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Saree Blouse Designs

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K Kiss is an expert on saree blouse designs and also passionate about it. Visit her Blog on thesareeblousedesignsdotblogspotdotcom

Beautiful Saree Blouse Styles

Sleek Boat Neck

I realized that it is quite rare to find various saree blouse designs together on one page. This pictorial guide is for all those girls and women out there in search for the right blouse design, whether it is elegant with long sleeves, off the shoulder, or a three-quarter sleeve style.

A classy halter for any saree made of soft material.

A classy halter for any saree made of soft material.

Full sleeve maroon blouse with bridal heavy design saree

Full sleeve maroon blouse with bridal heavy design saree

Blue Chantilly lace saree with beautiful full sleeve blouse

Blue Chantilly lace saree with beautiful full sleeve blouse

stunning nude saree with mint embroidery paired with heavy design full sleeve blouj

stunning nude saree with mint embroidery paired with heavy design full sleeve blouj

The best ways to wear long-sleeved blouses is to make sure the sleeves are a semi-transparent or transparent material. Beautiful lace with intricate patterns should always be sewn into full or three-quarter length sleeves so that the lovely lace pattern can be fully appreciated! Heavily designed materials should only be sewn into full-sleeved blouses if the saree itself is simple, to avoid a gaudy look overall.

A lace three-quarter sleeved blouse.

A lace three-quarter sleeved blouse.

A flawless boat-neck blouse.

A flawless boat-neck blouse.

How to Choose a Blouse for Your Body Type

Some of the most common queries I hear have to do with how to look slim even when the body is on the bulky side. Here are some of my suggestions:

  1. It is essential not to put the blouse opening at the front of the blouse when wearing a transparent saree like chiffon or net. Putting the hook or buttons at the front amounts to fashion suicide, especially if you are a bit on the bulky side, as it gives out a very untidy and unfinished look. The best place to put hooks, buttons, or zippers are on the right side of the blouse. This comes in handy when the blouse piece has embroidery or embellishments on the back and keeps the whole look clean and classy.
  2. If you are concerned about your slightly bulky arms, avoid sleeveless blouses as they will only accentuate overweight areas. Instead, go for a short, capped sleeve. Tightly sewn three-quarter sleeves will take pounds off your whole image.
  3. When wearing sleeveless or spaghetti straps, keep the neckline modest. If possible, go for a sophisticated look by wearing a sherwani or high neck buttoned up to the collar.
  4. When wearing a long-sleeved or three-quarter sleeved saree blouse, you can have a deep décolletage. Go low at the back.
  5. If you are going with a deep neck at the back or front of the blouse, you could consider making the blouse a bit longer than general. That way you can actually have a deeper neckline and yet not make the back a thin string.

Latest Designer Saree Blouse Designs

How to Drape a Saree to Look Slimmer

Throughout the years I have tried to help my readers look glamorous and beautiful in sarees by providing tips and tricks. Below is a video by style editor Pooja Vakil with three amazing tips to help you drape your saree to look slimmer.

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Slightly overweight women should wear saree blouses with three-quarter or long sleeves.

Slightly overweight women should wear saree blouses with three-quarter or long sleeves.

Ashwariya looking stunning in a full-sleeved saree blouse.

Ashwariya looking stunning in a full-sleeved saree blouse.

Latest 2016 Update on New Style in Saree Blouse Fashion

Two Saree Blouse Style are very popular now a days, one is the full blouse which covers the stomach and the other is the sheer blouse where the shoulders and arms are made of sheer fabric.

Full Length Saree Blouse:

Surprisingly and to the glee of many ladies who do not like or feel comfortable baring their stomach area when wearing the saree for various reasons including religious reasons or because they are a bit fat around the midriff, the full length saree blouse style is in and are being flaunted by women of high fashion and famous designers. These blouses have a lot of potential as there is more space for innovative designing. Corset style blouse has also found a place in these full length blouses. Designers and ladies are equally experimenting with this style of blouse. Sharing a few photos of women wearing full length blouses with different types of sarees.

