of compliments. End of the story.

Ben on November 03, 2011:

all the best in keeping this hub alive, i am pleased with its longevity. We as men should have the right to wear whatever we want. Graet work! Great stuff!

Mara on November 03, 2011:

Ryan, I 'll come back to you soon, right now I'm under time pressure.

The Patriot on November 03, 2011:

What is the matter with so many Americans who oppose the idea of men wearing skirts? Haven't they heard of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, which gives everyone freedom of expression? Such traitors! We need to teach Americans the Constitution in much greater detail, then maybe they will understand that freedom of expression includes the right of men and women to wear whatever they want.

Herby on November 01, 2011:

I like your comments. We are facing a new time frame and that includes men wearing skirts, no doubts. I wore skirts 15 years ago (means I am an old-timer) and I did not stop it. People today more open minded than in the 90s which means it is on a good way. Just go on and do it, don't ask pele what they are thinking about because if you want to listen to all answers you never begin your own way to go ... Of course to dress.

wizz on October 31, 2011:

Could not have said it better Ryan you have it solved.

Me I am wearing my skirts and more and more people are commenting on how nice so we are winning.

I wear a brown canvas streach A line with leather hip bag off a belt, sox and sandels works well.

Ryan on October 30, 2011:

Thanks Mara, I have read your comments on other blogs and agree with you. I have a facebook account called Men's Skirts (under personal). Please do send me a friend request and I will add you. I would love to talk more with you. Please introduce yourself so that I know its you. Also for anyone else that wants to join please do.

Mara on October 30, 2011:

Very well explained, Ryan. I would love to hear more men talking like you because it means thinking this way? Maybe one little correction on the word "cross dresser" because this means actually dresse cross in color and was used for women only in past. But men used it in late Victorian time for dressing of cloth from other gender (not sexes), it was gender specific used. Later it became a negative touch through men, not women.

I already saw some men in skirts and they looked fabolous in it. Men just have one thing to do: be a man and wear what they like in manly manner. Don't copy women because women have their own style to wear whatever they like and that is not restricted to any kind of clothes. Same men have to do.

Ryan on October 26, 2011:

Objections towards men wearing skirts are nothing but sexist and a double standard. Women advocated for their right to have pants as a part of women’s clothing; they said that it was OPRESSION to be forced into skirt and dresses only. They said that it was sexist and discrimination that simply because of their gender, they could not wear pants....Starting to sound familiar!!! If you said to any women today that she couldn’t wear pants because she is a woman she would fire up and accuse you of being sexist and a chauvinist. Yet women (and men) think that its acceptable to show this SAME sexist attitude towards men when it comes to wearing skirts! They demand their rights to wear what they please yet believe that us men are NOT entitled to the same rights, and that we should be forced to wear only pants and shorts!....sounds like hypocrisy to me! Where’s the logic and justice in saying that women deserve their rights but men do not deserve same equal rights, simply because we are men! If I understand correctly this is exactly what women fought against but sadly many are now trying to enforce this same discrimination on men. It’s time we end this double standard towards men. There cannot be one standard for women and one for men...that discrimination!!!! Women showed the world that there is no gender associated with clothing types. They took the most masculine garment and made it feminine. What separates men and women’s clothing is not function (bifurcated or unbifurcated) rather style (colour, frills, patterns, lace etc.) Let us not forget, that only 60 years ago the shoe was on the other foot and women were the ones that suffered the prejudices, discrimination and sexism for wanting to wear pants. It was scandalous for women to wear pants and the masses strongly opposed women who went against social normal. Women were the ones who were called cross dressers, weird, freaks and even in some cases arrested and or sent to psychiatrist for wearing pants. We look back on this and see how absurd it was that women could not wear pants yet we fail to see that we judge men today with these same old fashion sexism for wearing skirts. We view women with a modern attitude but revert back to old fashion discrimination when its concerning men. IF WOMEN CAN WEAR PANTS IN A FEMININE WAY, THEN THERE IS NO REASON WHY MEN CANNOT HAVE A MASCULINE OPTION IN SKIRTS.

