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Review: Christian Louboutin FiFi Patent 100mm

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For me, these pair of Louboutins are my second. One was not enough. Unfortunately if you are a shoe-lover like myself, it can be an expensive addiction. On a trip to Berlin in February, I decided to make another impulse buy and add to my Louboutin collection.

Walking into The Corner Berlin, in the upscale shopping area of Französisch Straße, all I needed to say was "Louboutin" before being ushered kindly up a set of carpeted stairs to where an entire wall was dedicated to Louboutins. There must have been over 50 pairs. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I proceeded to try on several different pairs, unsure whether I wanted a shorter black patent heel, a red patent or a nude. Due to sizing availability, my choices were narrowed down to red and nude patent. I finally decided upon the FiFi Nude Patent 100mm, which I purchased for €445.00, or roughly $625.00 CDN, about two hundred dollars cheaper than my first pair, the Neofilo Black Patent 120mm. For the review on that pair, see my Hub below:



The FiFi is an elegant shoe with a rounded toe and small toebox allowing for the famous toe cleavage. The shoe has no platform, a gradual arch and a stiletto 100mm heel. The nude patent leather has a beautiful polished sheen. Christian Louboutin has designed multiple shades of nude, depending on your skin color, which is an excellent idea. The red laquered sole makes a great contrast against the nude, letting everyone know right away who you're wearing. Nude also matches with anything, so you have an advantage there.


They have a shorter heel in comparison to most Louboutins, so it makes it easier for a beginner. Your feet are not on as high of an arch either, despite the lack of a platform, thus making them more practical and their range of use being slightly more universal. I was able to wear them for a few hours, spending most of the time on my feet. Wearing nylon stockings can make the shoes more comfortable as well as easier for you to get your feet in and out of the them.


Christian Louboutin shoes vary in size depending on the style, but for most they tend to run small, as well as generally narrow. If you have wide feet, you may have an issue with finding a style that would fit you. I myself have narrow feet, so I don't have this issue. As for the size running small, this was the case for the FiFi. I had to go up half a size to avoid my toes being too pinched. Any slippage or gap between the back of your foot and the shoe can be corrected with inserts, usually heel grips. For shoes this expensive, you should be sure of the size before you buy them.


For their appearance, the shoes are very durable. I've worn them for a couple of nights out and, attempted to wear them on kinder surfaces. As you may already know, the red laquer sole does scrape off with wear, especially on harder surfaces such as gravel, concrete and asphalt. Keeping to laminate flooring and carpet, I received very little wear off the bottom of the soles for the couple of times I wore them. Once this red laquer does become sloughed off, you can take your Louboutins into a professional, usually the store you bought them from, and they can apply a red rubber sole to make up for the laquer that was scraped off. It is unfortunate that this happens, but eventually with every shoe it does occur.

A Must Have For Shoe Lovers:

Owning a nude heel from Christian Louboutin, whether it be in the FiFi style or not (there are many various styles that are released in nude), is a must-have for a shoe-addicts' collection. They are classic, match with any outfit and are at the right height where their use can be fairly universal, not just for parties or nights out.

Wall of Louboutins in The Corner Berlin

Wall of Louboutins in The Corner Berlin

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