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Skirts And Dresses Men Can Wear In Public

It's a sad fact of Western society that we frown on men wearing skirts in public. Generally speaking, men who admire the aesthetics of skirts and dresses are forced to don trousers or shorts in order to go about their everyday business in the world. It's pretty rare that you see a male lawyer, or doctor or teacher gadding about the workplace in a frock. It's so ingrained in our society that we actually just take it for granted, but lets think about that for just a minute or two, shall we?

If we reversed the roles and informed women that they were only allowed to wear skirts, then I can guarantee you that there would be riots in the streets, but, gentle lambs that they are, men meekly accept their prescribed uniform, formal suit, business suit, jeans and shirt, shorts and t shirt with barely a murmur of dissent. And to think they say it's a man's world, huh?

Some men might sniff and say "I don't want to wear skirts and dresses anyway." But I ask you, is that even really the point? Is not the point more that you couldn't even if you wanted to? We walk around thinking we're 'free', but in reality our freedoms are unimaginably limited, even in ways that quite obviously don't matter in the slightest.

Author's Note: I'm glad society is essentially a timid hypocritical construct held together by bonds of fear and violence, if it wasn't I'd have very little to write about.

Anyway, until the revolution arrives, and men are free to wear whatever they want to wear, there are some social back doors which allow men to go out wearing a skirt or a dress (though you still won't be able to call it a skirt or dress I'm afraid, that's going a little too far.)

Your Three Keys To Skirt Success

Be Middle Eastern or Asian

Middle Easterners and Asians get a free pass on the skirt thing. We're suspicious of them as Westerners anyway, they speak foreign languages, and they look different from us, which is a sure fire sign that they're up to something. Plus we're usually too busy invading their countries to worry about what they're wearing. We usually help them accesorize whatever they have on with a tasteful hood and some shiny electrodes

Because God Told You To

Alternatively if you are unable to change your race at whim, you could become a monk or priest. Monks and priests are allowed to wear dresses to their heart's delights, because they have the big 'G' on their side, and nobody argues with God.

Become Goth, Emo, or Punk

These subcultures all get away with their male members wearing skirts in public, mostly because people fear them too much to say anything about it. (Sometimes that whole 'bonds of fear' thing can really work for you.)

This has probably been one of the more 'angry' articles I've written in a while, but you know what? We're all in chains of our own making, and each subsequent generation buys into these same social morays, never stopping to think about them, too self obsessed and worrying about what the rest of the world will think to realize that they are making themselves prisoners in their own lives. And while we worry about these stupid superficial things that don't matter a damn, incredible evil is done in our names and under our noses.

After well over three thousand years of civilization is it not time that we freed ourselves? Can we not let the man wear a pair of panties, a dress, a bra, a tutu if he wants to and perhaps start worrying about the truly important things in this world?


Canton on August 03, 2020:

I would prefer to wear skirts and dresses due to comfort and coolness. Dresses and skirts are really a natural choice for the basic male anatomy. It was more clear to folks in earlier times.

Roxanne Lanyon on July 25, 2020:

I so adore being in a skirt. I love being a Lady Boi for her (or him!).

Roxanne Lanyon

jerry on August 15, 2019:

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I bought and wear panties ever where I go these days and my skirts are here and fit and look nice. I am not gay and don't plan on being one; But there is nothing like wearing a mini skirt and panties on a warm or cool night in the south. It feels comfortable and looks nice to boot. I wear my clothing as I please and no one says anything about what I wear. I am 5 foot 8 inches and am much of a man in all ways except that I wear panties and skirts. They hang in my closet beside the pants and shirts on hangers not hid in the back of the closet. I suggest that all men take the plunge and try a skirt and panties. it will give you a different perspective on life. I plan on wearing the skirt to the annual skirt walk for men net spring.

michael on July 31, 2018:

i young woman boss give skirts blouse pants wear at woman if did lost money had tings

Silkyrunner on March 26, 2018:

Thank you SO much for posting this. I have long thought things have gotten out of balance the other way in some areas - like dress. I have a couple dresses (and/or skirts) and enjoy wearing them in the evenings. Would that we were free to dress as we pleased. The feeling of wearing a dress is so great - the loose feel is wonderful!

jerry on February 22, 2018:

I just bought my first panties , bras and pantyhose to wear where I want. I'm not gay and don't plan on being one. I just like wearing clothing that I like. A dress and skirt are my next purchase.

Arthur.Wills on August 22, 2017:

As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to wear a skirt, my first time was bath time, when my younger sister had left her blue dress, which I loved in with me. After drying my self K put the blue skirt on. The was a power black out at that time, which was normal. My sister asked me what I was wearing. I did not tell her but sat in the shadows away from the coke fire.

Each night going to bed, I lift my sister's school pinafore, from the door handle, it was always inside out, wear it and then return it right side in.

Often would wear her clothes walking around the block in the dark, wore my wife clothes in secret on our honey-moon, and through out her life. We went to Fiji for a month, there in town on the beaches and boats, I wore the wrap around sulu every where, I was in heaven. As a widow, I had all the skirts and dresses around me. Second time marriage much the same. This is a wee shadow of my life,


Richelle on October 29, 2015:

I wore a skirt out in public one time and only one person said anything about it, and that was related to a bible verse, and the rest of the people said nothing.

In history men wore skirts before they wore paints, so why can't we go back to that and not get all up tight about it. Ladies wear paints and other things that men do and not a thing is ever said to them about it.

The only time I don't think it would be a good idea to wear them would be in the dead of winter because of the cold eve if you put on several thing under then to keep warm.

