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Real Men Wear High Heels


Men's high heels, now there's a fashion trend likely to blow the mind of clothing conservatives. But why shouldn't men wear high heels? Why should a man be restricted to his natural height, or wearing complicated lift arrangements that make him taller in a stealthy kind of way?

In the past, men could wear high heels as much as they wanted, in fact, high heels were an essential part of the well dressed gentleman's wardrobe. If you happen to be against the idea of men wearing high heels, before objecting with your poor spelling, atrocious grammar and lack of historical education, (it's a bit of a stereotype I know, to say that people who have a problem with men wearing a wide range of fashions tend to be blithering idiots, but it's a stereotype that has formed itself over the years and is backed by plenty of barely comprehensible comments that serve as proof,) please do take a few minutes out of your busy schedule of bigotry to familiarize yourself with the history of heels.

Height has always been associated with masculinity. The old cliché 'tall dark and handsome' has been around for hundreds of years. Women are attracted to tall men, and it is for this reason that men first started wearing shoes with heels. Initially, women did not wear heels, after all, why would they want to make themselves look more masculine by making themselves look taller? If you're going to do that, why not just strap down your bosom and shave your head at the same time?

Times have changed however, and post political and fashion revolution, modern women have commandeered high heels and enjoy traipsing about the place, pinching their toes and giving themselves lower back problems as a result. Men who want to wear high heels are often sneered at by these women who are unaware that they are in fact, wearing a style that was designed for men. Its a lovely piece of fashion irony when cross dressing women mock men who are simply reclaiming their own styles.

Some men do buck the fashion trend and wear high heels in public, and much kudos goes to them, for they are the fashion pioneers, the brave and bold men who, unafraid of what people might think or say, go their own way.

What is more manly? To reclaim a style of clothing lost in a bloody revolution, or to simper about in whatever pathetic scraps of leather are tossed at men these days, too frightened to go against popular opinion and the fickle edicts of the fashion world?

Oh yes, real men wear high heels.


heels35 on April 13, 2010:

Hope Hay, great discussion and I am one of those who love to wear heels and pantyhose, but to my great sorrow in the city where I am it is absurd. I would like to wear them in public and not just hiding in the house personally owns several pairs of 5 inch heels. where I feel great and I'm really unhappy that I can not leave them in public and I can not wait to become eligible as an everyday male footwear. Greetings in the hope that it will happen soon some change in that regard.

Wendygrrl on March 04, 2010:

High block heel for me... why not!

Gr8legs on February 03, 2010:

There are a number of comments on this hub that mention cowboy boots and high heels and I wonder how many of you are aware of the link between the two. High heels were, indeed originally designed for men for the practical purpose of making horse riding easier. Women had no need for them as ladies rodeside-saddle, using their inner thighs to maintain their posture on the horse.

High heels for men as a fashion statement followed later and fell out of favour, along with many of the "dandy" fashions (those we associate now with being feminine) following the French Revolution, as they were associated too closely with the bourgoisie. A wonderful example of these feminine and dandy fashions can be seen being modelled by Hugh Laurie of "House" fame on the British comedy series "Blackadder the Third", in which he plays the Georgian Prince Regent.

Americans, if anyone questions you regarding your fashion choice of footwear or legwear, remind them that your first president (and many others that followed) wore high heels, hose and a wig (shame about the wooden teeth - I can't see that one making a comeback - lol), as did Benjamin Franklin and many prominent early Americans.

Dave on December 21, 2009:

Great blog Hope. You are so right on, the high heel has been mens wear for at least 350 of the last 500 years. I like boots myself, as the instep keeps my feet from sliding down in to the toe. Heel hights--I wear anything from 3" up to 5" with no trouble at all. One more thing, flat shoes are not for everyone. There are many men who will never know what it is to walk in comfort with out at least 3" of heel elevation and many women who should never wear anything over 3/4". Dave

chris009 on December 08, 2009:

I used to hate all shoes, and strove to be barefooted whenever possible. (You may blame this on having spent my boyhood in the tropics.) Forced to wear office-wear I eventually ended up in the normal penguin suit, including wing-tips and Oxfords.

