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Removing Tattoos

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Tattoo Removal

With the newly found popularity that the ancient art of tattoos has enjoyed in the past couple of decades, came a growth in a brand new industry. The business of removing unwanted tattoos. This industry consists of different methods and options but one thing is certain, it is growing to meet the future demands of people with tattoos they later regret.

Studies conducted over the past couple of years tell us that people are looking for tattoo removal options for these reasons – career choices, embarrassment, and low self image issues.

Women are more apt to seek tattoo removal over men. Within this group, these women are most likely to be single, college educated, white and aged between 24 and 39. Based on this study , it’s easy to say that educated white females are the individuals most likely to have second thoughts about their tattoos as time goes one.

Fortunately, the tattoo removal business offers various methods to choose from:

The most drastic of choices is dermabrasion which can be thought of as sanding the tattoo skin layer to remove the ink.

For those wishing to fade a tattoo for future laser removal find success with tattoo removal creams. Some of the top brands in this category include Tattoo Off, Tat B Gone,and Wrecking Balm tattoo removal cream. These products act as a skin bleaching method.

Laser removal is still the most effective method of tattoo removal although the high price tag make this a realistic option for only a few.

I'll explain your various options and you can make the decision from there.


Reasons People Look for Tattoo Removal

Popular reasons for tattoo removal are:

Getting the name of an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, significant other. is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Yet people do it over and over again!!

After the relationship ends, the ink remains. You can just imagine how frustrating it would be to face a constant reminder of someone you are trying to forget.

Another reason for people getting their tattoos removed is due to a career change. Many young men and women are getting highly visible tattoos. On the neck, hands, and fully covered arms. For instance, my oldest daughter has a sleeve, neck and hand tattoos. She's been a bar maid for 11 years. She still loves them and continues to get more ink but I just hope that it doesn't become an issue for her future choices.

Even though tattoos are popular, the work force environment has not supported tattoos as much as we'd hoped. Having highly visible tattoos can be a turnoff during the hiring process and for quite a few occupations it is absolutely forbidden.

Sometimes the reason for tattoo removal is just that a person has changed their mind. They don't like the tattoo image anymore. Maybe a person's personal taste has changed or an image that was appropriate for a teenager isn't appropriate for a mother with kids.

Tattoos of Significant Others - Not a Great Idea


A True Example of a Bad Tattoo Idea


Girl Gets Boyfriends Name on Face

This image was from a recent story I found in the news. They met each other over the internet.

Then they met in person and within 24 hours she had her new boyfriend, who happened to be a tattoo artist, tattoo his name on her face.

Talk about poor judgment.

Laser Tattoo Removal

It is estimated that at least fifty percent of us who have some type of body art will want to remove one of their tattoos some time in our lifetime.

This is a staggering fact but when you think about it, it’s not really surprising. Why is this not surprising? Because people are fickle and fads and trends come and go. A tattoo that you received when you were twenty years old may not appeal to you when you are thirty-five.

Luckily we have the option of laser tattoo removal which is constantly evolving and advancing. Laser removal has come a long way already and possible problems and side effects have been minimized. Laser tattoo removal is safer and more effective than when this method first became available.

The risks from laser are typical with any medical procedure. There’s always a chance of infection. Your best protection from infection is to follow the aftercare instructions to the letter.

There is also a risk of hypopigmentation. This is when the area around the tattoo becomes lighter in color. The other risk is hyperpigmentation where the skin becomes a darker shade than it’s normal tint. The third concern is scarring. There’s a chance that after your laser treatments are completed you slight chance you may have a resulting scar.

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The best way to get good results is to begin with a laser treatment center or medical office that carries a good reputation. Don’t rush down to the nearest laser office without doing your research first. Dig into the reputation of the individual office before committing to any laser process.

Tattoo Removal Creams

Tattoo removal creams are a very popular product choice when people are deciding on a plan to remove their tattoos. There are a large range of products available in this category. Tattoo removal creams are beneficial for fading tattoos and for in some instances they can adequately remove tattoos.

The selection of tattoo removal creams on the market have become popular because of two major attributes. They are priced at a level that is attainable by most individuals. The other strength behind tattoo removal creams is their convenience. You can self administer these products in the comfort of your home. People prefer this convenience versus the hassle of making appointments for other types of treatments like laser.

Due to the fact that tattoo removal creams are not as powerful as laser treatments, the chance of the process resulting in scarring is reduced.

This category of tattoo removal includes products such as Wrecking Balm, Dermasal, and Tattoo Off.

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Rejuvi is new and not many people have received or even know about this treatment. It is said it works much more efficiently and effectively than creams and in the long run is much more reasonable price wise. The creams usually need many months and possibly longer to work. With Rejuvi treatment the beneficial results are seen immediately.

Rejuvi is very unusual in that it is put into the skin using a regular tattoo machine or a machine that looks very much like one but is designed just for administering Rejuvi.

Tattoo artists are the perfect candidate to administer Rejuvi since the key to success is the skills of the technician applying it. Since the artists have the experience and expertise of handling the tattoo machine, they are naturals at administering Rejuvi correctly.

Rejuvi bonds with the ink and then the body naturally pushes the combined ink and Rejuvi to the surface. In a few weeks an ugly looking scab forms. It is a murky color because of the ink pigment. You can't pick at it to quicken the process. Matter of fact, the longer it's on the better. You just have to let nature take it's course and have the scab fall off naturally.

See How Rejuvi Works

Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal

With the process of dermabrasion the top most layers of your skin are removed. Tattoo ink resides in the lower layers of skin. When receiving dermabrasion, your layers of skin are removed one thin layer at a time. For this reason you’ll be required to make multiple appointments as the removing of layers drills down to the ink.

As the skin layers are removed, the appearance of the tattoo will fade and new fresh skin will be encouraged to grow to replace it.

Dermabrasion can only be done by a plastic surgeon or similar medical official. Even though this is a minor surgical procedure your insurance will most likely not cover any expenses. This will all have to be funded from your own resources.Dermabrasion is an expensive procedure that will likely cost thousands when completed.

This is one of the more drastic approaches if you want to remove your tattoo. It’s considered minor surgery and will not only be a painful process with a long healing process. This also carries similar risks as other methods. Scarring is always a concern.

With newer and more appealing options, dermabrasion has faded in popularity and is one of the least popular methods of removing body art.

Cost of Tattoo Removal

The majority of Americans are on a budget that we must adhere to in order to afford our living expenses. It's difficult enough to save up for a tattoo but tattoo removal can also cost a pretty penny.

They say it's usually at least twice the cost of the tattoo. But tattoo prices vary depending on the shop you visit and the artist that you give your business to.

LASER REMOVAL: So the price of laser will first depend on the office you visit. Most offices offer a free consultation. This is when a medical official takes a look at your tattoo and gives you an estimate of how long it would take to remove and, also, the cost to you.

Many offices offer a credit plan for you to apply for. Basically you'll get the run down on the whole process and orders for you to follow in between visits. Method of payment will be discussed and agreed on.

REMOVAL CREAMS: Self administered products usually work over a long period of time and the amount of treatments will determine the amount of product needed. Since you are applying it yourself, it's hard to say just how many treatments is going to be needed. Even though the price seems the cheapest, the price tag may climb as the months add up.

Other factors impacting pricing is the individual and their skin traits.

How big is the tattoo? This will determine the number of sessions.

How solid and dark is the ink? This will also influence prices.

You will always get a price prior to beginning treatment so getting a couple of estimates is a great idea.


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