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Pandora Anklets Are Going To be Hot This Summer

When summer arrives, many of us pull out our long lost sandals and make the appointment for the pedicure but what about the jewelry for our ankles? Yes, I believe anklets are going to make a big comeback. They were never out of style but with the advent of the fascination with the Pandora bracelets, I believe this new jewelry trend will extend famously over to the ankle bracelet.

Women love shoes and somehow we have left out anklets. Many women have extensive collections of necklaces and bracelets but the anklets remain either obscure or in many cases completely forgotten.

This summer I predict it will be different. For you see, Pandora or euro charms have taken America by storm. Women love their Pandora bracelets and now we are seeing more and more Pandora necklaces. The lariat necklace is very popular with its.

Double Wrap Anklet Bracelet with Blue Pandora Style Euro Beads

beautiful silver 18" anklet wrapped twice with blue glass euro beads

beautiful silver 18" anklet wrapped twice with blue glass euro beads

How to Design Your Pandora Charm Bracelet

Designing Your Anklet is Similar to Designing Your Bracelet

Designing your anklet is the same as designing your bracelet. The video to the right gives a quick overview about the design.

Remember, the design needs to include clips. Additional videos about the clips is provided below. Essentially, for function, at a bare minimum, I would recommend the decorative clips so to avoid the charms moving around too much on your ankle. The rubberized stops will serve the same function but look for the decorative rubberized stops.

For the anklet, I like the look of less charms is more but the design is obviously up to you.

Types of Anklets

  • Metal Chain Only - no pendant - the chain is the glitz.
  • Metal Chain with Pendants - traditional links with pendants.
  • Metal Chain with Euro Charms
  • Metal Snake Chain with Snap Closure - With or Without Charms
  • Leather - often imitation leather but leather in appearance.
  • Double Wrap Leather - again often imitation leather but leather in appearance but long enough to wrap around the anklet twice.
  • Leather or Double Wrap Leather with Euro Charms

All About Bead Stoppers - Rubberized to Stop From Moving Around

18" Leather Anklet with Euro Beads (46 cm)

18" Leather Anklet with Euro Beads (46 cm)

18" Leather Anklet with Euro Beads (46 cm)

About Pandora Clips

Craft Your Anklet Yourself

One of the beautiful things about anklets with the euro charms is you can readily craft the anklet from a 18" necklace. No special equipment is needed.

The euro charms are fun because they are flexible. In all cases, the Pandora or the euro charm allows you to choose the design. Again this is true with the anklet.

Remember, the design is completely yours. You must choose both the type of the chain - metal or leather and the beads.

The beads can be any euro charm - from murano glass to the popular two tone (silver with gold accents) to pure glitz with faux diamonds called cubic zirconias (aka CZ).

What You Must Know About Bead Stoppers

Bead stoppers come in handy for the Pandora or euro bead bracelets but for the anklet, the bead stopper is offers even greater practicality. The slipping and sliding of the beads on the anklet must be stabilized. Do try out the bead stoppers. It is a tiny investment but a huge improvement in the look not to mention the comfort.

Know Your Ankle Size

It is important to know your ankle size. The beauty of the 18" necklace turned into a double wrap anklet is the universal size. Additionally, I find the drape that the 18" necklace offers when placed around the ankle, I find very elegant.

If you are uncertain about your ankle size, I have provided a chart below for ease of reference.

Pandora European Charm Clips are Important

Your clip is essential not just for the bracelet but especially for your anklet. Select your clip so that you can showcase the beads that you have chosen.

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Many beads do not have a thread and this means those beads will move around your anklet or your bracelet.

Your bracelet has the possibility of breaking according to one of the videos. Fortunately, I have not experienced this but this another reason for the clips - to protect your bracelet.

Beyond function, just for the design, the European bead clips are very important.

Ankle Size Chart

blue and white chart of different ankle sizes from small to extra large

blue and white chart of different ankle sizes from small to extra large

Silhouette Charm Display

Silhouette Charm Display on Anklet to Showcase the Size of the Anklet Bracelet

Silhouette Charm Display on Anklet to Showcase the Size of the Anklet Bracelet

Jewelry Silhouettes - Anklets

I love the new jewelry and hand bag silhouettes. These black and white outlines showcase precisely the size of the anklet. Being able to clearly visualize the item you are buying and how it will appear on your body is important.