It don’t say this to speak against any women or their rights, in fact, I stand by women and their rights for equality and expect the same respect and equality in return with the same measure! Moreover, men need to stand together because men are just as bad. Every time a man tries to put down another man for their choice in clothing they are reinforcing social prejudices against ALL men, they are digging a fashion grave for themselves. These kinds of men are TRAITORS to men! And they contribute to the oppression on ALL men, including themselves....Kind of stupid isn’t it! The only way for there to be a change is for men to TAKE BACK skirts and wear them boldly and demand our equality!

wizz on October 24, 2011:

Right on Ryan 100%

Ryan on October 23, 2011:

If women no longer have any restrictions in the garments they can wear, WHY SHOULD US MEN!!! If they can wear garments in the feminine, WE CAN WEAR THEM IN THE MASCULINE!!! Why do we think this rule only applies to women and not to men? The truth is MEN HAVE JUST AS MUCH RIGHT TO WEAR SKIRTED GARMENTS AS WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO WEAR PANTS! Women are free to wear pants today because they ignored societies prejudice and just wore them.....GUYS, WE CAN ALSO IGNORE PREJUDICE AND WEAR SKIRTS! PREJUDICE IS NOT LAW! IT’S IGNORANCE! AND WE DON’T NEED TO FOLLOW IT!

wizz on October 22, 2011:


What is wrong with you lot, you don't need a place or someone's permission.

History I know the Romans asked before going off to be killed if it was ok to wear a leather mini skirt.lol


Terry on October 21, 2011:

Does anyone know wear a man can wear a skirt on holiday in the uk and I don't mean Scotland

wizz on October 06, 2011:

Hi I agree with 90% of your points on (attire)'s comments

Perhase all in the mind but I have been at this about 30 years and I am not about drag/fetish

This is about Roman warrior or astrong look for a man and that includes colours.I can say new zealand is a country with only one colour BLACK terrible power dressing or whatever, colour represents mood and that to me is death.

So great for the colours not sure about the tights with holes cut in them though tights yes but holes?


Anom on October 06, 2011:

My wants me to try a swimsuit next

WIZZ on October 01, 2011:

To answer David's question it is easy.

The younger say under 40 are boaring BUT more accepting of new or different.Dating but cell phone or E mail stuff. This also depends on where you live as a cultural thing. It appears the USA and Canada are not into men in skirts where places like Japan, Europe New Zealand maybe Australia too, are more with it in this area.

Women over 50 some are for you but at most do not like a man in a skirt. Firstly it embarasses their friend so effects them. Also men in suits (men in black) where then norm for that generation so they are STUCK in the past also the War generation the same but they like a man in a uniform.

wizz on September 23, 2011:

Hi all from down under again.

To change the world is not easy but if it is going to happen then it is a cultural change, this will only happen when the TV or main stream publications show men of fame wearing skirts not kilts heavy wool things

New Zealand has link with a polynesian and Scotish, culture so wearing of skirts is not so far removed from the cultures.

The main people against skirt wearing are the girl friends because it embarasses them through their friends, so the pressure is on from the second liners the same with guy friends their mates give pressure to your friend being seen with a guy in a skirt.

There needs to be the change in this area.

Also a maunfacture NOT a kilt maker is another change in offering a MAN'S Skirt.

This is the real direction not asking why,

We take action to the problem, writing comments to 90% on here who all are in agreement will not move forward. YES WE ALL AGREE AND WEAR THEM HERE we need to change the minds of the people who are not on here so get out there

WIZZ in New Zealand

David on September 14, 2011:

"I have discovered most (not all) women find a guy in a skirt "intriguing""...

Patagoniakid, it's good that you say "most," but what I'm worried about is if you mean just a very bare majority. Also, I'm 31. What I've always wanted to know is approximately what percentage of women my age support the idea of men in skirts (I hope at least two - thirds). Finally, how would you compare women 10 years younger than me vs. women in their 60s and older?

Ryan on September 05, 2011:

Great post Patagoniakid, I agree with what you say. I often wear skirts in public, I wear hiking/cargo skirts and they look like shorts. Like all the guys here in Australia they wear shorts and t-shirt, I wear a skirt and t-shirt and it look masculine and not different from shorts, yet it feels so much more comfortable and free. I have NEVER had any problem wearing a skirt even in the busiest places. Most people don’t notice and if they do they are completely accepting. Men can look masculine in skirts and if you wear the right skirt no one will see it as odd. Skirts are the most comfortable and healthiest skirt for a man to wear and there is no reason why men cannot have a masculine option in skirts. It’s time that men have the same freedom and options in fashion as women but in a masculine style; if women can wear pants in a feminie way then guys can wear skirts in a masculine way. Society got rid of this silly taboo and prejudices for women 50 years ago, now it is time that it does the same for men

Patagoniakid on September 05, 2011:

Being an older guy who just discovered skirts (due to a bet) I could not believe the practical side of wearing them for guys! I feel cheated because so many years has passed not knowing the feeling of no "binding crotch seams"! Clearly skirts are better suited for the male anatomy than for the female. It is a sensation no female will ever understand and sadly guys won't either unless they open their minds and loose their homophobia.

