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5 Simple and Easy Home Remedies to Exfoliate Lips

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Exfoliation helps us to remove the dry and dead skin from our body, leaving behind skin that is soft and new. We often remember to exfoliate our bodies, but what about those dry and chapped lips?

For this winter, I have been doing some research on the best techniques for exfoliating your smackers to make them as kissable as can be. I will also share how often you should give your lips a good exfoliate, some top home remedies that I use and share with my friends, and my opinion of the best products on the market today. In no time, you will be showing off your soft lips to all!


How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Lips?

The skin on your lips is sensitive and delicate so I strongly advise against exfoliating your lips every day because it can lead to lip tissue damage. Exfoliation can often be a harsh removal of the skin however, the skin on your lips requires much more care and a gentle hand. Try and keep your exfoliating to once or twice a week for healthy and nourished lips. Any more and you will damage them!


Use Natural Products

I will recommend you to use as many natural products as you can, so you can avoid adding any harsh chemicals to those smackers.

Exfoliate in the Evening

By exfoliating your lips in the evening, you also allow them time to heal without any exposure to the sun. We recommend using a soft tooth brush too – this will help you to control apply pressure and ensure you are removing your dead skin gently.

DIY Home Remedies to Exfoliate Your Lips


1. Honey-Sugar Lip Scrub

Sugar is a natural exfoliant that can be found in pretty much everyone’s kitchen cupboards. This is a well-celebrated home remedy to help nourish your lips.

  • Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar.
  • Once mixed, apply to your lips generously and massage the mixture gently to your lips in a circular motion.
  • Leave it on for ten minutes or so too so your lips can absorb as much as possible.

Once happy with your exfoliant, remove the honey mixture from your lips with a wet cloth and be amazed at the healthy, nourished lips that lay before you!

On a side note, it is edible so if you don't mind eating your exfoliated skin with honey.. there's nothing wrong with it, so go ahead!


2. Toothbrush Technique

Most beginners will start off with this approach as it requires very minimal effort and doesn’t mean you have to spend a load of money.

  • Get an old, soft-headed toothbrush and your favorite lip balm.
  • Apply your lip balm generously
  • Use the toothbrush’s soft bristles to move in a slow and gentle circular motion. This will remove the top layer of dead skin from your lips.
  • The lip balm will help to both moisturize and loosen the top layer of skin, making the whole exfoliating process easy to complete.

Make sure you don’t rub too hard or you will find your lips are bruised; not the desired effect you want at all!


3. Bicarbonate Soda Mix

For super soft lips:

  • Mix bicarbonate soda with a small amount of water.
  • Once this turns into a paste, pop it on your lips and massage in gently.

You can use this paste with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Make sure not to be too vigorous, keep it gentle, and try brushing in circular motions for best results. This method is sure to give you beautiful nourishing lips if you do it twice a week.


4. Olive Oil

Instead of spending a load of money on fancy lip balms that smell nice, try using the olive oil you use in your cooking. Olive oil is of course oily so can also cause you to have breakouts in the skin around your mouth. This is a great and easy technique to hydrate your lips quickly. For a scrub, add brown sugar to the olive oil and mix.

  • Dub a thin layer of olive oil and sugar paste around your lips
  • Rub gently in a circular motion
  • Wipe off with a damp cloth

White sugar is fine too. I enjoy using brown sugar since I could taste the caramel sweetness from brown sugar when I lick my lips!


5. Coconut Oil

We absolutely love coconut oil, it has so many great purposes and one of which is for nourishing your lips. It is known to be incredibly hydrating and also great for pain relief. So, those winter days where your lips are sore and chapped are no longer!

All you need is a couple of drops directly onto your lips for extra nourishment. So, now that coconut oil you’ve been using on your hair, skin, stretch marks, and scars can even prevent your lips from being cracked, split, dry, and sore. Expect to have kissable lips every single day with coconut oil as your savior.

As a scrub:

  • Add a pinch of brown or white sugar to the coconut oil
  • Rub gently and wipe dry

Storing of DIY lip scrubs

The good thing about all the DIY methods is they are good for storing! Keep it in a small lip balm case. I upcycle my old lip balm case to store these scrubs.

A small lip balm case will last for a month or at most, two months. As for safety, I would advise you to discard the scrub if it is 3 months or more. A good way to remember the dates is to label the date you made the scrub. Have a waterproof pen or small label to tape around the sides of the balm case to help you remember the date.

For scrubs with honey and sugar, please keep them in the fridge instead of your cosmetic drawer. You don't want ants crawling into your bedroom in an attempt to savor the honey or sugar!

Top 3 Products to Exfoliate Lips

Gifting or just want to get something off the shelves? These are 3 products that my girlfriends and I swear by:


1. Burt’s Bees Lip Scrub with Honey Crystals

Burt’s Bees just keep making amazing products and this is one of them. Their lip scrub is 100% natural and includes crystals of honey for extra nourishment. This is one of the best lip scrubs available on the market and it is a completed natural product, so of course it’s good for you! If you want to take your lip game to the next level, Burt’s Bees also do an overnight hydrating lip treatment so you can only imagine what the two of these together will do to your smackers. We strongly suggest you go and get this right away, it can be found online here.

2. Handmade Heroes

This vegan handmade lip scrub is to die for! This luxury lip scrub contains jojoba oil, almond oil, and avocado oil, coconut oil, and sugar. All the good stuff to help make your lips exceptionally nourished. This natural product is cruelty-free and vegan friendly, which is just another added bonus! It comes in a variety of flavors, our favorite is the coconut because it makes us think we are on a tropical island drinking Pina Coladas! You can pick yours up online, I suggest you get one of every flavor as gifting.

3. LUSH Lip Scrubs

LUSH has a load of balms and scrubs for your lips. Their lip scrubs come in so many flavors and every single one of them smells good enough to eat. I mean, if you are going to name a lip scrub Key Lime Pie, at least make it edible! They are gentle and just a little bit grainy so also super nice to apply. My favorite is the Bubblegum flavor which boasts a sugar fix and does not disappoint! You can pick one up online today, we suggest you get yourself one of every flavor!


Steps To Commit To, Before and After a Lip Exfoliation Session

So, you’ve found yourself a great working lip exfoliant, now you just have to make sure you keep on top of those lips looking tip-top shape!


Step 1: Keep hydrated

All beauticians will tell you this. The easiest way to keep on top of your lips being nourished and looking in great shape is to keep yourself hydrated. There is no point using all these fancy treatments or making your own concoctions at home if you aren’t making sure to keep hydrated first! Drink plenty of water and keep your vitamin levels managed and we can be sure this will help you keep your lips in great shape.

Step 2: Moisturize your lip with your favorite lip balm

After any of your lip exfoliating sessions, make sure you apply your favorite lip balm. I will suggest completing your exfoliation sessions in the evening; that way you can apply a load of moisturizing lip balm and wake up with soft and well-nourished lips! Your lip balms will be much more effective too because rather than sitting on top of your dry, dead skin; they will be moisturizing the skin underneath.



So for this winter, instead of enduring your usual dry, chapped lips; get things under control with a method that works for you. From so many to choose from, you are sure to find a technique that works for you. Just remember that whatever scrub you make or buy, do not be too tough on your lips. The skin is super gentle so make sure you treat it well! I am sure you will be showing off your new, well-nourished lips in no time for Spring and Summer!

© 2021 Muriel B Tewes

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