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Is Silica In Toppik Hair Fibers - Safe?

Silica Particles in Toppik Hair Fibres?



It is widely recognised by health authorities throughout the world that Silica can cause both lung cancer and Silicosis. Therefore it is a concern to find the ingredient Silica listed on the back of a number of cosmetic products, including Toppik Hair Fibers.

Toppik Hair Fibers are unique fibers which are derived from Keratin plant extracts. When this fiber is negatively charged it clings to human hair and provides and fuller and thickening effect. In recent years there has been an upsurge in the number of both males and females using hair thickening fibers to improve the appearance of their hair.

When researching why Silica is used in hair fiber products it is extremely difficult to find a definitive answer, which leaves consumers left in the dark, contemplating whether or not it is safe to use the products and unsure of what any long terms effects their could be. There is no information supporting the use of Silica on the Toppik website, which leads to more concern and worry for consumers.

It's true that all cosmetic products in the UK are subject to Cosmetic Product Safety Reports, and it is in fact illegal to sell a product that has not been approved by a professional. Therefore without jumping to any conclusions, you would immediately assume that the product must be safe to use. Perhaps the quantity of Silica in the product is so small that it couldn't cause any harm?

I really wanted to find out why Toppik use this ingredient in their hair fibers and why there seems to be no information about this anywhere! I couldn't even get any information from their customer services centres and started wondering whether I was starting some kind of conspiracy theory in my own mind. As a 31 year old male with thinning hair I really wanted to know the answers; after all, I had a personal interest in using and applying the products to my own hair.

I gave up trying to find out why Silica was present, and decided to just go for it and so I purchased a bottle of Toppik Hair Fibers and started using it right away. I was impressed by the results, my hair certainly looked thicker and fuller and it didn't take long to apply. In the back of my mind I was still concerned about the Silica and to make things worse I developed some back pain which was just below my ribs.

Researching once again, I found that some customers were wearing masks when applying the hair fibers and taking a number of precautionary steps as a result of the ingredients listed in the bottle. This didn't help greatly with the anxiety that I was now developing.

A couple of weeks passed and I started to feel better again. Phew! It was a big relief. I had a friends 40th birthday party coming up that I was invited to and was really looking to attending. There were going to be a lot of people there that I hadn't seem for a few years, and people who would have remembered me with my previously fuller head of hair! It was the perfect opportunity to use my hair fibers so I took out the bottle once more and decided to clean up the applicator. When I removed the applicator, I starred into the bottle and noticed a small concealed packet. It was exactly the same kind of small packet that you find in shoe box when you purchase a new pair of trainers or shoes! On the packet it said Silica.

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To Summarise My Findings

Silica is added to Toppik Hair Fibers and other hair fibers alike in concealed small packets within the bottle. It is added for the reason of keeping moisture out of the bottles, which would in effect stop the product from working properly. As it is concealed inside the packet it is fair to assume that it is completely safe - unless of course it was torn open. There is no chance of inhaling this Silica and therefore the product is completely safe to use.

Since then I have started using another hair thickening fiber called The Mustard Bus Company Hair Fibers which also have Silica listed as an ingredient on the bottle. Same thing again - the silica was found in a small packet inside the bottle to keep the moisture out. These hair fibers are really great to use and like many others I was very pleased to find that Silica was not present in the fiber itself.

Silica in Toppik Hair Fibers


sk on November 08, 2019:

I have used this product for years and have NEVER seen a silica packet inside the containers, also this product is very fine and not comparable to sand which is much larger in size. Toppik gets everywhere in my bathroom when i use it. I find it on all the surfaces including my floor even after i have wiped down all the surfaces. It remains in the air till it settles out on the surfaces of counters and floors. You will for sure be inhaling this product into your lungs. When I am in the car and move my hair, I can see little fibers in the air when the sun catches it just right, You should know you will have coincidental inhalation of this product even with your best efforts to leave the room after applying it, and using hair spray to try to keep it locked down. I have developed a constant need to clear my throat and I am beginning to worry if this product my be the cause but everything I read says it is safe. I have done my due diligences to look for my self to find answers so i can make my own best decisions but can find any reputable information or research on toppik, including from the company. If this is a harmful product the company has the duty to inform their loyal customers so we can decide if lung cancer is worth it. I would say it is NOT. People and lives before profits, please be responsible. If this product is not safe it would be criminal to sell it!!!!!!!!

WJ on September 15, 2019:

Just because you found a packet of Silica in the bottle does not mean that silica is not used in the fibers too.

Setank Setunk on November 21, 2017:

Silica is harmful when it is ground or cut in it's common Quartz form. It is the crystalline fragments from these processes that cause respiratory problems; just as hexavalent chromium or asbestos. Silica is everywhere and in everything. Earth's crust is comprised mostly of Silica and Oxygen so there is little wonder why it is used in so many things. Silica is quite safe. Much of the sand on the World's Beaches are silica(crushed quartz) and glass, are safest form of containers are made from silica. I wouldn't worry about it.

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