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Sexy Women's Corsets

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Model Kitten Von Mew Wearing a Black & Antique Gold Victorian Crest Jacquard Long-LIne Underbust Corset with Matching Ruffle Bra by Electra Designs; Photo Courtesy of Electra Designs

Model Kitten Von Mew Wearing a Black & Antique Gold Victorian Crest Jacquard Long-LIne Underbust Corset with Matching Ruffle Bra by Electra Designs; Photo Courtesy of Electra Designs

Tight Lace Appeal

The alluring mystique of a woman's figure has been poetically depicted in various forms of art and literature throughout time. And what item is not more seductively suitable to enhance and accentuate the feminine shape, than a sexy, tight laced corset! No other garment in fashion history has ever made such a lasting impression! While other trends have come and gone, the enticing magnetism of the corset has transcended time and thus remains a must have for every woman.

When a woman wears a corset, she develops a delightful sense of empowerment! It allows her the freedom to express the sensual and creative part of herself that may not be visible if she wore anything else!

From brides to bedrooms, sexy women's corsets are extremely versatile and can be worn for many different occasions. Additionally, petite, average and even plus size women will look absolutely gorgeous wearing one.

However, before we get into the benefits of wearing a corset and view some sexy corset styles that are best suited for your particular figure, one cannot venture into corsetry without at least knowing some of it's naughty little history. So grab yourself a delicious glass of your favorite vintage and join me now for a brief exploration into the sinful past of the corset.

"Payre of Bodies" Circa 1720 Courtesy of Wikipedia

"Payre of Bodies" Circa 1720 Courtesy of Wikipedia

Short Stays Circa 1803 Courtesy of Wikipedia

Short Stays Circa 1803 Courtesy of Wikipedia

Victorian Corset 1890 Courtesy of Wikipedia

Victorian Corset 1890 Courtesy of Wikipedia

Fashions in Corsets and Lingerie 1900-1950

Brief History of the Corset

While early civilizations such as Crete, Egypt and Assyria often illustrated corseted women in their carvings and pottery, the Romans used tight lacing of the corset as a means of dominance over slaves. demonstrating their low class status and subjugation. Early Christians took tight lacing a step further as they bound their waists as a form of penance for their sins. They often accomplished this with rope so tightly wrapped, that it cut into their flesh.

As of the 15th century, corsets were worn tightly laced to portray the hourglass figure. Surprisingly, this was done by both men and women alike. The bodices of the corsets were strengthened with whalebone, wood and in some cases, wrought iron. The tight lacing trend continued into the 18th century thereby causing both women and men to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

During the Victorian Age, a woman's desire was to be married before the age of 21 years and have a waist size smaller than her age. Corsets were laced so tightly that women would suffer numbness in the lower part of their bodies and legs and frequently have fainting spells. It was considered a disgrace to show discomfort when wearing a corset in public and even more distasteful in the presence of the maid who usually laced the woman into the corset. Even during sleep, Victorian woman slept in a night-time version of the corset to maintain their desired waist reduction that was achieved during the day.

Corsets were also an acceptable method of torture. Unfortunate young girls were often figure trained by being hung onto overhead bars while maid and mother pulled in the laces. Extra long corsets were a favorite method of discipline for rebellious young ladies. At times metal screws were used to tighten the laces and a stocking needle would be placed into the busk to help improve posture. Any time the young girl would begin to droop her head, she would get a sharp prick to the chin.

After the First World War, the fixation for tiny waists gradually departed, and a more natural figure with less restrictive undergarments was restored. This was in direct correlation with the growing emancipation of women in society during that time.

Model Angela Ryan Wearing Electra Corset Black Satin w/ Hot Pink Piping and Bows;

Model Angela Ryan Wearing Electra Corset Black Satin w/ Hot Pink Piping and Bows;

Photographer Amy Rivera;

Photographer Amy Rivera;

Benefits of Wearing a Corset

A corset that is well-designed and fits properly can instantly transform a woman's figure. It will give her a smaller waist and provide her with a provocative, out-swelling of the hips. It gently pushes up the breasts making them magically appear firmer and fuller! It gives one an intense feeling of sexuality and sensuality as it is worn, promoting a woman's ultra-feminine nature, while accenting her best feminine curves!