If you like them and feel good in them your self go for it,and enjoy your self. I'm going to try and wear one more often, and not pay attention to the old guard as they are called.

Cj on April 14, 2015:

told wife I have tried on her skirts and dresses a couple times and have fallen in love with wearing them after some conversation about the matter her response was well then we need to get you some of your own for around the house my heart about jumped out of my chest been shopping on line all morning

Rob on June 16, 2010:

I wear skirts a lot....especially at home. I prefer mini skirts and super tight straight skirts. Much more freedom than wearing heavy jeans. Underneath a skirt boxers just won't do so I wear tight nylon panties.

John on June 15, 2010:

Quoting Jeff about the abomination to wear the opposite sex's clothes.

So now days what is the opposites sex's clothes?? Most of the mens-wear ie trouserss, short, suite are worn by women. not so many years ago it was not socally acceptable for women to wear trousers and shorts.

It is a bit of a shame that Alexander McQueen died. he put a few mens skirted designs down thr runway.

I would like to waer a skirt more than i do and hopefully one day it will be more acceptable to do so.

Yvon G. on May 30, 2010:

Wait until one or two male celebrities start wearing skirts, a lot of men will start doing so as well; people are submissive to celebrities, which I find atrocious.

jAVIER on May 28, 2010:


Kevin on May 14, 2010:

Let's see a Man try wearing a skirt in Fort St. John BC, Canada, he wouldn't even make the block and he'd be run over accidentally, or some other misplaced incident would happen. And nobody would hear about it... You'd just disappear...

Chris on May 13, 2010:

Wearing one now. Wish wearing one out wouldn't get me looked at in a funny way. have worn it out hiking but not around lots of people yet.

Wendygrrl on May 13, 2010:

Humm.. I luv kilts...hey, I got legs... {;o)

Davy on April 22, 2010:

I often wear a skirt or dress if I am tracelling and not likely to encounter anyone I know. It is great fun, but I do wish I were more "free" to wear one around town where I live. I have never ever received any negative comments.

Jeff on February 18, 2010:

Wear one at night, at home. Just don't tell anybody. It will have to be your little secret, for life right now. I don't see any hangup with a guy in a dress. If it happened for real, it's like when I got a job in a naturist resort. I didn't get blown away by all the nude folk, just took a few to get used to.

I'm not hung up on looks with girls, guys, or animals. It's what you are and you're yourself. Nothing sexual about it to me nor was it then when I worked in that naturist resort.

It was a part time job and I enjoyed the benefits of beauty especially from me as a guy looking at the female. It's the Creator's great gift to man. Unfortunately that beauty is hidden under dress.

Same with a man. His gift of art as the human form is also out of view. Totally.

It is not shameful to be nude, but it is against the law to be nude, in public. I don't believe there are any law about wearing the style of opposite sex. Now mind you I said style. Cause the Bible folk are out there and they most certainly will quote that. It is in there that it is an abomination to wear the opposite sex's clothes.

How about the times of the past. More than 100's of years ago. Most folk were glad to have a sack cloth over them so they didn't freeze to death. And that's a form of dress. So where's the sin in that trying to stay warm?

Anyway here we are today with trousers, shirts, underwear, socks, shoes, lipstick, panties, hose, eye liner [hey! what about those Pharaoh guys, with that mascara on!]

I sometimes wish it was different. I found out by accident wearing a dress to a Halloween thing how comfortable a dress is, and how more temperature control it is, being an open bottom.

But alas, poor man, stuck in jeans and a T-shirt. Oh well. You can just stick it out in your house under your dress, whether in a gown like Scrooge wore at Christmas, or just go air born and be free.

Freedom. I guess too it's a little of that. Mans' lack to total freedom. Women get to wear pants and a man's jacket, but for me to do that, I'm going to get noticed. Is this a tiny thing of making of cross gender? Gone extreme? Don't know.

I can only hope, someday we get back what was lost and have our freedom again. Both physically and spiritually.

Robert on January 16, 2010:

Just a few comments on this subject. First of all men do not have to shave there legs in order to wear a skirt, buy dresses tend to cling to the hair because of the silky linings. I wear skirts and skorts. They are of regular mens colors; Navy blue, black, and khaki or tan. I wear them at knee length. With skirts you have an option of wearing a man's shirt or a womens blouse. I prefer the polo styled pullover shirts for men. My average outfit is a navy blue skirt, light blue polo shirt, crew socks and athletic shoes. The skirt must be an a-line, pleated or not.

Sometimes during hot weather I wear sandals. The skorts are the same colors and worn the same. The underwear has to be either boxer briefs or white cotton panties.

I go out out shopping in them, to the park and even the library. Nobody has ever said any negetive remarks to me in the places I go. As a matter of fact i have been complimented of my choices by women. Only one male asked me about my skorts. It wasn't to denigrate me, but to find out where I had gotten them. I was playing tennis at the time and said I seem to move more freely in what I was wearing. I told him wwhere I got them. I went back to the tennis courts 2 weeks later and he was wearing a khaki skort. He told me that the feeling in playing in them was far superior to the men's tennis shorts, they bind and pinch.

So guys don't worry about others around you. Just be your regular self and people will accept you, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR WEARING.

David on January 12, 2010:

Only perverted, anti - American bigots are against the idea of men wearing kilts/skirts.

David on December 19, 2009:

Maybe if KILTS and other MASCULINE skirts were to become mainstream fashion for men within the next 5 or so years, women will accept it as inevitable and like it as well. MOST women DO like men in kilts.

