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Romantic Tutus for Men

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Many men who want to try wearing women’s clothes are faced with the fears of ridicule and intolerance. Because of this, most men will go through life never having experienced the sensation of wearing a flowing skirt like a romantic tutu. And that is rather sad if you ask me because those who do try it, once you get them to feel safe enough to speak, will often admit that they liked it. Well those problems are common but they’re not everywhere. You can find places were wearing women’s clothes is common enough that people generally don’t have a problem with it.

Dancing is one such area. It’s not uncommon for male ballet dancers to play female parts. So men wearing tutus in the dance world is generally not seen particularly unusual or negative. Some ballet dancers have even dedicated their careers to playing female parts and pretty much only appear on stage dressed as women.

Men shopping for ballerina outfits

So, ballet dancers and ballet shops selling those beautiful tutus and other costumes will not be terribly surprised by male customers who want to buy a women’s costume or a tutu or even pointe shoes. Some of the other customers might find it strange but you don't normally care about other customers when you're out shopping. Your biggest problem is going to be the size because ballerinas are usually quite short. But all the serious costume suppliers have their dresses custom made anyway.

Romantic tutus can be the most beautiful of all and any man serious about wearing female clothes should give them a try. Unlike the classical tutu that sticks out, romantic tutus are longer and made with flowing fabrics that enhance your silhouette and adds free motion to your movements. Also, romantic tutus are more wearable offstage like at parties or something like that. Quite unlike classical tutus which you'll only see onstage or sometimes in class. I’ve seen classical practice tutus for men, so I’m sure you can also find romantic tutus for men.

Romantic Tutu Sizes

Sizes shouldn’t be problem with romantic tutus if it’s only the tutu. You just have to decide on what length you want and how many layers of fabric. The more layers, the fuller it will look and the heavier it will feel while less layers will reveal your legs better depending on the material and color. You could probably just order a really nice romantic tutu without even having to try it on. Still, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at your local ballet shop and see what they have.

If you want a romantic tutu as part of a costume, then it gets more complicated - especially for men. But, don’t worry, sizing and fitting is a big ‘adventure’ for women too. I suggest you start off by taking your measurements, then browse around some online ballet stores to see what kind of sizes they have stocked. This will give you a rough idea of where you stand in terms of sizes. Your biggest problem area in shopping romantic tutu dresses for men will surely be your chest and shoulders.

Twirling in romantic tutus is one of those experiences that every man should make at least once. In this day and age, there is no reason why being a man should mean you have to deny yourself the fun of wearing a romantic tutu or anything else for that matter. Just check out some ballet shops and I’m sure you’ll like what you see.

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Star TrekVoyager1995 on March 03, 2016:

Hi my name is Andy I wish I had a classical Ballet Stitched Pancake Sugar plum fairy Tutu I would be very beautiful to wear. Also I have watched so manny sugar plum fairy videos with ladies and girls wearing pink classical ballet pancake stitched tutus and I feel that it is not Fer that just girls and ladies are able to wear Tutus and not men. Can that change and so boys and men can wear them to Thanks Andy

Lucy83 (author) on June 26, 2012:

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Hi Alda,

ballet is very hard physical work. Most of the time it feels more like you're doing athletics than an art. But go for it anyway.

Alda on June 23, 2012:

I really enjoyed your article, because I'm a bit in this case, and I'm happy to read if, even it's uncommon, it's not unacceptable .

One of my older sister does some ballet class during some years, and so when I was your, I stolen many times her costumes to wear it.

One day I found 2 romantic tutu, one too big for me, but the other at the perfect size for me. I remember the first time I wore it, it was a so unbelievable feeling, I never expected woman clothes can be so comfortable.

When I grew up, I wore the second tutu, which is a bit different, but as comfortable as the other, and I wore it every time I can, just to feel good during a little time.

Now I'm adult, the first tutu is now too small, and the second one is tight, but I finally bought my own romantic tutu this year on Internet, a simple but wonderful romantic blue tutu, and like the others, I wear it every time I can when I'm alone.

I also bought a classical tutu, but the feeling isn't the same, and except watching me into the mirror, I can do nothing with it. But with the Romantic, I can read, work at home, cooking and even sleeping with it : it's a real every day clothes :)

Maybe I'll buy some other romantic tutu later, I also wish to take some ballet lesson, just to feel how is a ballet lesson, and why not dance in tutu :)

Stephanie Polarski on April 14, 2012:

Very good article. The feminization of a man is an essential part of his submission training. Every man should experience wearing a tutu, tights, pantyhose, panties and a skirt, and he should be shaved, under the direction of a strong woman to put him in touch with his feminine side.

SissLuv on January 26, 2012:

Thank you so much Lucy, for your delightfully helpful and sensitive discussion of men shopping for and wearing tutus. Although I have been wearing women's lingerie and fully crossdressing for many years, I have yet to buy/wear a full tutu, such as the ones you have described. Coincidentally, I have recently been shopping for a tutu and was so pleased to read your comments. I think that a tutu is a truly wonderful expression of beauty and femininity, and I look forward to wearing mine. I plan to buy a pink tutu and to wear thigh-high pink stockings with pink open-toe heels (matching nail polish), just for starters. It is exciting to shop for such a lovely sensuous garment, and it will be thrilling to wear it!

Thanks again,


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