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Fight Adult Acne Using a Manuka Honey/Cayenne Pepper Mask

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My Struggle With Adult Acne

I've had acne ever since I was a teenager. I'm now 27 years old. Lets just say, I could have bought a brand new luxury car with the money I have spent on useless acne products. I have used creams, washes, natural remedies, and over the counter medicine. My doctors told me it was my hormones. So, I started to do some online research. I came across ,what I though at the time, was one of the weirdest acne solutions. That solution was a manuka honey and cayenne pepper mask. Manuka Honey is a honey made in New Zealand. It has antibacterial properties. There are rumors the Manuka Honey can cure certain infections and prevent them. There is a book called Manuka: The Benefits of honey. It lists all the possible benefits of this honey, including using it to clear your skin. After reading this book, you will understand the science behind Manuka Honey. When you struggle with acne, the last thing you need is cleansers and masks with harsh chemicals. What attracted me to this mask is the natural elements of it. If it can help my acne, maybe it can with other issues, such as infections,. Cayenne Pepper has nutrients that are supposed to help acne. I will warn you, if you put too much cayenne pepper in the mix, it will feel like your face is on fire. Make sure that you are use pure Manuka Honey. I started out using the mask everyday at night. The first night, I noticed the inflammation went down and my face was smoother. After using this mask for two weeks my pimples tremendously subsided. I had only one pimple. That was the clearest my face has been since I was a kid. It was truly amazing to see how it worked for my acne. Below, I have put together instructions on how I use my mask and how to make it.

How To Make A Manuka Honey And Cayenne Pepper Mask For Acne

  1. You will need pure Manuka Honey. Take two tsp of honey and put content in a small bowl. The honey is very sticky, so you made need to scrape the honey off with a knife.
  2. Pour half of a Tsp of cayenne pepper into the bowl. Make sure to just use the amount of Cayenne Pepper as instructed. The pepper will make your face burn and tingle, slightly. If it burns extremely bad. I recommend taking the mask off immediately and trying with a less amount of cayenne pepper.
  3. Begin to mix the Cayenne Pepper and pure Manuka Honey in the bowl. Spread the mask evenly on your whole face, avoiding your hair, I recommend using gloves. Your face will feel sticky and this is normal.
  4. Leave the mask on for 20-25 minutes.
  5. Wash mask off with water.
  6. Repeat every night, until acne subsides.

A List of Possible Causes of Acne

  • Sugar- When you eat sweets, it can cause inflammation and redness. That will make your acne worse. Cut back on your sweet intake. Not to mention, sugar is bad for your health.
  • Not washing your pillow sheet- Wash your pillow sheet once a week. Your face is one of the most susceptible areas to getting bacteria. Bacteria mixed with sweat will cause you to breakout. A lot of people notice they break out in certain areas of the face. That could be due to how you sleep on your pillow. If you are noticing breakouts on one side of your face or chin, this is mostly likely due to not washing your pillow case. It is a simple fix to control acne.
  • Tanning- The rumor is tanning helps acne...wrong. Tanning can cover up your acne. The more you sweat, the more oil you get in your pores. Use a bronzing lotion instead.
  • Silicones- They can be found in our daily cleansing products. Truth is, they are harsh chemicals that irritate and dehydrate the skin. Like I mentioned above, I have used all kinds of expensive washes and creams. I switched to the Manuka Honey and Cayenne Pepper mask and am pretty much acne free.
  • Stress- This one is tricky and hormonal. There are birth controls that are FDA approved to clear acne. Yaz is one of the most known ones. A dermatologist is the best one to talk to, if you think your breakouts are solely caused by stress.
  • WASH YOUR HANDS- This one is just common sense. When you touch your face with dirty hands you are putting germs and bacteria on your face.

Stopping Acne Permanently By Making Simple Changes

Now that you know how to help keep your acne from getting worse, keep it that way. You may not see results right away. It took me two weeks to notice a huge difference. I've been using this mask for at least 5 months and I have seen no more than 3 pimples on my face at one time. There is no more redness. After using this mask my face also feels one hundred times smoother. It's like a miracle! After the two weeks I continued using my mask, along with changes to my diet. I've noticed that sugary foods make me break out. I look at sugar content in the products I buy now. That way I can avoid acne attacks. The honey mask really helps them from coming on. When it's my time of the month, I avoid sweets altogether. I'm already prone to breaking out during that time, due to hormones, so why eat sweets and make it really bad. The one thing that is hard to change is stress. That is why my doctor believed I was breaking out that bad. I went and got a second opinion from my dermatologist and she said she could put me on Accutane, or I could try using acne products. She believed acne is hereditary. She said that I will deal with it for most of my life. That is when I really tried searching for a product that would lessen my breakouts and paying attention to when I really see acne flare ups. You can choose what solution works best for your skin. I do recommend trying to make changes to your lifestyle while using the mask.

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