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Red Hair on African American Women Celebrities

Beyonce in auburn hair. Celebrity black women with red hair.

Beyonce in auburn hair. Celebrity black women with red hair.

Red hair on African American women celebrities is usually a very flattering look. From sexy to sophisticated, check out our favorite picks. Decide for yourself if you'd like to try this look too.

Beyonce (photo, above)

You will never see Beyonce having a bad hair day. In this music performance photo, Beyonce whips around her long, flowy auburn tresses in one of her trademark moves. Red hair for African-American women is attainable in many forms. Wigs, like this one, are ideal for women who want to leave their natural hair at ease.

The red looks better on Beyonce than her than her usual blonde wigs, maybe because it gives her a warmer aura. Wigs of this length are usually priced in the $300 to $800 range. They do take an investment of money and frequent care to keep tangles at bay, but the payoff is a beautiful head of hair you can wear anywhere, and style as you please into updos as well as just wearing it down.

Rihanna in a long, flowing wig.

Rihanna in a long, flowing wig.

Kelis in short ringlets. Celebrity black women with red hair.

Kelis in short ringlets. Celebrity black women with red hair.

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Rihanna (photo, above)

Of all celebrity black women with red hair, Rihanna takes the cake for having the wildest style. She is known for not only wearing mismatched patterns, bikini outfits on stage, and tatters in her clothes, but for wearing fire engine red wigs too.

Her looks, although sometimes wild, are usually well-planned. If you ever notice, sometimes her wigs and her clothing have similar colors in them. As you can see in the photo above, some of the flowers on her red dress are similar in color to the color of her wig.

The wig above has long bangs, sits at her lower back, and is super-straight with a slight curl at the ends. Wigs with these features cost between $200 and $450.

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Kelis (photo, above)

A great style of red hair for African-American women is Kelis' look. She is wearing her own natural hair in its ringlet curls, and has simply added an auburn dye. Kelis is often seen having blonde to auburn hair. Her fans also love her trademark curls, and her hairstyles have been copied by girls and women across the United States. The red color graces her face to give off a sophisticated, grown-up, short-haired look.

If you choose to dye your hair like Kelis', make sure to add nourishment to it with oil treatments or glossing creams. This will keep your hair from appearing dry. Your safest bet is to have it dyed by a color specialist. You should also condition your scalp so that your hair does not fall out. It is imperative that you do so because you will have to touch up your roots every four to six weeks and will be repeatedly exposing your skin to drying color agents.

Tyra Banks in curly weave.  Red hair for African American women.

Tyra Banks in curly weave. Red hair for African American women.

Tyra Banks (photo, above)

Tyra has had a bigger variety of hair colors and hair styles than even Beyonce, giving her fans a frequent look at a new Tyra almost every time we saw her in a press photo.

Tyra's weave is curly, with a side-part, and is a combination of light red and deep red -- almost purple colors. This look is more suitable to the evening, such as at a party or a club. If you choose to get a wig in this style, it can cost anywhere from $175 to $350. You might have to curl it yourself with a curling iron from time-to-time, just to maintain the style occasionally.

You can also choose to tint your brows, as Tyra often does. To do this you will need facial cream bleach and eyeliner in your chosen hair shade. Re-apply the bleach every four days so that any brow roots will be sufficiently lightened. Take your brow pencil along with you in your purse, wherever you go, in case your initial brow pencil application fades.

To get beautiful light red color yourself, a great formula to try is Softsheen Carson Dark and Lovely Go Intense Hair Color in Radiant Copper.

These celebrity black women with red hair give us great ideas for our own looks. Whether you want feminine, bold, sophisticated, or fun, trying out these styles will give your appearance a fresh change.

Copper Hair Dye on African American Hair

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