Lacing into a corset can be an exquisitely sensual experience. It almost gives one the sensation of being tightly embraced by another! Corsets give every woman a natural hour glass figure while creating a marvelously erect posture.

If worn as outerwear, curious onlookers will be intrigued when a woman enters a room wearing a corset. She appears confident, assertive and delightfully seductive. Every eye will be gloriously upon her as she moves about the room, captivating those who observe her!

If worn in the bedroom, a corset can provide an extra boost for an otherwise fading love-life! It can be playfully used in the act of role-play or as a prelude to lovemaking as he participates in either lacing the woman into the corset or out of it, whatever suits his fancy!

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For those of us with less-than-perfect figures, being in the buff in front of a lover may be a point of concern. In this type of situation, a corset would be a perfect alibi, so to speak, as it does not necessarily have to be removed during the act of making love. This will allow a woman to continuously look and feel sexy. She may even allow you to keep the lights on, fellas, as she knows she looks divine!

Model Angela Ryan wearing an Electra Design Corset; Photographer Shannon Brooke;

Model Angela Ryan wearing an Electra Design Corset; Photographer Shannon Brooke;

Model Kitten Von Mew Wearing a Peach Dupioni Silk Long-Line Underbust Corset with Matching Ruffle Bra by Electra Designs; Photo courtesy of Electra Designs

Model Kitten Von Mew Wearing a Peach Dupioni Silk Long-Line Underbust Corset with Matching Ruffle Bra by Electra Designs; Photo courtesy of Electra Designs

The Best in Custom Corsets

When choosing a corset that best suits your figure, I find that custom corsets designed especially for the individual wearer are best. I have viewed many beautiful corset designs in my search for the best corsets on the Internet and I have found that none are more unique and exceptionally well-made than those created by corsetier Alexis Black, of Electra Designs.

Alexis creates custom designed corsets that range in price starting with the Econo Waist Cincher from $95 ($110 for plus size) to totally customized full corsets as high as $660+. As you can see from the pictures of her designs, her work is unparalleled.

Alexis attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, however she is primarily self taught (entirely self taught regarding corsetry). She artfully began making corsets at age 16 as a hobby. She has been successfully creating and selling corsets since the early 90's and began selling online in 1998. Alexis was the first person to sell custom corsets on Ebay.

All Electra Design corsets are made to order, by Alexis herself. She takes great pride in her work and designs each corset with care and great attention to detail. She makes no two corsets alike! Her client base is generally from corsetry communities on Live Journal, most of whom live in European countries. Alexis works out of her home in Southern California.

Electra Designs specializes in remote fittings through photos and the Internet. Alexis drafts all of her own patterns from scratch. She is skilled in plus sizes and with tight lacing. She makes any style of corset and uses a wide variety of materials (excluding animal products because she is vegan). She works with each client to create a completely unique design and will also use client supplied design and materials. Alexis makes high quality corsets in three levels of customization designed to suit any budget. Her focus: comfort, health and a smooth silhouette. She works exclusively through Internet sales and is often booked weeks in advance. You can contact her at alexis(at)electradesigns(dot)net.

Jola Modeling Red Silk Underbust Corset from Electra Designs

Jola Modeling Red Silk Underbust Corset from Electra Designs

Choosing the Right Corset

For petite and average size figures, any style of corset will fit appropriately and look sensational! For those of us with above average curves, although any Electra Design corset can be made plus size, some styles are more suitable for the full figure. Alexis recommends the long line under-bust for plus sizes because a woman can wear her well-fitted bra and have natural cleavage, and the corset will smooth over all those lumps and bumps that may otherwise appear unsightly. This style also extends down to the top of the lap while seated, an extra "plus" for us full size gals!

