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Plantar Fasciitis Socks - What Are They, and What Types Are Available?

At one point, Chris was barely able to walk due to plantar fasciitis. Years of chronic pain led her to treat it at home successfully.

Are there plantar fasciitis socks designed for people with heel pain? Yes, though the selection is limited. There are two kinds of sock:

  1. Therapeutic socks like the Strassburg Sock and the Thermoskin sock. This type of sock is generally worn only on the affected foot and is designed to keep it in a neutral position, gently stretching the plantar fascia and preventing it from tightening up as it heels, as happens when the foot is allowed to be lax during rest.
  2. Those providing a bit of extra arch support. These are normal socks but with an extra bit of compression and/or cushioning where it's needed.

It's important to note that socks with extra arch support alone won't provide the therapeutic arch support needed to heal the injury. You'll probably want to look into other sources of good support, including special slippers, flip-flops, running shoes, boots and shoes for plantar fasciitis, as well as arch support insoles to wear inside footwear.

Here are some socks that are designed to help either brace the foot at night or aid with arch support and shock absorption.

Do You Have Heel Pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis?

Strassburg Sock

Strassburg Sock

I was proud of myself for getting rid of my plantar fasciitis years ago. I thought it was easy. Just do some things and it goes away. I wanted to help people get rid of their pain, so I wrote an article on finding footwear for this condition, and then one on healing, and then a whole series of articles based on my experience and research. (You can find them at the end of this article.)

Recently, however, I gained some weight and sustained a knee injury, and my plantar fasciitis has come back with a vengeance. It hurts to walk. Even though I got significant relief from one or two things I did, it keeps coming back. So now I'm taking the plunge. For the first time, I'm trying a night splint - not a hard one, but something called the Strassburg Sock. When I get it, I'll try it out and report back here.

Update: I've used it now for over a week - see my new review of the Strassburg Sock.

The Strassburg sock has extremely positive reviews on Amazon compared to other night splints. Based on the reviews, very few people dislike it. It comes in two calf sizes - one that fits smaller calves and - yay! - one that fits me (I have a large calf.)

I chose the Strassburg Sock over others because reviews indicate it's more comfortable, cooler, and better designed than any of the other night braces. I also like how simple the design is. It's not cheap, but it's very affordable, on the lower end of what this kind of product usually costs.

Plantar Fasciitis Dress Sock

The Goodhew Padua dress sock for women is a merino wool and nylon blend with a touch of spandex for arch support. This is a classic style dress sock that can add support in the arch area when you need to wear dress shoes.

Goodhew Dress Sock for Women With Arch Support

New Balance Walking & Running Socks for Plantar Fasciitis

The high density athletic sock by New Balance has a shock-absorbing cushioning and supplies arch support by compression.

This sock comes in a crew size, anklet, no-show and quarter sock size. It also provides breathable moisture wicking.

Thorlos Padds May Help With Cushioning

Thorlos Padds are anatomical socks featuring protective cushioning and "variable density padding" on the ball of the foot as well as the heel. Made of Thorlon acrylic, nylon and spandex, they don't necessarily provide extra arch support, but they're designed to increase foot comfort and reduce mild pain.

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Thermoskin Sock/Splint

Thermoskin Sock

The Thermoskin plantar fasciitis sock is actually more of a soft night splint or day splint. It's not for wearing while walking or standing, but rather for periods of lying down or being seated. If you check out the product on, you'll see there are a LOT of one star reviews for this product - bad reviews, I mean. It does not seem to have worked for many people. Judging by the reviews I read, it seems not as well designed as the above-mentioned Strassburg Sock.

This plantar fasciitis sock is supposedly designed to keep the plantar fascia gently stretched so it doesn't tighten up and then reinjure itself when you arise and put weight on it again - which is the reason heel pain occurs so often in the morning with this kind of injury.

Asics Hera Bamboo Low Cut Socks and Kinsei II

The Asics Hera Locuts are a low-cut anatomical running sock for women made with eco-friendly bamboo.  These are rated very highly as a sock for female runners at Runner's World as well as by reviewers on

The Asics Kinsei II socks for men and women have right and left foot construction and provide support by compression.  It also has other comfort features such as the Personal Heel Fit that cushions the Achilles tendon from abrasion.

Other Socks That Are Anatomically Designed

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I am not a medical professional, and the recommendations in this article should not be taken as medical advice. I received no freebies in this review. View my statement regarding compensation for this article.


Jessica on December 22, 2013:

A little over a year ago i had a plantar facial band tear. So far the only thing I've found to work are compression socks(really for swelling/circulation) & NEVER being without shoes! My whole life i was an avid barefoot& flip flop wearer, but at 31 a loud"pop" changed my life! Only shoes i wear are tennis shoes with a lot of underfoot cushioning like Saucony or Brooks, good arch support&a stiff toe box with enough room for my wide feet.

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