David on December 10, 2009:

Either you're for skirts AND pants for BOTH men AND women, or you're against it. One or the other.

JohnA on October 20, 2009:

I wear skirts full time. I started out on a dare from my wife and went full time skirt wearer this summer.I live in Southern California(U.S.A.). The winter weather is in the 70 dreege range, witch make nice skirt weather.I don't care what other people think. I am what I am MAN. If you like skirts just wear them.

Hope Alexander (author) on September 22, 2009:

If you keep reading the back catalog, you'll find several hubs with pictures of men wearing lingerie. In fact, some very recently. Keep reading.

pauls_boat on September 22, 2009:

hi hope how come on all your hubs about men wearing female clothing you only have females in the photos?

any chance of seeing some males in the photos?

regards paul

ps you have some of the greatest hubs keep up the good work

martinus on September 21, 2009:

Teaching history I see a lot points you should consider about, i.e Romans never wore pants; Skirts are not a female garment because it was adopted from the men's wardrobe. Men wearing skirts today, in different cultures, almost 60% of all men on the earth today.

Westernized societies, i.e. American Samoa have only ONE garment for both sexes: Lava lava, which is a skirt. Greek women wore pants long time before men starting wearing pants, and high heels came from men, short after 30-years war. Soldiers were the first wearing garter belt and stockings, leggings and pantyhose.

I am going with you seeing the problems in the time now. However, I wear skirts because of medical conditions, no other options, because pants are not climate and health friendly and surly not practical for male bodies.

Throughout our area I am fully accepted and I think some people would rising eye-brows if I would wear pants.

cantthinkofanamebloke on September 18, 2009:

Men dont wear skirts at the moment because of a couple of reasons. Firstly dont believe the baffoons who say that men look horrible in skirts, dresses etc. Women saying men are inherrently ugly are acting out their stereotype. Society does not like a fast woman, men are the cause of this in many ways and female competition too. A woman who admits to finding men attractive is going against the humour of the period where men are slapped on T.V by women and its supposed to be funny. Men are good at laughing at themselves, women tend not to be owing to the competitive position created by the western media where women are supposed to reach for some perfection that simply doesn't exist. I feel sorry for women here, they shouldn't feel pressured to be pretty, flouncy and actin in this supposed femenine way. Ancient Sparta gives an example of women being competitive and sexy, fairly equal to men in many respects and held in high regard, owning property, keeping the state together and giving birth to perfect children. Women in western society are supposed to dress and act in a certain way and proclaiming men as oh so sexy just isn't part of the act they are expected to stick to. How many women secretly look at footballers legs, rugby players, even the cast of Troy and Rome (HBO/BBC) and think, phwoar he's got lovely legs.

So that daftness apart (and if women truly are not attracted to me then they have other sexual preferences...) we come to the next bit. Climate.

Western society operates in a generally seasonal climate. Its cold. The Romans adopted leggings and eventually trousers. The Greeks considered wearing trouser effeminate and greek women would have not thought well of their men in trousers!!! Gradually society has adopted its uniform, of skirts for women as the type of skirts they were expected to wear caused them to walk and act in a constrained way that limited their ability. Men could at first wear anything, then gradually moved to the useful trouser. Climate and practical friendly.

However there is a graduation in fashion. Would men have worn 3/4 length trousers twenty years ago? Would they have worn leggings to go jogging in? Their shorts were short and definitely shorts!! now shorts are coming in all shapes and sizes. Gradually men and women will adopt, change and adjust their clothing styles. In fifty years we may well see the kilt (an english invention actually) highly widespread, even men in heels and skirts of all types. Its just that at the moment fashion produces skirts for men that cant escape the fememnine concept of the garment, so they just are not made to make men look good. Eventually fashion will produce a skirt type garment, it will be worn, then it will change gradually. But then the skirt will not be a female garment at all. Women will say to their men, "will you stop wearing those jeans, they look horrible. Put a skirt on like everyone else."

If you dont believe it, look at history. Its been around before.

martinus on September 15, 2009:

I wear skirts and kilts. Period. I am working in very public areas with hundreds of people every day, almost all ages. I never got a negative comment, but I can't count anymore the positive, because I get it still every day. What wlse to say?

Men, if you want to wear a skirt, just do it. Don't be a coward. But always wear a skirt as a manly man, what you like to wear under your clothes, it is just for you. Feel comfortable and think about that you have just one life to live - enjoy it.

Frejo on September 04, 2009:

I am at a ripe old age of 73 now, I have worn a skirt since 15 years old in the closset, but as the years have past there seems to be little moree tollerance now,I have worn a bra size 42b with no filling for nthe last twenty years,I don't think of me as a cross dresser, but only the way I feel nice about myself, I am a strait person, I don't dress as Drag artist, I can walk about unnoticed(I think)I go shopping with no problem, I go to the garage and fill up with petrol, I draw the line by going into a lady's or Gents toilet, I wear make not to much,I wear up into a pony tail(covers my little bald patch)and evry body knows who I am.I have got used to be being me in my skirt now I wear evry thing femm, because I feel so good, but I still dont feel a crosser.

Hope Alexander (author) on August 11, 2009:

Great hints and tips guys, I think I will make a hub on these!

wizz on August 11, 2009:

Hi everyone,

Some of the comments above are very good and I endorse them.

Speaking of reaction against men in skirts.