A high back is also recommended to help contain some of the spill over between the bra and the top edge of the corset. Short styles can be made as plus sizes, but there can be lumps of skin that may come over the edge of the corset, which may not look very attractive.

Alexis encourages plus sizes to opt for double boning or 1/2" boning (vs 1/4). While her standard materials are quite strong and provide adequate support, additional boning will give larger sizes an even greater amount of support, structure and a sexier, smoother silhouette. There is also the option of a heavy duty busk for added abdominal support.

Last but not least, Alexis can make corsets in any style, including male corsets and corsets for trannies.

Model Shein Lee Wearing Heron Corset; Photographer Julia Capella Vona;

Model Shein Lee Wearing Heron Corset; Photographer Julia Capella Vona;

Model Shein Lee's Heron Corset

Model Shein Lee's Heron Corset

Heron Corset Back

Heron Corset Back

Favorite Corset Styles from Electra Designs

With so many beautiful styles to choose from, it was extremely difficult to decide which Electra Design corsets to include in this article. Therefore, I have concentrated on some of my favorites that have caught my attention and hopefully, will catch yours, as well.

Model Shein Lee's Heron Corset

This corset was custom made by Alexis for the beautiful Shien Lee. It is made of a cotton upholstery fabric with asymmetrical print that required careful pattern matching. It has a layer of cotton rip stop and a layer of strong, brushed cotton twill. It is made with a twill waist tape, a combination of flat and spiral steel boning, and steel lacing bones with two piece brass eyelets. The binding is cross iridescent silk in antique gold and black. The colors combined create an antique sage that complements the print. The corset is laced with strong antique gold poly satin ribbon. Alexis included black ribbon as well so that Shein could interchange the laces if so desired.

This style has a diagonal empire seam in the front, just under the bust. Because the pattern is asymmetrical, the placement of the seam lines and incorporate the empire seam had to be changed. In this way Alexis was able to show more of the bird and it's surroundings without chopping up the design too much. She used over 2 yards of 54" wide fabric to get the pieces needed to create a balanced design.

There is a built in front modesty panel under the busk, and a separate back lacing protector (Alexis's own design) in back. This lacing protector design is unique and special in that it is suspended perfectly between the back edges by the ribbon laces. When you lace up, it falls right into place. It does not gather up and there is no need to struggle to smooth it out. Shien can easily, and confidently lace up without assistance. I believe the waist is 21" including a 2" gap in back.

This is an absolutely beautiful corset and one of my favorites made by Electra Designs. Click HERE to see more pictures of Shein Lee!

Model Shein Lee Wearing Heron Corset and Model Lucas Lanthier;  Photographer Andrea Hausmann;

Model Shein Lee Wearing Heron Corset and Model Lucas Lanthier; Photographer Andrea Hausmann;

Fragonard Long Line Underbust Corset with Ruffles; Plus Size Corset Front

Fragonard Long Line Underbust Corset with Ruffles; Plus Size Corset Front

Fragonard Plus Size Corset Back

Fragonard Plus Size Corset Back

Fragonard Long Line Plus Size Underbust Corset with Ruffles

This delightful corset is a semi-custom plus size long line under-bust corset with a high back. It was made for a client who provided the fragonard toile fabric. It is trimmed in pinkish-coral iridescent dupioni silk (binding and full, hand made ruffles) and has 9 yards of matching satin ribbon laces.

The front panel is fully boned with flat steels, and it has a boning upgrade for extra support and structure. Instead of 1/4" spiral steels, 1/2" spirals were used. There is a front busk, lacing bones with two piece nickel plated brass eyelets and waist tape reinforcement. It also has a loose lining and detachable, adjustable silk straps. This corset features Alexis's patent pending suspended back modesty panel. This particular corset has a 5" waist reduction and closes at 26". It is meant to be worn with a 2" gap for a 28" desired waist.

