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Perfumes in Movies

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that vividly conveys certain sensory experiences, like smells? Have you ever wished to experience those very smells? Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Peter Suskind is a book-cum-movie that indulges in olfactory experiences, both good and bad. In 2006, Thierry Mugler—an avid fan of the odd, the other-worldly and quirky perfumes—produced a perfume coffret that corresponds to the different smells and stenches that are illustrated in the book and visualized in the movie.


The olfactory experiences that are described so ardently in the book, and which are illustrated so graphically in the movie, are finally captured in perfumes so that you can smell your way through 18th century France. The delicate fragrances and the revolting whiffs are definitely something we don't necessarily consider when reading out history books and watching those period films. The perfume coffret from Thierry Mugler offers a new twist on history.

One of the most poignant moments in the book describes the young protagonist's realization of his extraordinary sense of smell—the swirling, mixing scents around him help him understand his environment. Twigs, dry dust, crushed leaves and fallen bruised tart apples all add up to the scent of an apple tree. Another scene in the book reveals the revolting stench of fish markets, greasy humans and the amalgamation of human filth of 18th century France. Sound disgusting? Well, for perfumistas and chemical olfactory fanatics, the perfumes which translate these scenes—created by the two perfumers, Christophe Laudamiel and Christoph Hornetz—are brave, commendable and jaw-dropping. All in all, the Thierry Mugler perfume coffret offers fifteen perfumes, some pungent, others delicate and all completely eye-opening and unique.



Thierry Mugler Le Parfum Coffret includes some beautiful perfumes like Baby, Sea and Virgin No. 1. Baby is a soft, calm perfume that captures the smell of a newborn baby. It's a skin-scent with milky tones. Sea is a marine perfume that captures the scene of a chilly, salty, damp and breezy seaside. Virgin No.1 is modeled after the scene which describes “a girl was sitting at the table cleaning yellow plums […] a hundred thousand odors seemed worthless in the presence of this scent. It was pure beauty.” This perfume includes notes of peaches and milkiness.

Some exotic perfumes include Atelier Grimal, Boutique Baldini, and Ermit. Atelier Grimal is a perfume that captures the scent of a countryside tannery. Leather, tanning oils, scraped meat together create the authentic smell of animal skins. Boutique Baldini is everything that Atelier Grimal is not. This perfume captures the refined smells of a stuffy upper-class perfume boutique in the city. Perfume reviewers describe this perfume as filled with intense powders, florals and spices. Ermit is a perfume that captures a natural smell of a watering hole. It's a simple combination of water notes and wet minerals.

Some perfumes in this coffret are so true to life, but completely unwearable. Paris 1738 is a bizarre perfume that highlights the street stench of old world Paris. It's inspired by a line in the book that describes the street smelling of humans, animals, ashes, leather, water, stone, eggs, polished brass, ale, tears, and soggy straw. Perfume reviewers say this perfume smells like a fish market, greasy hair, and lemon. Human Existence is another strange perfume that smells of human odor.


The piece de resistance of this coffret is Aura, which is said to intensify your own natural smell or your perfume. It's supposed to meld and amplify the lovely scents in other perfumes. Perfume reviewers say this perfume is ethereal, warm and slightly floral

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This perfume coffret based on the book Perfume is not Thierry Mugler's first unordinary venture into the world of scent. In the early 1990s, Thierry Mugler braved new fragrant territory with Angel. Thierry Mugler, a designer of his own ways, is drawn to press creative boundaries. Thierry Mugler Angel, as a result, is an interesting new type of gourmand. Angel smells of chocolate, caramel, patchouli, tea notes and tinny metallic brassiness. Surprisingly, this groundbreaking fragrance was immediately embraced by consumers—everyone loved it. In hindsight, Thierry Mugler representatives say that they were completely innocent when crafting Angel, completely unaware that this perfume would become a blockbuster scent.

Since Angel, Thierry Mugler has continued pushing perfume boundaries. Next came a men's version of Angel, called Angel Men or A*Men. Then came an espresso-like cologne, A*Men Pure Coffee. After that was A*Men Pure Malt. And finally this fall, Thierry Mugler will be releasing perfumes that are prepared like fine cognac, as they are aged in wood barrels.

For those who can splurge and who have the patience to search for this hard-to-find perfume coffret, this amazing masterpiece retails for $700. For those who desire a piece of Thierry Mugler olfactory art, but at a more reasonable price, check out discount perfume retailers. The classic series of Angel and Alien perfumes from Thierry Mugler can be nabbed at affordable prices.

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perfumelover (author) on March 26, 2010:

If you love the movie, Thierry Mugler perfumes would be a trip for you!

Astrid on March 25, 2010:

I wanna see this movieee,,,, but after my examination probably.... The perfume is a good movie in my opinion,, I LIKE THIS


perfumelover (author) on September 28, 2009:

Hi 4ever mo, I'm glad to have found another one who appreciates this movie _and_ Thierry Mugler. I totally agree, his costumes designs rock! If you're into that kind of style, his colognes might be in your ballpark. Ice Men is a great starter cologne for those who aren't ready for the craziness of Thierry Mugler. :)

4ever Mo on September 27, 2009:

that movie was magic! I loved it.he I like the costumes by Thierry Mugler especially the robot inspired piece in Beyonce's sweet dreams video and her tour costumes.He's very 'out of the box'as a designer and thats a good thing.

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