Bottle green Shammo Silk Saree with full length stomach covered saree blouse with all over bronze beads

Bottle green Shammo Silk Saree with full length stomach covered saree blouse with all over bronze beads

Floral saree with full stomach covered blouse

Floral saree with full stomach covered blouse

Black fashion designer saree with full blouse with unique neck design

Black fashion designer saree with full blouse with unique neck design

Latest full length corset style blouse

Latest full length corset style blouse

orange full length blouse sleeveless

orange full length blouse sleeveless

Sheer Saree Blouse Design

The sheer style has indeed transformed the saree fashion world. What is the sheer blouse design? Any blouse which has the back or shoulder and arms made with sheer, as in, transparent or translucent or see through fabric and does not have lining selectively is the sheer saree blouse design. Usually the shoulder and sleeves remain sheer and the rest of the blouse has proper lining. Some blouses have the entire back sheer. The fun thing about sheer blouses is that there is a lot of scope to show case gorgeous and heavy embroidery and designs on the sheer areas. Sharing a few gorgeous sheer blouses which is a must have in 2016.

Bollywood actresses in sheer saree blouses in net material and lace fabric

Bollywood actresses in sheer saree blouses in net material and lace fabric

Pink sheer back saree blouse with silver embroidery

Pink sheer back saree blouse with silver embroidery

pink sheer blouse with stone designs with indigo cotta saree

pink sheer blouse with stone designs with indigo cotta saree

Heavy embroidery on back of sheer back blouse

Heavy embroidery on back of sheer back blouse

aqua blue blouse with sheer shoulders

aqua blue blouse with sheer shoulders

Check out this Dedicated Blog on Saree Blouse Designs


Stella Thilaga on April 22, 2017:

VERY Good saree blouse designs seen n picked up some information on the latest trend of type of sarees available. Pity ..have not seen such beautiful ones here in Malaysia

shyam202892 on April 21, 2017:

Internet Sarees are delicate, female and really a lot in vogue. For the reason that web is sort of see by, there may be an emphasis on the saree border and on the shirt design. Blouses for these sarees are available in many sorts, shade mixtures and neck designs

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on October 03, 2016:

Hi Annu thanks a lot for your compliment on my article on saree blouse designs as I get really excited to know that I have helped anyone with their dilemma about their saree blouse. The reason why I advice to steer clear of beige/taupe or skin coloured fabrics is because pale colours tend to create an illusion of vastness, as these colours do not define and contour and hence when worn my over weight ladies these colours make the arms appear more fat than it is. Darker colours contours and gives border and hence gives an illusion of narrowness. However, I personally really like beige and golden and I can understand the appeal. If you must use this beautiful net material then go ahead but my advice would be to stich the sleeves tight and three quarter ending right after the elbow bend and do not use golden inner lining in the sleeves as it would just create more crease no matter how well it's sewn. you can have the golden inner lining for the body but not the sleeve. For the back of the saree do use the original blouse fabric which came with the kanjivaram saree or at least use the order for the back lower helm of the blouse. Kanjivaram sarees are very traditional so if the blouse is too modern (Net fabrics are a modern touch) it might not go well with the sarie. So Mix and match and create a unique blouse with net sleeves and even net back upper 5 inches but do add the original blouse fabric too. Good luck.

Annu on September 26, 2016:


Thanks for your fantastic article.... it was informative to go thru it and read the comments as well.

I need some help from you!!

I'm 5'2" and 80 Kg so obviously soooo over weight :)

I've flabby top arms, a tummy and top heavy....

I've been gifted a pink kancheepuram saree with a gold border.

I found a beige/ golden net material with beautiful work on it.

I know you said dont use beige/ golden if you have flabby arms....

But I'm in Love with the material. The tailor is suggesting using a golden inner lining cloth...

Whats the best thing to do with this material?

Do a transparent cap sleeves?

Do a transparent 3/4th sleeves....

Any advice would be really appreciated!



K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on March 30, 2016:

Hi Shreya,

Provided your sleeves are stitched to your measurements and by that I mean it hugs yours arms well it is fine. I am a bit concerned about your neck depth as both the front and back neck seems to be too small. If you want a big beautiful neckline it looks better with at least 10 inches at the back. However, since you did not mention the fabric nor the design I can’t comment further. For now as long as the blouse is not loose it should be fine. The colour combination of light blue and dark blue is a great combination.

shreya on March 29, 2016:

Hey ! I am 5'2"

I have given my blouse for stiching

Front Neck 5.5"


Back Neck 7.5"

and 3/4th sleeves

Will this look nice ? The blouse is Light blue in color and Dark blue saree

Is is it fine !

