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Should Men Wear Pantyhose?

Should Men Wear Pantyhose?

To wear or not to wear? Many men seem to really love pantyhose. Some admire women wearing them. Others not only love women in pantyhose but enjoy wearing pantyhose and stockings themselves. In fact, it now seems that with all the pantyhose and stockings being sold nowadays, at least half of the products are being purchased by men.

Why might this be? It seems hosiery sales have fallen off the past several years, with women shunning sheer leg wear and preferring the bare leg look. Up until the '90s, pantyhose was the number one selling clothing item. Now it seems, pantyhose for men, although not a mainstream clothing item seems to be gathering some popularity. Several companies have begun manufacturing and selling pantyhose made specifically for men.

Several years ago, I read an article in a major business publication about a company that created a product line of pantyhose for men. I had been wearing pantyhose pretty much my whole life, but all my pantyhose was presumably being made for women. I found this men's pantyhose to be fascinating. I wasn't the only guy wearing pantyhose. In fact there must have been enough men wearing pantyhose, where this company decided it was worth trying to capture this niche market. The next day I heard morning hosts on a radio program discussing the article in the business publication. A few months later I read about the same company in a magazine.

Several years later, while continuing to research this on the net, it also seems a lot of other companies are getting in on this possible men's pantyhose or legwear trend. There is even Chinese companies making pantyhose specifically for men. Is this an emerging new fashion trend?

A major business magazine recently did some research on men's pantyhose, calling the products "mantyhose" and "brosiery". They also opined that this could eventually become a very large business.

So why would men want to wear pantyhose anyway? For me, it's simply, I like them. I love how they feel and I'm impressed with how nice they make my legs look. Corresponding with other pantyhose loving guys over the years, many feel the same way about pantyhose as I do. Others like them for a layer of warm clothing in the winter. Others claim to wear them because they have circulation or other problems with their legs and they insist pantyhose help alleviate those problems. Still, for others, it's strictly fetish attire.

Should men wear pantyhose? I think it's up to the guy. If you like how they feel and look, by all means wear them. If they help alleviate leg pain, or give you that extra warmth layer in the cold months, it seems foolish to not wear them. If it's a private fetish and you get a thrill from wearing pantyhose, go ahead enjoy yourself.

How about wearing pantyhose out openly in public? Once again, that's a personal choice. I do it. I rarely go out bare legged. For others, if you decide to take this step and want to be at the forefront of a men's fashion trend or have wanted to do it for a long time, by all means give it a try. Just don't wear your pantyhose with extreme clothing and behave normally.


Clive Cussler on October 31, 2020:

Looking at pantyhose and over the thigh products is a bit frustrating. Why are the calling these products gay? I am so straight. I have nylon socks (knee highs) from Amazon they are not gay! Why are they charging so much for men's hosiery ? Sad. The nylon socks which might as well be knee highs kept my calves warm during a cold and rainy 4 day span. So i may just wear women' knee highs which are cheap by comparison. Wearing panties is one thing, but a nylon sock....basically knee highs shouldn't be a big deal.If my wife was gone or dead I would wear pantyhose. Sounds cold, but I would buy somethings a not worry about it .

Clive Cussler on October 27, 2020:

Winter is here early. I was spacey at work yesterday .I was daydreaming about wearing pantyhose (men's) again. I have some men's socks that are more or less knee highs. I want something that goes over the knee. Well why not go all the way to the waist? I do not want to look like or be a woman .I used to be a panty addict. Nylon on your body and your male genitals is beyond description. Why do men have to wear heavy uncomfortable clothing? Panties are the best thing I have ever had but I am married and that is history. Pantyhose for warmth and comfort shouldn't be frowned upon. We will never know how many guys wear or want to wear certain things .How many of us as boys or teenagers slipped on panties or panyhose??How many want a pantydrawer of our own?

Scoobie on October 01, 2020:

There shouldn't be any shame in guys wearing sexy pantyhose if they feel good wearing them with shear panties under them. I love wearing them at times during the cool autumn weather. They do feel so soft and comfortable and have no shame wearing them even, as a male. Luckily I'm in decent shape, don't have to shave my legs either and never have, the few times when wearing shiny pantyhose, sheer panties under them, over a long sleeve, back zipper leotard on Halloween. It's nice going for a doctors(female) appointment for a full medical examination on the eve of Halloween, knowing those sexy pantyhose and leotards wont be on me much longer, before being called into the examination room by the head nurse. It feels like I'm a loosing my kiddie security blanket, as the soft, snug layers of Halloween long sleeve leotard is unzipped and stripped off, shiny pantyhose and those sheer undies are peeled off too. My female doctor and nurse like my Halloween outfit a lot and don't mind undressing me completely and seeing all of my now excited male anatomy before being examined. It does feel very sensational and arousing, as a man wearing a sexy leotard with shiny pantyhose and sheer undies, especially when they are slowly and gently stripped off me.

