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Petite Tattoo Gallery for Women

Small Tattoos

Tattoos used to be viewed as a taboo, but now they are considered by many an art form. Some people like large tattoos, but in general a lot of people prefer a simple small tattoo.

Just because you may want a small tattoo does not mean it takes away from the beauty that it can have.

As to where to get a tattoo, the possibility is endless. Many people prefer to get one in a place where it can be covered up, such as the back, stomach, upper thighs, shoulder, or breast. Then there are others who get tattoos for the purpose of being seen.

pretty unique small cat tattoo


Where to Place a Small Tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo to have the show off factor, than I would make sure to pick a tattoo design that you love ! I say this because a lot of times people get a tattoo in a place that can be seen, and end up regretting it. Because it was a rash decision tattoo.

The most popular places to get tattoos to be seen are the anklet, calf, foot, arm, and neck.

Of course, there's more than just those places, but they are the most desired places in general.

Small Dandilion Flower Tattoo


Small Petite Anklet Tattoo


Simple Small Cute Flower Tattoo

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Kerri Camp on March 05, 2017:


I am sorry for your loss. What a testament of your love.. 39 years.

I am not sure if you will see this or not... new to this format :/

I have a tattoo on my arm which has my husband's handwriting. I am also getting a tattoo on my wrist of the words from a note that he and I wrote 20+ years ago while we were in high school.

DeborahFantasia (author) from Italy on October 21, 2016:

I'm so sorry for your loss !

A tattoo is a purely personal choice. Maybe something that is specific to only him, or the two of you.

violet on August 24, 2016:

my husband died after 39 years... i don't have any tattoos.. what kind of a small tattoos could I get that would be meaningful...

Jonelle Vellan on July 20, 2015:

I have the small cute flower with scroll on the sides on my foot. Love it

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