Cargo and denim are right on. One way to make it look more manish is to wrap a bush shirt bright coloured plaid say red and black squares, around your waist and tie the sleeves across your front. from the back it looks like you have tied a jersey or shirt around your waist if you contrast this with a say black skirt and red bush shirt it is a great tuff look.It is a way to take the edge off your


I have found over the last few years it is far better I remember I got sacked as a boss of a large engineering company for wearing skirts to work,dropped by girlfriends and a fight in the main street with odds of 3 to 1.

But in every case I defended myself and the right to control my own life. Must say 28 years of Karate and heeps of mental ability won in all cases.


Dave on August 10, 2009:

Mike, are you assuming that response? As a guy I have worn a skirt exclusively for many years without any adverse responses. There aren't even any pants in my closet although there are plenty of pants in my wife's closet. I live in the mid-west rather than the Bible-Belt that is filled with ignorant hypocrites who are quick to judge others. Why would any intelligent person care what an idiot think anyhow. Start with a knee-length denim skirt with pockets, a front zipper & belt loops. Remember that skirts come in dozens of varieties. Since a skirt is a skirt by definition, don't waste your money on an impractical kilt type of a skirt that is heavy, uncomfortable & expensive to dry clean. I've bought most of my skirts for less than ten dollars.

You don't have to wear pants just because some idiot says that you have to wear them. Be a real man - make your own choices.

Mike on August 09, 2009:

I wear a skirt at home every chance I can get.It's wrong to think if I wore a skirt in public some people would ridicule me and become violent.What a sad world we live in.

Barry on July 02, 2009:

Men were wearing skirts long before pants. bifurcated garments are a relatively new invention. The horse culture is what changed it. Pants made it so a rider wouldn't chafe while riding. However the Greek Spartans, some of the toughest soldiers ever, wore skirts in all their campaigns including the last stand at Thermopylae. William Wallace and Lord Murray wore kilts as they were fighting the British for independence, I wouldn't dare call them weak. Today the Greek military still has a formal uniform that is skirted. Cultures whose militaries adopted the horse started wearing pants (like the Romans, who originally wore skirts). The Greeks and Scottish never really embraced the horse. So the tradition of a skirted and kilted style garment persists in their traditions. It used to be manly to wear a skirted or kilted garment. I wear both Kilts and Skirts. Kilts with knee socks and skirts with tights. But we are discussing the manliness of a subject wearing a skirt, so what if a guys aim is not to be manly? Then I say, so what, wearing skirts for whatever reason is an individuals choice. More power to them.

Pete on July 02, 2009:

I wear kilts in Utah, USA of all places (one of the more close minded areas in the U.S.) I get a lot of stares, but I have never cared. I am of Scottish extraction, but the kilts I wear are not a scottish tartan. Therefore they simply would be considered a skirt. Why a kilt and not a regular skirt? I like the convenience of having the apron on the front, and besides the pleats are just cool, although I own wear regular skirts too.

tracey jayne on June 09, 2009:

oh god to be able to wear a short pleated skirt in england as qa man not in make up just a skirt

herbert on June 02, 2009:

I was very surprised when I asked my female boss what she thinks about men in skirts. Her answer was very clear: "You can wear a skirt when you are confident with", addressed to me. Any questions? One week later I wore first time a skirt at work. I never will forget the moment I steppedin the house and the reaction of the people. It was wonderful and I was like a hero - I don't know why.

Daringest on May 03, 2009:

Wizz, your absolutely right in your observation that women are the biggest downers on men wearing skirts, or anything else men aren't "supposed" to wear. Men are less likely to notice a conservative skirt or mid-thigh shorts, neutral colored pantyhose or leggings. Women are not only more likely to notice these things, but are by far more likely to disapprove and express sometimes nasty and juvenile responses to a man wearing such clothing. Go to any mainstream or women's forum and query women on the topic of men wearing skirts, pantyhose or even speedos and read the responses from women. Those responses are often misandrist and homophobic.Remember, boys are dressed by their mothers, influenced and dressed by their sisters and girlfriends, and eventually their wives. A woman can "draw the line" at what her husband wears, but if a man objected to something his wife wanted to wear he would called abusive and a misogynist. Women have much more say in what men wear, even perfect strangers, not the other way around. And, no one forces women to wear high heeled shoes. A woman wears the shoes she wears because SHE wants to wear them. Men couldn't change this even if we wanted.Also, men aren't generally cowards. Men have to be brave to do the things men are supposed to do. Men are much less brave (or more cowardly if you prefer) to do things not assigned to the masculine gender in that culture. This reluctance to stray out of our bounds is sometimes (not always) mistaken for homophobia.There are consequences for not following the "rules" that men shouldn't wear skirts et al. There are situations where a man can "just do it" and wear a skirt. However, a man should be thoughtful when wearing a skirt because doing so can compromise his method of earning a living and perhaps his family life. I have read of at least one marriage that ended because of a wife's intolerance of her husband's skirt wearing. A man can also lose contact with his children if he doesn't behave the way his wife says. Even if a man's skirt wearing isn't the central reason for a divorce it can possibly be used against him to diminish his fitness as a father and contribute to his losing custody of his children.I love skirts, mainly because they're different than I've worn most of my life and I look good in them. On balance, pants are more practical than skirts and pants are still very comfortable or men wouldn't wear them as much as they do, so I don't wear skirts for practicality or comfort. I always wear underPANTS when I wear skirts so I'm still wearing pants. I also sometimes wear sheer legwear with shorts and other garments some would considers "women's" clothing largely because they're new, different and therefore more interesting than what I was trained to wear. I don't wear these clothes everywhere at anytime in public, just occasionally.Men should be more free to wear the clothing we want, but it isn't always as simple for an individual in every case to "just do it."

