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One Piece or Two Piece Swim for Toddlers?


One Piece Bathing Suits vs. Bikinis for Toddlers

Where do you stand on letting your toddler wear a one-piece bathing suit or a two-piece bathing suit at a young age?

Swimsuits come in a huge array of colors and designs for girls — boys get swimming trunks and a rash guard shirt, but girls can have everything from a teeny bikini to a full-body wet-suit. Many parents go for a simple one-piece suit, and many wonder is it appropriate for a young girl to wear a bikini?

One-piece bathing suits are a great option for playing at the beach, swimming in the pool, and playing outside of the water. A child's swimsuit is more about function than fashion. It is important to that your toddler girl is protected from the harsh sun and has an easy range of motion for swimming and playing.

When deciding which swimsuit is the best option for your little girl, take into consideration her age, her swimming abilities, and all activities she will be doing while wearing the swimsuit.

A baby needs total sun coverage because their skin is very sensitive. But, a four-year old can be sufficiently protected by using sunscreen and a hat.

Some moms think that their toddler girl will grow up too fast if she wears a bikini. They also do not want that much skin exposed to the sun. They prefer to cover as much skin as possible so their daughter does not get burnt.

Lots of parents had no problem with two-piece swimsuits, but only certain ones. It depends on the bikini. They prefer to dress her in a tankini styled bikini top. Mom's like to show a tiny bit of belly and think they are a great option for diaper changes and if they need to use the restroom.

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Nicole K on June 22, 2019:

I have three sons, so I've never had to make this decision in my own family. But I think I would prefer to have my (hypothetical) daughter wear a one-piece as a toddler, because it's more appropriate for a little girl in my opinion. And they grow up fast enough! Thanks for this insightful hub!

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