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Fronts full of ruffles: Fluffy trend from spring still strong for Fall/Winter

Update:  Spring 2010 have ruffles featured strongly on the runways! Watch for a ruffled item to add to your Spring wardrobe!

Update: This article originally written about Fall/Winter Fashion '08/09, but all reviews of upcoming fashions for Fall/Winter '09/10 still show ruffles a strong favorite for designers!

Another update: Feb.2010, Fashion Week in NYC shows that ruffles continue to be hot with designers for Fall 2010. This trend really hanging on! Ruffles R Ronderful!

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles....waterfall ruffles, crisp ruffles, pirate ruffles, feminine ruffles, tailored ruffles, tiny ruffles, huge ruffles, ruffles around collars, down the fronts of blouses, on the edges of a sleeve, ruffles across a skirt, ruffles on coats, ruffles made from leather...getting the idea?

Ruffles are a B I G fashion trend right now for all types of fashions and prices. For those who love fashion, watching fashion trends develop is part of the fun. Some trends kind of sneak into the mainstream from sometimes modest beginnings ... remember the Amanda (Meryl Streep) speech from The Devil Wears Prada movie about the evolution of 'cerulean blue'? How this color went from high fashion to mainstream Gap offerings is the epitome statement of the trickling down effect of fashion elements from haute couture to bargain basement.

Bill Blass design company features a really Ruffled blouse!


Magazines feature the ruffle fashion trend

A trend that's hitting a full out stride into mainstream is the ruffled collar or ruffled front. Some say it started with Yves Saint Laurent in 2006, some say ruffles have never gone completely 'out,' it's just that now they're very 'in.' Check out the last photo shown here....ruffle baby doll style dress from 1960s, and worn by Goldie Hawn!

Shown here a selection of choices for those who want a ruffle or two in their wardrobe. The September '08 Bazaar magazine had a feature editorial on "the ruffle" and the various ways to wear it, and the September '08 MORE magazine had a feature on wearing the ruffle, The September '08 InStyle called the 'feminine ruffle' one of the seasons top five trends saying "truly romantic without apology." And those three examples are just a smidgeon of the publicity that 'the ruffle' has received for fall/winter fashions. These are just two examples of the dozens of fashion essays and critiques that are evaluating, promoting, sometimes deriding, the current hot ruffle fashion trend.

Ruffle fashion trend finds favor among high profile women

The Bill Blass ruffle blouse above is a beautiful, but extreme, approach to the ruffled front fashion trend. Below are a few examples of how some high-profile women are adapting the ruffle fashion into their own wardrobes. Farther down are a few photos showing a selection of ruffle fashions in a variety of price ranges.

Political wife follows the fashions -- Michelle Obama in ruffles


Pop vocalist Fergie wears ruffles and shades to NYC's Fashion Week


Victoria Beckham quite Posh in petite ruffles


Actress Charlize Theron is casually chic in peasant ruffles


Charlize goes ruffle-bold in purple ruffle creation by Dior


Checking out the oomph factor of ruffles

While the "oomph" factor of the ruffles in above photo are a bit extreme for the typical USA suburban woman,,,,note that Elizabeth Hasselbeck wore a small, sedate ruffle on a blouse for the 9/16/08 The View TV show, and that, as a much older woman, Barbara Walters wore a grey wool flannel looking top with large 'lapel-ish' ruffle neckline creation the next day, 9/17/08.

The ruffle received quite a bit of attention at the Spring '08 Fashion Week in New York and Paris with as much if not more attention for the Fall/Winter '08/09 fashion shows. Economically, the Fall/Winter shows continue to be more important "business-wise" to designers' bottom line. So having 'the ruffle' in the Spring shows, but then more heavily in the Fall/Winter '08/09 lines reveals how heavily designers in the USA are relying on consumers' desire for a ruffle of some sort, some size or another with the new purchases. Consequently, the fashion trends promoted for Fall/Winter are extremely important for the bottom line profits of many designers' business success.

Stylist discusses wearing ruffle fashions

Ruffles come in all shapes and sizes, from tightly crisp to loosely fluffy. Here, tailored ruffle on coat from Urban Outfitters, suggested retail $168.00


Want to know how popular ruffles are for female clothing? Bring up the website, enter the search word "ruffle," and category "womens apparel" and you'll get 70 images of clothing, from panties to coats with some sort of ruffle. And, just to show Nordstrom's price range they have blouses with ruffles from $450 to $38! All at one store/website!

The grey (fashionable color for Fall/Winter '08/09) jacket below very similar to jacket/cardigan worn by Barbara Walters on The View TV Show, 9-16-08. It's pale unassuming color combined with bold ruffles collar a good combination for many figure types, color types and age 'types.' A versatile item to look for when thinking about new additions to the wardrobe for Fall/Winter '08/09.

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A major ruffle collar on this jacket, but subtle collar defuses the boldness of style. Viktor & Rolf. Wool/Cotton blend. Grosgrain ribbon belt/tie.


Wedding dresses getting in on the ruffle trend. Here, a bride dress by British label NIEVE


A vintage ruffle dress with big ruffle, too bad, already sold. Check for other vintage attire.

