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Pictures Of Celebrity Hairstyles For Long Shaped Faces

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Do you have a long or oblong face shape? Are you in search of a right hairstyle for long faces? Then you are in the right place to get your answers.

Women with long shaped faces can try different hairstyles fashions that suits them most.A long face with a bad hairstyle can make a woman look older.

So, choosing the right hair styles for long faces is vital step to look younger and fashionable.There are a number of great haircuts on long faces but not every hairstyles suits everyone. You may want a cute long hairstyle that can make you look thin and slimmer.

First, you should avoid the hairstyles that are too short or too long for any long face.Avoid any hairstyle that needs cutting hair on forehead as it elongates your face length and makes your face look even longer.

If you have straight hair you can opt to add bangs to your hair to make your face look sexy and younger. You must try to create more width on your sides.

Avoid going for flat bangs as going up or down a bit can spoil the charming look.Long side swept bangs makes your face look less longer covering up most of your forehead.

Another ideas for long face hairstyles is going for curly haircuts with waves.Curly hairstyles add width to long narrow faces making them a better option to consider in different fashions.

Wanna Take a Look at These Sexy Hairstyles Too?

2015 ultra modern hairstyles for long narrow faces

2015 ultra modern hairstyles for long narrow faces

 haircuts for girls short bob hairstyles

haircuts for girls short bob hairstyles

 short hair with flat top haircuts for oblong faces

short hair with flat top haircuts for oblong faces

Short hairstyles also look great on long narrow faces if you style it in the right manner with right proportion of volume of hair.

A short hair works because it allows eyes to clearly appear and takes away the attention of the people from hair length. So, a short hairstyle can always be trusted to enhance the look for any occasion.

You can also go for chin length hair with a long face.Bob haircuts would look great on a chin length face as they create the illusion of additional width on your face can give a magical look to the face.

Layered hairstyles work great for medium or long hair with a long face, layering makes a thin long face appear wider than usual and adds volume to hair.

You can try some of the favorite hairstyles out of these and pick the best one for your long or oblong face.So enjoy the different hairstyles for long faces

cute and beautiful hairstyles for long faces

cute and beautiful hairstyles for long faces

celebrity hair styles for long shaped faces

celebrity hair styles for long shaped faces

fringe hairstyles for oblong faces with blonde hair

fringe hairstyles for oblong faces with blonde hair

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accumnhainc on August 10, 2015:

rest of the site is also really good.

nur liyana on January 17, 2014:

I have an oval/long face shape.but I want to cut my hair like (cute korean girl short hair look like a boy image) it is suit on me?

candidshot on September 04, 2013:

Jerry Hall, Liv Tyler, Teri Hatcher, Gisele Bundchen, Natascha McElhone...just a few women with long faces considered by many to be extraordinarily beautiful.

FarmaLabe on March 06, 2013:

When i utilized to find high on existence yet as of late I've truly accumulated some sort of weight.

kiki on February 19, 2013:

fyi ladies, the benefit to long/oblong faces are that if you put on weight, your face will never get fat! You can wear any hairstyle that you feel confident with, and finally, there is a timeless allure about the face. If you have pretty features, then you have a pretty face

emma on August 20, 2012:

Omg people! your face shape is not the determining factor to whether you are attractive or not .There are attractive people with all face shapes just as there are attarctive people in all body shapes.Its just about working with what you have got that best flatters you at highlights your best features! I have a long oblong face and normaly wear a side fringe and I am told often that im pretty .

hihi on August 04, 2012:

I also have a long narrow face and relate to many of you. Not only that, I was shy (BAD COMBINATION). When I was a young girl and a teenager I thought it was one of the worst things to have a long face. As some of you have shared, having a long face for some reason invites mean, nasty kids to make fun of you. Never mind that these jerks are no beauty queens/kings themselves. But then something wonderful happened in my twenties - I looked in the mirror and finally.... I saw a pretty face looking back at me. Although not "cookie-cutter," "all-American", it was pretty nonetheless. So, girls, what I am trying to say is: It gets better!!!! And just wait, I kid you not, many of those cutie- pie-faced girls of high school with "sweet" "angelic" round faces now also have heavy round backsides to go with it. And they are not so cute anymore... And most importantly, confidence, confidence, confidence. If you start to think that you are pretty, others will follow. Read "The Secret." Some of you may think that some my comments are "dumb"; but for those who think otherwise, you will come out ahead......