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on January 26, 2016:

Hi Ayesha thanks a lot for the compliment on my article on saree blouse designs. I try my best to help ladies with saree blouse design ideas keeping in mind their body type. For starters you are too young to be worries about arm fat, it's probably just baby fat and it will go away. Down to business. From your description the saree seems to be very trendy especially with the black and white combination. Since full sleeve doesn't suit you, you could consider a half sleeve ending right where your elbows end and the sleeve material should be of sheer black material such as chiffon or transparent geogette material. If the sleeves are black they will automatically make your arms look slimmer and the sheer material/ transparent material will not completely cover your arms so as to make you any less trendy. you can even subtly embellish the chiffon black sleeves with black stones scattered all over the sleeve to give some bling. If it were not a saree I would have advised to go for a bat-wing or butterfly sleeves as they are very arm slimming sleeves but these look best on western top. Even with saree it looks good if you want to achieve the funky look.

For the blouse design you can mix and match black and white in your blouse. Make the sleeves black but the bodice white. Can even go for half and half body where the top part of the blouse (you know the shoulder down 5 inches in white sheer material with no lining) and the lower part of the blouse black with lining. Same you should do with the back of the blouse. The curtained back blouse style is very fashionable and chic.

Ayesha Shaheena on January 26, 2016:

Hi there. your articles are extremely helpful and informative. but i still have a doubt. i AM 165cm in height. and i am not fat i look normal but my hands are kinda bulky and fat.i am in 12th standard and my farewell is coming up. i have bought a saree for it. the pleats of the saree is white net with embroidery work. and the top pallu part is plain black chiffon material. it is a beautiful saree. i am very very confused about what kind of blouse to stitch for it. half hand suits me but makes my hand look fat. fullhand covers my fat but does not suit me. what should i do?

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on November 08, 2015:

Hi Ari,

For your height 13.5 length blouse is fine. I am 5 feet 3 myself and I usually opt for a bit longer saree blouse i.e. 14 inches long but 13.5 is just fine. I am presuming 10.5 inches is the back neck depth of your blouse. For achieving the deep sexy back 10 - 12 inches is ideal. So I think you will look fine.

Ari on November 07, 2015:

I am 5.4 i gave blouse length s 13.5 i gave 10.5 deep does it good on me

maheshi on November 19, 2014:

designs are very i think this is very well rather than other web pages.because I knew some new designs.

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on November 10, 2014:

If the blouse piece that came with the saree also has wide border then go for a three quarter length sleeve for your blouse. This length of blouse gives the arms a nice silhouette and even if your arms are too slim they will make them look fuller. Remember to give lining material for sleeves too for a seamless look. I would have been able to give better advice if you mentioned the material of the saree as certain blouse designs look good with traditional katans and benarasis whereas they don't as much with modern chiffons and georgettes.

sant on October 31, 2014:

Hi.. m too slim n 5'4 height.. i took one half n half Saree.. black n dull yellow color for pallu.. it has copper gold type wide border with orange flower on it.. which type of blouse will suit me? m too thin

priyanka kadalage on September 09, 2014:

thanx admin

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on September 08, 2014:

Welcome to the saree blouse design post Priyanka kadalage and soumikiran.

first Ms. Priyanka -

Your height is good for saree and it is quite normal for Indian ladies to be curvy and there is nothing wrong with that. We must learn to love our bodies and treat it well. It is completely understandable why you want to avoid full sleeve or 3/4th length blouse sleeve. It is indeed true that it can look a bit bulky when the height is below 5 feet 5 inches and the lady is a bit on the chubby side.

The good thing about saree and blouse is that many different looks can be created with the right combination. There must be ample amount of skin exposure and adequate amount of body coverage at the same time. It would have been easier for me to suggest you and give advice on saree blouse if you mentioned what type of saree you want to wear as different types of saree blouse suits different sarees.