Don on May 03, 2009:

I wonder that I've never seen anyone else wearing a dress or skirt, given all the guys here who wear them. For the last few years I've worn skirts and dresses almost all the time, but have never seen any other guys who do. Maybe I just don't get out much.

jenny on April 30, 2009:

Patagoniakid, you are right. It's just a little step for men going into an new wardrobe era, but most men homophobic. Why? Have no answer.

Men should wear skirts. Nothing is more comfortable for the 'typical' manly body shape. It does not help men to complain what women can do, but it would help - means have the courage - doing same things like women do.

I would love to see more skirted men.

Patagoniakid on April 30, 2009:

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I have some experience in this subject maybe others can benefit from:

1. Forget Kilts! A kilt is usually expensive, heavy, and old fashion. Remember a Kilt is a Skirt by Definition so call it what it really is...a SKIRT!

2. Skirts are better suited for male anatomy than for a female for obvious reasons. No crotch binding seams for the first time ever! That is a sensation few males know about since they grew up with just pants and shorts. CAUTION: Once a skirt is tried on for any length of time you are not likely to give it up!

3. Skirt recommendation: Try on a "Juniors Size" (hips fit men perfectly) Mini Cargo Skirt in place of shorts this summer. No modifications are necessary. These usually are worn on the hips like a good pair of jeans and are about as unisex as you can get. Costs are zip. Found some good camouflage cargo skirts on E-Bay for less then $2.00 and I treasure them! Also in Khaki or tan are great. Aeropostale, Nori, brands can be cheap with great quality. Search e-Bay for "Cargo mini skirt" and you will find some not all will look and fit a guy perfectly.

4. Length?? What to get.... Experience shows that a standard length mini skirt is 12" long (but they vary from 10.5" to 15"). The thing to realize as a guy is that a 12 inch mini is the same length as men’s GYM shorts so it really isn't a big transition from shorts! The word mini makes one think it is too short but it isn't. Reason for mid to upper thy skirts are mobility. You can move without the restriction a longer skirt has. (A micro mini usually less than 10.5" is about the same length as men’s running shorts).

5. What to wear under the skirt: You will have the same issues women have. There will be a flash from time to time especially with the mini skirts but when worn with undies so what! You are covered. So yes... wear something as to not give the trend a bad name! (I never understood why women go to such great lengths to prevent an inadvertent flash when they are wearing underwear... you see more at the beach and that is ok)!

6. So to justify all this give a cargo skirt a shot this summer. You can justify it as this is the year of "change".

7. Men are much more "Homophobic" than women and that is the main problem today. Women were able to transition to pants without a lot of problems but men don't want to be seen as homosexual or weaker which is non sense because clothing doesn't change who we are. The world was conquered by the toughest men and they wore skirts. PS: Gays don't wear skirts.

A guy in a skirt will still look like a guy just a women still look like women when wearing pants! Worn with guy clothes you are not a cross dresser or TV trying to impersonate an women... just a guy in a skirt which happens to be much more practical for a man than pants! Skirts have been worn by men for thousands of years and were perfected before the crazy Victorian Era of prudish nonsense started that we can't seem to shake off.

Charles on April 25, 2009:

I for one think men should wear a skirt or pretty dress whenever he wants to and not worry about what someone thinks. I live in central Florida and have seen men in skirts and dresses walking around town. I haven't worn my out yet but plan on doing so.

popup on April 25, 2009:

Men in skirts are cool. Like to see more. It is time to come up with new idea's. Men, go skirted.

Adam on April 13, 2009:

Because us caucasian men typically have hairy and thicker legs compared to Asian men. I don't think skirks would be a very flattering attire for us.

maramatz on April 08, 2009:

billbyb - great answer. Thanks. Just left open why?

Yesterday I saw a great picture. Men in a skirt, he must be more than 6'5" tall, perfect match with tights and blazer. Nothing wrong with this guys. I guess I love skirts on men.

billyb on March 31, 2009:

The late great Paul Harvey once said if the world was logical men would ride horses side saddle and wear dress's

maramatz on March 23, 2009:

I do strongly agree that men now can wear skirts in public. I am a supporter of new ways to live, to understand and to learn. But one thing I can't figure out:

Who can answer this question?

Skrt is comfortable for male's body! Skirts providing the air a male body needs to enhance his sexuality! Air is healthy, even it is sometimes cooler (for that everybody can wear hosery) than pants!Skirt are much more aestheic, showing legs! Legs are always a little bit (or more tanned), looks much better when wearing bathing suit.

Question: Why so less men wearing skirts (even they are healtier, nicer, more comfortable etc)?

VM on March 22, 2009:

Wearing a skirt is truly cool, comfortable, pleasant, especially for me in warm, sub-tropical climate: live in south africa. have been wearing skirt in oublic for past year or so and strange thing is, not many notice it (beach, shppping centre, grocery stores),sporting. am very confident in it (especially when earing the mini skirts). now therefore i suggest to those who like the same (wearing skirt) - just do it! As simple as that.

niece on March 20, 2009:

Sorry, maxx I don't have any reason I could tell. You're just right with the question and I know that nobody can answer it.

It is in our culture that we are not looking ahead nor over the horizon, and I must admit that I never thought about why men don't wear skirts. Skirts are really comfortable and when I think about the male body ist must be even more comfortable than to us.

What we can do for that? Just praying that a lot of people will get rid of their old opinions about sexualization of clothes, because there is no difference. We makin' it up, maybe it is about business.