Clive Cussler on September 28, 2020:

Well after work today I bought a two pack of pantyhose. Came home showered and put them on. Wife doesn't know. Preparing for winter. I couldn't stop wondering how they felt Hanes queen size. I am 5 11. 172

Before I buy mens tights or men's hose which is pricey. Five dollars.2 pair

I plan on telling her I am going to try something different then traditional long John's I am not getting turned on by this. It is a different thing for me then wearing panties.I don't care to.wear them again. There aren't men's knee highs or all the options I want .Sure I waiver who doesn't?

Clive Cussler on September 23, 2020:

I have been surfing around about the male pantyhose subject, and I am came up short .I am about to ask wifey if me wearing men's tights(pantyhose) was/would be OK with her? Underneath pants?

Clive Cussler on September 18, 2020:

I may buy some men's hose or just get some women's this winter .I haven't done this in years. Will they keep me warm ? sure thing. Will I enjoy them? Oh yea. there should not be a stigma with this, not the same as wearing openly. Wearing panties like I used to is different a taboo. I wear underwear that is so similar to panties because I really enjoy that feel,nylon,silkiness.I am sure many of you can relate.For those of us that are straight and married you can't just do anything that you want. Sigh.....

Clive Cussler on September 13, 2020:

European men are openly wearing hose.For me I wore them a few times in winter,I was addicted to panties which is different.Not a gender thing, a comfort thing.Hey you can't tell me that panties are not more comfortable then men's.I wear underwear very close to panties since I am married.Search Amazon you will find everything and anything.I bought some nylon long johns and would love to have some pantyhose also.Silky,satin and nylon fabrics just feel like they belong on my body period.

Richard Cruz on August 14, 2020:

I think tights/pantyhose are more suitable for men than for women. Women have more subcutaneous fat which provides warmth and give their legs a smooth appearance, while men don't and have a more skinny appearance and less resistant to cold. Tights/pantyhose provides an extra layer, thus adding warmth and smooth appearance to the legs, which men need more than women do. A layer of fabric is more of a necessity for men, while for women it's more of an optional decoration.

Scoobie on June 08, 2020:

I got to wear a girl's white one piece swimsuit with black pantyhose and tan colored panties (bikini style) under them. All three layers felt so good on me. I had to change including the swimsuit and pantyhose at our men and women's health club. I did balk as to taking them off, when two lovely ladies entered and began undressing me. I had such an erection from the nice fitting the girl's swimsuit and pantyhose, as the two lovely ladies slowly peeled the tight fitting swim suit off my upper male torso. one lady would say " time to shower, it's all coming off." I would blush and try covering my outlined hard penis under all three layers. After a lot of squirming, they had that clinging girl's one piece swimsuit down to my ankles and off, while the other lady slowly stripped the the black pantyhose down to my kicking feet, then peeled the pantyhose off one foot at a time. The feeling wearing a nice fitting girl's one piece swimsuit and especially those sexy pantyhose was beautiful, especially having them peeled down and off my male lower anatomy. I was only in the bikini panties now with my tickling hard on still snug and secure in the panties. I squirmed some more and kept blushing while both lady''s slowly uncovered my excited male genitals then striping them off me before being totally naked and very erect when they escorted my now naked male body to the showers. I then took a long warm water shower too.

Eddie Mguire on December 13, 2019:

A male friend of mine went to a men's nudist's sports club and all guys had to be in the buff. Much to the club member's surprise, he was wearing very snug denim jeans, shiny pantyhose with lycra nylon brief style panties underneath and under the jeans and clinging closely to the shiny pantyhose, a beautiful well fitting speedo swim suit over them. At the club, he was introduced to several men members wearing long white robes over their decent shaped bodies, as he didn't realize this was a real nudist club. Soon, he was told by a senior member that had to be totally naked to use the club facilities, when he was escorted by two other members to the undressing area in the locker rooms. He was very bashful as to being naked with all these naked guys and wearing all those sexy clothes. The senior guys looked him over, then telling to start stripping off all his clothes while they watched his new adventure into nudity begin. He was too embarrassed to undress, so they offered to help him, if needed or they will strip him. He still was embarrassed, so the most senior, now naked member would completely undress him. They took off his shoes and socks first, then his outside long sleeved shirt, then his under shirt, but still wearing the very snug jeans with his speedo swimsuit and shiny pantyhose underneath. He was told not to be so bashful as to what clothes he still on and being hard, it's expected to happen during his first time. Now his new naked adventure began, as his very snug denim jeans were slowly unsnapped and unzipped by the most senior club member His now fully outlined erection was showing under the shiny pantyhose with the tight speedo swimsuit over them. Soon his snug jeans were being pulled and tugged down, while showing more and of his tight speedo and pantyhose. The senior member and the other club members watching his plight really liked how nice and sexy he looked just in the pantyhose, but those have to come too before going into the gym. He could feel those snug jeans, slowly being worked down to his pantyhose clad legs and soon they were off, despite his childish resisting. Now just in the tight swimsuit and pantyhose, he tried covering his outlined hard on, as another senior member slowly untied the drawstrings of his tight speedo, while he continued his bashfulness as the tight swimsuit was stripped off and soon to be totally naked, when his clinging, shiny pantyhose and panties together were going to be slowly be peeled down and off him. Now he's completely naked for the club. It took more doing and time for the most senior guy to strip those shiny pantyhose and clinging panties down and off him while he pouted like a child, when both pantyhose and the clinging panties waistbands were firmly stretched and peeled off his erect penis. It was a really sensational feeling, with them slipping out of his crotch and now baring all of it. Now the shiny pantyhose had been down to his ankles and he's completely naked and erect for the nude club members. It was quite an adventure as the shiny hose and panties were slowly peeled from his feet, one leg at a time. He soon got many cheers from all the naked members watching his bashful first nude adventure joining the nudists sports club, but enjoyed wearing those well fitting and shiny pantyhose, yet not realizing they would soon be off him with the snug jeans and speedo over the shiny pantyhose. In the end he really enjoyed joining the club and began loosing his bashfulness to nudity.