Baroque Peacock Corset Front

Baroque Peacock Corset Front

Baroque Peacock Bra

Baroque Peacock Bra

Baroque Peacock Corset and Bra

This corset and bra were designed to be worn with a Baroque inspired peacock burlesque ensemble worn by Kitten von Mew (see below). She wore it for a charity event in which she portrayed Marie Antoinette.

The corset and bra are made of four layers of fabric consisting of teal silk, cotton drill, cotton canvas, and cotton print for the lining. Both pieces have a front busk closure and are fully boned with a combination of spiral and flat steels. The corset has a waist tape, front and back modesty panels, and two piece nickel plated eyelets. The bra is made identical to the corset. It has the same structure and strength, and is designed to press the bust flat and upward for maximum cleavage. Note the gorgeous color of the ribbon, which is a deep, royal purple.

This is a stunning piece, just absolutely fabulous!

Baroque Peacock Corset Back

Baroque Peacock Corset Back

Model Kitten Von Mew as Marie Antoinette; Photo Courtesy of Electra Designs

Model Kitten Von Mew as Marie Antoinette; Photo Courtesy of Electra Designs

Black Satin Long Line Underbust Corset

Black Satin Long Line Underbust Corset

Black Satin Long Line Underbust Corset Back

Black Satin Long Line Underbust Corset Back

Black Satin Long Line Underbust Corset

This is a gorgeous long line black satin under-bust corset. It has all the basic goodies, plus a loose lining and garter loops for 3 pairs of garters. It also comes with a back modesty panel.

The loose lining is a soft layer between the corset and the wearer's skin. It's great for anyone who doesn't wear a corset liner or something under their corset because without it, you have exposed waist tape and canvas fabric, which may not be comfortable for long term wear or people with sensitive skin (unless they were something under the corset). It also looks pretty.

Silk Taffeta Custom Printed Corset Front

Silk Taffeta Custom Printed Corset Front

Silk Taffeta Custom Printed Corset Back

Silk Taffeta Custom Printed Corset Back

Silk Taffeta Custom Printed Corset

Alexis actually took one of her favorite artists paintings (can you guess who?)and printed it out on silk taffeta to create the beautiful under-bust corset pictured here. In this picture, the corset is not yet complete but when it was, it was laced with antique white ribbon....absolutely stunning and so creative! This was her first attempt at custom printing and it turned out absolutely fabulous!

Alexis can take virtually any piece of uncopyrighted artwork and turn it into a sensational corset similar to this one! Just amazing!

Gorgeous Neck Corset to Match Custom Printed Silk Taffeta Corset

Gorgeous Neck Corset to Match Custom Printed Silk Taffeta Corset

White and Black Polka Dot Econo Waist Cincher

White and Black Polka Dot Econo Waist Cincher

White and Black Polka Dot Econo Waist Cincher

This is a white cotton with black polka dots economy waist cincher. It has an added black satin ruffle, vertical ribbon stitched along seam lines, and a front busk with front modesty panel. It is trimmed with black satin binding and ribbon laces.

This is my favorite waist cincher, absolutely adorable!

Crimson Iridescent Taffeta Econo Waist Cincher

Crimson Iridescent Taffeta Econo Waist Cincher

Crimson Iridescent Taffeta Economy Waist Cincher

This gorgeous little jewel is made of crimson iridescent taffeta (red/black) with black stripes. It is a pointed version, which is made a bit longer at the bottom of the center front to accommodate the added busk closure. This corset features a 2" wide black dupioni silk ruffle and large bow, a bit of black satin ribbon stitched vertically along the princess seams, and laces up with black satin ribbon.

Alexis used a new technique for reinforcing the taffeta, that resulted in a beautiful, strong and flexible, bubble-free surface. This procedure takes more time and patience, but she feels it's worth it for the smooth finish.

Steam Punk Pocket Watch Econo Waist Cincher

Steam Punk Pocket Watch Econo Waist Cincher

Steam Punk Pocket Watch Econo Waist Cincher

This econo waist cincher is so unique, it just had to be included! It is a cotton print, pointed economy cincher. The fabric was provided by Alexis's client and it is adorned with black satin binding and old gold satin laces. Alexis thinks this darling cincher would look great with an off white cotton oxford shirt, old fashioned suspenders, and black trousers with wide legs and cuffs!