After I saw several men in skirts lately I have to say that this guys were looking really good in their outfit, and I turned around completely. I want to support them, but how can I do that?

maxx on March 13, 2009:

I found this very true statement. Men tend to find hundered of thousend excuses do NOT something different, just a part in an animal herd.

Sorry, I am for sure a little bit aggressive with such a truth. Who can tell me just one little reason why should not wear a skirt/common known in USA as kilt when men wearing it.

Skirts for men will only catch on when men become as brave, strong, determined, and self confident as women are. Women are not afraid to speak and act on whatever is on their minds. One of the many side effects of that is women can wear whatever they choose. Men basically are cowards who lack self confidence, and only gain their confidence and strength by what other men and women tell them and dictate to them. One of the many side effects is that regardless of what a man truly wants to wear and would be comfortable wearing, he wears what he is told to wear because he is afraid of other people and what they might think, say or do. Men like to claim they are the stronger and braver sex, but in reality they are weaklings and followers who do exactly what is expected of them.

So, where are 'real' men? Okay, some already posted that they wear skirts/kilt, and I hope to see many more in spring this year.

wizz on February 19, 2009:

Hi I read many items about men and skirts, I live life by my standards wear skirts to work travel all around the world,Russia Dubai Australia.Japan and other place, I take no crap from anyone and mostly wear Hakama(Japanese large skirts, Kilts and wraps I have a wool one I am from New Zealand not gay and not interested in others views of feelings religious or otherwise the biggest downers on men wearing skirts are infact women most men don't care the people who say stuff are ALL ways the ones with the problems not me I am comfortable with who and what I am bit the bullet just do it that goes for the 100 or other sites on the internet who go on about men in skirts get a life


yvettes on February 16, 2009:

I am 63 years old and have been wearing skirt and dresses most of those years,although not in public much till the later years.Seem's little more acceptable now but stiil get the odd looks.Look dress and skirt are very much more confy and cooler then drab men clothes. Summer time is great to wear a skirt or a nice dress.but don't take my word for it break down take a chance suck it up and put on a dress or skirt.


mike on February 14, 2009:

I agree with jd the gypsy/boho skirts are soooo comfortable I am a striaght male married and love to wear skirts. I really enjoy wearing long skirts don't have to worry too much about what the legs look like. Comfortable in the summer no chaffing no heat rashes I am looking at it from a comfort point not someone that is trying to look like a women.

pete on February 06, 2009:

I'm wearing skirts, most above the knee, daily in public, at work. During winter time with pantyhose. No problem at all, but once I came in pants. Surprised reactions, comment: You're looking aweful in that, what's wrong with you? Please go home and change into a skirt. It fits you much better than any kind of pants.

I am married, 3 kids, my wife go's with it. She bought me my first skirt, and after first time wearing this skirt [kilt-style but pretty short]: You're looking really handsome.

imadube on December 16, 2008:

In all this was a great message. I- male through and through - LOVE my skirts. Too bad I live where American farmers tread. I thank any and all supporting male skirted issues. I do not mean any of the "i want to be a woman thing" - just males in skirts like the Scots and Gladiators or old. For every one that feels we deserve this time to Get Our Skirt On! I would like to invite you to several places - United Skirt Wears Map -

Our great forum Skirt Cafe -

And what I hope to build even more - The Skirted Mans T-Shirt and thing support store -

Please visit be a friend and support the Independent clothing wearing Men in skirts. Thanks again for the article.

Chris on December 05, 2008:

Greetings JD & others. Your comments sound to me like you may be waiting for someone to grant you permission of some sort to wear skirts in public. Believe me, if you want to wear a kilt/skirt, JUST DO IT! Don't wait for someone else to change the "rules", they really don't exist. If you really want to change, look at the photo galleries of and some of the other nontraditional kilt makers and learn what styles of dress suit your personality and work from there. Whether you're punk/goth, an old geezer, or somewhere in between there's something for everbody. I've been making and wearing my own 'kilts' for several years now and there is no way I'll ever go back. I know it's easy for me to sit here and armchair referee, but I've done it. When you meet people on the street, look them streight in the eye, (really! eye contact is important), and with your most sincere smile, greet them with a hearty "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening". Don't be shy, puff up your chest, stand up, stand tall, BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF, and you will rule the moment. When people ask questions, (and they will ask!), learn how to engage the conversation in a positive and light hearted way. Have fun with them, screw with their minds a bit. One guy I work with calls me "Klinger", (from the MASH tv program). I fired right back at him and called him "Frank". Frank was the program idiot and Jim did not like being called Frank and if he didn't behave I was going to have "Hot Lipps", (a lady present in the conversation at the time), streighten his a** out. Don't let yourself get upset by peoples comments, screw with them and have mutual fun with it. With time, it get easier, and you will eventually look back and ask yourself why YOU didn't let yourself do this a long time ago!

Have a fun day.


kiltman on December 04, 2008:

i wear a kilt but i would much rather wear a skirt or a dress as nothing look or moves more beautifully as a full circle sunray pleated skirt or a full skirted dress, i am married and i am straight, my wife knows and she buys me the skirts and dresses that i like.

i do like the style of box pleated school skirts but it is only the skirts and not the girls wearing them but as soon as you mention school skirts most wonen think you are queer which is untrue as i have no thoughts towards children at all.

i find skirts and dresses very comfortable to wear and i find it the best cure for stress but i would love to go out dressed as i like.

