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Ponytail Hairstyles - Ponytails For Medium Short Hair

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Megan fox ponytail for medium length hair

Megan fox ponytail for medium length hair

lauren conrad ponytail for medium hair

lauren conrad ponytail for medium hair

Are you getting bored of wearing the same old ponytail with a simple hair band? Here are some of the new different variations of ponytail styles which can be done even closing your eyes, you can say.

Ponytails look sexy on any type of hair - short, medium or long and are a quite simple task to do for formal occasions to look more beautiful and elegant. Ponytails actually are mostly used by women with medium hair as it allows them to show their beautiful hair in a much more fashionable way.

Historically, the ponytail has been considered a very informal hairstyle for grown women, who were expected to maintain more elaborate or less visible coiffures.Ponytails are more adorable these days because they are quite easy to wear and simple to try out different types of ponytail styles available on the Internet just staying at home in a matter of minutes.

Most of the women find it very hard to spend too much time on their hair alone when they have to get ready for much more makeup in the dressing room. Ponytails avoid time complicated issues and they look beautiful on short hair, sexy layered hair.

Depending on fashions, ponytail may also be worn toward one side of the head (over one ear), or on the very top of the head like a topknot, allowing the hair to fall down the back or one side of the head.

Here, I collected some of the best ponytail hairstyles for short hair, medium hair with different varieties like side ponytails, formal ponytails, low ponytails, crimped ponytails, sleek ponytails, sophisticated ponytails and many more simple ponytail styles waiting for you to be tried out. So, have a look at all these lovely and pretty ponytails and select the most elegant ponytail that impressed you.

jessica simpson slick ponytails for medium hair

jessica simpson slick ponytails for medium hair

zhang zhiyi sophisticated ponytail hairstyles for short hair

zhang zhiyi sophisticated ponytail hairstyles for short hair


danielle on March 06, 2014:

oh my g!they are so beautiful

nicolebostrom on September 15, 2012:

Love the hair styles ! wish i could get them to look like that!

sabrani44 on January 18, 2012:

Great hub, thanks for sharing! All these celebs have perfect hair!

!!!! on January 01, 2012:

I love ponytails but you cant wear it all the mom trys to let my hair hang but i hate to it gets all in your face.I going to show her some styles!!!!SABRINA WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY DISGRACE??? WHAT DID SHE DO WRONG TO THE COUNTRY???? ARE YOU CALLING US DOGS HOW RUDE WELL YOUR PARENTS GAVE BIRTH TO RIGHT TO YOU!! IT BACKED FIRED ON YOU:]HAHAHA

Hubert on December 31, 2011:

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Oh no no , slick ponytails er sexy

Paris Hilton on April 20, 2011:

Hey Babe,

these are nice hairstyles.OMG that is a nice picture of me!


Paris Hilton xoxoxoxo

sandy on September 06, 2010:

Hi this Harstyles are cute.. Can you upload more hairstyles for short hair or braiding hairstyles?.... :)

jess on March 15, 2010:

love the bottom hair

lol on February 01, 2010:

love the hair very pretty

TGY on January 26, 2010:


jazzie on August 01, 2009:

these are good i deas i justt dunno propley how to get em like it

blondepoet from australia on May 17, 2009:

I love wearing my hair in a pony tail so I found some great ideas here thanks.

Mr Nice from North America on March 10, 2009:

Hi honey,

Thanks for becoming my fan. I hope you looked at my hubs too. Enjoy rest of your day.

Mr Nice from North America on March 09, 2009:

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