What is so awesome about these economy waist cinchers is you can afford to purchase more than one without sacrificing quality. They start at just $95 ($110 for plus sizes). Details can be found by clicking HERE.

Please email Alexis at alexis(at)electradesigns(dot)net if you wish to order an economy cincher, or to be added to her standard, semi-custom or fully custom wait list. (She asked that her email address appear in the format above to reduce spam)!

Fuschia Chinese Satin Underbust and Ruffle Bra Set; Plus Size

Fuschia Chinese Satin Underbust and Ruffle Bra Set; Plus Size

Fuschia Chinese Satin Underbust Corset Back

Fuschia Chinese Satin Underbust Corset Back

Fuschia Chinese Satin Underbust Corset & Bra Set; Plus Size

This heavy duty plus sized underbust and ruffle bra set is made of fuschia chinese satin fabric. They are interlined with strong cotton duck canvas, and lined with soft, durable, brushed cotton twill. Alexis used 5/16" spiral steel bones in place of 1/4" bones for extra support. This is a heavy duty corset and bra.


  • heavy duty busk
  • added 3/8" flat steel bones
  • built in waist tape for reinforcement
  • eyelets are placed closer at the waist for additional waist control
  • two piece, heavy duty nickel plated brass eyelets with washer
  • trimmed with hand dyed venice lace
  • black bridal satin was used for the binding
  • corset has front modesty panel
  • corset features my unique back modesty panel design
  • modesty panel is suspended by the laces so it lies flat and positions itself when the corset is laced
  • corset can easily be cinched on without assistance
  • modesty panel is boned and bound, and is made of three layers of fabric
  • corset has built in loops for two pairs of removable garters (not shown)
  • includes 11 yards of double faced, strong polyester ribbon laces
  • matching ruffle bra is made out of the same materials as the corset
  • heavy duty with boning for added structure and support
  • 3/4" wide adjustable straps
  • laces up the back with two piece nickel plated brass eyelets
  • trimmed with hand dyed black venice lace
  • bound with black bridal satin
  • upper cups are covered with dense black satin ruffles
  • underwire push-up cups with removable padding on both the upper and lower cups; (the reason for the additional removable padding is because the client has hormonal fluctuations which cause her breasts to change sizes. this way she can add or remove padding to make the bra fit when her body changes)
  • bra laces up like a corset

This is one of my favorite styles, and I just adore the colors!

Model Lanette wearing a fabulous Teal Dupioni Silk Econo Waist Cincher with Gold Embellishments, Ribbons and Laces;  Photograph by Christabel;

Model Lanette wearing a fabulous Teal Dupioni Silk Econo Waist Cincher with Gold Embellishments, Ribbons and Laces; Photograph by Christabel;

A Word About Self Lacing

So, you've read this hub and you are now truly convinced that a corset is for you! You purchase your favorite piece, get it home, take it out of it's beautiful packaging and then what? How in the blessed do you lace it up all by yourself?

For your convenience, I have included the below video to demonstrate a simple technique that you can use to self-lace your corset. All you need are two hands, two eyes (or maybe one will do) and a mirror! Once you practice this method, it should become second nature to you in no time!

Corsets are very fashionable, both in and out of the bedroom! Wearing one will afford any woman a heightened sensuality that cannot compare with any other experience. Empowering, seductive and fantastic looking on, you cannot go wrong with whatever style you choose to compliment your femininity!

I would like to thank Alexis Black for allowing me to use her pictures for this article!

How to Put on a Corset

Corsets on Amazon


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Just FYI, a lot of the info. on Victorian corsets is false, especially the part about having a waist smaller than your age. Maybe some of that would appear in extreme cases, but not every Victorian lady would tight-lace.