Eddie Mguire on November 13, 2019:

Like Iv'e said before, I did get to try on Pantyhose, but feel they are better on lovely women. My favorite winter outfit, as always is wearing warm snug tights, long sleeve leotard with a back zipper. One of the nicest times wearing leotard and tights is at the doctor's office for an annual medical examination. I'll wear them with a long sleeve button up shirt and snug denim overalls, what I call my kiddie clothes. I'm usually the last patient for the day during the cold winter month and wearing my snug kiddie outfit with leotard, tights and lycra nylon undies under the tights. I'll have a change of clothes with me, loose long trousers with boxer underwear shorts to put on after my examination. it's so nice being in the exam room with a lovely nurse complimenting my winter kiddie outfit and telling me it all has to come off before the doctor(female) sees me. All I have to do is take off my shoes and socks and she'll do the rest. The examining doctor soon comes in and goes over my medical records and reminds me that all my sexy winter attire has to come off, before she leaves the exam room. The lovely nurse will close the large privacy curtain when she tells me to hold still while gently unbuttoning and opening the snug denim overalls. I do get aroused also, as she slowly undresses me layer by layer. Soon its all off with those warm sexy leotard, tights and undies and I'm totally naked and gowned while waiting for the doctor to return. It's a slow gentle, yet a somewhat enjoyable process for her undressing me and I loose all my warm snug kiddie outfit and leotards to two very lovely female medical professionals. I especially loved the tickling, snug and secure feeling wearing leotard, tights with clinging lycra undies, especially when they are being stripped off me.

Eddie mguire on October 23, 2019:

I just got a chance to try on pantyhose. They were a somewhat thick dark blue color, like tights with nylon lycra white, shiny panties underneath. They really felt great until it was time to take them off. She happily helped me out of them, slowly and gently she peeled the clinging sexy pantyhose below my waist, then a few extra pulls she had the soft tickling hose out of my very excited male privates, then slowly peeling them down my legs. I didn't want to take them off, as those extra soft and snug clinging pantyhose felt so good, warm and secure, even though they were meant for a lady. I didn't feel any shame as a guy wearing them, especially with the shiny tight lycra panties underneath. After she got the sexy pantyhose off me, the panties were next and despite being so hard in them, she managed to slowly and firmly peel those beautiful panties down and off me. The feel of the pantyhose and panties underneath really felt so nice, I can understand what a woman feels in just pantyhose with sexy panties underneath, especially when they are about to be stripped off them.

Eddie Mguire on October 13, 2019:

It's my favorite time of the year again Halloween! I' m dressed up in all pink colored long sleeve leotard with a back zipper, pink tights and soft snug pink panties under the tights. I also had large gray mouse ears with a long curled gray colored bouncing tail. Those pink Halloween leotard and tights felt so warm and snug. I liked wearing them as a costume than pantyhose, as I feel that pantyhose look and probably feel better on women, as they certainly look so beautiful in a sexy short skirt and semi sheer pantyhose with shiny nylon lycra panties underneath. My girl friend really likes wearing pink leotards as part of a costume too, as she really likes me being in all pink on Halloween and I certainly love wearing them. Our fun part comes when it's time for our Halloween outfits to come off. She will be wearing only her sheer tan colored pantyhose with sexy panties underneath, as she slowly gets me out of my leotard and tights. All I can do is squirm and pout while she has fun stripping them all off, layer by layer til she has me totally naked with a bouncing erection. As Halloween night draws to an end, I feel like a preteenage age boy loosing his security blanket, when my big gray ears are plucked off then the bouncing gray tail is unfasten and now the warm long sleeve leotard comes off, then the bright pink colored tights and finally the clinging pink undies are peeled off. Once she has me out of my pink leotards, it's her turn, as I slowly remove her costume and slowly peel her sheer tan colored pantyhose down and off with her sexy nylon panties and we are both ready for Halloween bedtime.

