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Ja Rule Tattoos: Pictures and Meanings


Jeffrey Atkins was born on February 29 in 1976. He is a world famous rapper, singer and actor known as Ja Rule. He was born in Queens, New York.


His singing career started at Cash Money Click group where he debuted in 1999. His debut single was “Holla Holla” and sang it together with Venni Vetti Vecci. In the next four years between 2000 and 2004 he released several successful singles that were listed on the top of 20 of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Here are some of them: "Between Me and You" with Christina Milian, "Always on Time" with Ashanti, "I'm Real (Murder Remix)" with Jennifer Lopez, and "Wonderful" with R. Kelly and Ashanti and "Mesmerize" also with Ashanti. He signed the contract with The Inc. Records led by Irv Gotti. He was announced the fastest growing rapper in 2001 and sold over thirty million recorded worldwide. He also publicized feuds with other rappers such as 50 Cent and Eminem.

He was born in a family of Jehovah's Witness and raised by his mother and grandparents. His sister died when she was only five due to some breathing problems and Atkins remained the only kind in the family. He attended school for black people, which was Public School 134 in Hollis. He was very small and had to fight for his opinion. After several fight his mother took him to another school - Middle School 172 in Glen Oaks. Later he described this school as a “white school”.



Hit Man

Ja Rule tattoos are another interesting side of the rapper. He has many tattoos mainly in his chest. One of the most famous tattoos is saying "Hit Man" written next to a target on his chest.



Pain is Love

Another Ja Rule tattoo says, "Pain is Love" and is also made on the chest.


Angel Wings

Two angel wings are tattooed on the rapper’s back. There is also a halo and two big crosses in flame.


Roman numerals

Both arms are also tattooed with several interesting designs: they include Roman numerals especially on his left bicep and forearm.

Ja Rule Scripted Tattoo on LA Ink