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Pang Wangle’s Bug Barrier Clothing Knows that Women and Mosquitos Don’t Mix


Women’s Clothing that Repels Mosquitos

There’s fun to be had outdoors — be that during the day or night or at a park or going on a trail or even just hanging out in the backyard. But one of the things that is contrary to that is being bit by a flying insect that seeks blood. No, not a miniature flying vampire, it’s a mosquito. So slathering on mosquito repellent seems the order of the day because even if you wear long sleeves and pants, your face and neck is exposed. Besides these little buggers are keen on getting through the clothes by searching for the smallest appearance of skin. And then it’s chow time.

So yes you can burn a candle that purports to keep them at bay or hang some bug zapper device — not that that’ll do much good if you’re not standing in the backyard — but the idea is to be free to move about and not at their mercy. And besides having to wipe off that bug lotion later (mucking up your clothes), it is just such a big hassle that you end up staying in. What there needs to be is some kind of insect shield technology that can infuse clothing to do the job without any fuss or muss. But the clothing also needs to look good, because wearing a dumpster is not part of anyone’s game plan. And oh yes — that insect shield technology had better last through more than just a washing or two, because the clothing it is infusing has got to stay fresh.

All of this brings us to Pang Wangle, whose insect shield repellent technology is pushing hard in clothing. Not for the guys — no sir — but for the ladies.


The Bug Out Bandana

It’s time for the $100,000 question: All you women out there — raise your hand if you hate mosquitoes. Now use those hands to put on some beautiful bug repellent apparel, starting with Pang Wangle’s Bug Out Bandana with Insect Repellent Technology. Wear it around your neck or as a headband or covering your hair, either way keeping those nasty mosquitos and ticks and biting flies away. 70+ washings before it gives up on pushing back against those bloodsuckers (needs to be washed separately away from other clothing, for sure), and it’s only sensible that its hypoallergenic, biodegradable and EPA approved too So it is. And for sure it makes good sense to know exactly what this bandana is going to fight against: mosquitos (of course ‘cuz that’s what we’re talking about), but also ticks and ants and flies and chiggers and midges. Gives you the goosebumps just talking about them, but better to be a bit annoyed now and not really being annoyed by the bugaboos in question.

And getting back to looks - the Bug Out Bandana isn’t made of cheap junk, but 55% recycled cotton, 45% Tencel, derived from renewable eucalyptus trees (and moisture wicking and obviously biodegradable). With a 21 x 21” squarish shape, it comes in any color you want as long as it’s the one color that it comes in (like Henry Ford said of the model T) — meaning it comes in a denim and that is it. Oh — it’s also EPA approved for everyone.

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The Essential Wrap Travel Shawl

Now eschewing bug spray comes easy by wrapping yourself in the Essential Wrap Travel Shawl with Insect Repellent Technology. Plenty of colors to choose from, but best of all its 6 feet length drapes across your shoulders, can cover your head and neck or go around your waist — sending packing mosquitos and ticks and flies, fleas, chiggers ants and those nasty midges. It handles plenty of washings (70+) and is odorless, breathable and of a soft pleasant texture. It comes in black, faded denim, sandshell, orange and teal.


The Featherlight Infinity Scarf

And yes for scarf lovers too there’s the Featherlight Infinity Scarf with Insect Shield Repellent Technology. Soft and light and a silk blend repelling all those nasties just as the travel shawl/bandana does. Wear it single or double looped, cover your arms by draping it over your shoulders even (29" bottom to top hem x 26" along hem when folded in half). Colors come in orchard hush, white, black and skylight blue.

So how do you test these? By sitting out on the patio with my wife — who mosquitos seem to love more than me — willing to have the Essential Wrap Travel Shawl draped across her legs. We’ve used candles and zappers and they still dive bomb on her legs more often than not. But three nights in a row had her coming back inside with no complaints then or later. That says it all.

So you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors but the bugs aren’t cooperating. That’s when the Insect Shield Repellent technology really seems to do the job. And just as importantly, the clothing that this tech is infused in looks good too. Because if it’s not going to be worn, then there’s no value to whether it pushes back against those bugs or not. Which it does. For more details go to

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