For women to achieve equality they should promote skirts for men to help level the playing field. If nothing else it is a good test to see if your guy suffers from homophobia! The "nay saying" guys, while fun at first, will become a problem for women with their controlling red neck, homophobic attitudes later in a relationship yet a guy willing to try a short skirt instead of shorts on a hot day is a guy "secure in his sexuality." This is a good test! Watch out... a real guy who discovers the freedom a short skirt provides will not likely give it up! He will be hooked!

Skirts like pants are not "gender specific" like a bra thus are largely unisex! Anyone can wear them but of course there are styles better suited for men and women. Ever notice how women in pants still look like women yet a guy in a skirt will be accused of "cross dressing" or worse yet it is IMPOSSIBLE for women to "cross dress" because they already wear everything from the mans side of the wardrobe. The word should be banned as sexist.

Seems like people have forgotten skirts were first used by men and men have worn them for thousands of years until the "Puritanical Victorian Era" which men have been unable to shake off yet in 70% of the world today skirts ARE an option for men to wear. It is just the western world that has a phobia about it.

Leading fashion designers ARE trying to put men into skirts and several have said all clothing is basically unisex except for the bra. That concept is likely a long time away but skirts are practical and can be worn now. A company in Seattle Washington sells several million dollars worth of "Kilts" each year to men but be advised a Kilt IS a SKIRT by definition so guys call it what it is... a skirt! A kilt is just a particular kind of skirt that is usually tartan, hot, heavy and expensive and not necessary when there are thousands of styles for women and some look great on men. See these guys in Skirts and note that after seeing so many the guys look "normal" or like any other guy. All these guys still look like guys: http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/2206467... NOTE: A guy in a skirt still looks like a guy just as women in pants still look like women! We are not talking about cross dressing trying to look like a women... just a guy wearing a skirt instead of shorts or pants. A mini skirt sounds too short for the guys BUT IT ISN'T... Note a standard mini skirt sold in family department stores is about 12" long (on an average) and that is the SAME length as mens gym shorts! A "micro mini" at an average of 10" long is the same length as some mens running shorts so "mini" doesn't mean TOO short for anyone! Just wear undies because you will have the same issues as women with an inadvertent flash now and then but if covered so what!

I have discovered most (not all) women find a guy in a skirt "intriguing" so it is a win win for the guys! Guys just don't know it however there are also insecure women and there are those women who are selfish and want it all for themselves! Imagine if men were like that... women would not be wearing pants today.

Gays don't wear skirts so I have no idea why so many men are "afraid" to try on a skirt. Many somehow think a skirt will make them gay! Guys if you want to look like a woman today put on some pants!

The best looking and most practical skirts for guys (in my opinion) are "Cargo Skirts". These tend to have many pockets, plain (non girly), belt loops, and made with tough materials. See www.ebay.com/ and search for "cargo skirt" and see near 1,500 and some of them are perfect for the guys (camo, twill, stretch, etc. all favorable). Guys try one on instead of shorts and see what you have been missing. Better yet: Women... get one of these cargo skirts for your guy and see what happens! You both will be surprised with the positive outcome and help start a trend out of mens boring boring wardrobe and additionally liberate yourselves with more equality to men!

Lytche on September 02, 2011:

Hi everyone

Seeing this post I decided to 'man up' and ask the question.

I am a genderqueer, biologically male, who has to suppress my every desires to look/be androgynous/beyond gender as I really am because I live in a way too conservative country (which is Poland) Since I am not psychically strong I can't really wear what I want, because I get beaten up, but i really want to wear skirts/make-up too.

Hence here comes my question:

I want to move out to a different country after I get my M.A degree (which will happen next year in September) and I want to ask for suggestions as to where should I move?

What city/country would I find a place for myself, where I could wear what I want without constantly fearing for my life?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer either here or to lytche at gmail dot com.


