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Playful Cartoon Panties For Adults

Here's a whole genre of panties that I might never have thought to write about due to my general aversion to cotton panties, but which I must write about because they are quite simply, pantytastic (that's like bootylicious, but with less melody.) Now you might assume that these panties would be limited to children, because you know, kids love cartoons. Well, it turns out that growing up doesn't actually suck the soul out of you as once thought, and adults like cartoon panties too!

If you can think of a cartoon, you can probably get panties in that style. Here are just a few styles I found at WholesalePanties.com, but you can probably find similar panties at your local center of commercialized doom.


Mickey Mouse Panties

M I C – K E Y ---- M. O . U. S. Eeeeee

That's all I have to say about that one. Except for this one time, when I was a kid and this other girl told me that she was a member of the mousketeers and I believed her, except it must have been a lie because she turned out nothing like Britney Spears.


Care Bears

Care Bears! The care bears had a very inspirational message, about caring and loving and some people being bears and some people being lions and elephants.


Tinkerbell Panties

Beware, Tinkerbell can be very jealous of other ladies. Remember how mean she was to Wendy?


Big Bird Panties

A man wearing Big Bird panties could be considered innuendo of some kind. But this isn't that kind of place, so I will restrain myself from commenting further.

Elmo Panties

Who doesn't love Elmo. Everyone loves Elmo. Elmo is like Grover 2.0 I prefer the Cookie Monster. Who now apparently eats vegetables because modern parents think kids get fat from watching muppets eat cookies, and not from stuffing their little faces with the junk mommy and daddy keep buying for some inexplicable reason.


Pebbles and BamBam Panties

The original couple with more appeal even than Adam and Eve. In fact, the creation story would have been much more interesting if Pebbles and Bam Bam had been the inhabitants of Eden. That's where God totally went wrong.


Alvin and the Chipmunks Panties

Hell yeah, though I never understood why it was Alvin and the Chipmunks, they're all chipmunks after all, including Alvin. It's like he was ashamed to be a chipmunk or something. Maybe that's why he insisted they all wear people clothes and live indoors.


Winnie the Pooh Panties

Ah, the classic Winnie the Pooh. I bet A A Milne would be so proud to know that his characters were being paraded around on people's butts in order to make money for Disney.


SpongeBob Square Pants Panties

Don't be fooled. I am sure that these panties have no more absorbency than any of the other cartoon panties available to the public at large. 'Sponge'Bob indeed.


Lost on May 19, 2017:

I hope its not too late to ask but where do I find the spongebob panties?

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