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Product Review: A Full Face of Dollar Tree Makeup

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Jessica loves all things creative in the world of entertainment, crafting, and cosmetics.

With makeup being such a huge industry, we are being bombarded constantly with new products. It can be so much fun to try new things and maybe even splurge on that hot new palette from Sephora that everyone can't stop talking about.The problem is that it gets downright expensive. Even drugstore makeup can cost a big chunk of cash if you need to pick up a couple things. Can the Dollar Tree, where everything is just a dollar, make me feel like a million bucks? I don't know yet, but today I intend to find out.

I will be wearing the following products:

***NOTE***I will be using my regular false eyelashes, lash glue, and silicone sponge to apply my foundation.


The Results

LA Colors Liquid Makeup

I love that this is a pump bottle, but the clear, plastic cap doesn't really want to stay on and that's annoying. The "natural" shade just happened to be a good color for me. I don't think they had a good selection of colors especially for lighter and darker skin tones so that is not a good thing. I was a little concerned at first because it went on patchy and thin and the consistency was like a tinted moisturizer. Once I got it smoothed out, it looked good on my skin, but I have good skin and don't need much coverage. If you need more coverage you probably won't like this at all. Even I was a little concerned at how light the coverage was until I applied some concealer and powder. So overall, my result was pretty good. All in all, I will use up but not repurchase

LA Colors Contour stick

This get lots of points for being retractable, I love that. I would like it to have been a little chunkier, but the size is not bad to work with. I bought this thinking it would be a good multi-tasker and I was right. I used it as a concealer and light contour and it worked pretty well as both. It went on smooth, had good pigmentation, and was easy to blend. It really is not a bad product for a dollar. They had a dark color and a shimmery highlight as well that I would love to try. I would definitely repurchase this again.

LA Colors Pressed Powder

This comes in as a simple compact. It comes with a very thin, flimsy foam pad that I usually just throw away and use a better quality puff or a makeup brush to apply. I have actually used this powder before and I really like it. Just as with the foundation, it doesn't come in a lot of colors. I believe there was a tan and a nude color as well, but beige works good for me. Good at setting and controlling oil. Would definitely repurchase.

Beauty Benefits Hollywood Bronzer

This came in a compact as well and I picked this one over other brands because it seemed to be matte and not shimmery. I really liked it! It was a good natural color that would probably fit most light to medium skin tones. I would definitely repurchase this.

LA Colors Blush

This came in an old-school compact (think Cover Girl blushes and eye-shadows from back in the day). As most compacts do, it came with the worst little brush I've ever seen that went straight into the trash. The color Toast was gorgeous though! In the pan, it reminded me or Nars Super Orgasm, so perhaps it could be considered a dupe. It was bright enough but natural looking too. They also have a pretty good selection of colors which is great. I used one of the Wet n Wild Brushes that I bought and, I don't know if it was the blush itself or this brush, but it went on a little blotchy, but I got it evened out with a little work. I would repurchase this again in a pinch and I would love to try the other colors too.

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LA Colors Mascara

The packaging of this is super cute. It's almost like a deluxe sample size which is great for smaller makeup bags and travel. I bought the lash building formula and isn't great. I have really short and sparse lashes so I need a LOT of help. This might work pretty good for all you long-lashed ladies, especially if you just want to boost them a little and darken them up. Even though it's not my favorite, I will be able to use it up because I can apply it to my lashes before putting on false lashes to help give them something to stick to. But as a stand alone mascara, I wouldn't bother with it for myself.

LA Colors Liquid liner

I actually really liked this! I was very pleasantly surprised. I didn't have high hopes but for a dollar, this is a gem. At first, I hated that this came in the traditional brush applicator because I've become accustomed to the ease of liquid liners pens. I anticipated that I would have more trouble with this but my first try wasn't bad at all. I'll get even better at it too the more I use this style of applicator. The color is very pigmented and it stayed on all day too. I will definitely repurchase this.

LA Colors Auto Eyeliner

I love that it is retractable, but it didn't glide on as smooth as I would have liked. This is not a total fail though.I will probably not repurchase but I will keep it as a backup and use it to do an ombre lip. So in a pinch, its not too bad

LA Colors Eye-shadow Palettes

I was very pleasantly surprised by their 6 shadow palettes, Beauty (top in pic) and Calm (bottom in pic). They had a few different color selections to choose from but I picked these two because 'Calm' had neutral, matte shadows that I thought could double as eyebrow powder. It's also very reminiscent of Urban Decay's Naked Basics palettes. 'Beauty' looks like a small version of Urban Decay's Naked Heat palette. These sleek, little palettes are fabulous and I want to buy them all. I purchased the 12 color 'Smokey' palette because it had a matte, white shade that I wanted to use on my brow bone. It was not as pigmented as I would have liked but it worked. I will definitely continue to buy the 6 shade palettes but I probably won't repurchase the 12 shade palette again.

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip color

I have been using these lip colors from wet n wild before and they are my favorite. Not only are they cheap (even at CVS or Walgreen's they’re about $3), but they are highly pigmented and last hours! I have several colors already and picked up this one at the dollar tree because I didn’t have this color (they had another color or two there). I had never seen them at the dollar tree before so I will now be on the lookout there for my favorite red. I highly recommend these lip colors wet n wild even if you pay more than a dollar for them, they're good.

LA Colors Moisturizing Formula Lip Gloss

This gloss was really nice. They had a few color choices at the store and i picked a coral color that is gorgeous! It was a great consistency, had a nice smell to it, and made my lips look plump and super moisturized . I had to apply a couple times during the day but I didn't mind. I placed it over the pink Wet n Wild lipstick that I had bought. I felt it gave me a very Jennifer Lopez vibe with my lips. I would totally buy this again and I also want to try the other colors.

Wet n Wild Assorted Makeup Brushes

I really like these brushes. They feel good in my hand and I think they're as cute as can be. They pretty soft too! With the bristles being light, it's easy to see which makeup colors you have used them with. I will definitely be purchasing more of these. They have a few at Dollar Tree, but Walgreen'sand CVS have a better selection. They will be cost a little bit more there but I would totally pay more than a dollar for any of these. I bought a couple different eyeshadow brushes, the liner brush, and bigger brushes for blush and bronzer. Wonderful for the money. The black, kabuki brush (it's hard to see in picture, bottom left) wasn't great, but I will probably use it couple more times and it will have worn out. I wouldn't repurchase that.

Sassy+Chic Kabuki Cosmetic Brush

This was horrible! I literally threw it in the garbage when I was done using it. It is not worth a dime, let alone a dollar.


Overall, the experience was better than I thought it would be. I tend to use the same makeup everyday and have comfort in my routine. If I used these everyday, I'm sure I would like them even more. It's one thing to apply makeup and the end result is another thing. I think that with the end result, no one would know where my makeup came from or how much it costs. There are good and bad products at every price point and it is also a matter of personal opinion as well.

I hope you found this interesting and helpful!

What are your favorite cosmetics and beauty products from the Dollar Tree? I would love to hear from you. Comment below! :)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Jess B (author) from United States on April 14, 2019:

Thank you so much Ellison! It was a fun experiment and lot of these will be a staple for me now. My products are all over the board and it really is a matter of finding what you like and it definitely doesn't have to cost a lot at all.

Ellison Hartley from Maryland, USA on April 10, 2019:

I definitely wouldn't have known you used dollar tree make up for that picture if you hadn't written about it. I think it is a great thing that you did this now some people who may not be able to afford some of the more expensive brands can find make-up that wears well for an affordable price.

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