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Sigma Essential Brushes vs. Bh Cosmetics Sculpt & Blend Brushes

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Hina is a College graduate from the Business Administration Program from Conestoga College and a professional makeup artist.

Read on to learn tips and tricks for choosing the right makeup brush.

Read on to learn tips and tricks for choosing the right makeup brush.

Which is your best purchase? Sigma Essentials or Bh Cosmetics?

Hi ladies! I am back with another helpful article for you guys! I have been using both of these brands for years now (with this I mean approx. 3-4 years). Let's just say both have been a good experience. The purpose of this article is to help you make your next purchase without any confusions. If you want to know the pros and cons for both, then please continue to read.

Brushes Comparison

Brushes Comparison

Who should be using the Sigma Essentials Kit?

Whenever I am about to make a purchase for my Make Up brushes, I always ask myself two questions;

  1. What is the purpose of the purchase?
  2. What is my budget? (How much am I willing to spend)

Once I define my purpose I begin to search for the brushes. This is how I landed on the Sigma Essentials Kit. This kit is for the use of both eyes and face. I recommend this for beginners who are starting out with their make up. If you are a professional make up artist and need to add to your collection, that works too! This kit is named, "essentials" because these are all the brushes you need for a beautiful make up finish.

How can Sigma Essentials brushes be used?

This kit includes:

  • F30—Large Powder Brush: Set you powder products. Blends easily.
  • F50—Duo Fibre: Use this to blend your foundation (cream, liquid, or powder)
  • F40—Large Angled Contour: This brush is perfect for blending your contour lines and also to set it. I also use it to apply my blush.
  • F60—Foundation: Apply your foundation with ease. It blends easily with liquid or cream foundation. I have applied my BB Cream with this and it works great!
  • E40—Tapered Blending: This is probably by far one of the best blending brushes for the crease. It works seamlessly.
  • E55—Eye Shading: Use this to apply your eye-shades over your eye lid.
  • E60—Large Shader: This can be used for the highlighter, underneath your eye-brows &/or it can also be used to apply cream shadow on your entire eye lid.
  • E70—Medium Angled Shading: Used to blend the crease or even as a eye brows highlighter.
  • F70—Concealer: Honestly, I never used this for concealing, but rather I use it for the inner corner of my eyes to highlight the eyes.
  • E05—Eye-liner: This is an amazing brush to use with gel eye liners and make that perfect eye wing.
  • E65—Small Angle: I use this to angle the outer corner of my eyes for my eye shadows. It gives it a perfect smokey cat eye effect with this.
  • E30—Pencil: Used to smoke out your shadows. Preferably, this is best to smoke out your top and lower lash lines.
Look at those strong handles :)

Look at those strong handles :)

Facts About Sigma Essentials Kit

  • The price of these are $160 on the website. Sometimes they have a promotion code where you can buy them for a discounted price.
  • Once purchased you also get a complimentary gift (with my package I received a travel size pencil brush)
  • The best option is to purchase them through eBay or Amazon, mainly because you will get quicker delivery. ( charges tax)
  • The bristles of these brushes are synthetic fiber. (usually companies use animal skin to make their brushes)
  • Brushes do not absorb the product on them. Great blending power.
  • The fiber are antibacterial, hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • The brush handle are made from lightweight wood material. They are super strong and Sigma guarantees that the lasting power is good.
Bh Cosmetics (5 Blending Brushes)

Bh Cosmetics (5 Blending Brushes)

Do Bh Cosmetics Brushes live up to the same quality as Sigma?

Lets talk about Bh Cosmetics. I first found out about them through YouTube beauty guru. The video convinced me to purchase them. As I said before, I am very skeptical when purchasing anything beauty related, that too online. I am happy that I gave this a chance because the quality of these are amazing. The sculpt and blend brushes are designed very carefully, keeping the purpose in mind. They are soft and blend beautifully. The brushes take the product as needed and the bristles don't absorb the make up. Overall, I am a happy camper!