hihi on August 04, 2012:

hi no worries

nat on June 13, 2012:

hi ya all. you can be beautiful with a long face, my partner tells me it makes me, my look is striking and unique,and have definatly grown into my looks,as a teen i didn't get boys chaseing me,but now at 30 i seem to easily turn heads and am often eyed up even at the shops with my tracky on and hair tied up. when u have a day that u feel ugly, u need to put on a brave face and FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!! pretend to be comfident in your looks until u believe it and you will shine xx

Sophie. on April 07, 2012:

For those that suffer from having a long face I feel your pain, I'm 13 and I'm constantly trying to find a hairstyle that suits me, after playing around with my hair I figured out curly hair is best as it makes your face look wider, what also helps is blush, It makes your check bones stick out more so again your face will seem wider.:)

Kate on March 30, 2012:

Why do people fixate on some factor like a long face and such? There are pretty people with every kind of face shape. It's how it all comes together. Technically, more great beauties have longer rather than shorter faces---think of the gorgeous MOnica Bellucci--also, Liz Tyler, Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Eva Mendez, Meg Ryan, Ava Gardner, etc. etc. etc.

Shell on March 21, 2012:

I also have a long narrow face & used to be self conscious until I learned tricks to even it out. Actually LM is right, majority of models tend to have a longer face shape, and I have been told I am very beautiful & guys hit on me constantly! Have you fellow long face girls noticed how fabulous your cheekbones are? Round faced girls certainly don't have that! Long faces can work as long as you don't do middle part, poker straight or too long. I curl my hair to give width and have a side swept fringe, just play around with it.

kathey on March 13, 2012:

my heart goes out to all the young girls out there with long faces! i have a very long face and i went through a lot when i was young also. i got the "horse face" comment from some stupid guy with so much acne he looked like a pizza!! then i had a short cut and i walked by and some guy yelled "what is it?"(i was also flat chested). i agree with all the comments that tell you all to take care of what you have. i also have a muscular body,so i worked on it with stuff like tae bo and weights and now i look GREAT,and i can wear ANYTHING and i feel GREAT about myself and the body GOD has given me. if you have any asset at all,play it NOT be down on yourself.JESUS loves you and made you what you are make the most of it and you will NEVER regret it!!

Naomi on February 19, 2012:

Who says long faces aren't beautiful? Whatever. Beauty is based on so many things. I have never had trouble attracting the opposite sex. I feel very beautiful. I have a long face, somewhat strong nose and a fabulous smile with light blue eyes and great skin tone. I have strawberry blonde hair. Beauty is all relative. Decide to love who you are. Confidence is highly attractive ladies.

LM on January 21, 2012:

I, too, have a long, narrow face. But I really try to focus on the beautiful things about my face. I get many compliments on my skin and eyes, so I take care of my skin and I'm always trying different ways to play up my eyes with makeup. I encourage all of you girls who also struggle with your long faces to rock your beautiful features instead of focusing so much on your face shape. Everyone has something amazing and unique about their face. If you have gorgeous eyes, emphasize them with eye makeup, maybe some dramatic liner. Do you have full lips? (Wish I did!) Use beautiful colors and gloss. Trust me, when you make the most of your features, you won't be as insecure about the shape of your face.

Something I've noticed is that the models who do runway and high fashion tend to have longer faces and sharp features. I don't see too many high fashion models with round, square or heart-shaped faces. I think this is because long faces tend to look more elegant or edgy than most other face shapes.

So ladies, if you can't change it, and who can really change their face shape, then make the most of it and be proud of it. It's what makes you unique.

Selin on December 31, 2011:

I have a long face, long chin and a long nose with a little bump on it... People say I look like a horse and I cannot find a good hairstyle for myself. I'm only 13 years old and people always make fun of me I hate it I'm fed up of being called a horse and people neighing every time I walk past I want a hairstyle for something like this.

Elaine on October 15, 2011:

I also have a long face and chin I found having bangs and having about 1 - 2 inches of the bangs at the bottom colored darker - then lighter on the sides and darker below chin level - it's like painting - light makes the face wider - esp. By the eyes and the dark at the bangs and below chin brings the area closer together - I am a hair colorist - also have light at the mouth area - I do my own color and you can shape the face with color - make sure not to put dark at temples it will take 10 lbs off heavy people so you know what it will do with a long face - I've always struggled but the color does help a lot

Michelleb33 on September 28, 2011:

Jana, YOU are an idiot. Look up gender bias language, and shut up

Jana on September 27, 2011:

@michelleb33 You're an idiot. lolz.