Eddie Mguire on September 28, 2019:

He;s in the examination room at the doctor's office still wearing his favorite tan colored leotard,brown colored tights and microfiber undies, when soon he's being stripped naked by lovely nurses for a full medical examination. His snug leotard with the shiny brown tights are slowly peeled off him and soon those clinging microfiber briefs are stripped off his squirming young male torso. He's finally naked, only in the long white hospital gown, while being examined by the sweet female doctor. He won't be wearing those sexy leotard with the shiny brown tights and clinging undies for quite a while after his doctor's appointment.

Eddie Mguire on July 06, 2019:

i ad a good opportunity recently when I got to wear tan colored tights with lycra panties underneath and snug pair of denim button up short shorts. over the tights. I felt so snug and secure in them. My lady friend really liked them on me, but it was time to put on pajamas for the night. despite my pleading and childish resisting, she managed to open the snug short shorts while slowly unfastening the stubborn buttons, then pulling those soft snug short shorts down and off me. I was just in tan colored tights and the clinging undies that felt so good, while still on me. Soon, despite my continual playful resisting, she had them off me, totally naked and ready for pajamas. She would give me lots of warm kisses and smiles while stripping off those snug denim short shorts, warm soft tights and finally the clinging lycra panties. It was great wearing them, especially with her taking them all off me and have no shame wearing tights and panties with undies and will wear them again soon instead of baggy pajamas.

Frank from Calif on August 19, 2017:

Sitting in my garage having a yard sale, wearing t shirt, cargo shorts, ankle socks and tennis shoes with Leggs medium support suntan pantyhose. A few looks, no giggles or pointing. A couple of lady's asked what I was wearing on my legs and I told them and why. They both said it was good I was taking care of my legs. One of them said good looking legs

Lucky0967 from UK on August 17, 2017:

Tights, leggings or others are unisex so just wear it as it much comfortable - like skirts or dress that ok to wear for men... I do wear leggings with long shirt and took dog to the park even at shopping like tesco - it went fine no problems I also wear black tights with women denim dungaree shorts or skirt it look nice also plenty of airflow.. so just wear it and it your body to wear...

Eddie Mguire on August 15, 2017:

I got to be a fun superhero, wearing bright blue color leotard and tights with red swim briefs over the leotards and light blue lycra bikini under the leotards for a special wintertime costume party. I wore them under my regular clothes to and from the party. I love wearing them, keeping me warm snug and secure. After the party, I got to stay overnight at my friend's house. His mother said that I will have to change into pajamas and regular underwear in the morning. I did feel embarrassed when she said she will help me out of my superhero leotards after she gets my friend out of his white bunny leotards he was wearing under his clothes too. We weren't quite ready to give up our costumes yet, as he and I also liked wearing those warm leotards as underwear. Despite being bashful about her undressing me, I certainly very good in my costume while still snug and secure in my superhero leotard and tights. My friend felt the same, telling me he goes through this process with his mom on Halloween several times, when he's wearing one of his favorite spandex costumes or as winter underwear too. He said to accept her kindness, you'll like it.

FrankM4449 on November 20, 2016:

I had to get an EKG for some minor surgery a few weeks ago. I went to the hospital for the test on my day off. The young woman doing the test asked me to remove my shirt as she started wireing me up at my ankle and asked if I was wearing nylon socks. No, I replied. I'm wearing compression hose for sore legs as I pulled open my shirt she saw the control top. She rubbed my ankle and smiled and said we can skip that lead and that she should be wearing hers too.

Eddie Mguire on November 18, 2016:

i had to go back to the Dermatologist for a for a further checkup and review how removed mole cuts in my body and leg were healing. I was still very nervous returning there and if any other possible caner was found. Again it was during the cold winter months and dressed in warm snug winter jeans with my favorite gray colored leotard and tights underneath. I also had my usual change of clothes boxers, baggy shirt and trouser for a quick change after the doctor's examination. It was considerable time in the waiting room and a busy day at the Dermatologist. I was finally called into the exam room by a pretty young and very professional nurse. She told me, I will have to totally undress again. I told her I was wearing leotards, when asked what underwear was under my clothes. Oh well, she said it all comes off and I'll have a gown for you. soon the doctor came in and went over my results, that fortunately were good. He left shortly after, telling me he'll do my examination, when i'm ready. Soon the nurse said she will help me get undressed. I did feel so warm and snug in my warm winter attire, especially my gray leotard and tights underneath. I slowly managed getting shoes and socks off, then getting the snug jeans unzipped, pulling them down and off. The young nurse gave me big smile when she saw the gray colored leotards underneath. She then helped pull off my jeans and shirt. She then had an awful paper gown to put on, once undressed. I didn't want to put it on and said I'll bear it all if she didn't mind. The lovely nurse said "let's get it all off now.", as she slowly unzipped the leotard back zipper. It certainly tickled and I wished the doctor and her could examine me while still snug in gray leotard and tights, but to no avail, as she gently peeled my arms from the clinging nylon sleeves, then slowly working it down my waist. She stopped a few minutes, asking if I wanted a gown, again me saying no, with the leotard half on and still snug in my lowers with the gray tights and white nylon bikini briefs underneath. I was now fully erect too, knowing I'll be soon loosing the snug and secure feeling in them and totally naked She then said "let's finish getting you ready before the doctor come back" while gently unsnugging the leotard while squeezing my legs. working it down to my ankles. I just blushed still in tights and clinging undies outlining my very excited penis, while she told me to relax and don't be ashamed or embarrassed, as she began pulling my tights down, showing the white microfiber bikini briefs, my last protective covering. It was a beautiful feeling for me when she got the tights down and off my wiggling feet, then slowly peeling off my last layer,the microfiber briefs, freeing my very erect penis and behind. Now I was totally naked, when she said"it looks like your'e still in good heath,"seeing my reaction to being naked with her. The doctor soon returned, seeing my clothes on the exam room hanger, with the still warm leotard, tights and rolled down undies on the floor. then seeing me with no own proceeded doing another full body exam with the pretty nurses help and finding all was well with me. I soon got dressed in my baggy winter clothes, thanking the lovely nurse for being so nice and helping me out of my warm snug winter clothes and leotards. It did make the re exam go a lot better for me also and told by both her and doctor that I made their long hectic day a bit brighter, but i did miss wearing my gray leotard and tights home from the doctors.

Tickle Terror on September 22, 2016:

Does anyone know the best pair of hose for compression? I am also afraid of being exceptionally turned on all day..thanks in advance for the info!

FrankM4449 on April 27, 2016:

When I first started wearing support pantyhose I never thought I go out in shorts "I have very fair skin and burn easy", the first couple times I was a little nervous in my hometown. But now when we go out of town I wear shorts. We go to malls, flea markets, swap meets. No one had said a thing to me or my wife. The only time someone has said anything to me was in my town at night. It was the first time out in public and my wife asked my to go to the store. After I got my stuff I got in line, the lady in front of me kept checking me out. She paid and left, I paid and walked outside and she was waiting for me. She asked me if I was wearing and what brand. I told her yes and Just My Size Run Resisant 4x nude for leg pain. She smiled and said nice legs.

C Kerstin on September 07, 2015:

Why shouldn´t men don´t wear pantyhose? Pantyhose are comfortable to wear and give a great feeling. There are many men who have discovered pantyhose for themselves. Nothing wrong with it. And I find my hubby in pantyhose much more sexy than in long johns. Some producers follow this trend and have brought to market pantyhose for men.

lingerielover on February 18, 2015:

shinyhose1, you are right about pantyhose. Wearing pantyhose is such a terrific feeling. As a teen I was just curious and tried pantyhose. Since then wearing pantyhose became natural to me. I am wearing pantyhose every day and love the feeling on my freshly shaven legs. Often I wear tan pantyhose with shorts. It almost goes unnoticed. Especially I love control top pantyhose. Would love to wear a skirt with my pantyhose instead of my suit at the office. But society is not yet ready for that.

shinyhose1 on January 31, 2015:

I wear the women's tights and pantyhose larger variety of colors and styles of course I love the shiny ones best of all

richelle on January 04, 2015:

I wear panty hose and love the way they fit and look. They also take the place of having to wear other heavy under garments in the warm weather. I use the support style one because of problems with my legs, and feel grate at the end of the day. You can get rather low priced ones that will look grate on you and feel so nice at the same time. My girlfriend got me to use them and I'm glad she did. We both wear them most of the time, she wears them to work, and when we go out some place special, I wear them under my paints, and look good no roll over at the top of my legs or stomach. They are made for both men and adies so enjoy them. Shinyhose1 you hit it right on the head.

shinyhose1 on November 04, 2014:

for sure men can wear under pants or shorts just wish could wear openly with shorts without public ridicule or name calling or being looked at like were are weird or freaks after all men worn first ages ago in history

Lucky0967 from UK on July 13, 2014:

Yes men can wear tights under trousers but best under shorts or denim shorts that ok as it clothing we like to wear also it help legs with number of reason like muscle, charfing, etc.. most online do sell tights for men as demand are soar, i do wear black tights under denim shorts or dungaree shorts ( i usual like women style denim shorts cos it look nice) that make me comfortable also men can wear leggibgs as well i don't see any problems, none of people business.. i do have some support tights cos if sit too long that high risk of blood clots. Just keep wear and have good fun.

a lady on July 12, 2014:

Hey Jim I have some input for you since I know you not only as my best friend but also my only intament partner that I love very much. Public is that what you want to do? Wear them in front of the world and show your pride. Don't worry what people say hunny. I don't care and won't give a crap about dirty looks from others and ride remarks about what you wear. those people who are judgemental just don't know what they are missing or they are just haters againts all who r panty hose explorers that except who they are and are damn proud of it. The haters are just insaqure And ate jeolous of the real men who take pride in what they enjoy. Jim rock on I will support u no matter what. Wear those hose on your body like they have always been there and don't worry i will support and love you for all your kinky hose wearing and erotic play. Love u jim

