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Tips for Going Grey Gracefully!

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Most ladies beyond 50 years of age will begin seeing gray hair. Some will find it difficult to let go of their original color, so they choose highlights, and dyes to keep their hair looking vibrant.

A survey shows the average woman spends around three hundred and thirty dollars a year on hair dyes and an overwhelming $50,000 on their hair over a lifetime.

At the point, when the cash gets the chance to be excessive, she ought to let her hair go naturally gray. She could save a lot of money by letting nature take its course, using gray hair conditioners to ease the transition to gray.

A reason to let go of dye, after years of coloring hair, it can feel dry, and the shine that her hair once experiences can turn into brittle, dull, and damaged, or she can encounter bad scalp irritation. On the off chance that she experiences at least one of these encounters, it’s time to end the hair color.


I am a middle-aged woman who never had a problem with her hair. For most of my life, I had healthy long hair. Until six months ago, I started noticing my hair thinning and sprinkle with gray strings.

Although I never had thick, coarse hair, my hair didn’t feel thin and unmanageable until I permit my beautician to talk me into letting her highlight my hair with color.

After expressing concern, I didn’t want my hair to become short. I research the cause of thinning hair to know it comes from perms chemicals and hair dye. I stop perming my hair and start going natural. Now, I am getting full control of my hair, and it’s on its way back to healthy again.

As a woman who refuses to stress further of thinning hair, a woman’s hair is her “Crowning Glory,” and losing it can make a woman devastated, and can take a toll on her self-esteem.

Ladies don’t stress; some products can help take care of thinning hair. Two things safe for the hair are to wash and treat the scalp. Washing the hair with the shampoo that has natural organic ingredients.

This shampoo will be delicate on your hair as well as, the scalp. Shampoo called Pura D’or contains DHT blockers and ingredients that can help with dry hair, and irritated scalp to restore thinning hair. Treat the scalp with a product called Trichotherapy, by Philip Kingsley. It is a scalp specialist that reduces hair thinning caused by chemicals or hair dye.


No matter what shade of color a woman’s hair, she’s likely a devotee who is looking for a unique look. A survey shows when a female sees gray. Approximately 90 percent of women dye their hair, and 89 percent desired to improve their appearance by turning to a hair color specialist.

There are various shades of hair colors that females feel need correction, but the most popular color women ask for is Blonde.

Five Things That Can happen when you Go, Gray, From Years Coloring Hair and What You Should Do.

1. When you finish coloring your hair, it will be and feel thin: the hair will appear and feel thinner because dying the hair makes the stand more volume and swells the cuticle. Also, hair dye leads to the illusion of depth and light in the air, supplying thicker and more body.

2. Hair Texture Will Change: Although texture changes in the hair are inevitable, it can be just for the better or worse, and depending on your natural hair can call the shot. The hair can become frail, or it can grow coarser as it recovers from the damaging of color.

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3. You’ll need a Hair Supplement: So, that your hair grows fuller and overcome the damage of coloring, you’ll want to invest in a natural vitamin supplement for hair loss. For some women in continually coloring, gray mean, thinning, brittle, or damaged hair. There is a fresh supply used to assist thinning hair in growing fuller and thicker, and most women will see the thicker hair growth and less fallout after using the best growth supplements, Viviscal.

4. During the First Two to Three weeks, Your Hair Might Have an Uncomfortable Moment: As you grow out your natural hair, that can mean an awkward air spotlight in the mid of waiting for your hair to come in. It may or may not happen, but if we do it to ease that awkward moment, it turns to semi-permanent gloss which will lessen the obvious in your hair and facilitate the transition to brighten your look.

5. Last, you’ll want a New Haircut and Style: Now that you are embracing your natural hair, it’s time for a bolder and sassier look. To gain that sassy and mature style that reflects your personality, you need a new haircut and style. Get the haircut and style that will have a long-lasting effect and go with your face’s shape.


Although most women fear seeing gray hair, some even have the thought gray hair will make them look old, but for the ladies who want to embrace their hair with an impressive silver style.

Below are three astounding gray hairstyles women will love, and people will examine and see a satisfied, intelligent woman. For an astounding silver style, they are so much more reliable than coloring. The styles that come with a silvery shade that is beautiful can be admired.

Three Astounding Grey Hairstyles Women Will Love

For a woman with shoulder-length Hair: center part with flip-out curls is the way to go. A celebrity like Farrah Fawcett wore the contemporary version of the center part of a flipped-out style. It works with a flattering face, and the haircuts are face-framing layers.


For a woman with mid-length Hair: You should get one of the trending classic bob haircuts. It is the best way to go. To get an exquisite, stylish that look good at mid-length, a classic that never goes out of style, you want a classic bow.

There are just so many ways to go with a bob hairstyle. You can wear a classic bob, the stacked graduated bob or lob bow; they all are an elite style to wear. Celebrity like Rihanna looks tremendous in this style as it will enhance the face shape. Plus, there’s no way you can go wrong or be an offense with a classic bob haircut.


For a woman with short-length Hair: The Choppy Pixie is part of the most popular hairstyles of 2017. Celebrity like Tyra Banks sport this style as it is a style that is attractive regardless of the color of the hair. It has not gone out of style and is pretty and effortless.

While one of the prominent benefits of going organic gray is no more harsh chemicals that can dry out and damage your hair and no more penetrating expensive coloring charges, but an affordable abundance of hairstyles you can rock healthy gray hair.

A study shows fifty percent of the population has approximately 50% gray hair at 50. Men usually find more grey hair than women. The three primary reasons you may have grey hair. One, Gray hair is a normal sign that you’re getting older. Two, its symbols that hair follicles produce slight amounts of a chemical and hydrogen peroxide that has been used to decolorize the air for a lengthy period. Three, gray is in your genes, and that is the reason you get gray hair earlier than most.