Naughty By Design on December 22, 2009:

Great information on the history of corsets and definition. Thanks

Esther on October 05, 2009:

Amazing level of informative content.

You really do need a friend to help put on most corsets though! :)

Fantastic content!


Esther on October 05, 2009:

Amazing level of informative content.

You really do need a friend to help put on most corsets though! :)

Fantastic content!


fiddle on June 19, 2009:

Great article... have to agree on the Electras being dicinely made

I was lucky enough to get a custom queen of hearts corset off ebay in about 2000/01 from Alexis. It is still my favourite item of clothing ever.. many a cheaper corset has fallen apart since. (perhaps partially because i cherish it so much) its stood the test of time magnificently.

blondepoet from australia on March 16, 2009:

These are amazing.I need to go shopping to buy some more?

Ryan on February 25, 2009:

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djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 24, 2009:

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Christoph Reilly from St. Louis on January 24, 2009:

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P.S. Could you turn those upside down pics the other way round? I almost dropped my computer!

Deborah on January 11, 2009:

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Gaylord Focker on December 22, 2008:

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djtphn1 on December 07, 2008:

Thanks, that is really a good idea.

50 Caliber from Arizona on December 07, 2008:

Nice article on the history absolutely gorgeous pic's. Thanks. I think they make a woman knock down hot in appearance. Having lived in California and playing in the S&M cicles I am quite familiar with the practice and as a male have purchased special made corsettes from Versatile Fashions in Orange California.

How about an article on the history of men in corsettes? You do fine work.

Deborah on October 27, 2008:

Thanks for your comment.

Red-Corset on October 26, 2008:

Wow, those are some truly stunning corsets! I especially like the custom print silk taffeta. Looks like it's time to start saving my pennies... :)

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on September 05, 2008:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Women Clothing Plus Size on August 27, 2008:

I found you on google. Great content

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on August 26, 2008:

Ronald, glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Just hopeful, I thank you for the comment and hope your wife finds a nice corset to wear out of the bedroom. my personal fav is the look that Lanette has, the blue and olive laced corset over the white outfit. Stunning.

Thanks for both your comments.

Just hopeful on August 25, 2008:

I personally love the look it gives a woman,and the corset really doesn't have to be so tight that she can't breath.Theres not enough weman out there today that know how to wear anything but jeans,T-shirts and tennis shoes!I've bought several for my wife and can not convince her that they're not just for the bedroom. I'm E-mailing this article to her in hopes she'll think differantly toward wearing her corsets out. Thanks just hopeful

Ronald Daniar on July 14, 2008:

Nice pictures, I enjoyed them,


djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on June 25, 2008:

I find that they are comfortable because they are so supportive to my bod. And, I look sooooo sexy in them...LOL! Thanks for your comment.

Daniel Tetreault from Nanaimo, British Columbia ("BC") - Canada on June 24, 2008:

Yummy. I love corsets! But how comfortable could they be? Daniel.

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on April 20, 2008:

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plussizepixie on April 20, 2008:

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djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on March 02, 2008:

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Miss C on March 02, 2008:

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djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on February 22, 2008:

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LatexLeah on February 22, 2008:

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djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 25, 2008:

Vivian: Glad you liked it....if you decide to wear a corset again, feel free to send a pic and I will include it in this article!

Marisa: That is the beautry of the long line underbust. It covers all that "overflow" that comes with middle age.. Trust me, I feel your pain, as I am there right along with you...

Thanks to both of you, enjoyed your comments

Kate Swanson from Sydney on January 25, 2008:

Fascinating Hub, especially the bit about longer-line corsets for the "larger lady". I've steered clear of them since developing middle-aged spread, precisely because of the "overflow". I may have to look into the longer ones!

Vivian Danger from Seattle, WA on January 25, 2008:

This is one of the best hubs I've read here so far. It really inspires me to be a tight lacer again. Excellent job!

camedmondson from Hollywood on January 23, 2008:

I do look good in a corset. But i look better in a black satin g-string. Want some pics?