Blake on September 02, 2011:

For me,wearing a skirt is as about normal as brushing my teeth,i don't give it much thought.I wish this site was able to let us post a pic of the kind of skirts we as individual guys like to wear..........

david on August 29, 2011:

Kilts, Kilts, Kilts, everyday all day!

Ryan on August 22, 2011:

Hey Scott,

Don't let peoples insecurities stop you from being comfortable and free. The more us guys wear skirts in public the more it will become fashionable, trendy and acceptable just like women in pants. If women gave up just before they won their battle they would still be in dresses. Be incouraged Scott, things are changing quickly and skirt are here to stay for men. You are not alone, there are thousands of guys that are starting to go public. The truth is that people really don't care or they are actually for men's skirts. It a sign of manliness to wear a skirt with boldness. We are with you mate!

rick on August 22, 2011:

i wear skirts at home all the time have worn them out on a few ocations i love em nice and cool in the summer

Scott on August 22, 2011:

I wear Skirts all the time at home and often to festivals. I got tired of peoples insecurities making me feel like a weirdo from another planet so I stopped wearing them as a casual dress item in public.

I'm always on the look out for a good man skirt. Kilts are cool but I'd like to find some other options. Thai Skirts are fantastic.

I like Ryans comment about Rome above.

Ryan on August 19, 2011:

Hi Joshua, There are a few places you can buy men's skirts. In the US you have utilikilt and Amerikilt, to name just a few. In the UK there is Midas clothing, http://www.midasclothing.com/pages/. There are also french designers like http://jeanguyetco.free.fr/index.php?Hiatus_les-ju... and other designers like AMOK that do men's skirts. There are more but this is a start. Also there is a forum call skirtcafe which is a great place to get more information about men's skirts

Joshua on August 17, 2011:

Can someone please tell me where i can purchase a skirt designed for MEN? I only know of the H&M line but have been unable to find them either.

Ryan on August 11, 2011:

Attitudes towards men’s fashion are extremely sexist and restrictive. Women can wear whatever they like, they have unlimited options depending on how they feel, they no longer have any restrictions. So why do we put these restrictions on men, why is our fashion so restrictive. Why are men told, "Women can wear whatever they like, but men must stick to pants and short", that’s sexist, that a double standard. If men started to say that women must wear skirts and dress only then we would be shot down as sexist, bigoted and controlling, so then, where is the equality. If a woman can wear pants in a feminine way then men can wear a skirt in a masculine way!

Men need to start doing what women did and that is to just start wearing the skirt as MEN, and just like women’s fashion it will become acceptable and fashionable. I am sick and tired of fashion and society telling me that I have no options as a man, so...I will make my own fashion. I will not be told that I cannot have the option of the skirt when I get dressed in the morning. I will shop for skirts and I will wear the skirt in a manly way.

joe on August 09, 2011:

when do i shave my leges

Mark on August 09, 2011:

I live in great Yarmouth England and would like to see aman walking up and down the seafront and town in a skirt it's a shame there are not Places were men cam spend a few hours in freedom

Ryan on August 08, 2011:

CORRECTION - There is no logical reason why guys should NOT wear a skirt in a masculine way....TYPO:)

Ryan on August 08, 2011:

I am a male and I wear skirts more than pants. There is no logical reason why guys should wear a skirt in a masculine way. People forget that it was only 60 years ok that is was taboo for a woman to wear pants, it was considered socially unacceptable. They thought women would look like men and stop being feminine. Women start wearing men’s pants and then it soon become fashionable and socially acceptable. Now women have adopted every aspect of men’s clothing and it’s considered normal. Why then do we still put restriction on men, why can a man not wear a skirt in a masculine way like a women wears pants in a feminine ways.

When a women says she want to wear a pair of pant, society celebrates her right for equality, but when a man say he wants to wear a skirt, his gender identity is brought into question. No one says a woman is crossdressing in pants, no one says that she is a lesbian, so why do we think these things of men. Attitudes towards men’s fashion is extremely sexist and restrictive. Men deserve the right to have the choice to be comfortable. An unbifurcated garment is far more comfortable than wearing pants 24/7 and it is far better for a men’s health. Pants as we know it have only been around for 200 years. Men have worn skirted and dress like garments for centuries, not only this but outside of the west a skirt is worn by men in most cultures and considered a men’s garment and not at all feminine. Function should have nothing to do with gender rather only style. It’s time we have another change in fashion, enough of trouser tyranny, bring back the skirt as an option for men’s clothing. It’s not about feminising men, or blurring gender lines, it about men wearing a skirt in a manly way.