Eric on November 21, 2008:

I think the key to all of this happening is to get out and do it. 90% of what you look like and how you are percieived is due to the image that you project that is directly related to your confidence in that image.

We as men need to stand up for ourselves instead of being slaves to those who are less savvy on common sense. The women who would not date a man in a skirt immediately show how much self confidence they have and their judegemental side the moment that the skirt becomes the deciding factor. Is this the type of person you really want to be with anyway? Someone who cannot accept you for simply using your brain and having an (presently) unpopular opinion?

You always miss 100% of the shots you never take.

jd on November 18, 2008:

there is nothing more comfy than a long gypsy /boho style skirt BUT as a male here in the west i`m not supposed to wear skirts its not fair !

likewhatiam on November 14, 2008:

Maybe we should look back in history and see that men wore skirts and dresses quite regularly. I would like to see thejimster pick on a roman gladiator in a toga and call him a sissy. All the hype about what men can and cant wear should be put to bed and let us wear whatever we want the same as our female counterparts. Thanks for the great hubs Hope keep up the good work.

wltrallen2 from San Diego, CA on November 11, 2008:

Love the hub. Truthfulness mixed with wit. Thanks for sharing. As for me, skirts wouldn't be my thing. I'm more into heels. I know they're torture on the feet, and I hate that society can almost force a woman to wear one, but I've seen some heels that I would totally wear in public all day long if society were more accepting. Ah, Jimmy Choos over tennis shoes any day...

thejimster on November 10, 2008:

Men wearing skirts.... aw come on :)). It may sound logical, yes, but a society where men wear skirts sounds like HELL to me. Don't you think? Every last ounce of manlyness would be lost for the poor saps. How do you pick a fight in a skirt? How would a drag race look if all the manly men wore skirts?

And let me ask you this (please give an Honest answer): Would YOU date a guy that likes to wear skirts?

madhavisb from New Delhi on November 10, 2008:

Hope, I so totally love this hub. But i must say clothing for men in India (well traditionally) is absolutely stunningly beautiful, ofcourse not a patch on what the women can turn out in. But if the women wear sarees, the men wear dhotis that are equally beautiful. These vary from village to village, from the north to the southern parts of the country the dhoti changes at the same time as the sari. do check out martand singh's book on men's clothing in india, you will be astonished by the variety and beauty of the stuff.

Mohideen Basha from TRICHY, TAMIL NADU, INDIA. on November 10, 2008:

have you seen any man wearing a skirt (other than transgender).?


joe on November 06, 2008:

i would to wear a skirt in public and not have to descise my self so many men have ti hide the fact they crossdress

jfox on November 01, 2008:

I enjoy wearing panties, and I like wearing sirts, I'm married and my wife it totally ok with it. I do wish I could wear them in public. Men's clothing is boreig and all the same thing. I enjoy the styles and colors that come out for wemon. I wish there was some way we who like to do this could some how change things. I'm straight, but I do like my clothing. It totally frustrates me that women can where anything they want and maen can not. I have felt this way most of my life, I have gone from hiding every thing from my wife to coming out into the open and hopeing for the best, which is has turned out ok, but she draws the line if I want to go out into public. I wouldn't even mined going for a ride at night dressed up, but the kids are home and it would be inpossable. I wish more pople could understand how we feel being so discrimized against.

David on October 25, 2008:

I am not sure whether I would be classed as a crossdresser, or just a male that wants a variety of fashion.

I live in the UK, and have worn a knee-length denim skirt to a couple of my cleaning jobs, and also along a busy high street. There were no comments or startled looks at all.

Haven't worn a skirt much this year, as I have been having laser hair removal on my legs - where advice given is to cover exposed areas from sunlight.

Next summer will be a change for me, as then I will get to wear skirts more often.

I can say a few reasons why it is ok for a guy to wear a skirt. It is more cooler, more comfortable, better for anatomy, makes a change from pants.

When people say it is wrong, what is the given reasons? So far, there have been none.

Ian Forrest on October 25, 2008:

Come to Scotland and you will see loads of men wearing kilts and damned fine they look to. There is a great song on Youtube about the kilt and what is worn under it. in my case nothing - it's all in perfect working order!

Checkout Youtube - very funny


deea_n on October 21, 2008:

it would be fun to see man wearing daily skirts...but in my opinion it's impossible:)

LatexLeah on October 19, 2008:

If "we" want the men in dresses thing to be "normal" guys with the urge to do so just need to do it.

As one who's been there and done that, a thick skin must be part of every ensemble.

Hope Alexander (author) on October 19, 2008:

Well it's been a while since I have been in Auckland. I know that males in Polynesian and Asian communities can wear a form of skirt and dress, my point was more that most of the readers of my articles don't fall into these categories, so whilst is it good that NZ is accepting of these cultures and their social attitudes, it doesn't help the European audience who are still stuck dressless.

Good points though Lissie :) And yes, I think the US and UK are still a way away from having transgendered people in government.

Elisabeth Sowerbutts from New Zealand on October 19, 2008:

Hope how long since you've been back "home"? Auckland is definitely a Polynesians/Asian city now and parts of Wellington are definitly Polynesian: its changed signiicantly in the last 10 years or so. I think NZers are a lot more tolerant. I notice the difference now that I am living in Australia and I look/act totally mainstream - so its not pesonal just the feeling that gay friends I have wouldn't be that comfortable here in Perth You should do a hub on Georgina: she's a fascinating woman and (Beyer I think is the spelling) - Did you know she was in Dancing with the Stars in NZ? She wasn' t that good but she loved dancing - she came to competition we were dancing at and she came up to us on her on accord and congratulated us. She was still an MP at the time: how likely is that to happen in the US or UK LOL

Hope Alexander (author) on October 19, 2008:

Ah, Lissie, you refer to Pacific Islanders then? Fair point, but still not representative of NZ'ers as a whole because you only really see it in one racial minority in one small region of the country. (I was born, bred and raised here and I've never seen it, and I have moved about a bit.) Is it common among the European population as well? Must I visit Auckland to see the men gadding about in skirts? I say that only because I think the majority of men who read these articles, and who have the issues I refer to are western european men who apart from kilts, don't have a cultural context to fall back on.