Tom on July 10, 2014:

Absolutely men should wear pantyhose if they like to. Pantyhose, nylons, or tights are becoming more of a common clothing accessory for men. I think it is great that more men are becoming more comfortable wearing them in public. It was very hard for me when I started to wear them in public. As I continued to do so I became more confidant and realized that most of my fear was eroding, and I found that most women were cool with it and some men and women thought it was weird. That was ten years ago. Today I wear nylons almost every day and I get compliments about two times a week. The key is to dress normal and not try to draw attention.

Michael on July 02, 2014:

Hello all. It's been quite sometime since I've shared or commented. At this very moment I'm taking advantage of my day off, laying in bed with the very same pair of pantyhose I slept in. I was blessed to have found a pair that my wife wore for the past few days and slept in as well on my pillow as I woke up. As I'm inhaling her scent, I wanted to share this truly blissful moment with all of you. I'm very fortunate that she feeds my fetish and enjoys as well. Pantyhose sex is our norm for she's encased 24/7. I stressed quite some time ago, that she wears so much that we began to sell hers. We've made thousands of very happy friends. Some not so lucky to experience such pantyhose pleasure first hand. Would love to hear from others. thesexymylf at aol dot com visit her site at buymyusedpantyhose dot com.

Frank from Calif on June 27, 2014:

Pantyhose plus, great Hub. Does anybody else wear girdles over their pantyhose? I wear P/H to help with my legs, but lately my lower back has been hurting me and my Velcro back support does not stay in place. My wife wants me to try her girdle for support when she picks it up at a friends house where she changed. My question is can I wear P/H and a girdle or if it helps my back should I buy girdles with the stocking clip things?

shinyhose1 on June 25, 2014:

yea small town here closest thing to wearing out is shorts hose and sneakers cutting my grass or sitting on my porch I just don't need public ridicule and name calling wish I could wear openly. when out I wear jeans over my hose

jim murray on June 23, 2014:

I wear pantyhose 24 7 since I about 10. For me I love the feeling how they look. I have been wanting to go out in public but I live in a small town to. Have

been getting braver though going out front of my house in my pantyhose and shorts. One day I was on the porch in my pantyhose and shorts. My stepdaughter came home from high school. She looked surprised but did not say anything to me.

I was nervous but played it off. Really want to get past these feelings an just go out in the world an say look at my pantyhose. Any input on this I would welcome.

shinyhose1 on June 15, 2014:

I wear pantyhose all the time to me its just a piece of clothing I wear love the look of my legs when I wear the support and the warmth on cold days not a fetish by all means I just love wearing

Anon1 on May 19, 2014:

Like the article.

I am a straight male who likes to wear hose anytime I can. So have found out that I can get mine from Brightlifedirect, where they sell compression hose of nearly all types and sizes for men and women. I choose the women's thigh-high lace top light compression stockings. They wear just as good if not better than regular hose and I love the feminine lace stay-up tops. They also last longer than regular hose if you don't put them in the dryer after hand washing them. I do need the compression hose, and have a great excuse to my wife for wearing lacey thigh top hose. She's not happy, but slightly agrees to me wearing them for support. Best of both worlds I think. Just wanted to pass on some information to us hose lovers out there. ;)

Frank from Calif on April 26, 2014:

A year ago I bought a pair of mantyhose to tryout. I liked the fly opening, but not the price for something that last as long as womens. I'll just keep wearing womens pantyhose.

Bobbieboogie on April 25, 2014:

I wear pantyhose regularly under my pants for leg support. I do shave my legs for a smooth feeling. Pantyhose makes me feel sexy when wearing them! What can I say, it 's a fethish!

Frank from Calif on March 19, 2014:

Like I put in another page, pantyhose with my wife was a once in a while thing, but now that it is helping my legs it's ok. I think I surprised her when I came home from the lingerie store with a pair one day and 7 more pair from Walmart the next. I think she thought I wouldn't buy my own. I don't like the medical compression hose, had to wear a pair when I hurt my knee in my teens, and hated it. Like a lot of you I used put on my moms when I was younger when she was at work, loved the feeling. Now I wear them 24/7 no more men's underwater for me, just control top panty hose. Buying different ones from the store to see what brands I like then I will buy online

Frank from Calif on March 15, 2014:

I used to wear panty hose for the silky feeling, but today I wore them to work " I walk about 5 miles a day at work and my legs are not as sore. In fact they feel great

Tom on February 26, 2014:

I wear support pantyhose when I know that I'll be sitting for long periods. If it's warm, I wear shorts over them.