Alsachti on August 08, 2011:

I'm from Strasbourg, in France, and I wear skirts (mainly kilts, but also modern masculine skirts).

In France, the non-profit organization HEJ promotes the wearing of skirts for men. They have drawn the attention of french and international media (www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/2008/aug/04/fashion.gender).

If you want to find ideas or advices for promoting the skirt, or if you have ideas to share or proposals to make, do not hesitate to contact them (asso.i-hej.com).

Blake on July 30, 2011:

I live in the Seattle area.Im in my 40's and straight,Not that it anything to do with this subject here.I have a nice black and red plaid pleated skirt that is so comfortable to wear.One warm sunny day i went to the store,and wore my mini skirt.Its actually about 12 inches long or so,give or take.There were 2 guy's,in their mid 20's standing right beside me at the check out.I never got one snicker,point or a laugh as to why i was wearing a skirt.And there were other men and women there also of different ages that saw me.A skirt is such a freedom and a liberated feeling.I feel totally comfortable in a skirt and i carry myself as if i was in jeans.For those that didn't know this,but back when PANTS wear first made,if a female was seen wearing pants she could be sent to jail,And women didn't start wearing pants til about 100yrs ago or less.I see no reason why a guy cant wear a skirt.I have shorts that are the same length as my skirts.So what is the difference if i wear a garment sewn for legs and one that is not ? SAME LENGTH !Women can wear guy clothes and people say "awe,isn't she cute"but if a guy wears women clothes they say "YOU GAY" or "TAKE THAT OFF,THAT'S FOR GIRLS" what a hypocritical logic is that..So if women want to be treated EQUAL to men,then men can do and wear what women wear and do,so, using that logic of reasoning...RIGHT ? Men need their liberation...MENS LIB !! I love wearing a skirt and will do so,weather providing...

A on July 28, 2011:

I Agee with the above comment it's a shame that there is not a place were men can wear a skirt with out prejudice

Roo on July 23, 2011:

I have worn a woman's skirt in public several times & maniy times in private. I have had only one problem when a man objected to the skirts I wore. I left quickly, but otherwise it had been support all the way (except from the wife).

Relatives & friends don't know & I don't wear it anywhere that I expect to be seen by someone I know as I feel this might prejudice any future employment or family life.

I love wearing skirts & other lingerie as it is far more comfortable than the sweaty stuff men have to put up with, generally. I love being a man, too & want both good sides of the coin. I think I could, too if the wife was more supportive.

A m on July 22, 2011:

Why are mens skirts expensive if they were the same price as womens it would also encourage men to try

Lyn on July 22, 2011:

I think that men should experiment a bit more with clothing as a lot of womens clothing seem to be getting more manly anyway

n0heq on July 17, 2011:

Wearing skirts around the house does nothing to further gender equality. Cowardly? A skirt in one of the myriad of female sizes will fit any male unless you are an alien from outer space. Remember that women did not wait until pants were sold in the women's department before they started wearing pants. Their methodology worked as history indicates. Men who are sitting on their asses waiting for skirts in the men's department are wasting their time since the retailers know that men are not wearing skirts. Why sell something that men are not wearing. Is there a reason that men have to be stupid when compared to women? The women got it right. The men may have it right; however, it is very likely that hell will have frozen over before that happens.

DaveH on July 02, 2011:

I started wearing skirts afew years ago after painfull groin surgery. Very comfortable and eased some of the pain so I have worn skirts around the house ever since. Recently I went hiking in a skirt expecting silly comments or bigotry but nobody bothered. Still haven't the nerve to go shopping or down the pub.

Driving and walking in a skirt made for men was very comfy. highly recommended!

Caesar62 on June 01, 2011:

It's great to see that more and more men are wearing skirts. I'm man enough! and I wear mini skirts as often as I can. They are extremely comfortable and look really sexy if you've got the legs, and I don't wear tights as I prefer the look of my bare legs! Denim minis would be my favorite and would account for most of my skirt wardrobe. It's time to end the stereotype of the skirt being only women's clothing - though if you really want to argue it, then I'd say look at history - the romans for example (amongst many others) wore them! And I'm going to continue the trend!