I finally said "screw it - I'm wearing what I want" and starting buying much lighter and airy-er (is that a word?) women's shoes.

I now find that I own only women's shoes, a dozen pairs (this for a guy who used to opine that he only needed two: On pair for the office and a set of sea boots for heavy weather), and I go shoe-shopping for fun.

I haven't bought them, but I am strongly attracted to these wing-tips from Payless...

Bottom line: Fellas, just do it. I wear only women's shoes, and nobody at the office seems to care, I haven't been fired, my students respect me - including respecting me for my iconoclasm - and my wife hasn't left me.


GoneNylon on December 04, 2009:

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A couple of observations on heels:

For a brief period in the late 1970s, heels and platforms did, in fact make a comeback. This would be the Disco Era, so perforce everything that came with Disco had to die with Disco. So it was for mens' heels. Clearly, it was a case of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I recall one brand being the Padrino (sp?) line.

Second, in answer to a question above, cowboy boots did (and do) in fact have stacked heels, and they do so for a very utilitarian purpose: the heels are stacked and angled forward, allowing the cowboy wearing said boots to use them as leverage inside the stirrup while his hands are occupied doing cowboy things.

rd on December 02, 2009:

I myself love wearing heels. Unfortunately, there really doesn't seem to be much uniformity of sizing in the shoe (or fashion, for that matter) industry. So your best bet is to to try them on before buying. However, with a foot that requires a man's 10-1/2, finding ladies shoes in a 12 or 13 tends to be an online experience at best. Very few stores stock over a 10 and I've found none that stock over an 11 except Payless. Yea, Zappo's and Pleaser's are great about exchanges and returns, but it is a hassle and multiple shipping adds costs to the product. So as a result, my shoe collection is nowhere I'd like it to be.

Keep up the great work, Hope. We love ya!

Hope Alexander (author) on December 01, 2009:

Hey Paul, there's nothing wrong with being dyslexic :) When I comment about people spelling things horribly, I'm not talking about people with learning disabilities, I'm talking about people who mash the keyboard with stupid.

pauls_boat on December 01, 2009:

hi hope out of all the "womens" items of clothing shoes are one of the things that most people do not notice when you are wearing female ones.

i love to wer shoes with a heal height of 2 to 3 inches as it alters the way i walk and makes me feel better as it eases my back which is damaged (broke in 3 places) for men to now start getting back what was once our own is great i hope it gathers momentum and more men start to wear them.

sorry if i am one of the people who spell things incorect but i am dyslexic (why is dyslexic so hard to spell) which i have noticed many men who are crossdressers are.

great hub again hope

David H from England on December 01, 2009:

The reason maybe because a lot of men are tall anyway (i.e. over 6 foot). Although I have seen on dating websites that women are looking for tall men - most men would be tall with heels on!

The biggest problem is that high heels can easily be bought in the women's section. I prefer women's clothes myself but shoes tend to only go up to a certain size.

If women's high heeled court shoes were made in a larger range of sizes, retailers may find that their sales increase.

What about cowboys? I mean the real ones from the wild west many years ago. They always used to wear high heeled boots. Or is that just an image portrayed by the movies?

You can't get more masculine than that - imagine telling a cowboy that he is a sissy, he would shoot you down in seconds!

Chris_S from Texas on November 30, 2009:

Wow Hope! Amazing! Once again you write from my soul.

Your hub is quite timely, I just got back from shoe shopping with my mom. I bought some new stiletto boots that I'm in love with! I tried them on and wore them around in the store before buying them and got only one glance of curiousity from a woman.

While trying on the boots, one of the female employees came over to give me a compliment on my selection and we talked about shoes. She was so sweet and supportive. She could have just as well not said anything and never approached me. Instead, she engaged me in conversation and was very helpful. She later asked me if I was going to buy the boots and was so excited when I told her yes.

There are many wonderful women who support men's fashion freedom. Thanks!

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