Bh Cosmetics Small Blending Brushes

Bh Cosmetics Small Blending Brushes

Take a look at the quality not the quantity.

Like Sigma, let's take a look at what the Bh Cosmetics package includes,

  1. Round Blending Face Brush
  2. Angled Blending Face Brush
  3. Tapered Contouring Face Brush
  4. Flat Blending Face Brush
  5. Angled Contouring Face Brush
  6. Small tapered Contouring Face Brush
  7. Small Angled Face Blending Face Brush
  8. Small Flat Blending Face Brush
  9. Small Angled Contouring Face Brush
  10. Small Round Blending Face Brush
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You must be wondering why I didn't write the purpose of these brushes right after it's name? This is because if you really focus on the names of these brushes they are all pretty much the same. What I meant was that, all the big bristle blending face brushes can be used on bigger portions of your face such as, the temple of your forehead, the hallow of your cheeks, your jawline and possibly your neck. You can also use these brushes to blend your foundation and/or use it for a blush.

Meanwhile, the small bristle brushes are for small areas such as to define your eyes, nose, and chin. You can also use them to highlight.

Read ahead to see a sample of a YouTube beauty guru who effortlessly uses Bh Cosmetics brushes to define her face.

Beauty Youtube Guru's Insight on Bh Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend Brushes

Forever Nude Sculpt and Glow Contouring Kit

Forever Nude Sculpt and Glow Contouring Kit

Facts about Bh Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend

  • The original cost of these on the website is $30.00 and with week to week promotions they provide 10-35% off.
  • You can also wait for a bundle savings. I bought mine with the bundle savings as well. When I made my purchase it was with the Forever Nude Sculpt & Glow Contouring Kit. Therefore, this cost me around $20+shipping to Canada.
  • You can also purchase it through eBay and/or Amazon by placing the name of the brushes under the search bar. It will give you free shipping , no tax charges, and international shipping is always available.
  • These brushes are synthetic and easy to clean.
  • Make sure that you are avoiding water on the handles of these because otherwise if the water is absorbed inside the brush, you will end up breaking the handle. It is not the best material (trust has happened to me already, where I didn't completely dry the water when washing the brushes, I ended up chirping the black coating on the handles, after all its wood..and wood and water don't go together).
  • These blend easily as well and easy to use. I mean you can use the same brush for multiple purpose.

My Final Recommendations

I am going to give you my final recommendations. The table below summarizes everything that was written and you read.

Now the only difference between both is the purpose of the brushes. The Sigma Essentials include the eye make up application brushes and this Bh Cosmetics does not. However, you can purchase the "Eye Essential 7 piece brush set" for $12-$18 (depending on the promotion at the time of the purchase) which would still be cheaper. I have the pic of the "eye essentials" from Bh Cosmetics on the corner of this. You can always refer to it. :) In all, all the face brushes are the same and once you become a pro then you can use the Bh Cosmetics small contour brushes for other uses.

I want to be really honest and so I will tell you to purchase the Bh Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend brush set if compared to Sigma Essentials. My reasons are based on experience, expertise of use, and many other YouTube video reviews. If you are a beginnger and want brushes to work as a basic application for your make up, then why spend a fortune? Had I known about Bh Cosmetics before I purchase the Sigma, my only purchase would've been Bh Cosmetics.

I hope this helps and was informative enough to help you make your next brush set decision.

Amazon Deal On Sigma Essentials Kit

Final Comparison

 Sigma Essentials SetBh Cosmetics Sculpt & Blend

Price (Original Website) ($160+taxes) ($30 original)

Price (eBay)

$80.00 + Shipping ($10) on some

$21.95 + shipping on some

Price (Amazon)

$160 + free shipping (delivery in 3-4 days)

$24.00 + free shipping


Synthetic-no animal hair

Synthetic-no animal hair


12 Brushes (Both Face & Eyes)

10 Brushes (Both Face & Possibly eyes)

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Carla on May 26, 2016:

Awesome description!! This is the kind of review every costumer needs to read before purchasing anything, with honest and well explained points of view.

I will definitely give a try to bh cosmetics

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