Welcoming your gray hair is not to say that you will have a limited hairstyle. It says that you are going on looking silvery fresh, taking inspiration from coloring to gorgeous gray and sophisticated hairstyles.

Although the survey shows, 74 percent of women say thinning hair affected them, it worried some, and others dread gray hair. If you fear you may fall into the 74 percent of women affected by thinning hair, there’s no need to worry. The marvelous news is if you read my guide to embracing the gray hair, you will be well prepared.

Also, after reading this article, you will get to keep your ashen hair under control, keeping it lively and lustrous. You can proudly wear different beautiful silvery styles and understand gray hair is a natural part of the aging process.

You choose not to be like some women who find it difficult to let go of the coloring of the hair; you are going gray gracefully.

Some people try to fight off the appearance of aging, but you accept that “You look great for your age” and gray is a statement in which society looks upon women as aging.

Last, the experience of embracing your natural gray can express you do not feel there is a horrible pressure on you to look youthful, and you can sport your gray hair and look more vibrant.

Grey Hair Journey: Transitioning to Grey Hair

What You Need To Know About Going Gray

Tips for what to do -- and what not to do -- to go gray gracefully.Why does hair turn gray? Ethnicity and gender play a role in going gray

Use special products just for gray hair There are special silver and violet shampoos that are specifically formulated to eliminate the brassiness in gray strands and lighten the silver.

As we get older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will become a more transparent color — like gray, silver, or white — as it grows. People can get gray hair at any age.

According to a 2011 research analysis published in The Dermatologist. African Americans begin to gray in their 40’s

Choose the right clothing colors Additionally, wearing vivid jewel-colored clothing (my favorite!) can help offset the cool tone of gray hair and make the overall effect brighter. Stop washing so much

Research has shown that human hair follicles that produce gray or white hair have higher levels of cellular damage caused by free radicals. In these follicles, melanocytes and melanocyte stem cells are absent. Without the pool of stem cells, the next round of hair growth proceeds without melanocytes, resulting in gray hair.

According to a 2011 research analysis published in The Dermatologist. Asians Americans begin to gray in their late 30’s.

Stop washing so much And in between wash days you can also lean on dry shampoo to absorb some of your hair’s natural (or sweat-induced) oils, visibly reducing the day-old appearance. This is particularly important for those of us who live in warm, humid climates — just be sure to use it sparingly! A little dry shampoo goes a long way.

The graying of hair is brought on by predetermined factors due to genetics. Stress typically manifests in hair loss or shedding, though it can result in premature depigmentation in those who have a predisposition to gray hair.

According to a 2011 research analysis published in The Dermatologist. Caucasians begin to gray in their mid-30’s

Why does the HAIR turn gray?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on July 13, 2020:

Hello ma45frost, thank you for reading and replying to my hub. Also, I am happy my article assist you to go grey gracefully. I look forward to hearing from you as you read other hubs.

ma45frost from USA on July 11, 2020:

Great info. It makes me feel better with my grey hair. Thank you.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on October 19, 2018:

Hey, Pam, you are welcomed. I want the women folk to copy you. Have a nice time. Thank you.

Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on October 19, 2018:

Thank you, Miebakagh for your views on women hair is beautiful gray. I agree. I don't have a lot of gray yet. But when it comes I am welcoming it and will not dye my hair.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on October 19, 2018:

@Peggy & @Pam, why should not naturally greying hair be so beautiful? Girls and young ladies are always applying grey colors, including silver, tan, and ash to the hair. Why are the girls imitating nature? The answer is beauty. Greying hair is indeed beautiful. Thank you.

Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on October 19, 2018:

Thank you, Peggy, for your reply, I also think gray hair is beautiful.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 19, 2018:

One of my grandmothers had completely white hair at the age of 35. I always thought that it was beautiful. For a few years only I let beauticians highlight my hair but I quit that decades ago. I personally think that grey hair can be beautiful.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on September 16, 2018:

Hey, Pam Morris, I like and welcomed the stand you take at the moment. It is not surprising that your beautician and this includes all beauticians, and manufacturers of hair products are after the money.

Bleaching the hair removed most of its natural pigments that give hair gloss, luster, color, and much more.

I am male and I have never allowed a dye on a little grey (as a result of drug injection by my surgeon) some 20 years ago on my hair. I always take good care of my hair naturally.

When the dyes fade, the hair gets dull and lifeless. It takes time for them to get its natural shots. Many thanks again.

Pam Morris (author) from Atlanta Georgia on September 16, 2018:

Miebakagh, thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my hub. I strongly dislike the dying of the hair as well. Most of my life I had long, healthy hair. But I allowed my beautician to talk me into letting her begin highlighting my hair with color along with the perm, not because I had gray hair, but because she shared my hair color was dull, and the highlights would give my hair life, shine and make the hairstyle stand out more. However, after years of perms and coloring my hair it begins to thin out. I notice it was thinning out and not only stop the highlights I started researching and stop perming my hair as well, and I went natural. Today, I love my hair it is being to feel healthy again, and of course, I see streaks of gray, but I still have beautiful hair and the gray blend in nicely. I will not use coloring or perms in my hair ever again.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on September 16, 2018:

Hello, Pam, I am male, now at over 63-years but approaching my 64 birthday on 5 December. I strongly dislike the dying of the hair. Women that grey naturally looks more beautiful to men. What is the use then of a young woman of 30-years wearing grey hair? I think this is absurd. Thank you.

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