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Red Hair with Blonde Highlights: Get the Look at Home

Emma Watson: Light red hair with blonde highlights

Emma Watson: Light red hair with blonde highlights

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Are you a natural redhead who wants to add a bit more sunshine to your look? Although women rarely try it, red hair with blonde highlights can look gorgeous provided it is done with subtlety and skill.

In this hub are pictures of celebrities with red hair and blonde highlights, specifically Angie Everhart, Debra Messing, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Kidman -- some of the hottest redheads in Hollywood.

These women provide excellent examples of how to look a little blonder while still having a natural, professional appearance that you can carry off anywhere.

Angie Everhart (below)

Everhart is one of the most beautiful redheads in the world. This is a wild picture of Everhart, from her earlier modeling days. In it she has thick, wavy, red hair with thin blonde highlights throughout her head, and a few thicker pieces around her face.

Redheads who are always trying to straighten their hair might gain a little perspective that their natural waves are indeed beautiful. Everhart's highlights are subtle but her look is dramatic.

Debra Messing (below)

Messing once decided to change her look and went for straight red hair with blonde highlights. The naturally curly and auburn-haired Messing surprised everyone. This look is great for ponytails. The highlights extend from your forehead through the length of your style, providing an overall sleek look. Two-tone red and blonde hair is great curly or straight.

Pictures of Celebrities with Red Hair and Blonde Highlights.

Pictures of Celebrities with Red Hair and Blonde Highlights.

Pictures of Celebrities with Red Hair and Blonde Highlights. Two-tone red and blonde hair.

Pictures of Celebrities with Red Hair and Blonde Highlights. Two-tone red and blonde hair.

Subtle blonde highlights on red hair.

Subtle blonde highlights on red hair.

Two-tone red and blonde hair.

Two-tone red and blonde hair.

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Lindsay Lohan (above)

Lohan is one of the only actresses I wish would stop coloring her hair totally blonde. She will always look best as a redhead. The black, dark brown, and platinum blonde colors she has tried simply don't do her justice.

The only blonde I have ever seen her look good in are these subtle blonde highlights she wears, concentrated around the crown of her head. They provide just enough sunshine and appropriate lightness for her warm skin tone, without going overboard. This look will work on almost any redhead.

Nicole Kidman (above)

Kidman first came to fame as a redhead with very curly hair. Over the years she went to strawberry blonde, and then completely blonde, which I don't believe suited her very well. The paleness drowned out her fair skin.

People tend to forget she is a natural redhead. But now and then she graces us with two-tone red and blonde hair, as she does in this picture. This gives her the best of both worlds. More daring women can try for this look if they really want a blended, much blonder appearance. It is a great look for summer.

How to Get Red Hair with Blonde Highlights at Home



Until recently, only retailers in Europe sold highlighting kits for redheads, simply because countries such as Scotland, Ireland, and England lay home to the genetics of redheads.

But now L'oreal Couleur Experte Express has a highlighting kit that both natural redheads and boxed redheads can easily use. It is not available in most stores.

In the box is both a dye and a separate highlighting solution. If you are going grey or are not naturally a redhead, you can use the dye to go all-over red again. If you are all-over naturally red, you can leave this step in the kit alone.

Then, for the final step, use the rubber highlighting fingertip applicator to apply blonde highlights wherever you want them on your mane. You can create striped highlights, chunk highlights, or more subtle pieces that lay around your face.

There are no caps for pulling strings of hair through, and no ridiculously long and expensive salon visits to worry about. It's as simple as that.

With this kit you can get beautifully blonde highlights on red hair once and for all.