Fayme Zelena Harper from Lucerne Valley, CA on January 23, 2008:

The photos alone are fabulous. I'm definitely going to have to read every word as soon as I have time.

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 23, 2008:

Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it. This hub took me forever as something was wrong with the capsules but I like how it turned out as well.

Panic 39 on January 23, 2008:

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djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 21, 2008:

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camedmondson from Hollywood on January 21, 2008:

I love corset. I love corset.

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 18, 2008:

You are so right Tiersha....hey if you take a pic of yourself at that gathering in your corset, or if you have any from previous ones, I would love to include it in my article here....just let me know, you can email me thru hubpages.....

Tiersha on January 18, 2008:

Unfortunately I have none of these of my own but I do love them and wear them especially during our pirate/gypsy gatherings which I will be writing about later. Much of the younger generation doesn't realize that there is an actual history behind corsets.

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 17, 2008:

Mastercleanse and Kenwood, I am glad you both liked the pics....I will try to come up w/ something even better for the next hub that I have in mind....stay tuned for more sexy stuff!!!!

KenwoodSB308 on January 17, 2008:

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mastercleanse on January 16, 2008:

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djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 16, 2008:

Thanks Jerrico, hey I even spelled your name right!

Jerrico Usher from Bend, Oregon on January 16, 2008:

This page is well written! I never knew all that about the garment!

uncompfortable or not women have been wearing clothing that is uncompfortable phisically so they can be more compfortable mentally, (and beautiful phsicially)..

I look forward to more powerful hubs.. I'm getting better myself, although I'd like some feedback on mine.. to make sure :)

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 16, 2008:

Corsetry has its own little "community" so to speak, and many women do where them in the bedroom, in private, for the man they adore....

Archbob on January 16, 2008:

I actually don't see many women wearing corsetts these days.

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 16, 2008:

Thank you premsingh

premsingh on January 16, 2008:

really a nice hub. Some bit of advice for men's wear.

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 15, 2008:

Thank you so much Brandy.

Brandy Owens from Wherever life takes me on January 15, 2008:

Absolutely love this hub. :) Great job, thumbs up.

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 15, 2008:

I love corsets and really don't get into all that, just their unique beauty and how they shape my body. I don't feel like anyone is trying to control me, that is for sure, when I wear one, however, everyone is different, I suppose, and I always respect others purpose for this hub was not to invoke negative thoughts or emotions, but to inspire beauty and that is why I presented these particular corsets and I think they are beautiful......but thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read it.

Raye from Seattle, WA on January 15, 2008:

I used to sell corsets, and I have to agree with Maddie, some people still think of them as archaic devices used to control women, or the most uncomfortable garment ever invented.

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 14, 2008:

Thanks Maddie, I appreciate that a great hubber like you read my hub and I will take any advice you have to give here on Hubpages....

Maddie Ruud from Oakland, CA on January 14, 2008:

I like the hub for what it is. If you wanted to do history, I'd do a new one, and link to it at the bottom. I think you're right that they might draw different audiences in initially, but once they're hooked, I'd bet you'd see some cross-traffic too!

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 14, 2008:

You are so right. I did bring up some of those kind of issues in the history, but that would have been a good angle to bring up as well.....I tried to focus little on history, as i did not think people really would be interested in it.....but maybe they would have and maybe I should add to it....what do you think? Would that be appropriate?

Maddie Ruud from Oakland, CA on January 14, 2008:

Really enjoyed this hub, though I do feel obligated to bring up that the corset has not always been (and is now only arguably) empowering. The tradition of restricting women's bodies--which have historically been seen as unruly, needing containment, even dangerous--is one we must be conscious of, if and when we choose to wear the byproducts of that tradition.

That is in no way to say I didn't love your hub (or that women shouldn't wear corsets--only that we should do so with awareness). Just my feminist conscience pricking me.

djtphn1 (author) from Riverside County, California on January 14, 2008:

Thanks so much..I am so glad you like it.

Jason Menayan from San Francisco on January 14, 2008:

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