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How to Tie and Wear a Pashmina - 25 Different Ways

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How to tie and wear a pashmina

Pashminas are one of the most popular fashion accessies around today. This is hardly suprising when you consider the fact that not only are they available in every colour under the sun, they can also be tied and worn in dozens of different ways. They are so versatile that just by changing the way that you tie and wear them , they are perfect to wear with casual wear such as a t-shirt or sweater and jeans, or when worn as a stole, look beautiful when worn with an evening dress or ballgown.

To demonstrate the different ways in which a pashmina can be tied and worn, I have used You Tube clips which I think show the best ways to tie them.

 How to wear a pashmina as a casual scarf

A pashmina can be tied in a very simple way to create a casual scarf effect.

The next clip shows how with just tying two simple knots in the corner of a pashmina, it can achieve a whole new look.

How to wear a pashmina like an elegant stole

The next clip shows how to wear a pashmina in a more traditional way that is both simple and elegant.

It is worn like a stole and is usually worn this way by many women to weddings, parties or other dressy occassion.

How to wear a Pashmina as a scarf

By folding a pashmina several times lengthways, you can create a long slim scarf from it. This clip shows you three ways to wear the scarf, including ine way where you use two different coloured pashminas together for an unusual effect.

 This clip shows how to treat and wear the pashmina as a stole, creating some very pretty draped effects with it, which would look lovely with an evening dress.

Twenty ways to wear a Pashmina

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This lady has been very created with her pashmina and has come up with twenty different ways to wear a pashmina. I am sure you will find something here that you will like.

 This clip shows is quite short and shows two quite traditional ways to wear a pashmina as a stole. These would be suitable ways for a bridesmaid at a wedding to wear her pashmina or to wear with an evening dress or ball gown.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about how to tie and wear a pashmina. I think they are a great fashion accessory. They are really versatile and as you can see, they can be worn casually with a sweater and jeans or more formally with an evening dress or ballgown.

Pashminas are available in any colour you can think of.

The pashminas below are all available from Take a look through them.

If there is one that you are interested in, simply click on its image and you will be taken through to the website where you can find out more about it and purchase a pashmina if you wish.

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