Vintage Ruffle Dress from

Vintage Ruffle Dress from


High end label,'s ruffle front blouse. Would you believe $1,295?


Ruffled collar buttonless jacket Cotton-Spandex from $35.00


Oscar de la Renta Fall 2008 collection, lots of ruffles, deep jewel colors


The two ruffled looks above also reveal other hot fashion trends, deep jewel colors, in this case deep cabernet reds (the de la Renta combined with deep purple!) and the large belt.

The blouse below also has a second fashion 'hot' element...the leopard pattern is frequently popular for fall/winter and for 2008/2009, it's in every designer and department store line.


High end blouse from St. Johns label $445.00 Silk Charmeuse


Victoria's Secret offers Leather jacket with Leather ruffle detail. Suggested Retail $168


A look back at ruffles and fashion: Actress/producer Goldie Hawn from late 1960s in ruffled front babydoll dress


Katie Holmes Cruise just one of many celebrities wearing the hottest retro color, cobalt blue. Part 3.


White sunglasses, hot trend over the decades. Part 1.


Sarah Jessica Parker in retro 'Annie Hall' fashions. Part 2.


Paris Hilton in a Leopard fashion 'Don't'. Check out stylish Leopard fashion 'DOS' in Part 7.


Ruffle Fashions, part eight of fashion series

This column on ruffle fashions is part seven of Desert Blondie's look at fashion trends. Here's a review of parts one through six.

Part Seven: The Year of the Orange Coat. Back in the 1960s, fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn, was given an orange coat to wear in two different movies. First was the ever-popular Breakfast at Tiffany's and second, Charades. Now, in the 21st Century, the orange coat has become a hot hot item among fashion labels in all price ranges. Take a look by clicking here.

Part Six: Add some Leopard prints to your wardrobe...but be careful, this bold look can go wrong! See how Katie Holmes, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez and others "do" the leopard look. Click here.

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Part Three: For more on the heavy influence of the 1980s Cobalt Blue color on today's fashions...check here ! Photos from today and 1980s...Katie Holmes, Dixie Carter, Ali Larter, Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore, Cynthia Nixon, Donna Mills, Kyra Sedgwick. Plus fun fashion video!

Part Two: Checking out the fashions from movie Sex and the City and noting the high retro-factor in many of the stars' fashions. Fun photos and video of behind the scenes look at creating the clothes for the four stars. Click here for this fun column.

Part One: The history of this summer's hot trend, white sunglasses. Click here for classic Audrey Hepburn video, photos of Grace Kelly, Princess Diana, Drew Barrymore, and Kate Moss ... all flashing their summer whities!

Enjoy !


Fanny Mae - Hockner on April 03, 2014:

Hi, thanks for telling me that Joel's wife is in divorce in Australia. Please remind my friend to check her temperature with Bill Blass. It's a North Aemehrca ritual.

desert blondie (author) from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen on June 02, 2009:

Glad you enjoyed this view of ruffles....which are still going strong for summer '09!

anikah malik on June 02, 2009:

wow i am loving that mint vintage ruffle dress... too bad its already sold out! i absolutely LOVE ruffles. i am getting a few of my own ruffle outfits custom made designed by moi... i might just give my clothes maker a picture of that vintage dress...

desert blondie (author) from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen on February 07, 2009:

Funny! I have thought of the Seinfeld show Puffy Shirt myself several times! Maybe I should hunt down an image for this column! You're right, the NIEVE gown and Mrs. Obama's very similar. Since the designer of hers is ONLY 26 yrs old, guess he's gotta get his inspiration from somewhere...! And, all fashion is inspired by other fashion iin some form or other, right? Thanks for stopping by!

Andromeda10 from Chicago on February 05, 2009:

The NIEVE dress reminds me of Michelle Obama's Inaugural ball gown. Pretty! The ruffle shirts remind me of the "low talker" on Seinfeld, Jerry just nods because he can't hear her and agrees to wear the "Puffy shirt" on "The Tonight Show" Who knew it would become quite a staple in women's runway fashion!

desert blondie (author) from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen on September 27, 2008:

Thanks ladies for stopping by. Yes, ruffles up high around face could very well 'balance out' a wider hip area, like the grey ruffle collar jacket above. The slim arms keep a trim silouhette, but the ruffle keeps wide hip proportion better balanced. So NOT just for the super slim OR the super young. Look above at Michelle Obama. She's not super slim or super young and she wears the ruffle well.

And Summer10...go shopping! Every little purchase is good for the world economy!

summer10 from my happy place :) on September 27, 2008:

Gosh ruffles are pretty... a return to high glamour and innocent romance. Loved the pics and your hub has inspired me to shop :)

2patricias from Sussex by the Sea on September 27, 2008:

Love this Hub! Yes, ruffles continue to be a big trend - I've been looking at the reports from the most recent fashion shows. Ruffles are wonderful for the young and ultra-slim.

Pear shapes (like me) should try to restrict ruffles to above the waist! In fact, the closer to the neck the better (in my opinion).

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