'Cat's mother' is right (& she isn't a sexist.) It's not the end of the world having a long face.

You're unhappiness is not stemming from having a long face; it's simply just your own insecurities. Embrace who you are. Find a style the works for you. Learn to love yourself and just that in itself, will work wonders. Sounds cliché but it's cliché because it's true! All you can do it try! And trust me there are far worse things in life than having a long face. :)

maj on September 13, 2011:

i never wanted this shape but what can i do...

i just accept it since i heard for the first time when somebody shouted it,,, i cried for almost every night,,,like i wanted to be alone forever...i'm a good person, i'm only 17, but i can feel that nobody wants me....i'm not being too high or something but i am really kind to everyone and always sacrifices for them as long as i could....but still they don't appreciate any of those...i just hate this face...and i'm the only one in our class who never had a boyfriend, well it doesn't matter, i love God who made this for a reason though it's hard to accept...if only wishes do come true...


Lyn on September 09, 2011:

I to have a skinny long face with pointy chin and find it hard to find the right hairstyle.

khushi on August 24, 2011:

like this

michelleb33 on August 01, 2011:

This comment is to Cat's Mother. I noticed you called us GUYS. All the other girls on here were not being sexist, and calling girls GUYS is very gender biased and stupid. Don't comment unless you have something intelligent to say.

Cat's Mother on July 21, 2011:

Jeez, lighten up guys! It's not like you're terminally ill or anything. Think about facially disfigured people and get a grip - having a long face isn't a bad thing at all in comparison and, unless you're thinking of having surgery (which may or may not work) you're stuck with it! I have a long, slim face with the most almighty cow lick (so I can't wear a fringe) and a big old chin. I agree with LAR, make the best of your good bits and get a style that suits YOU, NOT what suits your friend or a particular celebrity. The best thing about my hair is the colour and the condition, so a shoulder length bob that goes under seems to work well, shows off the good bits and is really easy to look after (I'm totally lazy about my hair!). It's also long enough to put up for events or when I can be bothered to play with it. Another plus side, people with long faces look great in hats - any hat I've tried on always looks good, much to the annoyance of my friends. Can't do that with a round face...

Tanya on June 11, 2011:

I hear you girls that are not happy with a long face. I'm not either, I also have a skinny nose and fine hair which makes it very hard to have volume some days when you style it and then halfway through the day its flat again. I have had perms in the past to give me volume, but a lot of hairdressers that work from home don't do perms, so that makes it hard. All I can do is use good products on my hair for volume, look after my skin, eat healthy and try to get through those days when you hate your face shape. Like LAR said trying to have Confidence is the key to beauty. People should love us for who we are inside, not what we look like on the outside.

LAR on June 01, 2011:

Lauren go to your hairdresser and ask her for a style that will flatter your face. I'm 40 with a long face and at times it still gets me down as I'd love (and have had) long hair but it really doesn't compliment my face shape. Whereas my daughter who is also 14 (year 9), has a long face (also doesn't like it) but has long hair. I look at her and think she looks beautiful. The key to looking good is CONFIDENCE!! Make the best, the very best of your face, moisturise, foundation, concealer...etc...and most importantly BE HAPPY WITH YOUR HAIR! If you aren't it will impact on your personal life. I don't know how you have your hair at the moment but maybe go for a change...for me a short bob with lots of volume is good. Good luck and cheer up as you have your whole life ahead of you

Lauren on May 30, 2011:

I have a very long face and I HATE it. I'm only 14, so at school I got nothing but shit about it, constantly made fun of because of it. Which makes me cry all the time. If I had one wish, I would wish for any other face shape except long.

Take note on May 26, 2011:

Flat eyebrows are key. Do not arch your brows. Look at how flat all these eyebrows are. That is what is needed for a long face as well as a suitable hairstyle.

kylie on May 05, 2011:

Hi. I have a mix between an oval and an oblong face. My face isn't that narrow. Its pretty full. But my forhead makes it a little long. This was kinda helpful.

