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The Best Skirts for the Office, the Dancefloor, and Every Event in Between

10. Italian Floral Embroidered Skirt


Two layers of elegance! A solid black skirt with an embroidered sheer overlay is an interesting look this season. The quintessential transition piece, this beautiful and interesting combo will earn compliments all night long. Look for layers that aren't too thick, and pair mid-length skirts with fun flats or no-fuss sandals.

9. Asymmetrical Pencil Skirt


Keep it all zipped up or choose to open up a little - up to you! A little extra flair on a classic staple makes this the most flexible skirt you'll own. The perfect way to rock a professional ensemble with with a standard, sophisticated shape like pencil skirt. Choose one with just a little rough around the edges to keep your own personal style. Zippers or embellished hems create hard lines that break up a monochrome look.

8. Mixed-Print Skirt


Gorgeous print on gorgeous print! This skirt checks all the boxes by merging classy with whimsical. Office? Yes. Sunday brunch? Also Yes.... always Yes. When you choose two contrasting patterns, the results is an instant treat for the eyes. Be sure to pair a skirt like this with a solid color top and some neutral sandals. Statement pieces work best when they are the only statement in the look.

7. Leather Skirt


Cool and funky in the most stylish of ways. A short mini is begging for you to take it out on the town, show it off.... would be a shame for it to stay unworn in anyone's closet. Choose a mini skirt with a little something extra: an asymmetrical cut, leather accents, mixed media, etc. Be sure your top is just as sleek and keep your colors in the same family so you don't overwhelm the look.

6. Asymmetrical Midi Skirt


Sparkle all day, whether it's Sunday or not! This easy breezy style of skirt was made in your dreams and can live on your hips. Dare you not to twirl in it. Midi can be a difficult shape to pull off, so remember to choose details like a varied hem length, plenty of fullness for body and movement, and a tighter fitting blouse to give more shape to your top half. Go for a chunky sandal with this skirt to complete the vibe.

5. Lace skirt

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Feeling sunny? Spread some spring cheer in a bright lace skirt, sure to put a little pep in your step. Vibrant colors work well in lacy layers, especially in spring and summer. Keep the slip sleek and simple, so that you can style the lace wrap with a little volume. Asymmetry is always flattering and adds a little playfulness to an outfit. A wide-brim hat is the perfect complement to whimsical lace skirt.

4. Eyelet Skirt


Your future is bright in a classic skirt with eyelet detailing along the bottom. Dress it up or dress it down, all eyes will be on you in this one of a kind piece. The great thing about eyelets is their versatility. It's not quite lace so it doesn't seem too revealing, and it's not quite a solid weave so it moves with a little more freedom. Choose a skirt with strategically placed cutouts that maximize intrigue without bordering on unprofessional. In a work setting, best to pair this with closed-toe heels for a polished look.

3. Multi-color Abstract Skirt


Ready to stun? Mixing prints is the best way to spice up a simple shape. This design combination is visually appealing and right on trend. When playing with a variety of patterns, choose a skirt with a classic shape to keep the focus on the colors. Then make sure the colors and patterns are complementary, and pick a single, solid dark color from the mix for the perfect matching top. Dare to mix 3 or even 4 patterns in the same skirt.

2. Fringe Skirt


Feed your inner fringe frenzy! This is the perfect skirt for summer music festivals or to pair with your favorite snow boots. Great feel, great silhouette, great movement! Seek out fringe skirts that have a cut that's low enough for unrestricted movement so you can swing and sway all night long. Fringe works best in neutral colors so that the cut-work really pops. Steer toward overlapping layers for the most bang when you walk.

1. High Low Skirt


High Low is the ultimate in glitz and glam. Business in the back with a small slit of party in the front. Glide into any gala in this beautiful skirt and sweep everyone else off their feet. For the most sophisticated look, exaggerate the hem to floor length with ample opening in the front. The skirt should barely sweep the ground in your highest heels. Choose a luxurious fabric like satin, and don't be afraid to glam it up with metallic accents.

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