Popular and latest saree blouse designs these days tend to be the high necks, sherwani necks, boat necks and back buttoned blouses. Remember when the necks are high it's better to keep the sleeves short or sleeveless.

With chubby arms capped sleeves look good in sarie blouse (like 3-4 inches of sleeve length). If you have a bit of tummy then it is best to make the blouse slightly long. For example normally blouses are 13-14 inches in length for a person your height so you can make it 15.5 - 16 inches long (shoulder to mid-stomach).

Hello soumikiran,

I am guessing the ghagra saree is quite fancy. With your height, weight and slim long neck you have many options. You can even decide to accentuate different parts of your body. For weddings and parties it is best to wear a blouse with deep neck at the back. That way it is more festive. You have the option of making the blouse short (13-15 inches in length) or you can go for a full upper body covering blouse which are usually 18-20 inches in length so that the stomach doesn't show. With the long ghagra saree blouse you can give very daringly deep back and front necks. If you want to wear a short blouse then give moderately deep neck as a lot of skin will be already exposed around the belly.

You can also go for the regal look by making a high band neck like the famous Sabyasachi blouse that Sridevi wore (the green and red one - high necked. She wore it at Kaun Banega crore pati).

Hope that helped. Don't forget to share this with your friends!!

soumikiran on September 08, 2014:


I need a advice from the saree blouse expert....I am 170cm in height and normal weight and i have a slim long neck. I bought a gagara saree and i want tro stitch a suitable blouse. please give me your suggestions.

Thanks in Advance......


priyanka kadalage on September 08, 2014:


as navratri coming soon... m nt getting any new idea to stitch a choli... i need ur suggestion .. i m 5'3 with normal Indian color . m having curvy body with heavy shoulders... bcz of my short height.. i m quite uncomfortable in wearing 3-4th or full sleeved blouses

plz suggest ....

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on August 24, 2014:

Dear Mridula,

Thank you very much for liking my article on saree blouse designs and styles. Do check out my other articles on the same topic.

The description of the saree gave me a beautiful idea for the blouse. Cream/white saree with gold border is a classic combination and it is a great thing that you have decided to go for a tissue blouse as tissue material for saree blouse is a great material and unique designs can be created. Keeping in mind that you want a blouse that accentuates all the good parts and artfully hides all the blemishes the following is my advice to you:

Scroll up to the first picture of this article and you can also find similar blouse design in other articles. It is called the curtained back. Curtained backed blouse designs are the IN thing this season. This type of blouse made with tissue or net or chiffon looks great. Without having to wear a big bare backed blouse (which you don’t want keeping in mind the allergy marks) this curtained back blouse will look sexy and sophisticated without revealing skin directly.

So what is this curtained back blouse style? Well this type of blouse usually has a high neck at the back for very small boat shaped neck and these blouses are made of transparent or translucent materials. So that the skin can be seen but not completely. Lining material for such blouses are stitched differently as it doesn’t line the entire blouse. Lining material only lines the front of the blouse and the lower part of the back of the blouse (depending on how low or high you want the lining to end at the back).

You can go for a high neck at the back and let the neck be round or pear shaped at the front. A very short sleeve (like the 1960’s 70’s Indian actresses used to wear called Maggie Sleeve) would look very nice. But you can also go for a more formal look by opting for ¾ quarter sleeve. Don’t give lining to sleeve if sleeve is also made of tissue.

Good luck.

K Kiss - the Saree Blouse Expert

Mridula on August 22, 2014:

First of all, Your blog is very informative and Thanks a lot for making us educated on the different styles and patterns on saree blouse.

I have a function coming up. I am wearing a kerala saree( cream/white cotton saree with gold border), I want to stitich a tissue blouse for it. I am neither thin nor fat. I have a big tummy and my back is dark and have some marks due to an allergy which had happened. could you please suggest the blouse pattern which I should stitch. it would be great if you could specify the front and back neck and sleeve in particular. Thanks a lot!

sindhu on August 03, 2014:

thank you so much :)

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on August 03, 2014:

Dear Surabhi mantha,

Unless the cups are properly fitted they can make your figure look disfigured. With Saree blouse it is best to wear a bra that holds the bosom properly and upright to give the saree silhouette a good finishing. Now If you want to wear very deep blouse back in that case you will need to wear a blouse with fitted padding. Then you need to inquire in your locality and find a good tailor who knows how to fit in wired cups in blouse. Alternatively you can wear strap less bra. There are also options like silicon cups which you can wear with backless blouse.

