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Pre Colored Primers - A must Step in Hair Coloring Process

Pre-Colored Primers

There could be many reasons for practicing Hair coloring, or you can say, changing the color of hair. The most common motivation to change the hair color is the recent trend or fashion. Hair coloring process involves the use of chemicals that further change the color of person's hair.

The prospect of coloring hair leads to confusion because of many doubts that arises with the idea. Common questions that tend to come up are what if hair color not gets in properly or not stays in as desired? or how to protect the scalp, dry hair from the hair coloring process? To help you out regarding this puzzling situation, pre coloring products has been introduced in the market with the name Pre-Color Primers and pre color serum. These pre color products have to be applied to hair before the application of hair color. Below are listed some best pre color products that you can also buy online. All these products ensure safe and even color deposit.

Best Selling Pre-Color Primers

L'Oreal Technique Pre color Primer

A hand down favorite pre color primer of many people. The product promises to keep the hair color much longer. This haircolor essential fortifies the hair before the haircolor service and also capable of providing necessary condition and moisture during the hair coloring process. With the use of this amazing pre color primer your hair will become stronger and glossier. It helps in more even color application and gives better color results.

Clairol Nice and Easy Gray Solution: A perfect product to effectively cover resistant gray hair. This Pre color Primer retextures grays so that color gets in and stays in for longer period. It's a great solution if you want to soften your coarse, resistant gray hair and if you wish to have natural looking hair color. You can feel the difference after trying this product.

Loreal Excellence Creme Protective Pre-Color Serum: This product is popular pre step to Hair color application. Pre-Color Serum has to apply before coloringto treat fragile areas of your hair. Available in around $6.00, this serum has the potential to protect your fragile hair, particularly dry hair ends and prepares them for an even hair coloring.


Goldwell Color Glow IQ Instant Structure Repair - Pre-Color Hair Coloring Products:

This pre color product is best for dry and brittle hair type. It should be applied on dry or towel dried hair. The product concentrates on damaged areas of the hair, when massaged in prior to hair color application. It needs not to be rinsed out before hair coloring process. A great basic primer which ensures even color deposit for damaged hair parts.

Davines Glorifying Pre-Color Treatment Scalp Protective: This is an effective scalp protective fluid which is applied before hair coloring. Davines Glorifying Pre-Color protects your scalp from chemical services and prevents any kind of irritation. It is very easy to apply and gives amazing results. This is a dermatologist tested product which gives your scalp a protection from color process.

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Mary Rose Beauvais on August 13, 2019:

It there is extra can it be used after coloring for example after the next shampooing?

Marthka Schkukoske on August 02, 2014:

I want to know if it is possible to buy the pre color serum separately.

Marge Bartolomucci on July 15, 2014:

I posted a comment on here about my hair being burned up and broken off, after using Loreal, but it was removed. ??????

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