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Shoes: The Strange and Unusual!

As our world grows more unique, diverse, and even somewhat quirky, there becomes more of a demand for the strange and unusual. I, like many women, love shoes, handbags, jewelry, makeup, etc. that are different from the common fare.

There are, however, just some things better to look at than to try and wear! I was only going to include photos of shoes being worn, but changed my mind when I saw some of these that I just cannot believe are even wearable!

These are not in any particular order, and I cannot even begin to pick a favorite. From the strange, gothic-style vampire-like shoes to the more traditional, pretty flowery ones, there is something here for literally everyone

I don't think any man would want to get a kick outta these lol!

Yikes! Anyone wearing these would need to be very careful. And if you happen to see someone wearing them, be sure not to say the wrong thing! These could put your eye out or leave you feeling like you have been attacked by a particularly savage porcupine! They bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "spiked heels!"


Let's get racy! These might not be high heels, but they are definitely a bit on the unique side and a bit zany for the quirky side of fashion. Can you imagine someone in an office environment trying to pull of wearing these with their professional-looking business attire?

I once saw a young woman in a purple dress walk out of an office where she worked and thought upon first glance that she was in a very cute and stylish outfit. However, as I looked at all of her attire, I noticed she had on shoes that made these little race cars seem all the normal wear! She didn't look at all out of place or seem to be dressed silly. Who says you or I cannot be daring and do it?

I wouldn't have a dress to match!

I thought these a bit "boxy" but cute in a strange sort of way! These could pair with almost anything and have people chattering about you! With the right handbag, these little squarish shoes could be pulled off easy! These, I believe, are definitely wearable! I would not be surprised to see someone like Lady Gaga wearing them on one of her normal days. (Does she have normal dress days?)

I'm not really sure what to say

These little strange cuties make me think of the Harajuku girls in Japan! I could see them being worn in that fashion district though the people there might think they are a bit tame! Still, the girls there tend to go with some bright pinks and whites, so these make me think of them.

While they look like they might be a bit uncomfortable, you might actually be surprised. They are not at all uncomfortable as they are made of softer materials to make it easier for standing and walking. If you're going to walk around a fashion district just to be seen, these would would be great as they are not to high or low.


These look so delicate, but if you look closely, you can see the outline of the harder plastic they are made with in the heel area. I am not sure they would be too comfortable, but any bride wearing these would have the most unique, dainty, and beautiful dainty shoes possible. I would think these would go beautifully for many occasions or even just as a nice shoe to wear in the spring and summer.

These beat any Goth Shoes I've ever seen!

I am going to step out on a limb here and just say "OUCH!" While these shoes would definitely catch some attention, I think they might be a little more than a conversation piece. By all means, if you find these shoes, make sure the garlic isn't real, It might offer less protection against vampires, but it will be much better smelling in the long run! You should also make sure not to walk on grass, or you might find yourself stuck to the ground. I thought they used the perfect fake leg for these strange but cool kicks!

Here are an array of shoes that I found interesting and odd. Some of these are just great for showing off when out and about while some might just be staying in so as not to fall down a flight of stairs! Because after all, as we all know, fashion begins before you ever walk out the door!

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Those Unusual Shoes!


Katharella (author) from Lost in America on May 22, 2011:

Hi Cori, those are the tip of the ice burg! While fun yeah, you can see them at a lot of Goth gatherings (Like the garlic ones) but yeah people actually do wear them, anyplace you find women who like to dress in the unusual, you'll find shoes like these! I've actually been meaning to add to this hub as I've found a few stores that only carry these types of shoes! I'll stick with the pretty normal myself lol :) Thanks for stoppin' in!

Cori on May 22, 2011:

Omg, I can't believe such shoes actually exist. Quite fun to watch, but who would actually wear those?

JG the IGNITER from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals on January 10, 2010:

I absolutely love the first flower high heels! I want me a pair! Where do you get a pair of those?

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