Lucky0967 from UK on February 21, 2014:

Tights for me to replace boxer shorts and socks that make easier in all in one and yes it feel so good on legs skin, i do wear tights for protect my leg muscle, nice with shorts or denim shorts that ok as it unisex as online store sell tights for men as demans are soar high. Remember people going to hospital for op and wear white stocking that for protect blood to stop from blood clots that why tights help to flow smooth as heart pump blood too fast to and from legs included valve.. very important

golfer10 on January 25, 2014:

I too wear compression pantyhose in 30-40. I have opaque and sheer. I prefer the sheer, but wear the opaque to work. this is because I don't wear socks over them. The sheer ones are unbelievable under jeans. I have gotten over worrying about how my ankles look when in jeans, but probably will never go out in shorts.

Mike on January 19, 2014:

I now wear compression pantyhose and thigh high stockings with the elastic band to hold up. I have edema following both knee replacement surgeries. My surgeon told me I will have to wear for a long time. Trurh is I have loved the feel of nylon sheer stockings and pantyhose since I was 10, wearing my mothers. I never wore much except when I could be alone. So it was rare. Now with the support of my wife, it is no problem to wear. Living in the Upper Midwest, they keep me warm in the long winters. They also help keep my legs energetic. I love the soft sheer natural ones. Most important they help with circulation in my claves and knee. I will likely have to wear in the summer and not sure I will wear with shorts in public, but with each passing day the past month I know I will be a lifetime wearer. Since I started wearing full leg compression hose a month ago, I have increased my inventory to 4 pairs of pantyhose and 2 pairs of thigh high stockings, one with lace tops. I know there are increasing brands made for men, but I still like wearing hose made and marleted to women. I think it brings out a feminine side in me I didn't know I had. I love pantyhose and stockings. Love this forum

flannelman on December 03, 2013:

I also wear pantyhose or tight's. I don't shave my legs so most of the time i wear the tight's to hide the hair. Many times i'll put on a pair of silky mist shinny pantyhose over the tights just to give a more sheer look. Over the years i have found mixed out comes by women. Some aprove of men in pantyhose others don't.

Most don't since we are brought up as a child that men's clothe's. are men's. And women's clothe's are for only women. What strikes me most about this is if you see a women wear a man's shirt it's ok.

Or if a women decides she'd like to wear a man's suit and tie this is ok with everyone.

It appears to me is, as humans we are followers. We will do as others say to do.

Or in this case wear only what is said ok for women and men to wear. Some how we all forget that it's just clothe's. Let's take a look at what men do have that most of us say ok too for a man to be sexy.

Ok 1.. undies with elephant trunk and ear's.

You have to be kidding me really. I don't think so. 2.. silk boxer's .. come on ladies really.. no ...not sexy.. ok 3.. g string bathing suit for men and a tie only.. again no not sexy.. ok 4.. a silk robe women find sexy for men , really you fn kidding it's a robe... i have more but you get the idea.

So no wonder why most men prefer sexy items of women's line of clothe's since they are sexy..and that's ok in my book.

Pantyhose Plus (author) from Long Island NY on January 30, 2013:

If you are a true pantyhoser, living the lifestyle and enjoying the experience, hairfree legs are a must. I've used Nair and similar products. I didn't like them much. They did work good for removing hair. It just took long, I didn't like the smell and sometime I got what i guess could be considered chemical burns. I've found a slightly dull razor works best. I shave in the shower. It's fast, easy and neat.

I have problems with heels too. Walking in them is challenging, but I like how they enhance the appearance of my legs so I wear them occasionally.

I find wearing pantyhose comforting, relaxing also, and of course fun. I hope now that your wife knows you wear pantyhose, she will be accepting and maybe even have a little fun with you with both of you wearing.

Pantyhose Plus (author) from Long Island NY on January 30, 2013:

That's excellent Michael. When I think of all the used pantyhose I've thrown away over the years that maybe I could have sold, it makes me wonder how much money I threw out over the years.

I enjoy wearing pantyhose while chating too. It definitely heightens the experience. In fact, not surprisingly, I'm wearing a pair now.

fashionseeker on December 22, 2012:

Today I removed the hair completely from my legs with Nair for probably at least the 20th time since I've been wearing pantyhose more. I bought a pair of black sheer energy pantyhose earlier today. I have short firm legs, so I usually buy size B, which fits tight enough to feel like the hosiery is molded to my waist, hips, legs, knees, and toes.

One thing I've noticed after using the Nair is the sweet scent it has left on my skin, and as a result, my pantyhose after showering.

I'm just a normal guy with mostly typical male instincts, but I must admit the sweet aroma on my legs and pantyhose from the Nair is making me a little more feminine feeling at the moment.

I like wearing pantyhose with the panty built in. I dislike wearing most underwear since most briefs become baggy and gradually lose elasticity. I HATE socks most of the time since my feet usually develops a problem of athletes foot.

I wear different color pantyhose on occasion. I wear pantyhose mostly under long pants and shoes since I live in a small community where everybody knows everybody. I am experiencing wearing skinny jeans and pantyhose.