Some people want large charms. Some people love delicate charms. Whatever your heart's desire, there is sure to be a charm to please!

For me, I am simple to please. Almost anything blue. The blue seahorse works, the blue euro beads work. Leather or metal, single or double wrap - all are delightful.

How to Make a european Style Large Hole Bead

How to Make a Pandora Style Anklet

Pandora style bracelets are very popular. Often you will see people wearing two or three bracelets. In the video at the right, she provides a great tour of the various options from the leather bracelet to the faux leather bracelet to the faux braided bracelet to the classic silver bracelet.

The options of the beads usually will include a metal grommet. The options include wood, glass, some metal, some brass, some sterling, gemstone style, murano to all the really blingy charms.

This video shows how simple it is to screw off the end and add the beads.

I love the glitz so all my bracelets include allot of CZs and swarvoski crystals. My favorite is the high reflective value of the swarvoski crystals.

Types of Anklet Closures

The snap closure is the traditional closure for the Pandora style bracelet but it is not the only option. The lobster claw clasp is very popular along with the traditional circle closure.

The snap closure if done in solid sterling silver gives a glamorous feeling to either your ankle or your wrist.

If you are just starting, remember you can always upgrade to sterling at a later point in time.

The only closure I would not recommend is the toggle closure.

If funds are available, my first choice would be the snap closure in full sterling silver.

If you bank account is flush, I would add in the gold clasp. Remember over time, your objective typically is to fill the bracelet. Therefore the full gold bracelet ultimately offers limited visual value.

Pandora 9" Anklet Bracelet


Types of Euro Beads

Pandora originated the euro bead and therefore the common term is Pandora style. There are several great manufacturers from Chamilia, to Baigi to Troll to Pugster to Lovelinks and many more.

If you are seeking high quality, look for the sterling silver beads. Also, a high quality bead is often denoted by the ability to have interior threads. If you have both of these qualities, do expect to pay no less than $20 per bead. I have yet to see a Pandora bead available even on eBay for anything less than $40. The average price for Pandora per piece I would estimate at around $50.

Lovelinks has some exceptional beads. If you love the reflection of light from the swarvorski crystals, you must see the Lovelink design options.

If you are just getting started do visit the Hong Kong site called Remember there is a longer lead time but the dollars you save will pay you dividends from your patience.

Likewise, if you are patient and can bear the constant monitoring, eBay offers an endless supply of different euro bead options.

And yes, the online store that has everything, has perhaps one of the best one-stop shopping locations on the world wide web for euro beads -

Ahhhhhhh, I Long for Summertime!

Oh, how I long for summertime.

I long for yellow sun and the bright blue clear sky. I long for green grass and the many smiles of friends and family.

I long for my toes to be able to wiggle. I long for my open toed sandals.

And I delight in the glitter of a beautiful euro bead anklet.

Such are the things that dreams are made of.

“it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!”
― Kenny Chesney


Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on April 04, 2014:


Anklets would make a great souvenir - didn't think of that one! Fun thought! Thank you for sharing!

Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on April 04, 2014:


I could agree more! And what is fantastic about that double chain is it is simply a necklace wrapped twice! Fun stuff like breadkfast - huh pop!? Thank you so much for stopping by - I always delight in your work.

Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on April 04, 2014:

Emma Lindhagen,

There are allot of great beads out there. The only item to watch carefully for is the metal - if it has nickel it may be uncomfortable to wear. I have become a fan of these charms - it took me some time. Ironically while I am a bracelet lover normally, I probably will end up liking the Pandora style beads more for the necklaces and anklets.

Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on April 04, 2014:

Cherylann Mollan,

I am so ready for summer and the anklets look like fun. I have tons of jewelry but often forget about the anklets. I have tried toe rings but I find those distracting. The anklet is just so comfortable and I feel it gives an elegant look.

Judy Specht from California on March 27, 2014:

Traveling a lot this summer, might need to find anklets for souvenirs

breakfastpop on March 27, 2014:

I love the look of the double chain anklet. It's sexy!

Emma Lindhagen from Stockholm, Sweden on March 27, 2014:

Interesting hub. Charm beads on anklets looks really cute, which I wasn't expecting. I can see it becoming popular, might even try it myself. Personally, I am a big fan of Trollbeads.

Cherylann Mollan from India on March 26, 2014:

Wow! This is such a great hub and I found the ankle chart most useful. With summer fast approaching, I'm surely going to try to make my own Pandora anklet!

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