Don on April 15, 2011:

I would like to be able to go into any store and buy a a skirt that was designed for men. Skirts are very comfortable and it has nothing to do with ones sexuality. The designers should flood the stores with skirts for men and well, we men should be man enough to start wearing them.

mysay on March 27, 2011:

as a guy im thinking of wearing a skirt for the coming summer and have seen some masculine looking cargo skirts which look very similar to my shorts only without the restrictive centre, if i find i like them itl defo be only a seasonal summer thing for me though as a preference. there should be an open market for guys skirts, especially when we have a govt in the uk that brags of freedom and equality - they must be living in lala land along with the bigots (who say they're democratic) who codemn males and females who want fashion equality for men.

TERRI-USA on February 27, 2011:

Hi, I just wanted to say, men have every right to wear skirts. It is not a new idea, in fact that is how men dresses for many centries. Women could wear pants then men can werar skirts it is that simple. Men not wearing skirts because they afaraid of what someone will say to them is living beneath their privaledges.

Jack on February 21, 2011:

My wife introduced me to skirts a year ago and I have to agree with all the comments in favour for skirts it has help in all aspects of life with out her advice to try I would still be narrow minded towards my own sex wearing what is natural and soothing

wizz on February 16, 2011:

I am 64 so have had a long history of skirt wearing.

I differ from most as I do not take adverse comments from any one.I try to make them look silly as pulling out history ,comfort or their hidden agenda.Most people who say bad stuff have a hidden problem and feel threatened in some way.If physical action is required then that too 4th dan black belt helps.

As for Women their agenda is different again as they think I may grab their skirt or dress and look better than them in it.

life is a big joke and you are here a short time so just get on with it.


Julie on February 16, 2011:

Good for you it's about time someone has

Skirtman on February 14, 2011:

My favourite skirt is my mid-thigh black denim which I wear with black opaque tights, military style boots and a hoodie. I'm a 40 year old bloke and I've just been for a meal on valentine's night in that outfit in the City of London. I go out quite often in a skirt and opaque tights, I don't try to pass myself as a female, I'm a bloke in a skirt. It's surprising how many people don't take any notice, of those that do women tend to make eye contact and smile fellas just gawp and do a double take. It's the same in pubs and restaurants, women just get on with it, men stare. I've only had one guy hassle me, he was drunk. They're just clothes. I've been wearing skirts and tights since I was 8, I tried the dress/stockings/heels/make up thing in my teens - it wasn't for me!

WIZZ on February 10, 2011:

Hy for all the people going on about tights/ panty hose first it is all the same stuff tight around the legs.

Stops you getting tired. BUT NOW THE BIGGEST THING.

SUPERMAN would not be able to fly or do the things he can do.The same goes for Peter Pan, Robin Hood and Spiderman. SO GET YER TIGHTS ON IF YOU WANT.

Wearing a skirt is best without tights it kills the feeling of freedom.

I wear a plain brown streach canvas A line skirt everwhere, large belt with a leather smallish bag attached for personal stuff, ie money and cell phone.

keep up the good work.stuff what women thing about men in skirts.


Ross on February 06, 2011:

Another kiwi here. I frequently wear a sarong, and it is very noticeable how many guys are wearing sarongs in New Zealand this summer. It is no longer restricted to the polynesian community, where the concept problably originated. Nobody sees it as odd or really cares!

They are the coolest thing to wearon hot days.

John on February 04, 2011:

I wore a skirt yesterday for the first time and wow the wind was mild and It made me feel calm and relaxed I felt free if skirts are to be pushed more back to us men sell them in places we have to go like mataland asda tesco etc this would soon promote interest or as a natural relief for stress

wizz on January 18, 2011:

Happy new year to all,

Skirts are in this year.

I live in New Zealand and wear them more than 50% of my time.

There are very few comments but when they do it is positive.

HISTORY shows many men wearing frock coats high heels,

make-up long hair, the Romans had mini skirts in leather.


I think the USA is one of the problems as it comees from there with movies and sit coms putting guys in skirts down. Their culture has some kind of man in a uniform or dark suit issues.Other cultures including Japan where I lived for many years has a great fashion and freedom.

The only real problem is the lack of skirts designed for men without having to wear work man's boots to give the skirt a man look. That is all crap wear what you want .

I do.


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