And the girls who say long faceshapes are the ugliest are being dumb. I think kendra wilkinson has a long face. Well, atleast oval/oblong. But she's a bombshell!

ren on May 02, 2011:

i have a long face too. i always think im ugly because of my face shape :(

CeeCee on March 15, 2011:

I'm the same I tend to think up do's suit this face shape they tend to work on me . Curls seem to work too and to make your head look a little smaller i would suggest side swept bangs like sian out of parade

Alicia on February 20, 2011:

I have a long face too, and I don't really like it, I keep seeing comments of people saying that if you have a long face then you are ugly or you look like a horse! These comments are from another website, but still it makes me feel awful! I have never really liked my long face, but I am learning to embrace what God has given me. (: I have wavy blonde hair (not that the color really matters) but does anyone have suggestions for someone with a long face and wavy hair that is sholder length? I don't really have any bags, and the few pieces I call bangs, I keep them side parted... Is this a good way to have my hair styled or should I go for a new look?

Luce on February 19, 2011:

I agree with Lalala. :L

You can really work with a long face shape, cause you can do loads of nice styles, and you can pull off 'big' hair really well. I used to hate my face shape, but now I've found loads of style I can do with my hair, I looooovvve it. :L And ( at =( )Kate Beckinsale looks gorgeous?!!

sucha on February 05, 2011:

not bad. some celebraties looking good .

Lalala on February 04, 2011:

eva mendez and jessica alba don't have a long face....but the others do...if you fail to see that it's because of their perfect make up and hairstyle. and i have to disagree with =(...i think that a long face is the second best! think that square and round face shapes are better? with a round face u usually look fat no matter how much weight you lose and the number of hairstyles that look good on you is very small (for example you cant have any type of bangs. i think that people with round faces look like tadpoles...seriously...especially men. and a square face is too masculine! it's really sharp. therefore embrace your long face! try wavy helps if you have a narrow face:)i have a slightly long's between oval and oblong...and i am very pretty, i get guys easily and i got a lot of modeling offers cuz i'm tall and fit too but i not into those things.

i think you just have to find a hairstyle that you are happy with, don't bother searching for the right one here, go to your hairdresser and tell him/her what you want, and if you like how it sounds do it. when you're happy you are pretty :) and learn how to use a helps.:)

Celia_C on January 03, 2011:

I'm with you Jane Doe. I too have a narrow, long-shaped face as well and a pointed chin that elongates my features. It's a daily challenge trying to find a hair style that works for me. I do find it so universally undesirable as I I don't see very many Hollywood actresses with this bone structure.

Kathryn on January 03, 2011:

I agree. This was no help at all. None of the women posted here really have long-shaped faces, they're more 'oval' and round if you ask me. Particularly Eva Mendes. For the most part, they all have 'fuller faces' with enough width to combat a long-faced look. Women with oval shaped faces are pretty lucky. I have a long shaped face and it's a daily struggle trying to find a hairstyle that flatters.

Jane Doe on December 30, 2010:

These celeb's faces arent' that "long." More like heart-shape or even oval. I was cursed with a long, large face and POINTY FREAKIN' CHIN to boot! The most undesirable shape of ALL- which probably not even plastic surgery could help. Even worse than Jennifer Aniston's square jaw. Oh, and hating bangs (and hair in my face in general) doesn't help matters.

Andrea on December 05, 2010:

love it!!!,

Whythelongface? on July 05, 2010:

With the exception of Liv Tyler, not one of these celebs really has a long face! This was absolutely no help at all. I have a long face unfortunately and it continues to be a struggle to find flattering styles. For me, medium length full bodied styles are where it's at. Wish I had been born with curly hair since that is clearly what every beauty website emphasizes for us long-faced girls. I hope those with oval faces know how lucky they are.

ahh dee on June 15, 2010:

to the person 3 comments up:

are you KIDDING! all these celebrities are gorgeous! embrace your long face! i have one too. liv tyler and kate beckinsale are absolutely beautiful!

mary on June 09, 2010:

jorden (6 comment down) i would smack your face. =)

i like their hair it gave me some ideas!

ainZmai on June 02, 2010:

. i like there hairstyles it really adds up to there beauty.,

=( on June 01, 2010:

well... this just further solidifys my belief that the long face shape is the ugliest shape there is... None of these celebrities are pretty, like at all. And Jessica Alba is an oval, not a long face.

I hate my life. Why do I have to have a long shaped face...

jordan on June 19, 2009:

Nice Hair Girls :), Looking really hot , i'd smack all those asses

Ms. Cute on May 16, 2009:

it's helpful it's nice!

alexis on March 22, 2009:

love the styles

deccasandy from Belmont on March 04, 2009:

These hairstyles are well suited for long faces. Each celebrity is looking gorgeous.

kate on February 23, 2009:


countrywomen from Washington, USA on October 07, 2008:

Nice hair styles.

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