But Since your bosom is heavy it is best to wear a bra which is strapless. Make sure that the back of the brassiere has a thick strap (not the shoulder straps – as staples bras do not have shoulder straps). Thick back strap will give you the support needed without having unwanted shoulder straps peeping out of your saree blouse.

Hope that Helped. Also check out my other articles on more blouse designs and latest blouse trends.

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on August 02, 2014:

Hello Sindhu,

Thank you for stopping by at my hub.

It is indeed possible to remove the pointed cups but I would suggest taking it to a tailor to do so. Usually pointed cups in saree blouse are made with foam cups attached to the torso and then sewing machine is run on three sides of the foam to give the pointy conical shape. You can try removing the stitch on the cup and see how the shape turns. Otherwise take it to a tailor for fixing it.

Surabhi mantha on August 02, 2014:

Hi I'm very heavy busted , with tummy also .I want to wear low back cut as shown in ur pics, but , bra straps r visible every time I wear.will padded blouse look good on me, as I'm very busy. If not then then how can I wear low back cuts without bra visible

sindhu on August 02, 2014:

hey this is amazing ya :) i badly need your help.. i want to wear my mom's mysore silk saree for my friend's sangeet.. i have an old silk cotton designed blouse to go with the saree.. but the blouse has got pointed cups and it looks odd if i wear d saree on that since the saree is very thin.. i dont want the pointed edges to be shown.. please tell me if i can remove the pointed edges b'coz it looks odd.. i badly want to wear this blouse.. thanks in advance.. keep up ur good work :) gud luck :)

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on April 22, 2014:

Hello Priyanka,

you should make the blouse long so that your belly doesn't show. Should give pleats underneath chest for proper fitting. Make the sleeves three quarter (tightly sewn) Three Quarter sleeves are slimming if properly make.

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on April 22, 2014:

Hi Ruchika rawat. Since the border of your saree is blue making the blouse blue as well would blend in with the border. Best would be to make your blouse body white and the sleeves blue. That way there will be a stark contrast between the saree border and blouse.

priyanka on April 21, 2014:

I have purchase lehga and the blouse of lenga is two color oranga and for sleaves green color net is attached I have 5 fit 4 inch height and I am fatty75 kg which types of blouse give me given slim look.

Ruchika rawat on April 18, 2014:

I recently bought a white netted saree with blue velvet border.. Would blue net blouse go with it ?

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on April 12, 2014:

Hi priyanka, you will find lots of beautiful saree blouse design ideas if you patiently go through the comments above as I have shared many great blouse ideas.

With your build you can actually go with any type of blouse design. However, if your arms are too thin then I would suggest wearing 3/4 blouse with lining to make the shape of our arm a bit fuller.

With crepe saree you can go for a simple saree blouse as it's summer time. Get a short 3-4 inches capped sleeve with deep round or rounded-V shaped neck at the back. For a nice body shape you can get a blouse stitched with foam cups fitted in your blouse front, that way you will not need to wear a bra underneath your blouse and you can go with daringly deep neck at the back without worrying about your straps showing.

You can also go for a plain sleeveless blouse with a simple U shaped neck at the back and front.

To make the blouse seem like it has something extra going on you can have an otherwise simple cut with the back part of your blouse (the part that is right below your neck) a bit curved (instead of a straight line at the helm of your blouse back you can make it curve upwards like a slight arch). It will look very fashionable.

I wish you gave a bit more detail about your blouse material and saree design/work so that I could give a thorough advice. Good luck.

Don't forget to like and share this post if you liked it. Thanks

priyanka on April 11, 2014:

hi there, can gve me some advice regardng which blouse will go excellent on for a synthetic blue crepe saree as i am a thin tall(162 cm) girl,does a 3/4 sleeve is okay???plz suggest asap

K Kiss (author) from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on February 09, 2014:

Hi Jyoti K,

If your body type is average as in not to bulky and not