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Simple Makeup Looks – For Busy Ladies

Simple Makeup Tips - for hard busy ladies!

When you're continually in a hurry and stuck in a busy schedule, you might feel as though you don't possess sufficient energy for basic makeup for your face (fundamental cosmetics) to move in publicly or professionally before you go out of the door every day. Yet, don't accept looking great needs to take a huge load of time. Everything turns around using the right tips and techniques to help you in organizing everything—without making you late regularly.


15 Easy Makeup Tips for Girls: Time Saving Beauty Tips

I have mentioned below, 15 simple tips (fundamental cosmetics) for occupied young ladies, from utilizing the right makeup formulae to multi-use healthy skin products. Your makeup or face for cosmetics routine is going to be much easier after reading this article!

Easy and basic makeup steps for beginners

Have you ever found yourself at any point questioning like, "What are the essential makeup steps?" Well, you were correct to think about, and it’s totally fine to ask yourself related to these questions. Understanding the right way of applying cosmetics regularly is critical to starting even the simplest look of makeup. Stay with these basic tips and tricks that help you out how to do easy makeup for novices. Steps of basic makeup products are mentioned below:

Step#01 | Face Wash

Step#02 | Aloe vera Gel

Step#03 | Primer

Step#04 | Use BB cream or base of Foundation

Step#05 | Concealer

Step#06 | Blush on and Cheek products

Step#07 | Eye shadow and Easy cat eye makeup

Step#08 | Eyeliner, Mascara and artificial eye-lashes

Stop#09 | Lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm

Step#10 | Shimmer

Step#11 | Makeup fixer spray

Step#12 | Dressing

Step#13 | Hairstyle

Step#14 | Nail paint and shape of nails must be tuned

Step#15 | Fragrance

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Face Wash

First of all, wash your face with the best face wash that makes your skin prettier and glowing than before. Your face wash must be a good choice because it’s a great part of your daily skincare for morning and evening. Choose your face wash after consulting with a dermatologist because the skin of the face is a very sensitive thing, any allergic reactions make you feel inferior in public.


Aloe Vera Gel

Apply aloe vera gel on your face because it has so many benefits after washing your face. It helps to moisturize your skin keenly, looks fresh, and makes your skin tight. Regularly applying a little amount of aloe vera gel on your skin can cure your face of many skin issues like acne, sunburn, and many more. Aloe vera gel is a “health store” for the skin of the face, and it will surely be proven better for your skin with no side effects.


Now come to the third step that is primer. So, before applying makeup to look good, what goes on first? That would be your “primer makeup product”. It will be beneficial to stay makeup long-lasting and give the rest of your makeup an even stick to the base of the foundation.

BB Cream, Base Stick, or Foundation

The next step is your base of foundation or applying BB cream, whichever product you want to use or apply on your face for all-over coverage for the whole day. This must come before your concealer. BB cream, base stick, or foundation is used to balance your uneven skin tone or cover your acne, scars, and dark spots on your face. It will surely balance your complexion in a few quick.


Smooth Base and Concealer

It's not just in regard to the concealer and foundation you wear; it's the way how you apply it, as well. Rather than using your fingers to mix your BB cream, the base of foundation, concealer, or contour products, get an amazing makeup beauty blender for a more consistent completion! The best makeup branded products beauty blender has a smooth round shape on one side and a sharp adjusted tip on the other. For further use, apply a couple of swipes of cream or foundation all over your face, to make even coverage for adjustment.

Blush on, Highlighter, and Cheek Makeup Products

Blush on and contour are the most important steps to set the shape and looks of your whole face according to your makeup. Be careful, while contouring your cheek and applying blush on it. By the way, blush on is my favorite step in makeup.

You can watch blush makeup tutorials on different YouTube makeup tutorials!


Simple Eye Shadow Makeup Step-by-step

“Beauty of eyes matters a lot!”

Now comes to eye makeup, which is most important, but it mostly feels like there will be no time to manage eye makeup in such a short duration, but it’s because you haven't met fluid (liquid type) eye shadow that is surely a time saver for busy ladies. Instead of whipping out your powder of eye shadow with different brushes, swipe a shade onto your lids to cover your simple eye makeup to make your looks attractive, then mix with your finger. Try it out with the different Eyes Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup Products. Trust that, you'll look amazing!


Eyeliner, Mascara and Artificial Eye-Lashes

Mascara and eyeliner can have a significant effect on your beauty and excellence look; however, it can also require some investment of time to apply without any stop to ending up and under-eyes as well. Give your lashes a lift without any worry about your bad look by applying multiple layers of clear mascara. Artificial eye-lashes will also helpfully make your looks sexier!


Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Balm and Lips Care Product

Need a fast change? You can easily use a lovely nude shade of lipstick and classy lip gloss that can immediately look at your face hotter. In this way, before you enter the door in some event, manage to save a couple of moments to apply some shades on your lips to look sexy. We make it the ideal choice for your busy schedule to use lips care products even at night!

If you’re ready to elevate your hot looks, lipsticks and lip gloss will definitely take you there! A brilliant method for perking up your lip tone with the perfect quantity of sparkle on it, this beauty can be making you bold and more prominent in public and can be called it heart-winning looks as well!


Shimmer & Highlighter

The word "Shimmer, shiner, glitter, and highlighter," almost denotes an eyeshadow. "Shimmer and Highlighter," when used in a makeup setting, alludes to beauty products you apply to your cheeks, nose, collar bones, and so forth…

Highlighter powder is used to prominent some face features of skin the light hits. It's very simple and easy to apply as the final touch for your makeup routine regularly. Highlighter is a part of a makeup item that reflects light shades on you. It may be applied to the face or different body parts to light up the skin, make the impression of classic beauty!

Makeup Fixer Spray

What does makeup fixer spray do after completion of makeup? A makeup fixer spray is basically a liquid formula in the form of a spray, for setting makeup long-lasting. The reason to apply makeup fixer spray is to secure your makeup to stay and look fine. Fixer spray is used to protect against wrinkling or blurring of makeup, so it looks fresh and new.


Your dressing sense explains a lot about your mentality. Stay up-to-date with fashion and trends in the world. Always wear those clothes that make you feel comfortable to move in public. The main point is that your outfits or dressing should be according to the event. Looking modern and fashionable is cool but not all the time. Make your personality, your structure according to the demand of time, not overload yourself with stupid outfits.



Try not to keep long hair if you can't manage and look after it. It is necessary to wash your hair twice a week (particularly if you are a working lady) for good and healthy hair. Make your hairstyles according to the events and stay formal on office days like bun or ponytail etc.

Nail Paint and Shape of Nails must be Tuned

Your nails should be properly trimmed and try not to apply affected nail paints also avoid chipped nail polish on your nails. Coat your nails with a light shade of nail polish that looks like natural nails. Messy fingernails look dirty and cruel for your physical presence also.


It is very important to smell pleasant consistently, especially for a working girl to deal publicly and move professionally. Apply gentle perfume and light body spray because smelling good is the most desired criteria to move in society.


Dear Ladies! Simple makeup looks make you hotter….

Gentle Note: If you want to add a makeup wipe to your standard makeup looks, first learn out how to clean it accurately! Apply a soft soap, delicate cleanser, and water to scrub your makeup well, store those makeup products in a cool and dry place.

© 2021 Maria Hashmi

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