I don't like wearing high heels. High heel shoes are hard on the feet, plus the shoes are hard to walk in. I do, however, wish it was acceptable for males to wear ballet flats. These shoes are the most comfortable shoes in the world to walk in. Ballet flats feel good and look good when pantyhose is worn.

I can't explain why I feel such a desire to wear pantyhose. When my life gets stressful and I'm filled with frustrations and anger, I feel as if wearing pantyhose brings out a sense of joy and overall happiness and confidence. It brings out a soft side. I actually feel better about myself at these times than I do living by the expectations and dress code norm that our society has branded into our culture. Clothes for the male are hideous. Clothing designers have insulted the male anatomy, and is making increasingly great strides to disgrace the female anatomy.

On a separate note, after I took my pants off just a little while ago to settle in for the night, I was going through my closet to see what to wear tomorrow. I try not to reveal myself wearing just a long sweater-feeling top which looks like an extremely short dress over my waist to toe pantyhose. The bedroom door opens and I immediately run across the separate half of the bathroom area from the closet area to the other separate shower/vanity area that has its own door. Just as I partially get in the room to not be seen, the main door to the bathroom area opens.

"I know what you're wearing," my wife said. There I was wearing jet black sheer energy pantyhose with nothing but a long sweater top. She already knew that I wore pantyhose in the past.

I'm really glad this happened. I won't have to hide my pantyhose when getting washed. I may venture into ordering some extremely nice pantyhose.

Michael on December 21, 2012:

Thank you Pantyhose plus. Recently I've expanded my fetish. My wife wears daily and having been out of a job, I found several friends online that desire used, well worn pantyhose. So with her permission, I've been selling hers. The feedback has been overwhelming. So many men and women ave supported the cause, and have heightened their experience by not only wearing hosiery, but rather wearing hosiery that has been previously worn and has another's scent. I wear while chatting and it heightens the entire experience.

Pantyhose Plus (author) from Long Island NY on November 22, 2012:

Marsha, up until I was in college I hadn't dressed in anything but pantyhose and stockintgs. I had been wearing them my whole life. In college I dressed up for parties and really liked the experience. I would do it again if I had a chance to.

Pantyhose Plus (author) from Long Island NY on November 22, 2012:

Michael, sounds like your story is not too much different from mine and many other pantyhose enthusiasts. I look forward to more of your story and experiences and sharing more of mine with you.

Pantyhose Plus (author) from Long Island NY on November 22, 2012:

Michael, sounds like your story is not too much different from mine and many other pantyhose enthusiasts. I look forward to more of your story and experiences and sharing more of mine with you.

Marsha on September 13, 2012:

I find nothing wrong with wearing stockings, or pantiehose. I myself wear a dress, slip. bra,wig, makeup, and high heeled shoes, on occasions. Wear what you like, if people don't like it, that's there problem.

Michael on May 04, 2012:

I believe that you only live once and if it's something you enjoy, you shouldn't deprive yourself. As a young boy I discovered hosiery for my mother wore. I was attracted to the way they made her legs look, they made them blemish free, the suntan look was flawless. I never really noticed when she slipped into them, nor when she took them off. One day I noticed a brown clump on the floor on her side of the bed, as I approached for a better look, I bent down and picked them up not realizing just how soft and sensual they actually were. I began to pay better attention and gradually she knew none the wiser that I was intrigued by her silky hosiery. I watched her numerous times as she sat on the end of her bed, and stretched the silky nylon over her toes, encasing her feet, up her legs, flattening the bush of hair between her legs as she worked the nylons all the way up. Curiosity grew as I aged still very much intrigued when she wore and I realized that looking at her while dressing, wearing or undressing left me with a feeling that I've never felt before, and only felt when in her pressence. I'd love to share more about my first time wearing, getting caught, explaining, acceptance, the development of my fetish, high school and the marriage to my beautiful wife, the confession that I made, and where I am today and how my experience helped me be who I am. email me thesexymylf@aol.com

Pantyhose Plus (author) from Long Island NY on April 03, 2012:

I've worn stockings and pantyhose ever since I was 4 years old. My mother was OK with it and supported me by giving me pantyhose and stockings to play with. Wearing pantyhose in the house and to bed at night was a regular everyday thing with me.

Around 13, I started thinking, it would be nice to wear pantyhose outdoors. It wasn't until I was 17 that I gave it a try at the urging of an ex girlfriend. I was incredibly nervous at first. I thought everyone would notice and it wouold be terribly embarrassing and humiliating. No one seemed to notice. In fact is was several months before I definitely did get noticed.

I was wearing pantyhose and shopping for pantyhose. A girl nearby noticed my legs, liked what she saw and asked if I was wearing pantyhose.

In addition to just liking to wear pantyhose for how nice they feel and how they make my legs look, I enjoy the attention and compliments I have received over the years.

jafruminc from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on April 02, 2012:

I agree wearing pantyhose is a choice and you should be confident if you already made up your mind of wearing it.

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