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Shoes That Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe


Different Types of Shoes

We have got different types of shoes that every woman should have. These are, the heels

  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Flat shoes
  • Flats

1) Flats

Flats are the very most vasetile and a lot of people tend to reach them the most. Usually they are the most comfortable. When it comes to flats, when you are to choose one type, I would recommend you pick a pointed toe flat. It is more feminineand it makes the shoe look more expensive and high end.

Another type of flat that every woman should own is a good loffer. Loffers never really go out of style. Gucci recently even made them more popular. They are way more comfortable and even affordable.
Find a good flat sandal that you love wearing. Look for designs that you love and look for a good one that is very comfortable. Get them in a caple of shades and when summer comes they will be readily available.

2) Heels and pumps.

The key is to find comfortable pumps.
You at least need them in black and nudes. To some women they are the most loved since they are comfortable.
You also need the good strappy sandal heels.
Have them in black and nudes but again, they come in different colours that you can choosefrom. Don't go for too high or too low types. Should give you some elevation and easier to walk in. You can choose the leather or suade.
These pointed toe simple shoes make you feel beautiful.The colours should be chosen based on the outfit that comes with it or whatever makes you happy. When choosing shoes, ensure that they fit so well with a lot of comfort. Don't try to fit in shoes that are too small or too big. Small shoes can make your legs to blister therefore causing pain when worn.


Slippers, Heels and Boots

3) Summer slippers .
The bedroom household soft soled sandals and slippers can also be used as beach shoes.
4) High end wedding shoes.
The shoes can also be worn for parties and clubs.Gold and silver does it perfectly with a black dress. Ensure that the colour of the shoes matches with the dress, pants or skirt . The high end shoes can be worn with official and casual outfits.

5)Hot wedge shoes, ladies sandals with buckles
Buckled shoes give your feet breathable, comfortable and stylish look. Comes with comfort especially on hot or summer seasons.Get your favourite colour and design.
6) Boots
Boots should be on your lists of must haves.Pointytoe boots are cool for latest fashion looks. Take on black or white colour which is so stunning. You can put them on when it is rainy and muddy. Boots are so easy to clean with amazing reputations.

7) Ankle boots casual high heels shoes.

Lace up buckle short boots are suitable for your classy look. Can be worn with tight pencil jeans to bring out a feminine look. The boots can also be worn with shorts, mini jeans skirts or shirt dresses. The are very comfortable and casual in style.


8) Lace-up zipper ankle boots .

The lace-up boots are cool for party and club wear, giving you that girly look. Lace up boots can be worn with shorts or shirt dresses as well. Choose an inch that you like and blend it with a bright colour dress or short. Flower patterns are also cool with plain boots.

9) The pumps.

Another beautiful look from the high heels are pumps. Pointed toes buckled strap high heels pumps are suitable for work or official and casual wear. Put them on with dresses or skirts to bring out a nice look.
10) Transparent high -heeled shoes.

These types of shoes can be worn with fold up trousers or official and casual skirts. You can go for the apricot, black, white or brown colour that brings the blend of your skin.

11) Peep-toe high heels

Want to go for a party and club? Go for the cutest pumps peep-toe high heels. Thin heels sexy party shoes are fit for the fantabulous party. Pick a classy looking colour of black,silver, white or gold and match it with the right outfit.

12) Wedged sandals.

Wedged sandals are a must do type of shoe for a woman. Can be worn on official, casual or business meetings. Suitable for summer or weekend getaways wears along the beaches.

13) Sport shoes or sneakers.

Tennis shoes and sneakers can be worn out on casual or daily workouts. Adidas original sneakers are good because of the quality and goes with a pair of jeans.
When you go working out in the gym or having your morning and evening run, well the best shoes to put on are the sport shoes. Choose some breathable material made sports shoes that are fashionable.

14) Gym sports shoes.

Blend the colour with gym wear tights to bring out the sporty fashionable look on you.

15) Fashion Boots

Low heel boots, flat shoes and sneakers perfect wear for your casual feminine look. Choose a nice colour white,black,pink or any great colour that matches your outfit.

13) The platform

Ladies, you got to have one of these must have shoes- the platform! Platforms are cute for summer, official or casual look.


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Millicent Okello (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on April 01, 2021:

Peggy woods

It's true that comfort is better than any other thing. It's also good for your health.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 31, 2021:

At my age I now wear comfortable shoes and avoid high heeled ones. Safety and comfort now trumps fashion for me.

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