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Schwarzkopf Metallic Silver Review

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Going from Auburn Red to Blond

In one of my last box reviews, I tried another box dye called L’Oréal Féria Intense Deep Auburn. In that article I go into detail of my horrible salon experience and what causes me to go darker in the first place. After months and months of letting it fade out I finally decided to try the platinum silver once again. After all, I was born blond and something in my soul craves the blond locks. Also, I simply can’t stay away from dying my hair and changing up my looks. So this was a good time to finally try a color I’ve been waiting for, and I am pretty impressed with the results.

After six months or so the intense deep auburn had faded enough where I was able to start the process of returning to blond once again. My hair had began to heal from the damage caused by too much bleaching in the first place, so what did I do? That’s right I decided to start bleaching again! Like I said, just can’t stay away. One of the first things I did was use color oops. This is a liquid color remover that binds with the leftover color in your hair and removes it in the wash. It has way less fumes than normal hair dye and easily removed the red tinge leftover in my hair. It does leave your hair dry so remember to use a good conditioner afterwards. I like to do a deep conditioning treatment after using color oops and later a strengthening leave in conditioner. I gave my hair another rest for about a week and than began the lightening process because it’s really harsh to do this whole process at once. You can see a video of the color oops process below.

Color Oops Tips

Getting your Hair Light Enough

You may or may not know there are many levels of bleaching your hair. In order for this box dye to turn out the best you want to have a very light blond at about a level 7 lift. The back of the box also shows you can use it at about a 6 but the results are much less vibrant. So to start I grabbed my favorite bleach and developer. I use a blue based bleach and developer that I purchased from Sally Beauty Supply. In my opinion, the box bleach that is sold in stores is never strong enough so I opted to buy more professional stuff which includes 20 volume developer for on the scalp application. Any developer higher than 20 volume really can be bad for your scalp and the area I needed to lighten was mostly my roots.

Applying Bleach Yourself

Being able to get full coverage with bleach by yourself can be very tricky. It’s good to have a helper with you to either get the back or help to guide you to the spots you missed. For my helper I grabbed my teenage daughter to assist me in getting the roots full coverage. You want to apply liberally so that the bleach will soak into your hair and not dry out. Generally, you would apply bleach to the midsection of hair first and down to the tips. Saving the roots for last because the heat from your scalp will allow the bleach to work faster which causes something hairdressers call hot roots. Hot roots is when the roots of your hair look lighter than the rest of your hair because of improper application. I’ve learned this from many years of experience dying my own hair. I am not a professional by any means but I am a self proclaimed professional at home dying my own hair. If your like me and don’t like to pay outrageous salon prices than more power to you. Although some salons can be worth the money, in my experiences they never get the color how I envisioned.

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After applying the bleach to my hair I let it sit for about 20-39 minutes before applying bleach to the roots. My roots only needed the bleach for about 5 minutes before they were light enough to match the rest of my hair. After a thorough wash and shampoo I realized I had missed a very dark area on the top of my head. After towel drying my hair, I quickly mixed up a small amount of bleach and developer and applied it to any missed areas with the help of my daughter. It only took less than 5 minutes again before they were light enough to wash out. Here are the results after the bleaching process.


Applying the Metallic Silver Dye

Once my hair had air dried, I began applying the dye to my hair. First, I sectioned the hair into four sections two on top and two on bottom. I started applying at the roots and than worked my way towards the midsection of my hair. The reason for starting at the roots and working your way down is because the ends of bleached hair are very porous and will suck up the dye faster than the roots, which will give you an uneven color. One thing I did notice was that I should have used two boxes of dye because my hair was much longer than last time I had dyed it. Too late to turn back now so I tried to apply the amount of dye evenly throughout my hair. Lastly, using a brush I combed the dye through my hair onto the ends. Next, I let the dye sit on my hair for about 30-40 minutes.


The Results and Final Look

Impressive shine to this box dye. I was very happy with how it tones out the yellow banana color of bleached hair. Of course next time around, two boxes of color would have really done the job much better. So in a few weeks I will do it again with two boxes instead of one. Overall I was very happy with my color because I had been striving for this sort of platinum silver like blond for quite some time. It toned out the brassiness that bleach leaves in your hair, so I would definitely recommend to anyone trying to get rid of those brassy tones. Below you can see the final look after my hair had been styled compared to the just bleached version. Hopefully this article can help you decide whether this metallic silver is right for you. After all, hair can always be changed if you don’t like it but it came very close to my ideal hair color.


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