The one exception in my life time (I'd have to research the Rod Moody thing as it is before my time) that I have omitted entirely however, is Georgina Byer (sp?), so we are perhaps more open minded down here. I should write a hub about her.

Dave on October 19, 2008:

I wear a skirt a lot . I am a guy in a skirt . No make up or wigs . I am a guy in a skirt

Elisabeth Sowerbutts from New Zealand on October 19, 2008:

Hi Hope: Porirua, South Auckland. Theres a few coroporate types in Pacific affairs who where lavalavas with suite jacket. rod Moody was the commissioner in the 1970's and wore skirts and dresses routinely for years

Hope Alexander (author) on October 19, 2008:

Pissed/Channeling the energies of PMS, what's the difference ;)

Christoph Reilly from St. Louis on October 19, 2008:

Yea. I would wear a kilt, but where would I wear it? I must say, having performed in many Shakespearean and classical Greek plays I have worn costumes that were, for all intensive purposes, like wearing a dress. Pretty damn comfortable. I'm glad I had an excuse though. Great hub. (You're not really pissed, are you? You're too funny to be pissed!)

Love ya!

Mega A on October 18, 2008:

What about kilts? Men who aren't scottish or punk can get away with it. However, you have to have some serious balls to deal with all the glances.

Hope Alexander (author) on October 18, 2008:

I'd love to know where in NZ you see lots of men wearing skirts, lissie. I haven't seen a single one in the past two years, unless you count the guy drooling to himself and muttering about the apocalypse, and I don't think a bathsheet really counts as a skirt anyway. There certainly aren't any men wearing skirts to corporate jobs.

Elisabeth Sowerbutts from New Zealand on October 18, 2008:

I'm guessing that you are from the US because in NZ and Scotland its not at all uncommon to see men wearing skirts : you inspired my latest hub on the subject!

Nanciboy on October 17, 2008:

What an interesting alignment of the stars that had me find your posting on men wearing skirts the same day my package containing two new skirts arrived. I have always admired long wrap skirts on women and now I have one of my own and it is as much fun to wear as I hoped.

I have bought skirts both on the net and over the counter retail and worn them on public streets at night and in the day. Come on guys, if you like your skirts, wear them. Society isn't going to change until enough of us push it. But for g_d's sake, shave those hairy legs. :)

Hope Alexander (author) on October 17, 2008:

Comment from Mikki, edited to fit the 'family freindly' nature of this site...With apologies to the author... it was just too good to deny, but it would have caused ructions in its original form.

Right on Sister! Power to the people! Skirt till it Hurts!

Oh, crap... you and I both know Western men will never slip the bonds of Carhartts, John Deere logos, Brooks Brothers or Men's Warehouse suits, shirts and ties. It's just too much of a paradigm shift to expect of us. We have slowly and certainly allowed the male to become a boring accessory only allowed to dress up on specific occassions: graduations, weddings and funerals - typically their own only.

Why is it that overweight teenage girls can wear a bikini and everyone is (depending on your taste) either ga-ga over her body or repulsed by her body, but not in the least upset about her attire. You take a trim male who is normally endowed and put him in a cute bikini (with or without the top) and he will be ridiculed at best and clubbed senseless at worst. Since when did the male body become an object of "ewwww... no one wants to look at that!" scorn?

I would love to include modest skirts and dresses (immodest on weekends and evenings :-) ) in my wardrobe along with all the fun accessories that go underneath... but I know in my heart it will not happen except behind closed doors and it will happen when I am either alone or with another like-minded male.

You wrote an article a few days ago about panties being "A Gateway"... in one way I would have to say yes. For those of us who are unwilling to throw our marriages down the chute because we know our partner could not accept the loss of trust - it is then that dressing becomes the gateway.

(Hope's snip - Here Mikki goes on to say that even though men who wear lingerie aren't inherently gay. they may start to act that way in order to express their feminine side.)

Keep up the good work here Hope, you may not realize how big and dark the room is in which you have chosen to light your candle.

Answer Man from Midgewater on October 17, 2008:

Your hubs are so wacky and funny! I did see a guy wearing an orange skirt the other day and I thought he looked 'radical'! It suited him somehow.

Gunnau from Central Coast NSW Australia on October 17, 2008:

I have never been in more ageeance with you hope.

I live in a climate that would be well suited to a skirt or dress. Western socirty has much to answer for with over modesty running rife but it could be over conservative views coming from eastern lands. The humble speedo has been the target of the modesty police and god forbid if you wore bike shorts or tights outside the gym. Men have been shamed into being male. I often wear pantyhose or knee highs and my wife is concerned what others may think. I say it's none of their bloody business. I can't see a skirt for men getting the green light nor even pantyhose unless the fashion industry gets behind the idea as a serious idea instead of a novelty item for the runway.

Keep your hubs going Hope. Maybe you can chip away the hold the strangle hold the narrow minded ideals these people hold so dearly.

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